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`ebability: the technology behind the printing


Behind every great print job is a great printer. How do you describe a legacy of performance paired with a relentless ambition to push the boundaries of printing? We call it “inkability” and it’s the backbone of Colornet’s cutting edge capabilities — supported by technological expertise and a commanding blend of knowledge in science and craft.

Technology is our middle name. Since 1989 Colornet Press has developed and utilized various state-of-the-art printing processes to meet increasingly complex printing needs. During this time, we have collaborated with industryleading design firms and ad agencies earning the reputation of a boutique printer driven by technically sophisticated craftsmen. We are committed to continually invest in new equipment to maintain our position at the forefront of printing possibility. The result? We have yet to meet a printing challenge we don’t like.

Colorsure Series are proprietary developments by Colornet to achieve new levels of printing capabilities. They are as follows with more developments underway: Colorsure Touch is a unique approach to the traditional concept of touch plates. It expands the color gamut on specific images to achieve colors not available with CMYK. Colorsure hybrid is a screening technique designed to maximize quality. The process utilizes both the conventional screening and FM screening specific to content . Type or line art made up of screens will have the appearance of solid ink with smooth edges. This allows for unlimited number of type colors with perfectly smooth edges. This technique eliminates additional PMS colors.

Colorsure Chrome allows for an

endless array of metallic colors achieved by printing with 4 color process plus silver. We have extensive experience with this technique. Among our developments in this field is a metallic proof that matches the press sheet. Colorsure Substrate mastering the

art of printing on uncoated paper by achieving a new level of color accuracy, brilliance and detail on the uncoated paper. This development provides a unique uncoated proof that would match the press sheet with more precision. Our customers experience the same confidence matching color on uncoated paper as they would with coated paper.

ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS OF THE HP INDIGO DIGITAL PRESS - Manufactured to ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards - Inks and supplies do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are listed on the U.S. Federal list of Hazardous Air Pollutants - Produces ozone at lower levels than conventional printing - Less make-ready, waste and emissions - Paper printed on HP Indigo presses can be deinked and recycled

Hello, digital. One of Colornet’s newest equipment additions is an HP Indigo Digital Press 5500. This press represents the next frontier in printing because it is the only digital press that uses wet ink, as opposed to other Y^\^iVaegZhhZhi]ViVgZidcZgedlYZg^c`"WVhZY#I]ZWZcZÃih idi]ZXjhidbZg4Eg^cifjVa^ini]VibViX]ZhigVY^i^dcVadåhZi!i]Z VkV^aVW^a^ind[EVcidcZXdadghdgheZX^VabViX]Xdadgh!hedikVgc^h] ZåZXih!deVfjZl]^iZVcYVcZmeVcYZYXdadg\Vbji`cdlcVh Indichrome. In addition, the same skilled retouching capabilities can be applied to small jobs requiring exact color. It is also possible idXjhidb^oZ^iZbh^cY^k^YjVaanVcYideg^cidcVWgdVYgVc\Zd[ paper stocks and even surfaces such as plastics. The technology has made smaller runs and faster turnaround times more feasible. >cVYY^i^dc!Y^\^iVaeg^ci^c\ji^a^oZhXaZVc!ZæX^ZciiZX]cdad\^Zh that support recycling programs, which in turn promote energy and material management. The result? No more quality excuses because of digital printing.

Printing for the planet. 8dadgcZiEgZhh]VhWZZcVii]Z[dgZ[gdcid[Zck^gdcbZciVaan[g^ZcYan eg^ci^c\[dgbdgZi]Vc&*nZVgh#Adc\WZ[dgZi]ZejWa^XYZkZadeZYV widespread awareness of critical environmental issues, we adopted dcZd[i]Zbdhihde]^hi^XViZYXdbeVcn"l^YZZck^gdcbZciVaeda^X^Zh in the printing industry. OUR ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY POLICY

&# LZjhZdcani]ZbdhiZck^gdcbZciVaanhV[ZkZ\ZiVWaZ d^a"WVhZY^c`hkZghjheZigdaZjbd^a"WVhZY^c`h[dgVaa of our sheetfed presses. '#LZjhZlViZg"WVhZYXdVi^c\hgVi]Zgi]VceZigdaZjb d^a"WVhZYkVgc^h]Zh# (#6aad[djglVhiZ^c`hVgZgZXnXaZYVcYjhZYVh[jZagVi]Zg than the most common and least expensive disposal method of landfill dumping. )#6aalVhiZeVeZgVcYeaViZhVgZhZeVgViZYVcYgZXnXaZYgVi]Zg than disposed of in landfills. *#LZdåZgVl^YZgVc\Zd[VX^Y"[gZZVcYedhi"XdchjbZg recycled paper stocks. +#8dadgcZiEgZhh^hV;H8;dgZhiHiZlVgYh]^e8djcX^a XZgi^ÃZYeg^ciZgVcY^hXdbb^iiZYidi]Z;H8X]V^cd[XjhidYn standards and regulations. We also carry the seal of the CVi^dcVaHdn;djcYVi^dc#

Well-equipped for any challenge. ELECTRONIC PREPRESS & PROOFING " Kodak Prinergy E9;ldg`Ädl " Mac and Windows:hiViZ"d["i]Z"Vgildg`hiVi^dch " On-Site FTP Server: provides full control in security and file posting over an internet browser " Kodak EverSmart Supreme Scanner:hXVchVidg^\^cVah^oZjeid&'m&,¹ to create digital assets " Linotype-Hell Chromagraph S3700 Drum Scanner " Kodak Prinergy PDF Workflow: view and merge files quickly and easily " Fuji FinalProof GxT Proofer with Pantone Spot Color Matching: process colors, metallics, and Hifi color have the same screening on proofs as on plates so there are no surprise moire patterns on press " Two 42” Kodak Matchprint Inkjet proofers calibrated to press " Kodak Trendsetter Thermal Platesetter: provides the most consistent positive plate imaging on the market

PRESSES & BINDERY "HP Indigo Digital Press 5500 ,"Xdadgl^i]l]^iZVcYbViiZXVeVW^a^in " Komori Lithrone LS:'-m)&¹+"XdadgegZhheajhVfjZdjhXdVi^c\ " Heidelberg CD74:')m'.¹+"XdadgegZhheajhVfjZdjhXdVi^c\ " Gerber SectorCoat: blanket cutter for spot aqueous coating which allows for  higV^\]i"ZY\Z`cdX`djihd[bV^a^c\eVcZahVcYh^beaZh]VeZh " Polar Model 137XT:*)¹Egd\gVbbVWaZ8jiiZg " Polar Model 115ED:)*¹Egd\gVbbVWaZ8jiiZg " (2) Stahl B30 Folder: 6/6/4 30 x 45”:]^\]"heZZY[daY^c\l^i]Y^Z"hXdg^c\fjVa^in "Rollem Model TR42:HXdg^c\$EZg[dgVidg)%m)'¹0hVkZhi^bZVcYbdcZnWn  `ZZe^c\B^XgdeZgÃc\!_ZlZaXVhZhVcY\ViZ[daY^c\^c"]djhZ " Muller Martini Presto Saddle Stitcher Model 1550 " Rosback Model 201 Saddle Stitcher:]VcY"[ZYbVX]^cZ[dg^cig^XViZldg` " GHL PP5300 Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine:&.m&,m*¹0[dgheZZYhdkZg  &!*%%eVX`V\ZheZg]djg " Eastey Model EM1622M Shrink Wrap Machine:&,m&&m(¹ "MBO Z 2 Knife-Folding Unit "Lassco Wizer CR-50 Round-Cornering Machine

''&+;ZYZgVa6kZcjZ Adh6c\ZaZh!8Va^[dgc^V.%%+) E]dcZ(&%#),,#%)%, ;Vm(&%#),.#&+((

Production notes: This brochure is printed on Mohawk Everyday Digital. The paper was manufactured with windpower. Design, writing and photography by Egg2Cake. Additional photography by Jon Bilson.

k_`ebability: the people behind the printing (&%),,"%)%,

We think beyond the norm. Eg^ci^c\^hVWdjibdgZi]VciZX]cdad\n#=dlYd you describe a passion for craftsmanship merged with a dedication to customer service that exceeds all expectations? We call it “thinkability” and it’s the heart of Colornet’s adc\"hiVcY^c\gZejiVi^dc!l]^X]WZ\VcVabdhii]gZZ YZXVYZhV\dl^i]i]Z]^\]an"h`^aaZYeZdeaZVcYXg^i^XVa thinking behind the printing.

It takes more than technology. IZX]cdad\n^hVbjhi"]VkZ^cidYVn»hldgaYd[eg^ci^c\Wji^ildc»i get you far without critical thinking, craftsmanship and sound process*#8dadgcZi^hXdbeg^hZYd[Vjc^fjZVcYhZVhdcZYhiVål^i] nZVghd[^c"YZei]ZmeZg^ZcXZegdk^Y^c\Xdch^hiZcXnVcYXdhi"hVk^c\ ZæX^ZcXn^cVXXdjcibVcV\ZbZci!eg^ci^c\VcYXa^ZcihZgk^XZ#:;>! our management information system, provides immediate access idi]ZYZiV^ahd[VaaeVhiVcYXjggZciegd_ZXih#6cYVaaXdbeaZiZY jobs are digitally archived for reprint orders.

The result? Whether it’s time for a new project or a reprint, we’re ready when you are.

;dgYZiV^ahdcdjgiZX]cdad\^XVaXVeVW^a^i^Zh!eaZVhZhZZ¸IZX]cdad\n is our middle name” in the “inkability section of this brochure.¹

From printer to partner. We see printing as a partnership. Beyond the finished jobs are carefully nurtured relationships with clients that have been built over the course of many years and multiple projects. Our level of service is unparalleled, from planning to fulfillment and every step in between. The result? LZ»gZbdgZi]VcVeg^ciZg0lZ»gZgZXd\c^oZYWnbVcn as a top consultant in our industry.

Our clients include some of Southern California’s most prominent figures in a wide range of industries: - advertising - automotive - corporate - design - education - entertainment - fashion - museum - non-profit

The printing experience. >i»hVWdjibdgZi]Vc\Zii^c\[gdbed^ci6ided^ci7#7ZndcYVc djihiVcY^c\eg^ci_dWYZa^kZgZYdc"i^bZ!8dadgcZi\dZhi]ZZmigV b^aZ!VYVei^c\idZVX]cZlX]VaaZc\Zl^i]Vhdaji^dch"dg^ZciZY approach, competitive pricing and a sharp attention to detail. Whether a tight budget or an even tighter deadline, we leave you with a positive, lasting impression of the process. The result? 6WZVji^[jaeg^ci_dW6C9V]VeenXa^Zci#

THE NEED FOR SPEED - Quick turnarounds on estimates and hard proofs - High-speed, bonded T lines for soft proofs - On-site web server for immediate access to files - FTP site for uploading files and revisions - Prinergy: the best-in-class Internet file transfer workflow system - Convenient location in West Los Angeles

The art of printing. With a sound working process in place, the primary focus can h]^[iidXgV[ihbVch]^e#6X]^Zk^c\ZmXZaaZcXZ^ci]^hVgZVgZfj^gZh VeVhh^dc[dgi]Zeg^ci^c\egdXZhh!YZXVYZhd[]VcYh"dcZmeZg^ZcXZ and a continuous reďŹ nement of technical expertise. In addition, a rigorous commitment to strict quality control procedures ensure outstanding printing and product consistency time and again. The result? Eg^ci^c\ZmXZaaZcXZi]VibV`Zhndjadd`il^XZVcY service that keeps you coming back.

Colornet has achieved G7 Master Printer CertiďŹ cation. The distinction puts us in an elite class, among just 375 providers worldwide. G7 is an advanced calibration methodology which focuses on standardization of ink controls from input to output to ensure consistent reproduction, especially crucial for print collateral systems and reruns. Go to for more information.

RECOGNITION Don’t just take our word for it; hear it from others. In the last six years, Colornet has earned four Benny Statuettes, a coveted award within the printing industry. The Best of Category award is a part of one of the most prestigious international print competitions and reects the highest level of print communications in the world.

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