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Private Label - How to Sell How to Sell



The product line is complete but honestly, the work has just started. Now that you have spent all this time developing this line to represent your property, how do you sell it? The good news is, initially, look no further than your own hotel or spa.


Retail Stores


In-room Retail


Room Service Menu


Group Sales

Think of your property as your best marketing opportunity, Here is a checklist of opportunities.


Treatment of the Month Club


Selling Your Brand to Local Retailers

Retail & Promotional

1. In-room:

In room: Everyone will tell you that if you put your branded line in your rooms, it will drive retail sales and this is true, but it’s so much more. A. Your aroma should create an atmosphere. By using your signature aroma in your rooms, you are further driving that relaxation, invigoration or whatever your focus is. B. Specifically using your spa line in your rooms cross promotes your spa. Put home spa protocol on the back of the bottles to educate your clients on proper use, or mention spa treatments that include the products. 224

C. Design: Because you are creating the design, your brand can completely enhance your bathrooms and add to the decor. D. And again...when they try it and it makes a positive impact, they will buy it, it’s that simple.

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