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Private Label Turndowns A soothing foot rub or aroma spray as a turndown or welcoming gift in your brand offers total pampering. This custom card allows you to cross sell your hotel’s services, or promote specials with bounce back benefits. We have developed this program with an awareness of keeping cost low. It is available in any of our Spa Products along with a variety of package choices and fragrance options.

Aroma Mist

Bath Salts

A Green Tea Lemongrass body and linen mist is in a 1 oz. Imperial Bottle with a spray cap. The custom card can suggest home treatments and promote other areas of the hotel and spa.

Our 2 and 4 oz. salt tubes offer a soothing, inexpensive option as a turn down or room enhancement.

In-Room Amenities

0.5 oz. Jars As low as 69 cents each.


Foot Balm with essential oils of peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus to soothe tired feet and calm nerves.

Lavender Mint Temple Balm creates calm relaxation and restful sleep.

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