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269 royalty-free, newly developed, printed designs for apparel, interior & consumer gods

Just The Two Of Us shows the beauty of 2-tone pr you feel the attraction of

rints. Although restricted by using only two colours its simplicity and clarity.

With the World Wide Web, Twitter & Facebook Everything Goes o

on short distance. The different cultures on this globe are mixing...

A Circle Is A Circle explores he poss People love circles due to its promis

sibilities of designing just with circles. se of eternity and endless perfection.

Designs which play with swirls, curves, iridescent e simply Supercalifrag

ethnics, strange comibinations and vibrant colours: gelisticexpialidocius!


The main border shown as a two-page sp

pread to give the idea of each mini-story.


The following two pages show variation

ns of the border and matching allovers.


Detailed description of each design shows size of rep

peat, drop, colour mode and number of offered layers.

Further technical information are given at the end. A DVD-R

ROM with all neccessary files are a supplement of the book.

ready-madespot Borders & Friends Vol. II This exceptional book is dedicated to borders. The border: it is the beginning, the ending, the foundation and the crowning glory of textile design. Depending on how it is used, it diverts the eye. At the same time, it always has a partner, the matching all-over. The uses of borders are too multifaceted, particularly when we also provide the matching all-overs at the same time. Their application in the apparel industry and in interior design is extremely broad: shirts, blouses, trousers, skirts, dresses, bed linen, wallpaper, table linen, gift-wrap paper, etc. ready-madespot Borders & Friends Vol.I: • 269 designs grouped into 4 topics • royalty-free! • perfect repeats with a high resolution of 300 dpi • 4 themes, each with 12 mini-stories of 4 to 6 designs • DVD-ROM with all designs • palette colours for easy modifications

• • • • • •

ideal basis for further developing removable pages for easy use in discussions DVD-ROM usable for Mac and PC tif-files universally usable NO VECTORS! broadwith: 340mm x 280mm

printed pattern design collection, 269 royaltyfree designs,

Euro 998

excl. freight and VAT where it applies

Distribution Management:

ready-made Graeff + Schmelzer GmbH Simon-von-Utrecht Str. 4c 20359 Hamburg T. +49.40.311 085.3 F. +49.40.311 085.59 E.

ready-madespot Borders & Friends, Vol. II  

royalty-free print designs: borders & matching allovers

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