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Bulk Hair and Skin Care Body Eclipse® Natural Body Butter

This aromatherapy oil is perfect to begin a facial, to use as an aromatherapy massage or in the salon with your manicures and pedicures. This product will leave your clients’ skin feeling soft and smooth while allowing for significant benefits from its essential oils.

Body Eclipse® Natural Body Butter is a rich, luscious shea butter that’s perfect as a foot rub or temple balm, rich with Vitamins A and E.

Citrus Detoxifying Lavender Relaxing Rosemary Mint Uplifting

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1 gallon


Grape Seed Oil


Fragrance Free


1 gallon


55 oz.


Body Eclipse® Natural Bath Salts

Body Eclipse® Natural Body Spray

Body Eclipse® Natural Bath Salts soften water as they soothe skin. A perfect turndown or welcome gift.

Body Eclipse® Natural Body Spray is a fresh essential oil blend that heals the skin upon application. It is a perfect turndown to promote sleep and comfort.

Fragrance Free Bath Salt Crystals 20 lb. bucket 335047

$55.00 Rosemary Mint 1 gallon

408453 $18.95

White Tea 1 gallon

408403 $22.95

Lavender Rich Mineral Salt Blend 10 lb. bucket 335727


Sea Salt Fine Grind 25 lb. bag Sea Salt 50 lb. bag

$60.00 $49.00

Please ask a Ready Care™ Representative about other essential oil blends.

Rosemary Mint: This wonderful blend of Essential Oils includes Cornmint, Spearmint and Rosemary to invigorate and strengthen skin. It also promotes circulation and stimulates hair growth.

Citrus: A combination of Sweet Orange Peel, Lemon Peel and Bitter Orange Leaf (Petitgrain) Oils refreshes and uplifts while helping to release toxins and clear the skin of impurities.

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Body Eclipse® Natural Massage Oil

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