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Private Label In-Room Packaging Step Five: We recommend our Body Eclipse® Spa bar for your in-room choice, it has the economy of scale so it’s reasonably priced, thick in appearance and looks good simply in a shrink wrap or fits beautifully in a box.

We offer it in our best selling green tea lemongrass aroma. For the facial bar, we recommend our fragrance free shea bar, it also offers the economy of scale, is thick in appearance and offers a rich creamy foam.

Green Tea Lemongrass Spa Bar This bar is meant to exfoliate your skin while cleansing, to create a smooth surface ready for hydration. We offer this bar with a nice shrink wrap with a generic label to allow our clients to benefit from the economy of scale. This bar presents nicely with the massage bumps up, it makes an immediate impression.

Creamy Shea Facial Bar This fragrance-free, creamy shea bar will cleanse your skin while adding beautiful hydration to your face, reducing visible fine lines and leaving it soft.

Custom Bar Shapes Ready Care™ offers custom soap shapes and sizes with ingredients that vary from hydrating to exfoliating to detoxifying, with aromas to meet any need. Ask a Ready Care™ Representative about your preferred shape, packaging, ingredients and aroma.

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