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Private Label - Internal Merchandising Internal Merchandising An accent like vases with your aromas to drive home your message, counter cards explaining the benefits of the products and how to use them, a home treatment card that turns products into home treatments.

Retail & Promotional

The way you merchandise and display has a large impact on the return on floor space in your store. The challenge is what can you do to make your displays stand out from the crowd?


So here are some tease ideas but please, we encourage you to ask a Ready Care™ Representative about merchandising support, we have experts on our team who would love to help! As we mentioned earlier, if you can get your customers to pick it up, your chance of selling it to them increases by 65%. Keep it Fresh: Keep your display timely and fresh. Offer seasonal promotions that honor where their shopping focus is! Make it easy for them and time-saving as well. For the holidays, offer pre-wrapped items so that you are helping your last minute shopper. Keep it Topical: Many customers buy for now and therefore your displays need to be topical. What events are coming up that you can celebrate with the customer? What can you do that makes it topical in the consumer’s world, that you could relate to your products? Be Interactive and Alluring: Interactive displays get the consumer involved with the product. Testing stations on displays and at checkout are awesome. Encourage your staff to say, “You should try that lotion, it’s amazing!”

Provide Education: We are the resort industry, which includes spa and fitness. Provide substantial product education as we are the experts on what to put on your skin for total health. Ask a Ready Care™ Representative about our education support on all our products. Offer Solutions: A display that provides a solution is a great way of growing sales. The key is to position two products together to provide the solution. It may be an opportunity to multi sell products. For example a sign that says, “win on skin” and explains that if you use a sugar scrub and follow it with a body butter, you will remove dead skin and allow the beautiful ingredients for the body butter to nourish your skin. Explain that without exfoliation, your butter will be hydrating dead skin that is going to fall off soon, and that is a waste of money. Make sure you offer other pairings that will offer similar results such as loofahs, creamy scrub etc. Be Playful: Put a smile on the customer’s face with humor. If the consumer leaves your business happier than when they came in, you have achieved a great deal in their lives and they are more likely to come back. The humor can come through the design of the display or the signage you use. When something is playful, it’s a draw!

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