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J Beverly Hills® Ecoeclipse™

Locker Room

Putting a nationally known branded line in your showers tells your guests you really care about their wellness. Well known for its amazing impact on hair and its alluring aromas, J Beverly Hills® was featured this year in American Salon, Elle Magazine and Ebony. These products are offered to you in our theft resistant Ecoeclipse™ locking unit, allowing you the luxury of not worrying about your products being removed or tampered with. Perfect for VIP locker rooms. Ready Care™ also offers an extensive J Beverly Hills® vanity line for you and your clients’ benefit. See bulk liquids on page 37.

8 oz. Frosted PET Boston Round Kit This kit includes silk-screened bottles, pumps and bracket. Liquids (page 37) and keys (page 156) sold separately. 370280 $39.95 800-477-4283 •