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Locker Room

Bulk Hair and Skin Care Body Eclipse® Natural Body Eclipse® Natural provides nourishment for your body and for the Earth. With this line you can provide your guests with natural liquids that

honor the environment and nurture their bodies. Created without parabens, dyes or synthetics, our natural line is perfect for your showers and vanity and offers essential oil blends to transform the room. With every decision you make, this one will make a difference.



Our Natural Shampoo is a biodegradable blend of essential oils and natural materials that cleanses your hair while retaining its natural moisture.

This mild blend conditions hair without creating buildup. Using vegetable emulsifiers and oils derived from sand, it maintains silkiness and shine.

Citrus Lavender Rosemary Mint White Tea Green Tea

$180.00 $188.00 $188.00 $192.00 $188.00

400434 400444 400454 400404 440474

Citrus Lavender Rosemary Mint White Tea Green Tea

404434 404444 404454 404404 444474

4 gallons/case

$188.00 $188.00 $180.00 $190.00 $188.00 4 gallons/case

Bath Gel


Body Eclipse ® Natural Bath Gel uses a natural combination of essential oils and materials to cleanse your skin while retaining its natural moisture.

Our Natural Moisturizer is created from our own custom blend of vitamins, essential oils and botanicals that will leave your skin soft, smooth and beautifully healthy.

Citrus Lavender Rosemary Mint White Tea Green Tea

$188.00 $188.00 $188.00 $195.00 $188.00

402434 402444 402454 402404 442474

Citrus Lavender Rosemary Mint White Tea Green Tea

4 gallons/case

406434 406444 406454 406404 446474

$180.00 $188.00 $188.00 $188.00 $188.00 4 gallons/case

Custom Aromatherapy Blends: White Tea: White Tea has been used in China as an elixir of youth because of its antioxidant and revitalizing properties. This rare essence imparts an overall sense of well-being. This aroma is reassuring and soothing. 42

Lavender: This formula uses Lavender with hints of Rosewood and Roman Chamomile to calm and balance both mind and body. These Essential Oils also have anti-inflammatory properties.

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