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How to Create Signature Manicure/Pedicures

On the following pages, we offer a wealth of product choices for you to create signature manicures and pedicures for your spa. The definitions below will allow you to develop complete signature treatments or to strengthen your current treatments. We encourage you, to have a signature start or finish for your treatments, like an aroma presentation or an application of warmth to the hands and feet to begin. You could apply peppermint oil on the insides of the wrists during a manicure or on the ankles for a pedicure, or use a heated neck or back wrap during both to encourage relaxation. No matter what you do...make it yours. SOAKING: Step One Bath Gel: This is a good soak because it cleans and softens skin. Salt: A great soak for softening the skin and removing impurities. Oil: Soaking in oil will offer hydration to the skin, begin to soften calluses and hydrate. EXFOLIATING: Step Two Mild: Creamy Scrub: Sensitive Skin - This creamy scrub is gentle, yet effective. It removes dead skin and prepares it for moisture. Semi-mild: Exfoliating Bath Gel - This is bath gel with mild exfoliation, it will cleanse and exfoliate, putting two steps into one, perfect for mini mani/pedi. Medium: Gelled Sugar Scrub - This scrub will begin at medium intensity and then, as it melts, will offer additional hydration to your client’s skin. Perfect for a hydrating manicure/pedicure. Intense: Gelled Salt Scrub - This salt scrub offers an intense exfoliation for men, or for women who prefer an aggressive scrub. The oil foundation of this scrub will hydrate skin while removing dead cells. HYDRATION: Step Three Mild/Medium: Lotion is the perfect ending to a manicure or pedicure. It allows for immediate absorption and does not leave the surface oily, so that shoes can be worn immediately. Medium/Intense: Body Butter - A rich, creamy hydration that offers you significant glide while hydrating your skin. It also gives skin a beautiful surface sheen. Intense: Massage Oil - Oils have a bad name as people think they leave skin oily, but if applied to warm, cleansed skin, oil will be absorbed, offering beautiful hydration and soft, supple skin. A lot of spas like to mix lotion and oil or butter and oil for a more subtle oil application.


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