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SKINS Ideal for all splitboards Not all splitboard skins are created equal. Some glide well, but are slippery on the steeps. Others are like velcro - great for climbing, terrible for touring. After three years of testing, we are proud to offer a new splitboard skin that eliminates this issue and offers the perfect balance of glide and grip. Jones skins are the first splitboard skin made with 100% mohair fiber. Unlike synthetic skin fibers, mohair is a premium natural fiber that delivers unmatched performance in any snow condition because it remains soft and flexible at any temperature. The mohair is also treated with a water-repellent finish to keep your skins dry lap after lap. Jones skins are trim-to-fit so they work perfectly with all Jones splitboards, as well as any other splitboard brand. Add your favorite tail-clip kit to complete the ultimate skin set-up.





100% Mohair


170cm 66.9in

150mm 5.9in


Skins Include

100% Mohair fiber Balanced Glide vs. Grip Water-Repellent Finish Universal Tip Clip Trim-To-Fit: Compatible with any splitboard Compatible with most tail-clip kits Made in Switzerland

One Pair Skins Two Backing Sheets Skin Cutter Skin Bag

Jones Snowboards 2014-15  


Jones Snowboards 2014-15