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On the following pages we share the steps needed to create, sell and market the most important brand you offer your guests...your own! Our experience shows us that our clients who have created lines with significant substance, which they merchandise and market with knowledge and consistency, not only sell well but also have the largest margins in their retail and on-line business. Invest in yourself...we are right there with you.


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Private Label Liquids and Aroma Private label products reflect more about your property than anything else you might carry. Because of this, the thought and care that goes into the development process is paramount. At Ready Care™ we combine what we’ve learned during our 25 years in business, what statistics currently prove and what our sales tell us to generate a custom line that fits your every need. In addition, we listen to our merchandising experts and share knowledge based on client success rates to help generate sales.

Step One: Choose your Spa liquids.

Step 2: Choose your aroma.

Statistics show that skin care products account for 56% of overall spa retail and that hair care account for 19%. Our sales support this. While we recommend offering shampoo, conditioner and bath gel in your showers and lotion on your vanity, we know that lotion is the number one best seller and that shower gel is the number two. The one exception to this statistic is our natural line, it sells well in all four products. When making your decision on what products to carry, here are some interesting facts.

By providing a variety of fragrances, we invite your creative mind to wander. For instance, we call a product “citrus”; you might call it invigorating. We have a Green Tea Lemongrass fragrance and one of our clients from the south calls it the “sweet tea collection.” These aromas are another way to make a product your own. You can choose an aroma that suits you, and we can help define it. Our aromas address all terrains, concepts and themes. Have fun with this, for that is our intention.

Top Sellers In Order:

Top Selling Aromas:

1. Lotion and Cream 2. Shower Gel 3. Body Butter 4. Scrubs 5. Candles 6. Body Mists 7. Salts

1. Green Tea lemongrass 2. Cocomango 3. Lavender Mint 4. Eucalyptus 5. Citrus Nectar 6. Pineapple Pear

A classic apothecary style for a beautiful historical resort. To further their message, our Lavender Mint is soothing, like a warm southern breeze.


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Liquids Step One: Choose your liquids. Our Body Eclipse liquids are made with minerals and vitamins that cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate skin. We offer a variety of products to create a distinguishing program that properly mirrors the level of service intended for your clients. ®

Enhanced Retail Offerings:

Available in top selling aromas Exfoliating Bath Gel Body Eclipse® Exfoliating Bath Gel is meant to foam and cleanse while gently, yet effectively exfoliating skin. This product will leave your skin cleansed, soft, and beautifully smooth. Creamy Body Scrub Body Eclipse® Creamy Body Scrub is a low foaming, hydrating body scrub which is perfect for dry skin or in an application where a low foaming product is preferred. Gelled Sugar Scrub

Basic Products: Available in all aromas

Body Eclipse® Gelled Sugar Scrub offers complete removal of dead skin with simultaneous hydration. This product is meant for dry skin and dry climates. Gelled Salt Scrub

Shampoo Body Eclipse® Shampoo will gently cleanse hair without stripping it of its natural minerals and vitamins.

Body Eclipse ® Gelled Salt Scrub offers complete removal of dead skin with simultaneous hydration. This product is meant for normal skin and any climate.

Conditioning Shampoo

Bath Salts

Body Eclipse® Conditioning Shampoo is an all-in-one shampoo and conditioner which gently cleanses the hair and scalp, leaving behind moisturizing emollients.

Body Eclipse ® Bath Salts are meant to soften water, remove impurities from skin and soothe tired muscles. This product is perfect as a turndown, a standard in-room offering, as a gift kit or in larger sizes in a VIP room.

Conditioner Body Eclipse® Conditioner provides rich emollients that hydrate the scalp and hair. It creates shine and bounce without weighing hair down. Body Wash Body Eclipse® Body Wash will cleanse while offering soothing minerals and vitamins to soften skin. Body Lotion Body Eclipse® Body lotion is a soothing formula which leaves a nice sheen on skin and softens dry areas with multiple vitamins and extracts. This mild lotion is perfect for daily use.


Body Spray Body Eclipse® Hydrating Body Spray is a water based formula that offers hydration to the skin and enhanced aroma for pillows and sheets. Body Cream Body Eclipse® Body Cream has hyaluronic acid which reduces visible signs of aging. This rich cream is perfect for the face or as an application to the body. Body Butter Body Eclipse® Body Butter is a rich shea formula that is ideal for soothing dry skin. With multiple vitamins and extracts, this butter is perfect for the face and body.

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Body Eclipse professional

spa products

Step Two: Choose your fragrance. By providing a variety of fragrances, we invite your creative mind to wander. For instance, we call a product “citrus”; you might call it invigorating. We have a Green Tea Lemongrass aroma and one of our clients from the south calls it the “sweet tea collection.” These aromas are another way to make a product your own. You can choose an aroma that suits you, and we can help define it. Our aromas address all terrains, concepts and themes. Have fun with this, for that is our intention.

Top Selling Fragrances Available in:

Additional Fragrances: Available in:

Shampoo Conditioner Body Wash Lotion Exfoliating Bath Gel Creamy Body Scrub Gelled Sugar Scrub Gelled Salt Scrub Bath Salts Body Spray Body Cream Body Butter

Shampoo Conditioner Body Wash Lotion

Green Tea Lemongrass: This distinctive, balanced blend with a hint of ginger creates a pleasantly relaxing, fresh scent. Cocomango: Smooth, tropical delight! Island favorite reminiscent of sweet coconut with a hint of mango fruit. Lavender Mint: Treat yourself to this rejuvenating yet relaxing medley which soothes and calms. Eucalyptus: A combination of eucalyptus and botanical extracts that creates a smooth, rejuvenating aroma.

Citrus: Crisp, fresh blend of grapefruit and botanical extracts; it’s wonderfully uplifting and invigorating. Vanilla Ginger: Pure indulgence; soothing vanilla and exotic ginger create a spicy, inviting aroma. Mango: Created with botanical extracts reminiscent of juicy, ripe fruit picked fresh from the tree. Cucumber Melon: Cool and crisp with a touch of honeydew, its exhilarating aroma excites the senses. Ginger Melon: A cool, sweet island oasis of fresh watermelon and spicy ginger, refreshing in any season. Dewberry: This subtle and fruity blend of botanical extracts brings to mind fresh summer berries.

Citrus Nectar: This crisp citrus aroma is a light clean scent reminiscent of freshly extracted fruit nectar. Pineapple Pear: Formulated with delightful botanicals, crisp green pear and a hint of tart sweetness, this aroma is irresistible.


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Natural Line

Our Natural Line is free of Laurel and Laureth Sulfates, alcohol, DEA, Parabens, TEA, Dyes and Synthetic Fragrances. This healthy beautiful line offers Pure Botanical Extracts and Aromatherapy Essential Oils which bring your Hotel, Spa, Health Club or Country Club into compliance with green standards, while caring for your clients’ skin.


Bath and Body Massage Oil

Our Natural Shampoo is a biodegradable blend of essential oils and natural materials that cleanses your hair while retaining its natural moisture.

Body Eclipse® Natural Bath & Body Oil is a rich, sensual oil which will create a soothing bath, incite romance and soften dry skin. Perfect as a couples gift.


Body Butter

Our Conditioner is a mild blend that conditions hair without creating buildup. Using a combination of vegetable emulsifiers and oils derived from sand, it maintains silkiness and shine.

Body Eclipse® Natural Body Butter is a rich luscious shea butter that’s perfect as a foot rub or temple balm, rich with Vitamin E and A.

Shower Gel

Body Eclipse® Natural Bath Salts soften water as they soothe skin. A perfect turn down or welcome gift.

Our Bath Gel uses a combination of essential oils and materials to cleanse your skin while retaining its natural moisture. Body Lotion Our Body Lotion is created from our own custom blend of vitamins A & E, essential oils and soothing botanicals that will leave your skin soft, smooth and beautifully healthy.

Bath Salt

Body Spray Body Eclipse® Natural Body Spray is a fresh spray with essential oils that’s soothing to the skin upon application. This fragrant spray is a perfect turndown to promote sleep and comfort.

Custom Aromatherapy Blends: White Tea: White Tea has been used in China as an elixir of youth because of its antioxidant and revitalizing properties. This rare essence imparts an overall sense of well being. This aroma is reassuring and soothing.

Lavender: This formula uses Lavender with hints of Rosewood and Roman Chamomile to calm and balance both mind and body. These Essential Oils also have anti-inflammatory properties.

Rosemary Mint: This wonderful blend of Essential Oils includes Cornmint, Spearmint and Rosemary to invigorate and strengthen. It promotes circulation and stimulates hair growth.

Citrus: A combination of Sweet Orange Peel, Lemon Peel and Bitter Orange Leaf (Petitgrain) Oils refreshes and uplifts while helping to release toxins and clear the skin of impurities.


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Bottles and Print When you look at the print on a bottle, what can your Ready Care™ Representative teach you from experience that will increase sales?

Bottles: Each style of bottle has its gifts. Some bottles are available in multiple sizes, allowing you to create a complete product offering. Here are some things to consider:

Print: Communication is an important part of spa products, the two things we know that set us apart are ingredients and process. Let’s make sure your message to your clients is clear.


Based on your design, are you choosing a bottle with a good surface area for printing?


Make sure that the product names are easy to read.


When you consider a look, think about the clients ability to evacuate the product; bottles that can’t be squeezed will require a pump.


Consider the liquid color you are putting in the bottle as your “look” will change with products that have colors.


Talk to your Ready Care™ Representative about how Your brand’s colors will look on your bottle, because colors change on amber, frosted and clear.


Ease of use in the shower is important. A cap that unscrews may be esthetically pleasing but taking off a cap and finding a place to lay it may be difficult.

4. Think of the product you are putting in it, if the product is thin like shampoo or bath gel, it will pour out, whereas lotions and conditioners require a bottle that is pliable or a pump. 5.

If you are using a product with essential oils, we recommend a frosted or opaque bottle to protect the oils.

4. If there is something that is important to you, like a certain color popping on your logo, please point that out. 5.

Consider the look on the shelf, not just the individual bottles. Our marketing team can show you a total shelf look when you have made your bottle and design choices.

Spa at St. Julien A contemporary design in a variety of bottles with rich green hue product to accentuate the black.


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Bottles and Print Many factors including bottle type, closures, formulas and the number of print colors can affect the pricing…we just wanted to give you a good estimate of what Private Label can do for your resort in terms of profit…you can easily mark up 100% to 150%.

8 oz. Pearl Cylinder

8 oz. Clear Cylinder

24-415 Matte Silver Pump

24-410 Medicine Cap

Body Eclipse® Natural Lotion: 96 pieces: $9.60 ea.

Body Eclipse Spa® Body Wash 96 pieces: $6.75 ea.

Body Eclipse Spa Lotion: 96 pieces: $7.50 ea.

8 oz. Frosted Boston Round

8 oz. Amber Imperial

24-415 Shiny Silver Disc Cap

24-410 Black Pump

Body Eclipse Spa® Body Wash 96 pieces: $7.25 ea. (very popular retail product)

Body Eclipse® Spa Lotion 96 pieces: $ 6.95 ea. (very popular retail product)


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Private Label - Retail Bottles Step Three: Choose your bottle. For your convenience, we have included each bottle’s individual neck size. This gives you an idea of which cap, sprayer or pump options are available for each specific bottle style. Some of our containers, such as Airless Tubes and Marco Ovals, come with one style of cap but have multiple color choices. Clients may choose pumps for convenience, sprayers for efficiency and certain caps for appearance. Keep in mind, you want the development of your products to include ease of use for your clients. All of our products have a minimum of 96 pieces with the exception of our tubes; those minimums will be quoted as needed. 10 and 16 oz. Evolutions Available in clear and white (PET) finish. 24-415 Neck Size

8 and 16 oz. Boston Rounds Available in clear, frosted and white (PET). 24-415 Neck Size


8 and 16 oz. Boston Round Maderas Available in a natural (HDPE) finish. 24-410 Neck Size (8 oz.) / 28-410 (16 oz.)

8 oz. Imperials Available in clear (PET), frosted (PET), white (PET), black (PET), aluminum and natural (HDPE) finishes. 24-415 or 24-410 Neck Size

8 oz. Amber Imperials Available in an amber (PET) finish. 24-410 Neck Size

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Private Label - Retail Bottles 8 and 16 oz. Amber Boston Round Available in an amber (PET) finish. 24-415 or 24-410

8 oz. Footed Bullets Available in a natural (HDPE) finish. 24-415 Neck Size

4.5 and 8 oz. Marco Ovals Available in natural and white (HDPE) finish. 24 mm. Neck Size

8 oz. Clear & Pearl Cylinders Available in clear (PET) and pearl (PET). 24-410 Neck Size

8 oz. Squat & 12 oz Oblong Squat available in clear & frosted (PET). Oblong available in clear (PET) finish. 24-415 Neck Size (Squat) 24-405 Neck Size (Oblong)

1.7 and 3.4 oz. Airless Cosmetic Pumps Available in matte silver and gold. Available in clear and frosted (PET) finish.


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Private Label - Retail Bottles 4 and 8 oz. Reverse Tapered Ovals Available in clear (PET) finishes. 24-415 Neck Size

2 to 12 oz. Jars Ask a Ready Care™ Representative for size & finish options.

Seriously Stainless Steel® Water Bottle


2 and 4 oz. Bath Salt Tubes Available in a clear (PVC) finish.

0.15 oz. Lip Balm Tubes

32 oz. Amber, White PET Boston Round Available in amber and white (PET) finishes. 28-410 Neck Size

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Private Label - Retail Caps & Pumps Step Four: Choose your cap. Choosing a cap for your retail is sometimes just a matter of cost, but for some the choice is about convenience. Some of our dispensing caps offer more evacuation of the product and ease of use in the showers. We offer both dispensing and standard caps in multiple colors and styles.

24-410 Spray Tops

Gold 15451-0600

Silver 15451-1200

Matte Silver 15451-1206

24-415 Spray Tops

Black 354001

Red 15481-1900

White 354000

24-410 Pumps Tops

Black 15200-0400

White 15200-0200

Silver 15451-1205

White 15481-0205

Black 354002

24-415 Pump Tops

Shiny Gold 15299-0606

Matte Silver 15299-1206

Silver 15299-3206

White 15202 -0401

Natural 15200 -0401

Black 15204 -0401

Matte Silver 15299 -1204

Silver 15299 -1400

Gold 15299 -0600

Matte Gold 15299 -0603

Matte Copper 15200 -2904

24-410 Disc, Flip and Straight Caps

24-415 Disc, Flip and Straight Caps

Aluminum Twist Cap 14830-120301

White Disc 14800-0206

Silver Snap Top 14845-1206

Black Disc 24800-0406

Natural Disc 14800-0004

Matte Silver Metal Disc 14800-1214

Silver Disc 24800-1206

Natural Disc 14800-0106

Black Snap Top 14845-0406

Matte Gold Shiny Silver Black Metal Disc Disc Disc 14800-1205 24800-0404 14800-0604

Marco Oval / 24 mm. Flip Top

White Disc 14800-0204

Silver Disc 24800-1204


Silver Flip Top 24840-4032

Matte Silver Metal Disc 14800-1204

Shiny Gold Shiny Gold Gold Straight Cap Metal Disc Disc 14815-0604 14800-0605 24800-0604

28-410 Pump Tops Shower Guard

Black Flip Top 24840-4232

Brushed Silver Straight Cap 14815-1204

White 15200-0422


Black 15200-0420

Natural 15200-0421

Black 15200-0406

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White 15200-0208

Private Label - Diversity Eau Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach has created a line that represents the whimsical, fun atmosphere of their spa with rich warm aromas to soothe and pamper. Offered in signature treatments, in room and group sales, their internal marketing is to be admired. And the pampered, feel amazing but let’s have some fun doing it. The first thought of Eau Spa is to Pause The second taste of Eau Spa is to Play The third touch of Eau Spa is to Perfect...


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Private Label - Candle Packaging Frosted glass candles and travel tins support this line. Our candles are offered in pure soy and a soy/paraffin blend. They offer stock aroma choices of Cocomango, Citrus Nectar, Pineapple Pear, Green Tea Lemongrass, Vanilla Ginger, Eucalyptus. These candles have a minimum purchase of 96.

5 and 8 oz. Glass Candles

5 oz.

5 oz.

8 oz.

8 oz.

Travel Candles

3 oz.

4 oz.

6 oz.


(800) 477-4283 • •

Candle Impressions® Flameless Candles are the perfect alternative to dangerous and costly open flames. Perfect for spa, retail and hospitality our patented candles look, feel, and flicker just like the real thing. They allow you to have it all: beauty, scent and ambiance together with safe and clean environment

4 x 3.25” Round Candle

6 x 3.25” Round Candle

Flameless/Unscented 1,000 hrs on 2 C batteries

Flameless/Unscented 1,000 hrs on 2 C batteries

Single White White 6 Per Carton

205000 $16.50 205100 $95.00

205050 $21.50 205150 $125.50

Single Champagne 205001 $16.50 Champagne6PerCarton 205101 $95.00

Single Champagne 205051 $21.50 Champagne6PerCarton 205151 $125.50

8 x 3.25” Round Candle

10 x 3.25” Round Candle

Flameless/Unscented 2,000 hrs on 2 D batteries

Single White White 4 Per Carton

205010 $29.50 205110 $115.00

Flameless/Unscented 2,000 hrs on 2 D batteries

Single White White 4 Per Carton

205080 $38.50 205180 $140.00

Single Champagne 205011 $29.50 Champagne 4 Per Carton 205111 $115.00

Single Champagne 205081 $38.50 Champagne4PerCarton 205181 $140.00

12 x 3.25” Round Candle

4” Round Candle Flowers Embedded

Flameless/Unscented 2,000 hrs on 2 D batteries

Flameless/Unscented 500 hrs on 2 AA batteries

Single White White 4 Per Carton

205020 $46.00 205120 $165.00

Single White White 6 Per Carton

205061 $14.50 205161 $85.00

Single Champagne 205021 $46.00 Champagne4PerCarton 205121 $165.00

Single Champagne 205062 $14.50 Champagne6PerCarton 205162 $85.00

4” Round Candle Vanilla Fragrance

6” Round Candle Vanilla Fragrance

Flameless/Scented 500 hrs on 2 AA batteries

Flameless/Scented 500 hrs on 2 AA batteries

Single White White 6 Per Carton

205030 $17.95 205130 $107.00

Single Champagne 205031 $17.95 Champagne6PerCarton 205131 $107.00


Single White White 6 Per Carton

Single White White 6 Per Carton

205041 $24.00 205141 $140.00

Single Champagne 205042 $24.00 Champagne6PerCarton 205142 $140.00

(800) (800) 477-4283 477-4283 •• ••


Private Label - Logo, Theme or Emphasis? It may be as simple as putting your logo on the bottle to properly represent your company. Please make sure to send us a high-resolution bitmap, or vector logo. Here are some other things to consider. Bottles: Each style of bottle has its gifts. Some bottles are available in multiple sizes, allowing you to create a complete product offering. Here are some things to consider: 1.

Theme: Does your spa or hotel have a theme or concept: Let your Ready Care™ Representative know.


Is there a message or a tag line that could help with the design?


Are there esthetics at your hotel or spa that would add something to the design, like art, tile or glass etching?

4. Are you known for something that is not represented in your logo, something that would strengthen your brand? 5.


The more information you can provide, the better. Our goal is a product line with substance, a piece of you that they can take home and incite their beautiful memories from.

The Umstead Spa Pearl bottles with gold pumps, a squat bottle with a gold straight cap and a subtle, beige background to enhance their logo. This line is captivating and it drives home Umstead’s message.

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Private Label - Logo, Theme or Emphasis? Here are two examples where a client either expanded their concept or created a focus concept.

Fairmont Sonoma A photographer captured the essence of calm when he took a photograph of a beautiful woman wading in the pool at the Sonoma Mission Inn. It’s a picture that need not define itself with words. Is there something about your spa that would add this much to your private label look?

My Spa The concept of My Spa is to encourage their guests to take ownership of the benefits of the products. So by simply expanding those thoughts, this client is creating a signature line that drives their concept.


(800) (800) 477-4283 477-4283 •• ••


Private Label - How to Sell It may be as simple as putting your logo on the bottle to properly represent your company. Please make sure to send us a high-resolution bitmap, or vector logo. Here are some other things to consider.

How to Sell



The product line is complete but honestly, the work has just started. Now that you have spent all this time developing this line to represent your property, how do you sell it? The good news is, initially, look no further than your own hotel or spa.


Retail Stores


In-room Retail


Group Sales

Think of your property as your best marketing opportunity, Here is a checklist of opportunities.


Treatment of the Month Club


Selling Your Brand to Local Retailers

4. Room Service Menu

1. In-room:

Everyone will tell you that if you put your branded line in your rooms, it will drive retail sales and this is true, but it’s so much more.

A. Your aroma should create an atmosphere. By using your signature aroma in your rooms, you are further driving that relaxation, invigoration or whatever your focus is.

B. Specifically using your spa line in

your rooms cross promotes your spa. Put home spa protocol on the back of the bottles to educate your clients on proper use, or mention spa treatments that include the products.


C. Design: Because you are creating the

design, your brand can completely enhance your bathrooms and add to the decor.

D. And again...when they try it and it

makes a positive impact, they will buy it, it’s that simple.

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Private Label - How to Sell 2. Retail Stores:

Every store at your property that sells any type of spa products or souvenirs should carry your line because it’s clearly both. Ask your Ready Care™ Representative to put together a promo sheet to your leased stores so that you can sell to them.

3. In-room Retail: On average, people spend 5 hours each day in their hotel room awake. If you told a retail manager that you could get someone to look at their shelves in a store for 5 hours, they would hug you! So, let’s not waste those five hours on just candy bars and nuts, let’s show them your brand, make them beautiful cards explaining the line and the benefits, and give them an opportunity to treat themselves in the room. Or... bring home a treat to a loved one.


(800) (800) 477-4283 477-4283 •• ••


Private Label - How to Sell 4. Room Service Menu:

On your in-room dining menu, you can include an option to receive a bath gel, a sugar scrub, a body butter and a warm robe with a home treatment card. This not only sells product for you but it teaches your client how to use and depend on your line.

5. Group Sales: The fist thing that weddings, business conferences, parties and fund-raisers do is book a location. After the location, they start to create a list of all the other things they need to do. One of the things on the list for all will be a giveaway. By creating a nice digital booklet for your group sales department, you make the decision easy and strengthen the memory of your location. So we encourage you to create a packet that would allow for both themed suggestions and also price suggestions.

It made her smile when she thought of people enjoying the candles in their homes. The guest gift was perfect!


The event was a hit and the gift had...very warm responses.

(800) 477-4283 • •

Private Label - How to Sell 6. Treatment Of The Month Club (TOM Club) Develop an alternative to gift certificates with a treatment of the month club. This club could register Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas and Valentine’s day. It could be monthly, quarterly or whenever they want. It could be for treatments, for retail or for both. The treatment of the month club could simply be a monthly mailer, paid for in advance, that featured a product with a home treatment card explaining how to use it and could feature a discount if they come in to the spa. It could also be an actual treatment each month, paid in advance and then call to schedule during their allotted time frame. By booking for the year, they would receive a substantial discount.

Imagine the excitement of receiving this card!

7. Selling Your Brand To Local Retail When your property has an allure in the community, your products have a built-in audience. Work with local boutiques to sell your products as a souvenir, but a souvenir with an aroma. This will work to your advantage in selling products to locals and to help establish an identity. Also, provide samples to your local tourism council, create a local relationship to help drive traffic to your spa and increase retail sales.

Just because they did not stay with you, does not mean they don’t want to take home a part of you!


(800) (800) 477-4283 477-4283 •• ••


Private Label - Brand Marketing Brand Marketing This is your brand and if you invest in it, it will pay off. Here are some quick fun thoughts to get you inspired. •

Have a press day twice a year. Once for local media and once for national. If you can’t get national, do a print day and then a T.V and radio day. Provide treatments, give them a gift bag and some lunch. They are going to talk about you!

Invite local woman’s groups for tea and offer hand treatments and a free gift bag with your spa menu. Give spa tours.

Work with your Food and Beverage department on cross selling. For instance: When they have groups in, offer a reasonable giveaway to purchase with a custom card.


Work with your front desk manager to have your lotions on the counter when guests check in, let them experience the product.

Displays: When available create product displays around your property, if you have locations already, that’s great. If you don’t, you can purchase reasonably priced free standing displays with an acrylic dome to show off your brand and drive them to the spa.

Gifts: When you launch your brand, create a nice gift for your co-workers who are in a position to benefit from your products. Send them a gift with a little marketing piece that shows all the combinations of your products. Make it easy for them and tell them if they provide you with amounts they need and the dates, you will even do a custom card for them! Make it easy to choose your brand for their needs....

(800) 477-4283 • •

In Closing

We hope this booklet has given you a bird’s eye view, not only of our products and services but of some of our experience as well. A Ready Care™ Representative is here to partner with you on your investment. Reach out and let them guide you through the process. Ready Care™, infinite possibilities, one consistent philosophy.



(800) (800) (800) 477-4283 477-4283 477-4283 •• • •• •


About ReadyCare ReadyCare is a leading provider of personal care solutions to world-class hotels, spas, health clubs & golf clubs that value product choice, service quality & expert advice. For over 25 years, Denver-based ReadyCare has helped thousands of properties deliver great member & guest experiences by ensuring their personal care offering aligns with their clientele & brand. For more information, visit www. or contact us at 800-477-4283 / 06-27-16

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