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Bulk Hair and Skin Care

These bulk products are infused with ingredients to benefit their respective target areas. Our Shampoo and Conditioner offer your hair minerals to soften, condition and protect. Our Bath Gel cleanses without stripping your body of its natural minerals and vitamins. Our Lotion is replete with ingredients that soften,

protect and enhance the appearance of your skin. By offering Body Eclipse® liquids in your showers and vanity area, you are communicating that every room at your property deserves quality. Body Eclipse®... Beauty Becomes You.

Stock Fragrances:


Citrus: Crisp, fresh blend of grapefruit and botanical extracts; it’s wonderfully uplifting and invigorating.

Citrus Nectar: This crisp citrus aroma is a light clean scent reminiscent of freshly extracted fruit nectar.

Cocomango: Smooth, tropical delight! Island favorite reminiscent of sweet coconut with a hint of mango fruit.

Lavender Mint: Treat yourself to this rejuvenating yet relaxing medley which soothes and calms.

Cucumber Melon: Cool and crisp with a touch of honeydew, its exhilarating aroma excites the senses.

Lemongrass Sage: A reviving air of clean lightness, balanced with peaceful, earthy nuances.

Dewberry: This subtle and fruity blend of botanical extracts brings to mind fresh summer berries.

Mango: Created with botanical extracts reminiscent of juicy, ripe fruit picked fresh from the tree.

Eucalyptus: A combination of eucalyptus and botanical extracts creates a smooth, rejuvenating aroma.

Vanilla Ginger: Pure indulgence; soothing vanilla and exotic ginger create a spicy, inviting aroma.

Ginger Melon: A cool, sweet island oasis of fresh watermelon and spicy ginger, refreshing in any season.

Fragrance & Color Free: A green alternative, for clients who prefer to add their own custom scents.

Green Tea Lemongrass: This distinctive, balanced blend with a hint of ginger creates a pleasantly relaxing, fresh scent.

Pineapple Pear: Formulated with delightful botanicals, crisp green pear and a hint of tart sweetness, this aroma is irresistibly energizing.

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