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J Beverly Hills® Created by an established stylist to the entertainment industry, this line captures the essence of style, elegance and glamour that characterizes the Beverly Hills allure.

The products’ select range of botanical and essential oil-based hair care products provides a sophisticated alternative for those desiring an exclusive brand.

Perfect Hold™ Strong Hold Spray: This environmentally safe formula with thyme, sage and rosemary extracts utilizes spraying resins for maximum support and hold.

Hold Me™ Firm Aerosol Finishing Spray: A firm hold working spray, this versatile, lightweight, environmentally safe design spray is an ideal finishing product for creating lasting styles without build-up or flaking.

6 oz.



Lift Up™ Styling Coiffant: This environmentally safe luxurious spray-on foam utilizes state-of-the-art resins and dispensing systems to increase lasting volume and fullness for all hair textures.

8 oz.

8 oz.

Crazy Straight™ Styling Coiffant: Curl killer formulated with comfrey root and botanical extracts combined with thermal polymers to provide non-chemical and temporary straightening.



Gel Me™ Styling Gel: A maximum hold gel formulated with aloe vera, chamomile, rosemary, sage and nettle botanical extracts is perfect for wet or dry styling. 8 oz.




8 oz.




Additional J Beverly Hills Products

Rescue Conditioner


Fragile Shampoo

Masque Conditioner

Hair Shine Mist

Add Body Shampoo

Addbody Conditioner

Shine Drops

Leave On Conditioner

Glaze Me Styling Gel

Texture Clay

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