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How to increase the revenue of your hotel rooms! If your average guest spends 5 hours awake time in their hotel room and only 16 minutes in your retail stores, maybe you should offer them more than candy and beer in their room? Products that encourage them to appreciate the room are always treasured, like a bath kit for tubs, or a "spa in the shower" kit for nice showers. If you provide robes, give them a body butter or lotion so that they can benefit from putting the robe on for a full body hydration.

1. We have multiple kits that can be made tamper proof for in-room retail. b a t h i ng b e a u ty

2. We can create kits in both our branded and private label that speak to your client's location. r o m a nce

3. And for groups, a welcome gift as an incentive. a t hl e t i c co m p a ny

In-room retail can be very profitable if it drives retail traffic, encourages people to want to return and makes them feel good!