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Is your Forex Brokers is best? Flow of Presentation  Regulated Forex brokers  Security of your funds  Trading Platform  Currency Pair Spreads  Do they allow Scalping  Slippage Policy

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Regulated Forex brokers  Always ask Forex brokers registration and

license number.

 If a Forex broker is not registered with a

regulatory body then one should avoid it.

 The registration country of the broker as

many countries doesn't have the privilege of trading in all currencies which will limit exposure to trade in limited currencies.

 By

law, Forex brokers running their businesses in United Kingdom have to be registered with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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Security of your funds  You need a Segregated Forex Account.

 Suppose you open a live Forex trading account and

your Forex brokers files a bankruptcy after few days. Now who is going to pay back your Forex trading account money.

 Likewise, a Forex broker also have to pass many

verification taken care by regulatory authorities, so a good selection of broker with high grades is definitely going to secure your funds.

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Trading Platform  Do the Forex trading platform is easy to use?

 There are many Forex brokers who provides such a complex trading platform

that user have to do a PHD to learn trading facility.

 Also, some Forex brokers deliberately freeze their trading terminal when some

financial news is going to arrive or hit market.

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Do they allow Scalping

 Most of the Forex broker discourage Scalping and does not allow it.  When you do a scalping you usually open and close a trade in 2,3 to 5 pips profit or loss.  However most Forex brokers do not want you to trade this way.

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Currency Pair Spreads

 Do your selected Forex broker offer fixed spread or variable spread?

 How it affect your pocket when increase in variable spread arises.

 A brokerage sales staff tries assure their spooky spread policies via email which

you must not consider.

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Slippage Policy

Most Forex broker set the maximum losing slippage (i.e. slippages that is unfavourable to customer and favourable to Forex brokers) at a much wider range of pips that the maximum profit slippage. As a result customer is most likely to have an order filled when the market move is unfavourable to it than when the market is favourable to customer.

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Is your forex brokers is best  

Important tips before making a choice for selecting a Forex broker from a list of many Forex brokers available world wide.