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Men’s Grooming Pinaud-Clubman® Founded in France in 1810, the PINAUD brand and its CLUBMAN® line of men’s fine toiletries can be found in virtually every barbershop and men’s club

across the US. The line offers a wide variety of men’s toiletries and grooming products including colognes, styptic pencils, after shave lotions, skin and hair tonics, talc, deodorant and hair-care products.

Clubman® Hair Styling Gel

Clubman® Supreme Hair Spray


This gel keeps hair neat, well groomed and conditioned. Never greasy, it contains no alcohol, gum or wax.

Fast drying non-aerosol styling spray with extra hold contains Panthenol for conditioning.

16 oz., 12/case 504057 $54.00

Hair Tonic

8 oz., 12/case

These true country club originals for perfect grooming come in classic long neck bottles. Clubman® 12.5 oz., 12/case

504051 $69.00

Eau de Quinine 12.5 oz., 12/case

504253 $69.00

Jeris® 14 oz., 12/case

504451 $66.00

504053 $62.00

Clubman® Styptic Pencil

This travel-size stick seals the skin’s surface to stop bleeding and help prevent infection. It is ideal for razor nicks and minor cuts. .33 oz., dozen (individually packaged)

504085 $12.80

Hot Lather Shaving Lather King® Machine Gray/Blue 523011 Tan/Beige 523012 $308.00


Campbell’s® Liquid Shave Cream 8 oz., 24/case

512011 $96.00

Campbell’s® Lather King Cleaner 8 oz.

512111 $5.35

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