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Marketing and Education: Marketing When we sell you our products, Ready Care’s responsibility to you does not end, it begins. Our Marketing Team is ready to help you achieve success. Allow us to share some areas with you where we have been an asset - A Ready Care™ Representative can help communicate your requests and your specific situation to the Marketing Department. Treatment Enhancements: To enhance or boost your existing treatments, or for suggestions on how to bring your signature aroma into your treatments, we offer a plethora of suggested enhancements. Treatments: We can partner with you to develop signature treatments, including but not limited to Manicures, Pedicures, Facials, Wraps and Scrubs. We write treatments with an emphasis on benefits, textures on skin and the process that enhances the experience. We also write treatments with your spa’s identity in mind so that your guests are getting your message, not just the message of a branded line. Turndown Cards: Many of our clients ask us to create turndown cards that offer bounce back coupons, spa treatment discounts and promotions. We provide the artwork at no charge with our turndown purchase program. Rituals: Our Marketing Team, along with a Ready Care™ Representative, will create signature opening and closing rituals for your spa treatments. We will suggest products and processes to bring your property’s message into your treatment rooms and allow the wellness transformation to begin. Locker Room Enhancements: For some of our spa’s, we have developed programs that increase retail sales by offering kits to enhance their guest’s day pass experience. We create these enhancements based on the services you offer.