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How to Create Signature Treatments

What’s your focus? On the following pages we offer you products to support the emphasis of your treatment. So if you are creating a wrap, what hydration would you use, if it’s a scrub, is it mild or intense, and how will you do it? So what’s your emphasis, and how can we help? Make it yours… Scrubs: When the focus is exfoliation… Gentle Exfoliation: Creamy Scrub - Sensitive Skin - This creamy scrub is gentle, yet effective. It removes dead skin and prepares it for moisture. It’s also low foaming. Make it yours…apply the product warm, to a dry body. Lay steamed towels on the body, and apply pressure. Rub the towels off the body to remove the product. Gentle/medium Exfoliation: Exfoliating Bath Gel - This is bath gel with mild exfoliation; it cleanses and exfoliates, putting two steps into one. Make it yours…paint the product on the body and once applied, use your hands to exfoliate. It will make for two nice textures. Before you place your hands on the body, warm them up. Medium Exfoliation: Gelled Sugar Scrub - This scrub will begin with medium intensity, and then, as it melts, will offer additional hydration to your clients’ skin. Perfect for a hydrating manicure/pedicure. Make it yours…using a steamer, turn the steam towards the body so that it’s moist when you scrub. Intense Exfoliation: Gelled Salt Scrub - Offering intense exfoliation for gentlemen, or for women who prefer an aggressive scrub. The oil foundation of this scrub will hydrate while removing dead skin. Make it yours…using a steamer, turn the steam towards the body so that it’s moist when you scrub. Intense Exfoliation: Oil and Salt - Offering a salt scrub with a warm oil application is a great texture scrub. Make it yours…using a drip method, apply the oil to the body, and using a shaker or your hand, shake bath salt onto the body and begin the scrub. Wraps: When the focus is hydration… Body Butter: Offer a nice, thick application to the skin for beautiful, nourishing hydration. Make it yours...Paint it on with a paint brush, or use a warm sponge and put it on in a small circular motion, paying special attention to the toes and fingers. Provide a scalp massage using hair conditioner for a deep conditioning treatment. Encourage client to go to the sauna after their treatment, before they rinse the conditioner out. Oil: Using nurturing oils that absorb into our skin leaves a rich glide for massage after you un-wrap. Make it yours...Apply the oil in a warm oil drip down the back, legs and arms, rub in slightly, and repeat on front before you wrap. Provide a hot oil scalp massage at the end to complete this hydration heaven.


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