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Zendals® Nano SilQ Sheet Finish options:

• 100% Nano SilQ proprietary fabrication • DuPont® Teflon™ Stain-Release Treatment on every fiber for improved soil release • Designed specifically for the treatment table, enduring spa operations & industrial laundering • Reinforced with strategically placed stitching • Color-coordinated to match all of our other quilted comforters, skirts, saddles, runners & head-cradle covers • Fabric protector provides durable, longlasting protection against oil & water based stains, dust & dry soil, which helps fabrics look newer longer & makes them easy to care for without impacting the look, touch, feel, color or breathability • Economical & sensible, requiring less wash & dry time, detergents, & energy consumption Washing Directions: Machine wash warm. Tumble dry warm.

Flat Nano SilQ

Fitted Nano SilQ with Elastic

Fitted Nano SilQ Non-Elastic Flat Sheet 56” x 87” x 3.5” $15.95 Fitted Elastic Sheet 32.5” x 73” x 6.5” $15.95 Fitted Non-Elastic Sheet 32.5” x 73” x 6.5” $15.95 Colors options:





Green Tea Brown

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