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Go Green with Our Innovative Dispensers

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“Xanterra Parks & Resorts converted our properties to the EcoEclipse shower dispenser with custom bottles that were property specific. It was important to us to offer a domestically manufactured product, reduce our amenity waste, and offer a high-quality lineup of products to our guests.� Becky Ritter, Purchasing Director


Eco-Friendly Each dispenser keeps 1,000 in-room bottles out of the landfill annually, and guests will appreciate your environmental leadership.

Cost-Effective EcoEclipse triple unit & single dispensers are less expensive to purchase than traditional in-room bottles, with cost savings up to 60%.

Easy to Maintain. Dispensers are made with mold-resistant plastic to reduce residue build-up, and are easy to refill which reduces maintenance time.

Customizable Multiple color, finish & bottle options to match any in-room design, and all bottles can be custom private labeled with your logo.


Configuration Options

Dispenser Sizes Single Pump (5.75” x 2.75” x 3.5”) Triple Pump (5.75” x 8.0” x 3.5”)

Dispenser Colors Black White Cool Gray 50+ Custom Colors

Finishes Standard Ceramic

Bottle Colors Amber Black Clear

Frosted White Gradient Painted

Frosted Bottles in Cool Gray Bracket

Frosted Bottles in Cool Gray Bracket

White Bottles in Black Bracket

Amber Bottles in Cool Gray Bracket


New Gradient-Painted Bottle

• Innovative dispenser bottle was designed with input from several of our largest hotel customers

• Enables full private label customization while also providing a view window to alert housekeeping staff that it’s time to refill

• Eliminates early refilling which reduces housekeeping labor costs • Prevents empty bottles to ensure a great guest experience • Stocked in gradient-painted white and can be custom ordered in any color (certain minimums apply)


Custom Private Label

For over 25 years, ReadyCare has helped hotels increase their brand visibility with innovative private label solutions, and we’ve become one of the industry leaders.

• Our time-tested “Private Label Development Process” ensures the highest quality finished product & satisfied customers

• Over $2 million invested in custom silk-screen technology & 4 certified master printers on staff

• Experienced graphic design team that can develop creative & appealing bottle designs to enhance your property


Custom Private Label

White Bottles in Black Bracket

White Bottle in Cool Gray Bracket

Frosted Bottles in Brown Bracket

Amber Bottles in Tan Bracket

Frosted Bottles in Cool Gray Bracket

White Bottles in Tan Bracket


Liquid Options

Body Eclipse Spa is our most popular brand of shampoo, conditioner, body wash & lotion, and offers guests a spa-like experience in the comfort of their room. It uses only high-quality ingredients, and leverages botanical extracts & vitamins to nourish, moisturize & fortify both skin and hair. Plus, it’s both paraben & DEA free. Fragrances: Citrus Citrus Nectar Cocomango Cucumber Melon Dewberry

Eucalyptus Ginger Melon Green Tea Lemongrass Lavender Mint Lemongrass Sage

Mango Pineapple Pear Vanilla Ginger Moisturizing Fragrance-Free

Body Eclipse Classic This is our cost-conscience formulation that finds the right balance between quality & price. It was developed for customers that want the quality of a Body Eclipse product but don’t necessarily need it to be spa grade. It’s available in the same fragrances as our Body Eclipse Spa line listed above.

Body Eclipse Natural Created for customers looking for an even more wholesome product, our natural formula does not contain dyes or synthetics, and uses the most natural ingredients we can source from around the globe. It costs a little more, but for many, the quality is worth it. Fragrances: Citrus Green Tea Lemongrass


Lavender Rosemary Mint

White Tea

Liquid Options

For centuries, South Pacific islanders have used pure coconut oil & exotic flower extracts to nourish, moisturize & beautify both skin and hair. Pure Fiji brings the best of these traditional blends to a line of award-winning shampoo, conditioner, body wash & lotion. Fragrances: Coconut


This sophisticated brand combines botanical extracts & essential oils to capture the true essence of Beverly Hills’ elegance, glamour & style, as well as the unique personality of creator Juan Juan, the famous stylist to the stars. It’s an exclusive brand for those desiring that special touch. Fragrances: Fragile Shampoo Add Body Shampoo

Rescue Conditioner Satin Body Wash

Custom-Developed Product

You’ll work closely with our team of experts to develop your own custom formulation. Together, we’ll uncover the perfect mix of quality ingredients, texture & fragrance to support your brand and enhance your guest experience.

Your Current Liquids Brand

Some customers like their current liquids brand and don’t want to change. Our EcoEclipse dispensers work well with most branded liquids.


Customer Testimonials

“For over 3 years, ReadyCare has supplied Crystal Mountain Inn with in-room amenities and spa-related products. We’re particularly excited about our EcoEclipse dispensers which are both environmentally-friendly and cost-effective. Guests like the dispensers filled with our signature Crystal Spa liquids, and we merchandise these products in our retail outlets, which is quite profitable.” Chris MacInnes, General Manager


Customer Testimonials

“Limelight Hotel switched to ReadyCare’s EcoEclipse shower dispenser line for our in-room amenities. The decision was made from a desire to reduce landfill waste while still providing a superior product to our guests. The Limelight Hotel and our parent, Aspen Skiing Company, take sustainability initiatives seriously, and the EcoEclipse dispenser from ReadyCare is an easy way to promote sustainability.” Aaron Shaffer, General Manager


ReadyCare is a leading provider of personal care amenities, supplies and private label solutions to world-class hotels, spas, health clubs and golf clubs. For over 25 years, Denver-based ReadyCare has helped thousands of properties deliver great member and guest experiences by ensuring their personal care offering aligns with their brand and their customers. 10-31-16

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