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Manicure and Pedicure Products Barefeet® Professional Foot Care Barefeet® Professional Foot Care is a full seven step pedicure treatment system.

Step 1: Soak

Step 2: Septic Cooling Spray A highly concentrated foot bath used to cleanse, soften and condition your feet prior to any pedicure.

Foot spray that helps combat foot fungus and bacteria while deodorizing and refreshing hot, tired feet.

8 oz.

520610 $3.50

8 oz.

520620 $5.00

1 Gallon

520613 $32.50

1 Gallon

520623 $29.95

Feet and Hands

Step 3: Slough

Step 5: Moisture

Step 4: Scrub Gently and effectively removes rough, dry skin cells, leaving skin soft and smooth.

A unique formula with natural exfoliants and botanicals to condition skin while removing dead, dry skin cells.

8 oz.

520630 $3.50

8 oz.

520640 $5.00

1 Gallon

520633 $31.10

1 Gallon

520643 $29.95

Contains botanical extracts and super emollients which smooth on easily and absorb quickly to moisturize rough, dry surface skin on feet, legs and knees.

A deep-penetrating, icy-cold refreshment for tired feet. This therapeutic gel contains menthol, camphor and peppermint, and relieves aching muscles.

8 oz.

520650 $3.50

8 oz.

520660 $5.00

1 Gallon

520653 $24.00

1 Gallon

520663 $29.95

Barefeet Treatment

Barefeet Pedicure Tote Pack

A concentrated therapy cream for dry, callused areas on feet and ankles.


Step 6: Cool

8 oz.

520600 $5.00

1 Gallon

520603 $29.95

The Christine Ashley Barefeet Pedicure 2 oz. Pedi Pack: This is a perfect retail item for a spa pedicure where you can perform the pedicure and then send everything home with your client! A built-in gift with purchase! Drop in a custom card to promote your Salon. How fun!

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