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Put the ’cure” back in mani/pedi Spas are known for relaxation, comfort, beauty and atmosphere. What can we do with one treatment? The answer is…a lot. By using products with ingredients that have an impact on your skin, and processes that effectively facilitate those ingredients, we are changing the skin’s surface. Our skin accepts products from the earth because they are the closest to our own skin chemistry. Therefore, our body accepts them and flourishes in their care. So here is what we can actually do: Soak: You can use a soak that is naturally softening and hydrating to the skin. So we encourage a warm soak with a shower gel, salt, oil or milk. If you have someone with especially dry hands, add oil to whatever soak you are using. Cure: Open up pores, saturate cells, soften cuticles and callus areas, cleanse. Exfoliate/re-mineralize: It’s important to get those dead skin cells off the surface to allow the hydration to penetrate your skin. Depending on the skin type of your client, we recommend sugar for the hands and feet or creamy hydrating scrub. Both of these scrubs will also begin the process of replacing minerals that our skin needs to flourish. Cure: Removes dead skin, replaces moisture, removes callus, prepares surface of skin for hydration. Hydrate/re-mineralize: Lotions, butters, and oils should be applied to warm skin. By using products with beautiful ingredients, you begin to heal and protect the surface of the skin, leaving the surface soft and smooth. Cure: Where do we start? It hydrates the surface of the skin, plumping up your skin cells, and reducing the visible signs of aging. It reduces aches and pains, and relieves tension. It softens cuticles, which aids in the health of the nail bed. Feel good about what you do for them! For long-term results, encourage take-home products to facilitate continued wellness.