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Across the country and around the globe, leading hotels partner with ReadyCare to offer in-room amenities that reinforce their brand & deliver better guest experiences. From custom private label bottles & fragrances to innovative shower dispensers & stock in-room amenities, ReadyCare’s product offering can satisfy the personal care needs of any size hotel. In addition to working with housekeeping, ReadyCare also works with hotel & resort spas to provide treatment room essentials.


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Private Label In-Room Spa Products Step One: Choose your Body Eclipse® liquids. See pages 3-4.

Enhanced In-room Offerings: Available in top selling aromas (See page 3)

Our Body Eclipse® Spa liquids are made with minerals and vitamins to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate skin. We offer a variety to create a distinguished program that properly mirrors the level of service intended for your clients.

Standard In-Room Offerings: Exfoliating Bath Gel: Body Eclipse® Spa Exfoliating Bath Gel is meant to foam and cleanse while gently, yet effectively exfoliating skin. This product will leave your skin cleansed, soft, and beautifully smooth. This product may go in a soft squeeze bottle, a tube or a jar. Creamy Body Scrub: Body Eclipse® Spa Creamy Scrub will create a low foam while it gently cleanses and exfoliates your skin. This scrub is perfect for dry skin and skin with sun damage or rough, dry areas. This product will leave skin nourished, smooth, and soft to the touch.

Basic Products: Available in all aromas Standard In-Room Offerings: Shampoo Body Eclipse® Spa Shampoo will gently cleanse hair without stripping it of its natural minerals and vitamins. This product may go in a bottle or a tube. Conditioner Body Eclipse® Spa Conditioner provides a rich emollient to hydrate the scalp and hair. It creates shine and bounce without weighing hair down. This product may go in a bottle, tube or jar. Bath Gel Body Eclipse® Spa Bath Gel will cleanse while offering soothing minerals and vitamins to soften skin. This product may go in a bottle or a tube.


Gelled Sugar Scrub: Body Eclipse® Spa Gelled Sugar Scrub offers complete removal of dead skin with simultaneous hydration. This product is meant for dry skin and dry climates. Perfect as a turndown, as a gift kit or as a VIP standard offering. This product may only go in a jar. Gelled Salt Scrub: Body Eclipse® Spa Gelled Salt Scrub offers complete removal of dead skin with simultaneous hydration. This product is meant for normal skin and any climate. Perfect as a turndown, as a gift kit or as a VIP standard offering. This product may only go in a jar. Bath Salts: Body Eclipse® Spa Bath Salts are meant to soften water, remove impurities from skin and soothe tired muscles. This product is perfect as a turndown, a standard in-room offering, as a gift kit or in larger sizes in a VIP room. This product may go in a bottle, a jar, or in a clear salt tube. Body Spray: Body Eclipse® Spa Hydrating Body Spray is a water based formula that offers hydration to the skin and enhanced aroma for pillows and sheets. Perfect as a turndown or a room drop gift. This product may go in a bottle with a spray top.

Body Lotion

Body Cream: Body Eclipse® Spa Body Cream has hyaluronic acid which reduces visible signs of aging. This rich crème is perfect for the face or as an application to the body. This product may go in a bottle, tube or jar.

Body Eclipse® Spa Body lotion is a soothing formula which leaves a nice sheen on skin and heals dry areas with multiple vitamins and extracts. This mild lotion is perfect for daily use. This product may go in a bottle, tube or jar.

Body Butter: Body Eclipse® Spa Body Butter is a rich shea formula that is ideal for soothing dry skin. With multiple vitamins and extracts, this butter is perfect for the face and body, or as a foot crème for turndowns or VIP rooms. This product may only go in a jar and specified bottles.

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Private Label In-Room Fragrances

Step Two: Choose your fragrance. By providing a variety of fragrances, we invite your creative mind to wander. For instance, we call a product “citrus”; you might call it invigorating. We have a Green Tea Lemongrass aroma and one of our clients from the south calls it the “sweet tea collection.” These aromas are another way to make a product your own. You can choose an aroma that suits you, and we can help define it. Our aromas address all terrains, concepts and themes. Have fun with this, for that is our intention. Top Selling Fragrances Available in:

Additional Fragrances: Available only in:

Shampoo Conditioner Body Wash Lotion Exfoliating Bath Gel Creamy Body Scrub Gelled Sugar Scrub Gelled Salt Scrub Bath Salts Body Spray Body Cream Body Butter

Shampoo Conditioner Body Wash Lotion

Green Tea Lemongrass: This distinctive, balanced blend with a hint of ginger creates a pleasantly relaxing, fresh scent. Cocomango: Smooth, tropical delight! Island favorite reminiscent of sweet coconut with a hint of mango fruit. Lavender Mint: Treat yourself to this rejuvenating yet relaxing medley which soothes and calms. Eucalyptus: A combination of eucalyptus and botanical extracts that creates a smooth, rejuvenating aroma.

Citrus: Crisp, fresh blend of grapefruit and botanical extracts; it’s wonderfully uplifting and invigorating. Vanilla Ginger: Pure indulgence; soothing vanilla and exotic ginger create a spicy, inviting aroma. Mango: Created with botanical extracts reminiscent of juicy, ripe fruit picked fresh from the tree. Cucumber Melon: Cool and crisp with a touch of honeydew, its exhilarating aroma excites the senses. Ginger Melon: A cool, sweet island oasis of fresh watermelon and spicy ginger, refreshing in any season. Dewberry: This subtle and fruity blend of botanical extracts brings to mind fresh summer berries.

Citrus Nectar: This crisp citrus aroma is a light clean scent reminiscent of freshly extracted fruit nectar. Pineapple Pear: Formulated with delightful botanicals, crisp green pear and a hint of tart sweetness, this aroma is irresistibly energizing.


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Private Label In-room Natural Line

Our Natural Line is free of Laurel and Laureth Sulfates, alcohol, DEA, Parabens, TEA, Dyes and Synthetic Fragrances. This healthy beautiful line offers Pure Botanical clients’ skin. Extracts and Aromatherapy Essential Oils which bring your Hotel, Spa, Health Club or Country Club into compliance with green standards, while caring for your Shampoo

Bath and Body Massage Oil

Body Eclipse® Natural Shampoo is a biodegradable blend of essential oils and natural materials that cleanses your hair while retaining its natural moisture.

Body Eclipse® Natural Bath & Body Oil is a rich, sensual oil which will create a soothing bath, incite romance and soften dry skin. Perfect as a couples gift.


Body Butter

Body Eclipse® Natural Conditioner is a mild blend that conditions hair without creating buildup. Using a combination of vegetable emulsifiers and oils derived from sand, it maintains silkiness and shine.

Body Eclipse® Natural Body Butter is a rich luscious shea butter that’s perfect as a foot rub or temple balm, rich with Vitamins E and A.

Bath Gel Body Eclipse® Natural Bath Gel uses a combination of essential oils and materials to cleanse your skin while retaining its natural moisture. Body Lotion Body Eclipse® Natural Body Lotion is created from our own custom blend of vitamins A & E, essential oils and soothing botanicals that will leave your skin soft, smooth and beautifully healthy.

Bath Salt Body Eclipse® Natural Bath Salts soften water as they soothe skin. A perfect turn down or welcome gift. Body Spray Body Eclipse® Natural Body Spray is a fresh spray with essential oils that’s soothing to the skin upon application. This fragrant spray is a perfect turndown to promote sleep and comfort.

Custom Aromatherapy Blends:


White Tea: White Tea has been used in China as an elixir of youth because of its antioxidant and revitalizing properties. This rare essence imparts an overall sense of well being. This aroma is reassuring and soothing.

Lavender: This formula uses Lavender with hints of Rosewood and Roman Chamomile to calm and balance both mind and body. These Essential Oils also have antiinflammatory properties.

Rosemary Mint: This wonderful blend of Essential Oils includes Cornmint, Spearmint and Rosemary to invigorate and strengthen. It promotes circulation and stimulates hair growth.

Citrus: A combination of Sweet Orange Peel, Lemon Peel and Bitter Orange Leaf (Petitgrain) Oils refreshes and uplifts while helping to release toxins and clear the skin of impurities.

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Private label: Bottles and print Private label: Bottles and print When you look at the print on a bottle, what can your Ready Care™ Representative teach you from experience that will increase sales?

Bottles: Each style of bottle has its gifts. Some bottles are available in multiple sizes, allowing you to create a complete product offering. Here are some things to consider: 1. Based on your design, are you choosing a bottle with a good surface area for printing? When you consider a look, think about 2. the clients ability to evacuate the product; bottles that can’t be squeezed will require a pump. 3. Ease of use in the shower is important. A cap that unscrews may be esthetically pleasing but taking off a cap and finding a place to lay it may be difficult. 4. Think of the product you are putting in it, if the product is thin like shampoo or bath gel, it will pour out, whereas lotions and conditioners require a bottle that is pliable or a pump. 5. If you are using a product with essential oils, we recommend a frosted or opaque bottle to protect the oils.

Print: Communication is an important part of spa products, the two things we know that set us apart are ingredients and process. Let’s make sure your message to your clients is clear. 1. Make sure that the product names are easy to read. 2. Consider the liquid color you are putting in the bottle as your “look” will change with products that have colors. 3. Talk to your Ready Care™ Representative about how your brand’s colors will look on your bottle, because colors change on amber, frosted and clear. 4. If there is something that is important to you, like a certain color popping on your logo, please point that out. 5. Consider the look on the shelf, not just the individual bottles. Our marketing team can show you a total shelf look when you have made your bottle and design choices.

The Umstead Spa White tubes with a snap cap and a subtle, beige background to enhance their logo. This line is captivating and it drives home Umstead’s message.


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Private Label In-Room Packaging Step Three: Choose your bottle. We offer many different container options in multiple sizes and styles. In consideration of your custom package choices, we have outlined each bottle’s type and individual neck size. This gives you an idea of which cap, sprayer or pump options are available for each and every specific bottle style.

2.2 oz. Imperials 20-410 Neck Size

30 and 35 mm. Tubes (available from 1 to 2 oz.)

1.5 oz. Amber Bell Rounds 18-415 Neck Size

1-5 oz. Clear Cylinder 20-410 Neck Sizes

1.25 oz. Natural Cylinders 20-410 Neck Size 2.4 oz. Boston Round Maderas 20-410 Neck Size


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Private Label In-Room Packaging 1 oz. Imperial (Soft Squeeze) 20-410 Neck Size

.25 to 4 oz. Jars

1.1 and 1.7 oz. Cylinder Flip Top


2.4 oz. Evolutions 20-410 and 20-415 Neck Sizes

1.5 and 2.2 oz. Reverse Tapered Ovals 20-415 and 20-410 Neck Size

2 oz. Bath Salt Tubes

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Private Label In-Room Packaging Step Four: Choose your cap. Choosing a cap for your in-room line is sometimes just a matter of cost, but for some the choice is about convenience. Some of our dispensing caps offer more evacuation of product and ease of use in the shower. For your convenience, we offer both dispensing and standard caps in multiple colors and styles. 20-410 Disc, Straight and Twist Caps

White Straight Cap 14815-0202

Purple 24800-0502

Silver 24800-1202

Green 24800-1602

Aluminum Twist Cap Burgundy Pewter Blue Black 14830-120300 24800-3202 24800-1002 24800-2802 24800-0402

18-415 Straight and Ball Caps

Burgundy 24815-1008

Bronze 24815-3108

White 14835-0208

White Ball Cap 14810-0208

Black 24815-0408

Natural 14815-0000

Khaki Green 24815-1708

18-415 Spray Cap Bronze 24800-0702

Gold 24800-3302

White 14800-0202

Natural 14800-0002

20-410 Spray Caps

White Sprayer 15431-0230

20-415 Disc, Straight and Twist Caps Silver 15451-1202

Black 15400-0402

White 15431-0220

Observation on...

Aluminum Twist Cap 14830-120300

Metallic Gold Straight Cap 24800-0600

Metallic Gold 14800-0600

Natural 14800-0000

Green 24800-1600

Gold 24800-3300

Black 14800-0400

White 14800-0200

Disc Caps Disc caps offer product dispensing without removing the cap. It’s great for ease of use in the shower and it increases the perceived value of your product.


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Private Label In-Room Packaging Step Five: We recommend our Body Eclipse® Spa bar for your in-room choice, it has the economy of scale so it’s reasonably priced, thick in appearance and looks good simply in a shrink wrap or fits beautifully in a box. We offer it in our best selling green tea lemongrass aroma. For the facial bar, we recommend our fragrance free shea bar, it also offers the economy of scale, is thick in appearance and offers a rich creamy foam.

Green Tea Lemongrass Spa Bar This bar is meant to exfoliate your skin while cleansing, to create a smooth surface ready for hydration. We offer this bar with a nice shrink wrap with a generic label to allow our clients to benefit from the economy of scale. This bar presents nicely with the massage bumps up, it makes an immediate impression.

Creamy Shea Facial Bar This fragrance-free, creamy shea bar will cleanse your skin while adding beautiful hydration to your face, reducing visible fine lines and leaving it soft.

Custom Bar Shapes Ready Care™ offers custom soap shapes and sizes with ingredients that vary from hydrating to exfoliating to detoxifying, with aromas to meet any need. Ask a Ready Care™ Representative about your preferred shape, packaging, ingredients and aroma.


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Private Label In-Room Packaging Step Six: Custom Ancillary Items. Custom ancillary items enhance your guest’s in-room experience. Some lines benefit from custom shapes and package colors that match their liquids. We offer a variety of options to meet any and all of your needs, and we provide support in order to help you reach your goals.


Custom Bath Salt Cartons

Vanity Packs

We provide high mineral rock salt in a variety of boxes and cartons. These salts are a great VIP giveaway, turndown alternative or simply an enhancement.

Vanity packs can contain any combination of cotton balls, swabs, rounds, emery boards and orange sticks. Packaging options include pillow packs and boxes.

Sewing Kits

Shower Caps

4, 6, and 10-needle pre-threaded or non threaded kits. Multiple custom packaging options are available including clear plastic, pillow packs and boxes.

18” shower cap. Multiple packaging options, including boxes, envelopes and pillow packs.

Dental Kits

Shave Kits

Standard contents consist of a 40-tuft toothbrush and 10g toothpaste (Colgate®).

Contain disposable razor and shave cream or gel (customer can choose economy or premium products).

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Private Label In-Room Packaging Shoe Shine Mitts and Sponges

Laundry Bags

These containers are offered in beige or white. Logos can be printed on the mitt itself or a cardboard band.

Cotton or flat poly drawstring.

Bath Brushes

Custom Hot Stamp Combs

Ink Pens

Loofahs and Body Sponges


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Private Label Turndowns A soothing foot rub or aroma spray as a turndown or welcoming gift in your brand offers total pampering. This custom card allows you to cross sell your hotel’s services, or promote specials with bounce back benefits. We have developed this program with an awareness of keeping cost low. It is available in any of our Spa Products along with a variety of package choices and fragrance options.

Aroma Mist

Bath Salts

A Green Tea Lemongrass body and linen mist is in a 1 oz. Imperial Bottle with a spray cap. The custom card can suggest home treatments and promote other areas of the hotel and spa.

Our 2 and 4 oz. salt tubes offer a soothing, inexpensive option as a turn down or room enhancement.

0.5 oz. Jars As low as 69 cents each.

Foot Balm with essential oils of peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus to soothe tired feet and calm nerves.


Lavender Mint Temple Balm creates calm relaxation and restful sleep.

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Private Label Go Green Go Green: What does that mean? With an awareness of the environment, our clients are looking for green alternatives. Our natural line without parabens, dyes or synthetics is good for the environment and for our bodies. This biodegradable line is offered in four essential oil blends: Citrus, White Tea, Lavender and Rosemary Mint. For custom package options and additional green possibilities, please read on.

1. Body Eclipse® Natural Line

2. EcoEclipse® Dispenser System

Our natural line offers you an opportunity to give your guests a product line that honors the environment.

Use our natural products and EcoEclipse™ dispensing system at a fraction of the cost of traditionally packaged in-room amenities.

Green Benefits:

Green Benefits:

• Free of dyes, parabens and synthetic fragrance. • Natural ingredients assimilate into the earth without interfering with the environment.

Theft, tamper resistant and easy to fill. This system is available in private label and many of our custom product lines.


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Private Label Go Green 3. In-Room Tubes

Body Eclipse professional

spa products



5. Counter Box

Body Eclipse Body Eclipse Body Eclipse professional

spa products


spa products






spa products



Green Benefits: • Recyclable material. • High evacuation of products (99%). 4. Body Eclipse® Natural Line In-Room

Counter Box: The way this program works: You put up a small sign that states... “Please place your used bottles in this bin. Housekeeping will replace with new products and recycle the used.” Green Benefits: • Replacement rate is reduced. • Bottles with large amounts of remaining products are no longer thrown away. • Significant cost savings to the property due to reduction in product turnover. 6. How to Turn Green Into Green

Green Benefits: • Alcohol Free • Biodegradable • Paraben Free


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About ReadyCare ReadyCare is a leading provider of personal care solutions to world-class hotels, spas, health clubs & golf clubs that value product choice, service quality & expert advice. For over 25 years, Denver-based ReadyCare has helped thousands of properties deliver great member & guest experiences by ensuring their personal care offering aligns with their clientele & brand. For more information, visit www. or contact us at 800-477-4283 / 06-28-16

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