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Private Label In-Room Packaging Step Four: Choose your cap. Choosing a cap for your in-room line is sometimes just a matter of cost, but for some the choice is about convenience. Some of our dispensing caps offer more

evacuation of product and ease of use in the shower. For your convenience, we offer both dispensing and standard caps in multiple colors and styles.

20-410 Disc, Straight and Twist Caps

18-415 Straight and Ball Caps Special Order

White Straight Cap 14815-0202

Aluminum Twist Cap


Purple 24800-0502

Pewter 24800-3202

Silver 24800-1202

Blue 24800-2802

Black 24800-0402

White 14835-0208

Bronze 24815-3108

Natural 14815-0000

White Ball Cap 14810-0208

Black 24815-0408

Khaki Green 24815-1708

18-415 Spray Cap Bronze 24800-0702

Gold 24800-3302

White 14800-0202

Natural 14800-0002

20-410 Spray Caps

In-Room Amenities

White Sprayer 15431-0230


20-415 Disc, Straight and Twist Caps

Silver 15451-1202

Black 15400-0402

Special Order

White 15431-0220

Observation on...

Aluminum Twist Cap 14830-120300

Metallic Gold Straight Cap 24800-0600

Green 24800-1600

Gold 24800-3300

Natural 14800-0000

Disc Caps Disc caps offer product dispensing without removing the cap. It’s great for ease of use in the shower and it increases the perceived value of your product.

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Black 14800-0400

White 14800-0200