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11-11-11 at UCF Arena

A Revolution in Rock Concerts

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Velocity Magazine THE MAGIC AND HEALING POWER OF MUSIC AND SOUND | September • October 2011


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Heal Your Heart Daniel Rieders, MD ‘Electrician of the Heart’

Integrative Advanced Cardiac Care Using Eclectic Alternative and Traditional Medicine for Great Outcomes and Grateful Patients Leesburg • The villages • Ocala

board certified in internal medicine, cardiology and electrophysiology Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society • Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine

Office: 352-620-2036 Fax: 352-620-2038 Dr. Rieders inPOWER Leesburg, The Villages Ocala. Velocity Magazine THEhas MAGICoffices AND HEALING OF MUSIC AND SOUND | Septemberand • October 2011



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Velocity Magazine THE MAGIC AND HEALING POWER OF MUSIC AND SOUND | September • October 2011


by Rev. Dr. Cay Thompson

“Once you plant deep the longing for peace,” the Zen song says, “confusion leaves of itself.” As September 11 approaches, reminders of 9-11-01 may surface in our minds. Reruns of the World Trade Center Towers falling like fiery giant dominos may be seen on television. Newspapers and magazines will be filled with articles and pictures related to this dramatic event in our history. When I was returning on a flight from Rhode Island the day before this happening, the pilot announced we were flying over New York City and suggested we observe out of our windows the tall buildings that included the Towers. I remember thinking why bother to look at the skyline again because its sight was very familiar to me and surely it would be there to view whenever

I had a return flight to the Big Apple. You know the rest of the story. When my church activities called me back to the Northeast, the skyline had significantly changed. At first glance, emptiness filled my being because this city of our family’s origin seemed to have so much of it missing. When I remembered to center myself in the Peace of God within, fulfillment and inner joy replaced my prior sense of emptiness. What I felt was an inner spiritual connection with those souls who had transitioned to the next life. I felt surrounded by angelic light beings that were spreading their light and peace globally. All thoughts of discord and confusion as to why all this had happened melted away and only peace remained and it filled my entire being. Do I always replant seeds of Peace the moment a life-changing event happens in my life? In all honesty, I do not always remember that there is a peace-filled center within me at the instant the event occurs. The good news is that each time an uncomfortable happening takes place, I return to God’s Peaceful Presence a lot sooner than ever before and witness amazing outcomes! “We cannot be at peace until we know that the Spirit is the only cause, medium and effect in our lives. There is no past, present and future to IT. Evil has no history and has never entered in to the being or the experience of Reality. The Mind must come to know and to realize all these truths if it is to have real and lasting peace.” --Ernest Holmes In Love, Dr. Cay Rev. Cay Thompson, D.D. has been a Science of Mind (SOM) Practitioner since 1962 and a student of SOM since 1958. She became a Religious Science Minister in 1989. Dr. Cay served as a United Church of Religious Science (UCRS) Ecclesiastical Representative (Eastern/Mid-Western U.S.) from 1999-2002. She holds an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity. Please see ad for Golden Triangle Center for Spiritual Living this page.


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Volume 333-484 September · October 2011 A STROLOGY




The Magic and Healing Power of Music and Sound




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2012: Preparing for Change BY ANDREW CEKUN ANIMALS

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Healing Your Pet with the Music of Mozart BY COLLEEN GORDON

The Sound and Intent of Your Voice with Animals

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One Breath–One World: A Revolution in Rock Concerts BY RENEE SPEIR

What's Life Without Music?


The Word On Books: Suggested Reading



Soul Healing with Master Zhi Gang Sha




In My Book–Exploring Florida's Conscious Living Authors: The Book of Initiation: Awakening to Soul by Rev Ojela Frank REVIEWED BY PURUSHA K. RADHA, EDITOR





Velocity Magazine THE MAGIC AND HEALING POWER OF MUSIC AND SOUND | September • October 2011





Local Food Roundup




Feed Your Soul with Music



11 Reverse Ruptured Herniated Disc 12 Reversing Cancer Through Natural and

Holistic Approaches BY B'JAIA BEN-AVARI, RN, BS, MDiv






Our Body, Our Instrument BY STEPHANIE IRZYK, DOM


The Andean Wisdom Way of Life


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54 Treat Light and Sound Beings with Sound and Light BY ALBERT NUÑEZ, DVM, CONTRIBUTING SPIRITUAL LIFE EDITOR



The Perfection of Our Body's Innate Intelligence BY RAMAH WAGNER, DC, CONTRIBUTING HEALTH EDITOR


Define Your Wholeness with Your Creativity




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INSPIRATION Music: It Takes Us to Higher Frequencies BY YUAN-YUAN HAN, DIPL O M

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Pause to Listen! BY ANN MOURA The Vibratory Frequency of Peace BY REV LESLIE CHAILLOU

The 150th Anniversary of the Revival of Kriya Yoga: An Excerpt from Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda


Powerful Forces In Our Lives: Sound and Music


Yoga Nidra: Reclaim Your Health, Reshape Your Life




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Learn to Sing Your Power Song BY REV SUNEMAURA O'BRIEN

contributing editors


Nancy Butler-Ross






1 Contributing Community Editor Julie Norris is manager and co-proprietor of Dandelion Communitea Café, founding board director of the Progressive Local Alliance for Community Enrichment (PLACE) and serves on the boards of Slow Food and Mills Fifty Mainstreet. She’s an avid supporter of the local art, music and food culture, and showcases the diverse people and happenings in ‘Ourlando’ on her weekly radio program, Front Porch Radio. Her passion for community, delicious fair food, the environment and culture are the driving forces behind all her endeavors. More on her ventures: http://www.dandelioncommunitea.com http://www.frontporchradio.wordpress.com and http://www.ourlando.com.

2 Contributing Green Editor

Emily Ruff, herbalist, is director of the Florida School of Holistic Living in Orlando, a 501c3 nonprofit educational institution committed to creating sustainable communities by empowering individuals to reclaim their radiant well-being through reconnecting with the natural world.  Emily has studied herbalism on three continents over the past decade and consults individuals on holistic nutrition, herbalism, aromatherapy and flower essences. Contact Emily at FSHL: 407-595-3731. Visit http://www.HolisticLivingSchool.org.

3 Contributing Health Editor Ramah Wagner, D.C. is a third generation chiropractor with degrees from the University of Iowa and of South Dakota. She received her graduate degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic (the founding college of chiropractic). Watch for Dr. Ramah Wagner’s new book, “The Health of Business - How to Balance Your Life for Greater Return.” Dr. Ramah is available for speaking events and intensives. Visit http://www.DoctorRamah.com or call: 352-589-5443. http://www.HealthOfBusiness.com.

4 Contributing Success Editor Debbie Paulk is founder of Live Your Passion Life Coaching, a certified life coach, clinical hypnotist, NLP master practitioner, Reiki master and workshop facilitator. For more information about services provided or upcoming workshops, visit her website: www.LiveYourPassion.us or contact Debbie at (407)923-0738.

5 Contributing Spiritual Life Editor Albert J. Nuñez, DVM, CVA is a lifelong mystic and student of spirituality. He has studied and applied many of the profound practices and tenets of Catholicism, Shamanism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Zen, Kabbalah, Paganism, Mysticism, Hinduism, Tantra, energy and sound healing, “Shadow Work,” Kundalini Yoga, many forms of meditation, and Qi Gong. A spiritual and cultural musician and recording artist, his first CD is entitled “Earth School Now.” He is an environmental advocate and educator, nature lover, happy hippy tree-hugger, and rescuer of many baby squirrels. He has been practicing fully integrated and wholistic veterinary medicine for almost 20 years, with two Animal Hospitals in the greater Orlando area. Dr. Al is committed to awakening human beings to their highest self. Contact him at 407-897-8555 or visit: myspace.com/animalhospitaloflakemary



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Velocity Magazine THE MAGIC AND HEALING POWER OF MUSIC AND SOUND | September • October 2011


From the Editor Purusha K. Radha

Are You a

Starseed? I never remembered the peaceful Sunday morning event I am about to share with you until a few years ago. It was a summer morning up in Michigan and I was doing chores in our backyard. A sudden, quick bright flash of light took me by surprise. I started calling for my mother, "Mom! Mom!" No answer. "Where are you, Mom?" I went inside the house to look. It was empty. All was deafeningly silent as I stood in my living room, somehow unafraid, and I watched several very tall, slender entities enter the front door of my home in procession. I cannot say I can remember what they looked like. More so, I remember how their entrance felt–loving, very safe and very loving. Together we sat in a very purposeful circle in my living room and these beings communicated with me though not with their mouths. I don't believe they even had mouths. Our dialogue felt telepathic, from their minds to my mind and back. When our heart-to-heart was complete, they left very silently, again with an instantaneous giant blinding flash of light. Since embracing this memory, I have realized with great certainty that the flash of light announced the arrival of entities from the upper realms of light. My mother had been safely sequestered by these beings so that I could remain focused, besides I don't think she could have handled it! They restored our environment to 'normal' immediately upon their exit. Much was shared with me that morning about my future service to the planet, even the cosmos but in our discussion I was also given encouragement to go on living in my body. I had been


trying to escape the harsh, invasiveness of the world I was experiencing. It was very foreign to me giving where I came from as a Starseed entity. To escape I rather unconsciously and frequently fainted much to the horror of my parents. I remember traveling through the tunnel that those who have near death experiences often refer to. Getting grounded and fully embracing my life on earth was vital to the series of provocative Future Communication Projections I was given not just in this occurrence but through many more. I have many friends who have recently had similar memories bubble to the surface of their consciousness. One remembers seeing a bright ball of light on her font lawn which she described as a sun to her disbelieving parents. Another spontaneously remembered a ray of bright light beam directly to her forehead (third eye) when she was six or seven. If we have had one communication (Future Communication Projection), we have had very many, all of which our Higher Selves have stored in the 'vault' of our Higher Minds with the intent of resurfacing them in all their detail when the moment was right. That moment is unfolding now. Why is the time right for this outrageous knowledge to blossom forth from within us? Take a look at the world around us! There are thousands and thousands of individuals on the earth for the great purpose of helping to re-create a new Golden Age for planet earth. They are known as Starseeds. Some call them 'star-born,' those of the lineage and birthright of Ascended Masters. This is not new. Parmahansa Yogananda relates a very scientific/extra-terrestrial account of Sri Yukteswar's visitation to him shortly after his passing in Autobiography of a Yogi. Starseeds hail from the lineage of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Light, from the named and unnamed Archangels of light. (There are far more unnamed archangels working behind the scenes and to limit ourselves to only the commonly known Archangels is just that–a limitation. Starseeds' birth-

ReadVelocity.com • Secrets For Living A Conscious, High Vibrational Life

right comes from the Kimah and Kesil beings of Light. See The Book of Wisdom: The Keys of Enoch, by J. J. Hurtak for a glimpse of this spectacular wisdom. Many Starseeds are indeed aware of their lineage yet most have not awakened to the fullest understanding of this inheritance which carries withing it multudinous encoded wisdoms of the higher worlds. The visitations and communications I have described have occurred to many thousands of Starseeds when they were very young. We have been imbued with the knowledge of all kinds of very advanced, outrageous technologies (scientific and other) and information about our future service which will raise earth up in a spectacular way in the times to come ... but only if we remember them. Though things in the world look bad from many perspectives–greed, corruption, disrespect, violence, control, toxicity in our food, drink and air, disease, addictions—we are going to re-ignite the planet with life, love, respect, sharing, peace, cooperation, purity and VITALITY. Time and interdimensional travel and communications will soon become reality and we will enter into a period of love like we have never loved before. It isn't enough to just keep on doing what we've been doing—to continue to offer the same services in the same way using the same vocabulary and velocity. If we continue to live just as we have been, we might as well say we aer still asleep. It's time for a rebirthing of ourselves, the uncovering of what we are actually designed to do and that is Light up this planet where no day is humdrum and no life goes unnoticed or unexalted. If "Starseed" strikes a cord in you, whether you consciously remember these communications or not and would like assistance to now begin to fully remember your Future Communications Projections gifted to you (and ultimately, the planet) as a child, I have a most unique technology to help you. It is one of the reasons I am here as received in my own Future Communication Projections. Let's begin! Call me at 407-454-3443 or email: readvelocity@comcast.net.

Reverse Ruptured Herniated and Bulging Disc Without Surgery! Introducing The Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center So many people suffer from severe neck and back pain due to ruptured, bulging and herniated discs, but as a result of Michelle Hamel’s work, thousands of patients have avoided painful surgery, nerve blocks, and drugs. Michelle Hamel is a licensed neuromuscular therapist and owner of The Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center. She specializes in correcting and reversing such disc issues. Here is a description and analogy of how Hamel’s process works.  The disc simply migrates towards the spinal column and places pressure on a branch of the sciatic nerve, for instance.   We all remember times when we were children and were given a jelly doughnut. When we bent the jelly doughnut forward the jelly came out the back.  The same holds true with the disc between our vertebrae. The spine has three ways to move: flexion, extension and rotation. All of us spend way too much time leaning forward or staying in a flexed posture. Then there are disc problems associated with car accidents and whiplash. This causes posterior disc migration. If your disc moves posterior, with the correct work it can also move back to its correct position. Here’s how Wally Temple feels about Michelle’s work:  “I began  experiencing pain in my right hip and groin area, followed by ever-increasing numbness in my right thigh. After visiting my primary care physician, I was referred to one of Orlando's prominent orthopedic clinics. After a couple office visits there, X-rays, MRI, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory drugs, my condition did not improve very much. Fortunately, when mentioning this to a friend who I found had a similar problem in the past, he recommended Michelle Hamel at the Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center. After a consultation with Michelle and her review of my history on this matter, including radiology reports, Michelle sugested my problem might be  a bulging disc, not a hip, groin, leg, or other area problem after all. The pain from those areas was originating at the source of the problem, a bulging disc. During a few weeks of soft tissue treatment by Michelle, my pain subsided and  was  quickly eliminated. Michelle also guided me in establishing some continuing self help treatment,  I highly recommend Michelle Hamel to anyone with back problems, and/or herniated, bulging, or degenerative disc problems."   Michelle Hamel has spent 18 years studying the neuromuscular workings of the body and has developed unique techniques which reverse ruptured, bulging and herniated discs by manipulation of the soft tissue and she guarantees her work. Hamel’s patients feel dramatic relief after their first visit.  Usually a series of five to six treatments is all it takes.  Hamel then educates her clients on what actually happens

to the body when injury occurs and explains, once healed, how they can remain pain-free for life. Michelle Hamel can also help you with lymphatic blockages such as fibrocystic breast or lymphedema. She uses state-of-the-art equipment such as the ST8, the world’s first oxygen-fed tissue detoxification system developed by TeslarTech ,and LBG™ (Light Beam Generator) lymph drainage equipment, also by TeslarTech, to assist the body in its natural process of moving stagnant lymph pathways and in restoring the natural polarity of the body’s electromagnetic signature. The ST8 system helps to restore function, increase injury healing and decrease pain and edema.   Not only does Hamel work on the inflammation caused by the disc or other nerve entrapment, she works on the systemic inflammation caused by what we eat, drink and think.  This detoxification therapy enhances the body’s healing process by re-establishing lymphatic circulation throughout the body. Lymphatic detoxification assists the lymphatic system to function properly, creating less toxicity within and around the cells. This helps to resolve many health issues that may interfere with long-term health.   While everyone can benefit from lymphatic detoxification, it is most valuable for those seeking relief from issues associated with a weak lymphatic system characterized by swelling, inflammation, fibrocystic breast conditions, lymphedema, and pain. For instance, Jerry discovered a painful lump about the size of a small golf ball behind his right knee. After two one half hour light beam generator treatments, the lump and the pain vanished. More recently, Jerry also experienced some swelling and pain around the inside of one of his ankles. After two LBG™ treatments the swelling and pain disappeared.  Jennifer shares,  “In March 2010, I received a mammogram and ultrasound result that were classified as 'abnormal.' Two new lumps had been detected and a biopsy was the recommended next course of action. Questioning the value and necessity of this and desiring to take control of my own health, I sought out alternative treatment at Michelle Hamel’s Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center. Michelle promptly laid out a successful wellness protocol for me. Light therapies (LBG and ST-8) combined with dietary guidelines for food, herbs and supplements returned my body back to a healthy balance. In a matter of days, the smaller lump was gone. A few weeks later the larger lump had completely disappeared. Thermography imagery confirmed no pathology in the breast tissue. "     Michelle Hamel asks that you allow her to be your coach and share with you her secrets to a long and healthy life. She is a licensed massage therapist and neuromuscular massage therapist (#MA0009077). She is also a certified nutritional coach and is certified in lymphatic drainage by Teslar Global Technologies Inc. Call Michelle Today at 407-628-2176 or email her at mhamel1@embarqmail.com  You can also check out her website at www.Ihelpbackpain.com For a guaranteed results appointment call today to be free of pain tomorrow.    Many insurance companies pay for treatment prescribed by physicians. Please see ad this page.

Velocity Magazine THE MAGIC AND HEALING POWER OF MUSIC AND SOUND | September • October 2011


Reversing Cancer Through Natural and Holistic Approaches Thinking Outside of the Box: Part One by B’jaia Ben-Avari, RN, BS, M.Div. Having been diagnosed with prostate cancer I knew I would not follow the orthodox medical treatments. The two main pillars for treating prostate cancer are radiation or surgery. Both of these approaches can have permanent side effects causing the man to be incontinent, and/or impotent. Rarely is chemotherapy used for prostate cancer unless it is advanced and has metastasized. Having been an oncology nurse for many years and seeing the short- and long-term effects of chemo, surgery and radiation on the patients I cared for convinced me not to pursue these bastions of therapy. During my 40 plus years as a nurse, I have studied holistic and alternative approaches to health care, and I knew this was the only way I would proceed for my cancer therapy. After receiving the diagnosis, I spent the next months researching the internet and speaking to people knowledgeable and proficient in this arena to find out the most effective and therapeutic approaches to completely reverse my cancer. What my research uncovered, among many other things, were four key elements or foundations that are a part of just about every program and approach I looked into. Yes, there are more, but these seem to be pinnacle.

The four key elements are: 1. Detoxifying the body. Everywhere I researched, this is next to the top of the list. Detox, detox, detox. Our bodies are so toxic from years and years of exposure and ingesting toxins from various sources that our bodies are overloaded with them. Detoxifying the liver can be done through the daily use of coffee enemas and/or the use of bitter herbs. The coffee, however, must be organic.1 2. Alkalizing the body. The optimal pH of the body for maintaining health and healing is between 7.4 and 7.5. When this range is preserved, cancer and other diseases have a hard time sustaining themselves. Most of us walk around with an acidic pH well below 7.4 and at these lower levels cancer and other illnesses can thrive.2 3. Vitamin D. Within the past decade or so, scientific studies have shone the vital role vitamin D plays in reversing cancer and other diseases. We want to maintain our levels between 50-70 ng/ml. Most Americans are far below this and for those who live in northern climates, taking a vitamin D3 supplement may be necessary. For us who live in the sunbelt, sitting in the sun 15 minutes a day without a sunscreen can begin to 1 www.naturalnews.com/022905_coffee_body_water.html#ixzz1KooJ1deQ; http:// gerson.org; http://markusrothkranz.com/bodyforce/liver.html 2 www.naturalnews.com/Report_acid_alkaline_pH_0.html


raise the blood levels of our vitamin D. (Dark skinned people require a longer time in the sun.)3 4. Eating a raw, organic, living foods diet. What this means is eating nothing cooked or processed, and no meat, fish or dairy. Totally vegan. Also this means eating no refined sugar (sugar feeds cancer) or artificial sweeteners. These foods are highly acidic to the body and if we are going to keep our body at the optimum alkaline level, as mentioned above, eating a raw, organic and a plant based diet is crucial. Eating this way requires an enormous lifestyle change. Most M.D.’s are not educated in the importance and value of nutrition in correcting illness, yet it is key. By eating this way our bodies receive the nutrients and micro-nutrients that are required to reverse cancer and other diseases. (One of the root causes of many of the illnesses we experience in our western society is because of the unhealthy diet we eat.) Even though it is more costly to eat organic and raw it is worth it. No pill, no IV solution, no pharmaceutical can compare to what is contained in nature. Also our very lives, health and healing of our bodies depend on the way we eat.4 This approach is not for everyone, however if you or someone you know would like to pursue this approach, do your research well. There is a lot information available and some of it will contradict the other. Find what speaks to you. Ask questions, find knowledgeable people, and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Your life may depend on it. I will add here that from adapting these four key elements in my life and pursuing an entirely alternative and holistic approach to reversing my cancer my PSA levels have dropped and continue to drop. Yes, I have had to make other changes, but they are all worth it because my life is worth it. B’jaia’s nursing career traverses more than 40 years with an expanse that touches upon many aspects of healthcare. Soon after graduation, he went to Bolivia and worked among the indigenous peoples for four years. Moving to Boston upon his return, he worked at Massachusetts General Hospital and Shriners Burn Institute for Children. While pursuing further studies, he worked at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York City. For the past ten years, he has worked at Leesburg Regional Medical Center. He holds a certificate in Holistic Nursing and pursues this aspect of his career with a passion. If you would like to get in touch with him, please email him at: RNHolisticNurse@embarqmail.com. 3 http://vitamind.mercola.com 4 www.naturalnews.com/023837_diet_food_foods.html

ReadVelocity.com • Secrets For Living A Conscious, High Vibrational Life

JOHN LENNON HAD IT RIGHT by Daniel Rieders, M.D. The Beatle John Lennon had it all right. If we detoxify our bodies, the natural healing process which is the nature of our bodies will be unencumbered, and we will be not only free of sickness, aging and decay, we will experience exuberant health and wellness. This natural healing process extends to putting good and natural food and supplements into our bodies and it is accelerated by spiritual growth and cleansing. The contrary is that processed food in the adulterated food chain as well as pharmaceuticals prevent natural healing to take place. The spiritual poisoning of our modern culture poisons our body, mind, and soul which ultimately poisons our lives. Spiritually drawing toxicity into our lives blocks our natural energy flow (chi, prana, connection to source, connection to God—forgive me if I left yours out) which blocks the healing energy in our bodies. You can argue the points, the fine points. This is the promise of new age thinking and of traditional alternative health/wellness.

The basis of the mind, body and spirit lies in the concept that energy follows where the attention is. For example, if we fear that people will cheat us, we will be cheated. The stretch is that if we fear heart disease, our energy will be directed there and we would get heart disease. On the contrary, if our attention is to radiant health, this is what is invited into our lives. If we eliminate the noise in our minds and be totally present, then we will live in the true reality of now and free our energy to be used how we intend. With a deep conviction in this, we will allow natural healing to occur. I have found that generally, the ability to achieve this deep conviction requires assistance and discipline. When it comes to medical care, the obvious benefit of a clear and calm mind includes the ability to make objective healthcare decisions and choices. It also includes dopting a healthy lifestyle, healthy communication for healthcare providers, and eliminating detrimental stress. Programmed cell death (PCD) which the scientists refer to as apoptosis is the natural way our body regenerates through

the healing process. The older cells, selfdestruct and are replaced by new cells. This occurs throughout our bodies in all tissues and organs. When PCD is faulty bad things happen. For example, if it exceeds the regenerative process, our tissue or organ atrophies. If it is impaired, the cells proliferate and cancer develops. The control of this is complex. I believe this is one of the central scientific pathways for which detoxification will be proven to be mechanistically correct.

The conviction in “new age” healthcare for many goes only so far. Practically speaking, if you have a cancer that can be cured by surgery, surgery should be performed. Natural processes may take too long to manifest, if they manifest at all. However, many of us have conviction in many of the things John Lennon spoke and sang about. What he promulgated went beyond “All you need is love.” We are fortunate in Florida to have so many excellent resources. I am sure John would be delighted. Daniel Rieders, M.D. is known as an ‘Electrician of the Heart.' He uses Integrative advanced cardiac care employing eclectic alternative medicine for great outcomes and grateful patients. He is board certified in internal medicine, cardiology and electrophysiology, is a Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society and Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine. His offices are in the The Villages, Leesburg and Ocala. Please see ad page 3.

Velocity Magazine THE MAGIC AND HEALING POWER OF MUSIC AND SOUND | September • October 2011


Look no further than Central Florida local

food movement to see proof of what happens when a group of dedicated individuals sets out to revolutionize a town. Five years ago, the few folks who even knew they wanted to eat local were hard pressed to find it anywhere, but now because of the vision and hard work of a growing list of local food lovers, the gaps in a broken food system are being filled so that everyone can get the stuff delivered right to their door and access to producers is being made easier than ever. Today, you can gather—at the table, the community market, the food truck bazaar

Local Roots: Farm to Restaurant Distribution


http://localrootsdistribution.com Filling a huge gap in our local food network is this new distribution company with the goal of creating strong relationships between local producers and chefs in a way they both have time for. The company will fill a niche market with truly local artisan product from small to medium emerging producers. It was started by Orlando native Emily Rankin who is local food visionary and founder of Audubon Park Community Market and co-founder of Ourlando. Expect to see more of your favorite eateries dishing up farm to fork deliciousness.

by Julie Norris Contributing Community Editor

Central Florida Local Food Guide

http://sustainablecfl.org The Simple Living Institute brings us the Central Florida Sustainable Food Project: A six-county regional inventory and mapping exercise of farms, community gardens, farmers’ markets, CSAs, U-pick operations, food producers, and restaurants and businesses that sell locally grown products. The much anticipated guide, spearheaded by Andrew Landis, is due out in August and is the first comprehensive listing of farms, community gardens, and farmers markets in the region. It is free and available in print format and online.

Mills50 Community Market

http://mill50market.wordpress.com Hosted by Dandelion Communitea Café and Shine On Yoga, this weekly market will be a family friendly affair with a wholesome and wellness focus. Local food producers will have a strong presence with plenty of space on the block to give serious attention to local crafters, artists, musicians, performers and healers. Good vibes to be had by all with plentiful parking. The latest in neighborhood scale markets is set to launch this Fall and is being organized by yours truly, Julie Norris, co-proprietor of Dandelion.

Edible Orlando

http://ediblecommunities.com/orlando What’s a local food scene without an Edible? Some might say that the arrival of an Orlando edition of this nationwide magazine which shines a bright light on the area foodshed might mean that we’ve collectively, ahem, arrived. We’re a real town now, joining Portland, Austin, Asheville, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, New York and the rest of them. The Fall issue celebrates their first anniversary and highlights a vegan Thanksgiving!


Eat Local Week, November 11-18

http://eatlocalweek.com Slow Food Orlando is launching its Second Annual Eat Local Week just before Thanksgiving, perfect timing to taste the difference and talk about it around the table with family and friends on this most grateful of days. Participating restaurants feature menu items sourced from within 200 miles of Central Florida, which the group hopes will:

1. Emphasize that eating local in Central Florida is not only possible, it’s

delicious! 2. Help local restaurants, farmers and artisans to develop lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. 3. Build consumer awareness of local food and farmers while promoting reconnection with family and friends around the dinner table. 4. Raise awareness about the importance of a local food economy and keeping money in our community.

Winter Park Harvest Festival, November 19-20

http://WinterParkHarvestFestival.com/ In the words of organizer John Rife, this festival is focused on “connecting the grass-roots with the deep-roots” of our local food-shed by celebrating our local farmers, gardeners, entrepreneurs and non-profits. In its second year, this festival is expanding from one to two days, adding seminars, workshops and roundtables with cooking demonstrations, organic gardening sessions and Meet the Farmer spotlights along with youth focused sessions, games, hands-on and do-it-yourself gardening and

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crafts activities. Returning will be a producer-only farmers’ market where families can purchase many of their Thanksgiving provisions, a mobile community garden with 100 plus raised-bed garden boxes grown by area schools, churches, families and organizations and a Farm-to-Table Dinner consisting of locally-sourced foods prepared by some of Winter Park’s most talented chefs. You can bet the farm that bluegrass, traditional and folk musicians will be on hand to round out this festival and tie up Slow Foods Eat Local Week.

My Yard Farm

http://myyardfarm.com This two guy team, Gus and Henry, have grown their edible landscape business with great success. They boast over 90 residential properties and are poised to set down roots at several area resorts. Their Edible Nurseries like the one found at Dandelion will be replicated throughout town and while culinary garden installations at top restaurants continue to grow. More exciting things are also in the works which I’m not able to share here, but key your eye on these guys. Good food is not very far away!

Ph 407.737.3676 Fax: 866-550-0602 joe@brightbridgeresources.com www.brightbridgeresources.com www.twitter.com/CoachJoey1

Homegrown Co-Op

http://homegrowncoop.org/ It’s been a big year for Homegrown. They’ve upgraded locations to a Retail Farm Store on Orange Ave., added delivery to their service and hosted their first Farm to Fork Fundraiser with style. The Co-Op offers a unique and convenient grocery shopping experience through an Online Farmers’ Market where the farmers set their own prices. By ordering direct from Florida farms, most of your food is harvested and delivered to you on the same day. Plans are in the works for EBT acceptance. Julie Norris is co-proprietor of Dandelion Communitea Café, co-founder of the Progressive Local Alliance for Community Enrichment (PLACE) and serves on the board of Slow Food Orlando. She’s the host of Front Porch Radio and blogs about natural parenting. More on her ventures at http:// dandelioncommunitea.com, http:// ourlando.org, http://frontporchradio. com and http://gaiamama.net. See ad this page.

Velocity Magazine THE MAGIC AND HEALING POWER OF MUSIC AND SOUND | September • October 2011




829 N. Thornton Ave. Orlando, FL 32803

For FREE Meditation Classes Call: 407-228-0026 407-493-1931 407-928-3368

by Emily Ruff, Contributing Green Editor The universe is but a vast ocean of constant sonic vibration. Ancient galaxies, nearby planets and glowing stars in between conduct a symphony of rhythms—vibrations, or movements of air—which reverberate into our atmosphere. Here they influence the pulse of the earth’s own electromagnetic rhythm, a resonant pulsation to which all life forms are born attuned, and humans are no exception. The human body also operates on rhythmic principle. Our heart, our brain, and our lungs constantly function in rhythmic patterns. Because of the strong pulse of the earth’s electromagnetic field, quite literally every human molecule resonates vibrations that are entrained with the pulse of our planet. And don’t forget the rhythms of the season’s as the Earth spins on her axis, or the rhythms of the Moon as she turns her phase, that have shown strong influence on all lifeforms on the planet. Understanding the body as a rhythmic being on a cellular level, it is no surprise that we humans can experience either dis-ease or healing through particular rhythm. For decades, scientists have documented the stress that city rhythms can place on the nervous system. Traffic sounds, planes flying overhead, the buzz of the utility wires and the hum of your appliances all emit rhythms which can jar the nervous system out of its natural, slow, steady rhythm. Fortunately for us, scientists have been documenting for just as long the ability to harmonize an erratic heartbeat, reduce high blood pressure, tone down symptoms of stress, improve immune function, and influence greater happiness through the intentional use of rhythm, and in particular, drumming. Our ancestors remind us they had unlocked the secrets of science far before any double blind study. For millennia, tribal cultures around the world have used drums for healing. If each atom in your body is but a rhythmic pattern of vibrations between particles and can receive a signal from other vibrations, then by slowing down our rhythm or bringing it back to the downbeat as we often hear around a drum circle, we can significantly influence our internal rhythm and thus our health and wellness. In a sense, this means staying anchored to that slow and steady heartbeat, the deepest note that keeps us grounded and rooted.


ReadVelocity.com • Secrets For Living A Conscious, High Vibrational Life

I often use practices I learned from drummer Buddy Helm to bring my awareness back to my downbeat, especially when the stresses of urban life leave me feeling as chaotic and frantic as the rhythms of I-4. With a simple four beat pattern, I slowly hit my drum and attune my breath to the rhythm. With each measure, I slow down my beat and with it my breath. By slowing down my breath, I slow down my heartbeat, and I can more easily find my way back to my centered balance. With each breath, I intend my pace to lengthen and thus slow. I also include simple mantra in this practice. As I slow down my beat with the mantra, I begin to unlock my subconscious, and can more quickly integrate my mantra into my responses to life’s stresses. Anyone can easily incorporate drumming as a tool for healing. While drums make a delightful conduit for rhythmic energy, tapping can provide a makeshift tool for rhythm as well. First, focus your intention. Bring your awareness to your breath, and hold in your mind the healing intention you wish to invoke with your drumming. You may wish to call on the spirits of the ancestors or of the spirits in the animals and plants walking the planet beside us.

Radiant well-being in harmony with Mother Nature awaits you. Now is the time.

In a slow, steady four count, drum or tap with your breath. Remain mindful of the sensations that come with each inhalation and exhalation. With each measure of rhythm, be aware of consciously slowing your pace ever so slightly. In a few minutes of this, you should be beating a slow, steady pace that will entrain every cell in your body into a grounded, rooted rhythm. When you feel guided to stop, give a prayer of thanks for the healing. Buddy Helm’s website, http://buddyhelm.com, is a great resource for videos, mantras, and cds to guide our rhythmic healing. Central Florida also has many resources to learn how to integrate rhythm as a tool for stress relief and healing.

Develop practical skills and tools that can be simply implemented to improve your daily life!

• Check out the Community Drum Circle, one Saturday per month at the Orlando Brewery: http://meetup.com/central florida-drum-circles/

Certified Curriculum Hands-On Experiences

• New and Full Moon Circles featuring rhythm circle at Florida School of Holistic Living Bodhi Garden

Beginning Sept. 9 Sacred Belly Series

• Drumming Mondays at 7 p.m., http://givingworldpercussion. com

Sept. 11 7:00 p.m. Full Moon Circle and Bodhi Garden Fourth Birthday Celebration Giveaways, Artists, Music, Meditation, Prayer Flags and more.

• Jammin’ Drum classes, http://murfeus.com Emily Ruff, herbalist, is director of the Florida School of Holistic Living (FSHL ) in Orlando, a 501c3 nonprofit educational institution committed to creating sustainable communities by empowering individuals to reclaim their radiant well-being through reconnecting with the natural world. Emily has studied herbalism on three continents over the past decade and consults individuals on holistic nutrition, herbalism, aromatherapy and flower essences. Contact Emily at FSHL: 407-595-3731. Visit http://www.HolisticLivingSchool.org. Please see ad this page.

Beginning Sept. 15 Holistic Nutrition I Series Sept. 17-18 Roots of Herbalism: Intro. to Family Herbalist Certification Oct. 1 DIY Kefir Oct. 29 DIY Kombucha


HolisticLivingSchool.org info@holisticlivingschool.org 1109 E. Concord St., Orlando, FL 32803

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The Songs of the Universe

Aurora Perfumes Company

by Dawn Gates

Perfume making parties where you can make all natural and mostly organic perfumes, lotions and beauty products with custom scents.

I often talk to plants. Most people who know me know I talk to plants, birds and small creatures on a daily basis. Some might say that is odd but I was taught at a young age that we are all connected and that just because I am a human does not mean all living beings cannot understand each other. I like to think of the universe as one giant web of connections and sound is one of the best ways we can access these connections. When I was looking at houses to buy I wanted one with a lot of land but this little house on a half-acre attracted me, not because it was a nice house in my price range but because the trees in the forest started singing to me. They sang of the spiritual nature of this land, the songs of the ancestors. They asked me to stay because I belonged here. The man who was selling the house was confused because I came back four times to look at the backyard before I made an offer. Today the trees sing to me about impending storms, danger and of changes that are coming to the earth. I have come to realize that not only are the trees singing to me but they are connected to the universe on the deepest level. It would, in fact, be unwise of me not to listen to them. This connection that I have with them is not abnormal. It is how people lived hundreds of years ago. It is how my ancestors just a few generations ago survived. Today however, it is considered abnormal to hear voices or song from inanimate objects. Humans think they are the only ones alive and have forgotten how connected we are with the earth and the universal energies. I once had a psychic client and the first time I did an herbal consult for her she said she heard voices coming from my box of tinctures. She asked me what they were whispering about and I laughed and told her that on the contrary they were yelling, “Pick me, pick me!” as I was looking for specific herbs for her. There were herbs that were asking to be pulse tested that I hadn’t even considered, given her issues. I tested the herbs that were trying to get my attention and, of course, she tested positive for them. When I told her what the herbs were used for medically and spiritually, she remembered some details she forgot to tell me that turned out to be very important in treating her. She was amazed that the plants not only knew what she needed but that I was able to understand them and create the right remedy. I told my client that I sing to the plants when I harvest them and tell them what they were being used for when I make the tinctures. This connection to the spirits of the plants was what makes the medicine so special. We are all connected to every rock, tree and insect on this planet. We just need to remember how to listen when the universe tries to talk to us. Dawn Gates, Master Herbalist, aromatherapist, flower essence and gemstone elixir practitioner, has studied natural healing since 1991. She has herb and aromatherapy consulting offices in Paisley, Deland and Orlando, Florida. Her school, The Live Oak School of Natural Healing, offers herbalist certification courses both in classroom and online. Visit: http://dawnsenchantedgarden.com or call for a consult. In Lake County, call 352-669-1963 and in the Orlando region, call 407-967-6042. Please see Dawn’s ad this page.

407-802-4682 AuroraPerfume.com


Dawn’s Enchanted Garden Herbal & Health Consults By Appointment



Live Oak School of Natural Healing • •

Presenting Master Herbalist and certification courses in person or online. Personalized herbal consults using Chinese and Ayurvedic techniques to get to the root of disease.

Please contact us for more information:


LiveOakSchoolofNaturalHealing.com DawnsEnchantedGarden@yahoo.com Dawn Gates is a Master Herbalist and Registered Nurse.

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A BABY’S CRY Sound and music are an integral part of my hypnosis, doula and parent education ministry. Music creates a serene environment and elicits relaxation at a birth or in a hypnosis session, and after years of speech therapy and parental criticism, it has been incredible to discover the sound of my voice is my most valuable asset. What an honor to hear a client, family member, or nurse remark, “You have the perfect voice for this. It’s so calming and relaxing.” Yet, it is not my voice in which sound takes on its most significant and empowering role. It is in the voice of a newborn baby.

by Michelle Smith

What parent hasn’t felt helpless and frustrated at times to care for their new baby? It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s the first baby or the fifth, in the middle of the night an inconsolable, screaming baby can reduce the strongest of souls to tears. Very often new parents blow up at each other leaving them feeling at odds, alone and overwhelmed. Everyone has lots of advice on how to soothe a crying baby, yet few are able to actually understand what that crying baby is trying to communicate. Babies are actually communicating their needs to us from the moment they’re born. Every baby in every culture, and thankfully, every parent can learn to decipher what their baby is trying to convey. It’s as simple as learning the sounds encoded into their cries. The Dunstan Baby Language Program teaches parents and caregivers the messages that are encoded in every infant’s cry. There are five sounds that correlate with five biological needs every baby has: OWH– I’m sleepy.; EH–Burp me.; NEH–I’m hungry.; EAIRH–I have lower gas pain.; and HEH–I’m uncomfortable. The ability to quickly and accurately identify a baby’s needs allows for less crying and a more contented, happy baby. When their needs are meet, infants also settle more easily and have more uninterrupted sleep, and as the baby sleeps, so can the parent! All of this provides greater parental self-esteem, satisfaction and competence. As one


mother expressed it, “Before we thought our baby was so unpredictable but she wasn’t unpredictable. We just didn’t know what she wanted. Now that we’re able to respond quickly to her needs, she cries very little. We are happy and she is happy. That’s the goal.” After learning their baby’s cries most fathers concur with one dad who says, “Understanding the needs of my baby has helped me to be a more hands-on father. Based on his cries, our baby is telling us some very basic things that he needs and we just have to respond. It’s brought me closer to my baby and, without a doubt, it’s brought my wife and myself even closer.” Parents possessing the ability to respond quickly and accurately to the communication contained within the cries provide their infant the security required to trust that her needs will be met. This profoundly builds the foundation for a stronger parent-child bond and a more secure, self-confident, happier child. Michelle A. Smith, CHt, HBCE, CHCI, HBFC, CCA is a practicing staff member of the Hypnotic Research Society, Inc., and the founder/director of Birth Ease and The Birth Ease Method. For nearly a decade, Michelle has been assisting women, babies and families through a sub-specialization in childbirth and fertility hypnosis. Her clinical expertise is enhanced in her years of experience as a midwifery birth assistant, doula and as a childbirth, lactation and parent educator. Michelle’s dual knowledge base in both birth and hypnosis provides her clients with the distinct advantage of a well-trained, practicing clinical hypnotist, as well as the assurance of a professional birth attendant and educator who has assisted at hundreds of births. Please see ad this page. Call Michelle at 407-7917989 and visit http://BirthEaseBabies.com.

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Biostimulation Institute of Light & Sound

Cranio-Sacral Essential Oils Immune System Aura & Chakras EFT

407-902-7199 Crystal directed energy Vibratory Transformation

RECONNECTION (DNA) CHROMOTHERAPY LIGHT & BIOSOUND HEALING RECONNECTIVE HEALING * Enlighten your Soul * Reconnect your Spirit * Heal at the root InstituteofLightandSound.com


Tonya A. Woodson

Maternity Concierge & Baby Planning 6250 Edgewater Dr., Ste. 1100 Orlando, Florida 32810


Tonya@prego411.com http://www.prego411.com

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Coming September to Ormond Beach!

Om Away from Home Yoga Studio • • • • • •

Hatha/Vinyasa Posture adjustments as you go Studio and live online classes Private lessons available Workshops including: Mysore, Yoga Nidra, Kite Yoga, Acrobatic Yoga Classes for all fitness levels

In the Aliki Plaza 400 S. Atlantic Ormond Beach, FL 32128

Debra: 352-638-5696 Emily: 770-262-4258

One FREE Class with this ad!

Learn to balance the chakra systems of friends and family using the SomaEnergetics™ Energy Vitality Technique! Two-Day Weekend Workshops

Set of 6 Solfeggio Scale Energy Tuning Forks start at $249

Holly Strong, LMT, MA40911 SomaEnergetics™ Master Teacher

352-307-1611; 1-800-259-1569


NCBTMB Approved Provider #450637-08 FL Approved Provider #50-10569 for Massage Therapist CEUs

Personal development leads to awareness.


Marc Moody, CTACC, CHt.

CTA Certified Life Coach Psychic-Medium • Hypnotherapy www.visionsforgrowth.com marcmmoody@yahoo.com


Winter Garden, Florida Phone and Skype Sessions Available


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I wanted to tell you... you have just really changed my life.... seriously. My reading from you really opened my eyes and my soul and I cannot thank you enough. -Jill M.,

Newark, OH

WITH THE by Colleen Gordon Did you know that playing Mozart to animals results in happy livestock? Farm animals become more peaceful animals that produce better when the music of Mozart is played. Cows give more milk, chickens lay more eggs and the animals have less digestive issues in general. Can you imagine what Mozart’s music does for our pets?

illness or not, the healing power of Mozart’s music can benefit us in ways we are just beginning to understand as it speaks in the language of the soul.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in 1756 during the classical era of music. Already talented on the keyboard and violin by age five and considered a child prodigy, he began performing for European royalty at this young age. Mozart composed over 600 works in his lifetime. His style brilliantly combined light and graceful, along with dark and passionate shades and tones within his compositions.

©2011 Healing For Pets and the Special People Who Love Them. All rights reserved. Content may be reproduced in whole by special permission of author.

Sources: HolisticVetPetCare.net, The Riddle of the Mozart Effect by Don Campbell, Wikipedia.org, The Mozart Effect, ABC News

We recommend that all health issues be discussed with your veterinarian, and that your pet has a thorough examination by a qualified veterinarian. If you have questions or just want to listen to other pet owners’ concerns, check out Colleen’s radio show on Sundays from 1-2 pm on Leesburg’s AM790. Call in to 352-787-9523 and Colleen Gordon of All Paws Pet Talk will answer your questions. Colleen M. Gordon is a pet communicator, pet Reiki/massage therapist and herbalist. She is president and founder of Healing For Pets and is committed to improving the health and the lives of pets and their owners. Colleen has been helping pets and owners with behavior and health issues since 2000. Visit http://www.healingforpets.com or email healingforpets@yahoo.com. Call 407446-4315 and please see ad this page.

All types of music can be therapeutic. Classical music, in particular, has long been thought to have positive effects on the brain, however the Mozart Effect is slightly different in that it tends to rise above all other music with what researchers believe is the power to heal. Dr. Alfred Tomatis is one of the researchers who has tested the Mozart Effect on over 100,000 subjects. One of his more famous patients was the French actor, Gérard Dépardieu. Prior to his successful acting career, Dépardieu could barely speak without stammering. He was diagnosed with deep memory and emotional problems that would have to be treated if he were to pursue an acting career. Dr. Tomatis' prescription was for the actor to listen to Mozart every day for two hours and in spite of Dépardieu’s taste for other kinds of music, after several months of Mozart, he returned to acting school with the ability speak confidently and with a newfound continuity to his thoughts. The Mozart Effect works on humans, plants and animals. When applied to animals, researchers have found that mice run mazes faster and more effectively due to an improved spatial and temporal learning ability. In Britain and Spain, some dairies serenade their cows with Mozart and boost the milk production getting one to six more liters of milk per cow a day, but it only happens if they play Mozart. If we need our cat to relax or our dog to stop barking at every noise, the Mozart Effect can work the same way by helping them physically improve their brain chemistry. Mozart’s music is an exceptional way to heal the balance of body and mind. His gifted ability to compose brilliant musical works that reflect simplicity, wit and wisdom liberates a healing power from deep within the listener. Perhaps we should be feeding our pets a healthy dose of Mozart each day along with their food, treats and water. Whether we or our pets are suffering from

Now Available! Book a Relaxing Massage for your Human! MA63271

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Join the U. S. Green Chamber of Commerce Whether your company is already green or interested in learning how to get there, the U.S. Green Chamber is for you. We help both established and emerging companies improve operational efficiency, implement environmentally-sustainable practices, and tap into unexplored markets and opportunities. • • • • • •

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Southeast Regional Office

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MUSIC IT TAKES US TO HIGHER FREQUENCIES by Yuan-Yuan Han, Dipl. O.M. If music is merely the composition of sound, pitch and rhythm, how does it

Music is indeed this wondrous. As long as we listen to it with intention, we can feel its soft spoken words, telling us its charm. All thoughts float up in the air with each note and each sound. What once was in the memory of the past becomes obscured, allowing our agitated mind to slowly settle down, filtering all unwanted thoughts and emotions, leaving only happiness to digest the sound. Music surrounds us as it has accompanied us throughout our lives. We hear it everywhere we go, but we often forget to truly listen. Living in the modern world, with our hectic schedules, high demand and an abundance of material wealth and entertainment, it is easy to forget the pursuit of spiritual satisfaction, but we mustn’t forget the value and importance of music, and most of all, we mustn’t overlook the healing properties of music. Music as therapy has been shown to have beneficial effects on treating heart disease as some music has the ability to decrease heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure. Music is also used to treat depression and anxiety disorders, epilepsy, post-stroke patients and persons with special needs, as it helps to increase motivation, social interaction and positive moods. But we do not need studies to tell us that music has a positive affect on our emotions. We feel it in our bodies as each individual sound




have the ability to peer into our souls and allow us to find ourselves in it? How do we, a thousand different faces, find our heart with the music itself, through a point of integration that unites us all? Music, through the passage of time, tells us what to perceive and what to feel. The first point of true contact with music is the first primal expression of our human emotion. The distillation of human love and wisdom. The feelings of subtle twists and turns of human experience turned into invisible notes, responding, touching, prodding, and moving our hearts. It lightens a heavy mood. It settles an anxious mind. It stirs waves of joy to a calm soul.


MASSAGe a green spa

relaxation MA33685

hot stones

FLO SHRUM, LMT 954-260-6063 5302 Central Florida Parkway, Orlando saturates through our souls. As we embody our spirit with the sounds of music, we feel our moods elevate. We feel the hypnotic sound bring about a catharsis, the expression of our emotion released into the atmosphere surrounding us. We become cheerful when we are melancholy, we become more enamored in love, and we become more motivated in our inspiration. Music, through the vibrations of sound, trickles into our souls and vibrates with us at a primal level, it takes us to a higher frequency and heals us spiritually and emotionally. Yuan-Yuan Han is Assistant Clinic Director and Pharmacy Manager at Florida College of Integrative Medicine where she obtained her Master’s degree. She is currently the Director or Research and Development. As director of R and D, she is responsible for the academic and clinical research and developmental activities within the college. She is the current domestic coordinator of the FCIM-Anhui, China TCM Hospital externship program. She also has extensive experience as assistant seminar coordinator. Please see ad previous page.

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`If we learn nothing else from this tragedy [September 11], we learn that life is short and there is no time for hate. -- Sandy Dahl, Wife of Flight 93 Pilot Jason Dahl. 9/02/2011 1:00 PM Detox 101; Tree of Life Wellness Center, Lady Lake; 352-561-4099; $ 9/03/2011 9:00 PM Bioluminescence Paddleboard Tour; Presented by Wave of Wellness at Haulover Canal, Titusville ; 850-445-8348; $ 9/06/2011 3:00 PM Numerology Readings; Tree of Life Wellness Center, Lady Lake; 352-561-4099; $ 4:00 PM Basic Numerology; Tree of Life Wellness Center, Lady Lake; 352-561-4099; LOVE OFFERING 9/07/2011 10:00 AM Healing with Art, Sound and Music; Tree of Life Wellness Center, Lady Lake; 352-3575918; $ 6:00 PM Raw Food Part 3; Tree of Life Wellness Center, Lady Lake; 352-561-4099; FREE 7:30 PM Chinese Calligraphy Class; Guang Ming Temple, Orlando; 407-281-8482; FREE 9/08/2011 2:00 PM Vocal Perception Reframing; Tree of Life Wellness Center, Lady Lake; 352-561-4099; $ 9/09/2011 1:00 PM Balancing Act: Acid vs. Alkaline; Tree of Life Wellness Center, Lady Lake; 352-426-1328; $ 7:00 PM The Sacred Belly: Four Week Series; Florida School of Holistic Living, Orlando; 4352857-9398; $ 9:00 PM Bioluminescence Paddleboard Tour; Presented by Wave of Wellness at Haulover Canal, Titusville ; 850-445-8348; $ 9/09/2011 to 9/11/2011 9:00 AM Orlando Home and Garden Show; Orange County Convention Center, Orlando; $ 9/10/2011 9:00 AM Rasa Lila Festival Central Florida; The Pines, Windermere ; 850-445-8348; $ 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM Reiki Circle with Rev. Ojela Frank, LMT; Location TBA; 352-239-9272; FREE 11:00 AM Aura Photography; Realms Beyond, Ocala; 352-857-9398; $ 9:00 PM Meditation and Guided Imagery at Rasa Lila Festival Central Florida; The Pines, Windermere ; 407-760-0399 FREE 9/11/2011 9:00 AM Access Bars Class; SolRize, Altamonte Springs; 407-421-2165; $








































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lage; 321-292-9292 or 352-239-9272; FREE 6:30 PM Two Days to 9/18/2011 Roots of Herbalism; Florida School of Holistic Living, Orlando; 407-595-3731; $ 6:30 PM The God Show; Tree of Life Wellness Center, Lady Lake; 352-561-4099; $ 9:00 PM Bioluminescence Paddleboard Tour; Presented by Wave of Wellness at Haulover Canal, Titusville ; 850-445-8348; $ 9/17/2011 to 9/18/2011 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Shaman's Touch Training; Sacred Earth Center, Gainesville; 352-275-8537; $ 9/18/2011 6:30 PM Gong Float; Presented by Wave of Wellness at Lake Mary Jane, Orlando ; 850-445-8348; $ 9/20/2011 3:00 PM Numerology Readings; Tree of Life Wellness Center, Lady Lake; 352-561-4099; $ 4:00 PM Numerology II-Advanced Readings; Tree of Life Wellness Center, Lady Lake; 352-5614099; LOVE OFFERING 9/21/2011 7:30 PM Chinese Calligraphy Class; Guang Ming Temple, Orlando; 407-281-8482; FREE 9/22/2011 9:00 AM Discover Home School Group; Our Vital Earth, Apopka; 407-814-9218; FREE 9/23/2011 to 9/25/2011 9:00 AM Daytona Beach Home and Garden Show; Daytona Beach Ocean Center; $ 9/24/2011 9:00 AM Spirit Fun Fest; Spiritualist Church of Awareness; 407-678-3688 FREE 9:00 AM 108 for Peace; Jeweled Lotus Yoga, Leesburg; 352-874-3272 FREE 11:00 AM Metaphysical Faire; Realms Beyond, Ocala; 352-857-9398; FREE 11:00 AM Paddleboard Demo Day; Presented by Wave of Wellness at Jay Blanchard Park, Orlando ; 850-445-8348; $ 6:30 PM Two Mediums with Spirit "Connecting Two Worlds;" Lotus Yoga, Apopka; 407-6976437; $ 9:00 PM Bioluminescence Paddleboard Tour; Presented by Wave of Wellness at Haulover Canal, Titusville ; 850-445-8348; $ 9/24/2011 to 9/25/2011 9:00 AM Yoga Teacher Training Weekend Re-

















































EVENTSOCTOBER Care less for your harvest than for how it is shared and your life will have meaning and your heart will have peace.

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6:30 PM Drumming with Christopoher Tims; Tree of Life Wellness Center, Lady Lake; 352-5614099; LOVE OFFERING 10/08/2011 to 10/09/2011 8:00 AM Pioneer Garden Club's Fall Festival; Pioneer Garden Center, Ocala 10/09/2011 9:00 AM Access Bars Class; SolRize, Altamonte Springs; 407-421-2165; $ 10:00 AM Family Herbalist Modules; Florida School of Holistic Living, Orlando; 407-595-3731; $ 10/09/2011 to 10/14/2011 9:00 AM Mexico Retreat, Amansala Resort, Tulum, Mexico; Jeweled Lotus Yoga, Leesburg; 352-874-3272; $ 10:00 AM Jikiden Reiki Training Okuden-Level 2-Psychological and Distant Healing; A Center For Wellness and Light, Inc., Winter Park; 407252-2686; $ 10/10/2011 7:00-10:00 PM Full Moon Circle in the Garden; Florida School of Holistic Living, Orlando; 407595-3731 FREE 10/12/2011 7:30 PM Meditation Class; Guang Ming Temple, Orlando; 407-281-8482; Please call to confirm. 10/13/2011 6:30 PM Holistic Nutrition 2: Four Week Series; Florida School of Holistic Living, Orlando; 407595-3731; $ 10/13/2011 to 10/16/2011 9:00 AM HyponoBirthing Practitioner Training w/Marie Mongan; Tree of Life Wellness Center, Lady Lake; 352-561-4099; $ 10/14/2011 4:30 PM Happy Hour Paddleboard Demo Day; Presented by Wave of Wellness at Lake Minneola, Clermont ; 850-445-8348; $ 10/15/2011 8:00 AM Boktoberfest; Bok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales 10:00 AM Guang Ming Temple Nature Trip Potluck; Kelly Park, Apopka; 407-281-8482 Please call for details. 2:00 PM Birthday Bash Open House and SALE; Jeweled Lotus Yoga, Leesburg; 352-874-3272 FREE 10/15/2011 to 10/16/2011 9:00 AM Kanapaha Fall Plant and Orchid Show;

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Velocity Magazine THE MAGIC AND HEALING POWER OF MUSIC AND SOUND | September • October 2011


ShopEcoCity.com 1-877-232-8503 Events continued from page 29 MONDAYS BEGINNING 9/12/2011 11:30 AM Laughter Yoga with PositiveLY Pat Conklin; Mayor William Beardall Senior Center, 800 Delaney Ave., Orlando; 407-616-5381 FREE MONDAYS IN OCTOBER 3:00 PM Emergence of the Godself; Tree of Life Wellness Center, Lady Lake; 352-561-4099; $ 6:30 PM Laughter Yoga with PositiveLY Pat Conklin; Mayor William Beardall Senior Center, 800 Delaney Ave., Orlando; 407-616-5381 FREE MONDAYS 3:00 PM Self-Healing Yoga; Tree of Life Wellness Center, Lady Lake; 352-5614099; LOVE OFFERING 5:30 PM Yoga with Marque; Tree of Life Wellness Center, Lady Lake; 352-5614099; $ 5:45 PM Yoga with Madelyn; CommUnity 729, Orlando; 407-463-2248; LOVE OFFERING 7:00 PM African Drumming; Florida School of Holistic Living, Orlando; 407595-3731; $ 7:30 PM Deep Meditation; CommUnity 729, Orlando; 407-463-2248; LOVE OFFERING TUESDAYS 5:45 PM Yoga with Anna; CommUnity 729, Orlando; 407-463-2248; LOVE OFFERING 7:00 PM Tai Chi; Guang Ming Temple-2nd Floor, Orlando; 407-281-8482; $ TUESDAYS IN SEPTEMBER 6:30 AM Ashtanga Yoga Express Series; Jeweled Lotus Yoga, Leesburg; 352874-3272; $ SECOND TUESDAYS 7:00 PM Naada Yoga; Lotus Yoga, Apopka; 407-697-6437; $ SECOND AND LAST TUESDAYS 1:00 PM Low Level Laser Therapy; Tree of Life Wellness Center, Lady Lake; 352-561-4099; LOVE OFFERING THIRD TUESDAYS 7:00 PM Crystal Bowl Meditation; Lotus Yoga, Apopka; 407-697-6437; $ SECOND, THIRD AND FOURTH WEDNESDAYS 6:00 PM Mediumship Class with Jonella and Dave Bachman; Tree of Life Wellness Center, Lady Lake; 386-437-3230; $ WEDNESDAYS 1:00 PM Pain Management Classes; Tree of Life Wellness Center, Lady Lake; 352-643-0126; $ 5:45 PM Qi Gong with Lee Peters; CommUnity 729, Orlando; 407-463-2248; LOVE OFFERING 6:30 PM Yoga; Guang Ming Temple-2nd Floor, Orlando; 407-281-8482; $ 6:30 PM Kundalini Yoga; SolRize, Altamonte Springs; 407-421-2165; $ 7:30 PM Seven Chakra Crystal Bowl Meditation; CommUnity 729, Orlando; 407-463-2248; $ 7:30 PM Healing and Service; Spiritualist Church of Awareness; 407-678-3688 FREE 7:30 PM Qi Gong; Sacred Earth Center, Gainesville; 352-275-8537; $ 9:30 PM Meditation; Presented by Luminous Holistic Center at Jewish Community Center, Orlando; 407-387-5330; $ WEDNESDAYS BEGINNING 9/14/2011 9:30 AM Yoga Alliance 200 Hr. Teacher Training; Luminous Holistic Center, Orlando; 407-760-0399; $ WEDNESDAYS IN OCTOBER 9:30 AM Was'SUP Paddleboard Tour for Beginners; Presented by Wave of Wellness at Lake Mary Jane, Orlando ; 850-445-8348; $


SECOND WEDNESDAYS 6:30 PM Jikiden Reiki Reiju Kai--for Jikiden Reiki Practitioners; A Center For Wellness and Light, Inc., Winter Park; 407-252-2686; $ THURSDAYS 9:30 AM Hatha Yoga; Presented by Luminous Holistic Center at Southwest Orlando Yoga; 407-351-0500; $ 10:30 AM Kundalini Yoga and Meditation; SolRize., Altamonte Springs; 407421-2165; $ 5:45 PM Psychic Development Workshop; CommUnity 729, Orlando; 407463-2248; $ 6:30 PM Yoga for Beginners; Guang Ming Temple, Orlando; 407-281-8482; $ 7:00 PM Intro. to Buddhism; Guang Ming Temple, Orlando; 407-281-8482; FREE 7:30 PM Guided Meditation; CommUnity 729, Orlando; 407-463-2248; LOVE OFFERING BEGINNING 9/08/2011 EVERY OTHER THURSDAY 7:30 PM Live Life Abundantly! NLP/Hypnosis Mini-Workshops; Chris Bawiec, NLP & Hypnosis, Winter Park; See http://chrisbawiec.com for details; 407-4629998; $ FIRST FRIDAYS 6:30 PM Yoga Book Club; Jeweled Lotus Yoga, Leesburg; 352-874-3272 FREE FIRST AND LAST FRIDAYS 2:00 PM isagenix Business Opportunity; Tree of Life Wellness Center, Lady Lake; 352-561-4099; LOVE OFFERING FRIDAYS 9:00 AM Yoga; Tree of Life Wellness Center, Lady Lake; 352-561-4099; $ 6:30 PM Psychic/Mediumistic Development; Lotus Yoga, Apopka; 407-6976437; $ 7:30 PM Crystal Bowl Meditation; SolRize., Altamonte Springs; 407-421-2165; $ FRIDAYS IN OCTOBER 9:30 AM Bala Tula Paddleboard Fusion Fitness; Presented by Wave of Wellness at Lake Mary Jane, Orlando ; 850-445-8348; $ SATURDAYS 11:30 AM Yoga; Guang Ming Temple, Orlando; 407-281-8482; $ SUNDAYS 9:00 AM Tai Chi; Guang Ming Temple, Orlando; 407-281-8482; $ 10:30 AM Healing and Service; Spiritualist Church of Awareness; 407-6783688 FREE 10:30 AM Buddhism Discussion Group; Guang Ming Temple, Orlando; 407281-8482; FREE 1:30-3:30 PM IBPS Florida Chinese Language School for Adults and Children Ages 5+; Guang Ming Temple, Orlando; 407-281-8482; $ 3:00PM Crystal Bowl Earth Meditation; CommUnity 729, Orlando; 407-4632248; LOVE OFFERING 3:30-4:30 PM Childrens' Kung Fu; Guang Ming Temple, Orlando; 407-2818482; $ LAST SUNDAYS 4:00 PM FREE Yoga in the Park; Presented by Jeweled Lotus Yoga at Ski Beach, Venetian Gardens, Leesburg; 352-874-3272 FREE

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Velocity Magazine THE MAGIC AND HEALING POWER OF MUSIC AND SOUND | September • October 2011


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The Sound and Intent of Your Voice with Animals by Jo Maldonado Sound has energy and when you work with animals on any level you realize that sound energy has a profound message. I study animal behavior and help humans understand their animals better. It is my theory that to thoroughly understand animals, you must have knowledge of their behavior as well as tune into them intuitively or telepathically. I have worked with many domestic and wild animals and will share with you how sound has affected animals in the following two cases.


I am a certified hypnotist and work with humans to help “center” them so that their animals can benefit from their state of calm and so that they can “hear” their animals better. I was working with a brood mare (a female horse used just for breeding) that had not been handled by people. Centering myself first, my next step was to telepathically send her images of calm, treats, and no harm intended and what my intention was…to get close to touch her. My third step was to help her identify the images with sound, which intensifies the bond of communication and gives it more energy for thoughts become things. I started talking to her in my hypnotic voice as though she was a human and I was putting her under. I had to ad lib a little when it came to her relaxing her toes, which became relaxing her hooves. I observed each body part of hers relaxing as I was going through the mental images, talking in a melodic tone. Within 20 minutes her head was hanging low, her leg was cocked, and she was very clearly “going under." Finally, success! I was able to stroke her neck.


I tried this approach with a wolf-dog (part wolf and part dog) and with a pack of wolf pups. This time, I took it one step further and rather than speaking in English began to chant a Lakota phrase “Mitakuye Oyasin” which interprets as “We are all related.” I made up my own tune. The female wolf dog slowed down her frantic pacing in her pen and began to make eye contact with me. When I tried this approach with the wolf pups, they came out of their hiding den slowly, one by one, remained at a distance but were willing to stay in an open area. Progress for both! There are many instances of sound, when coupled with intention and calm telepathic sending that influence animals. For more information go to www.cat-edu.com or www.animalreader.com or contact Jo Maldonado at 407-869-1145, jo@ jo@cat-edu.com. Jo Maldonado is an animal intuitive that has worked with hundreds of domestic and wild animals from a behavioral and intuitive perspective.


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Eliciting the Concert of Life by David Botsford “Many say that life entered the human body by the help of music but the truth is that life itself is music.” --Hafiz1 Often in hypnosis sessions, too much talk can keep clients in an unresourceful state in which they over-analyze and remain stuck in their heads. In order to help such clients break out and achieve their goals, it is necessary to go beyond the spoken word and communicate through music, thus I have found myself singing incidental music from the sequence in Rocky where Sylvester Stallone is in training, the seven chants which correspond to the chakras, and Blue Is The Colour, the official song of Chelsea Football Club (in English soccer). When it becomes time to end the session, breaking into song is a reliable way to awaken the client. My singing is enough to get any client headed towards the door! Music enables us to access the unconscious resources we all need to move forward. The rostromedial prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain which processes music, also handles memory and emotion.2 All human cultures have music, even those without writing or visual art. In Indian classical music, the more abstract the vocals, the more sacred the music. (When the words can be clearly heard, the music is considered profane.)3 For the Kaluki people of Papua, New Guinea, music allows communication with the dead. Music can define social relations. The talking drums of Africa convey specific information in intricate codes. Villagers burst into laughter during a xylophone performance in which a musician makes a joke about a tribe member. Everyone gets it, except sometimes the butt of the joke. The Sirionó Indians of Bolivia have simple music. Each song is a short phrase containing just a handful of closely spaced pitches. Each tribe member has a signature‚ a tune that forms the basis of all he or she sings. These songs are voiced in morning and evening like a conversation, a way of saying, Here I am again.4

vivid memories of people, places and experiences from that time? We can use that anchoring process to retrieve memories of the music needed for happier lives. Was there a time when we felt joyful, resourceful, optimistic, and fulfilled? We can play the music we listened to back then to bring back that state. If there is some unpleasant issue playing on our minds, maybe resentment, anger, regret or bitterness, we can find a piece of music to which we can transfer that emotion instead of the negative self-talk. We can explore the musical heritage of all cultures to find music which changes our state, helps us meditate, and enables the brain to shift gear. The Tibetan Bells series of albums by Henry Wolff and Nancy Hennings, performed with Tibetan instruments, is an excellent place to start. David Botsford is a hypnotist and intuitive reader in the Four Corners area. He has produced a series of self-hypnosis CD sets and is the author of the book, Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation. Visit http://4cornershypnosis.com, http://4cornersintuitive. com and http://selfhypnosiscd.com. Call David at 863-4203634. Please see ad this page.

Have you ever heard a piece of music that was popular ten years ago but has not been heard much since? Has it brought back 1 14th century Persian poet, quoted in Studs Terkel, And They All Sang, Granta, London, 2005, p. vii. 2 Mickey Hart with K.M. Kostyal, Songcatchers, National Geographic Society, Washington, 2003, pp. 20-21 3 I. Siddiqi et al, The Classical Music of North India, in S. Bates et al (eds), World Music, Rough Guide, London, 1994, p. 47.

4 Philip Ball, The Music Insinct, Bodley Head/Random House, London, 2010, pp 11-12.

Velocity Magazine THE MAGIC AND HEALING POWER OF MUSIC AND SOUND | September • October 2011


BODY, It’s 7:00 am. The alarm clock blares out that dreaded sound that jolts us from a peaceful sleep. We stumble out of bed and turn on the morning news: “A man was convicted of armed robbery last night at a local convenience store.” The cell phone rings, radio blasts, cars honk, boss yells, co-workers complain, car alarm sounds. It’s an endless cycle of noise. Not only are we surrounded by constant sound, our health is significantly affected by it. The soft ambient sounds of acoustic guitar, flute and trickling water pump through the speakers of the clinic. I softly approach yet another sleeping patient as I walk into the treatment room to remove the acupuncture needles—finally an escape from the the constant chaos that surrounds us. It is a time of awareness where we truly become in tune to the inner sounds of the mind and body. Suddenly the stress and anger melts away and we are transformed into a relaxed, happy and rejuvenated state. It is amazing how sound can heal. How could one possibly fall asleep while stuck with needles?! Gentle sensations of energy, heaviness and electricity bring about an awareness we could never hear amongst the chaos and noise that muffles our body’s cry out for help. The loudest sound we can hear is heard in the utmost stillness and quiet, a time of reflection where the body and mind shouts out its loudest requests. The needles act as miniature tuning forks, harmonizing and redirecting the sounds or energies of the body. just like a beautiful symphony, when our body is in a state of good health, the sound is harmonious and mesmerizing. In a state of disease the sound is cacaphonous and out of sync, a poorly tuned instrument. Just like the conductor of a symphony, the needles conduct the energy of the various sections or systems of the body. The organ systems of the body are very much like the sections of the orchestra: the brass, woodwinds, strings, and percussion. If one section is slightly off, it affects the entire symphony. In Chinese medicine, a deficiency in the heart may be presented as a lack of joy but may also lead to further symptoms of insomnia, heart palpitations and


by Stephanie Irzyk, DOM

anxiety which affect the overall functioning of various systems of the body. The heart is known as the emperor. If the emperor is slightly off, it affects the entire empire. Our bodies operate in a series of rhythms: the rhythm of our heart, the circadian rhythm, the craniosacral rhythm and the rhythm of our pulse. When palpating the patient’s pulse, we listen for the subtle nuances. We listen for which section of the orchestra is too loud, too soft, too fast, too slow, too sharp or too flat. We may appear healthy, but some fine tuning may be needed to get things sounding just right. Listen to the rhythms and sounds of your body and learn to tune in on what it is telling you. These are the most important sounds you will ever hear. Stephanie Irzyk, DOM, AP (NCCAOM) graduated Suma Cum Laude with a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine and Bachelor of Science in Professional Health Studies from the Florida College of Integrative Medicine. She has completed advanced certifications and extensive study in Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis and Contemporary Oriental Medicine®. Stephanie focuses on incorporating the knowledge of Classical Chinese Medicine with a contemporary approach to cater to the needs of our industrialized society. She also utilizes her knowledge of Classical Chinese Herbology to prescribe the most powerful herbal formulas individualized to each patient’s unique condition. Please see ad column one, next page.

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Velocity Magazine THE MAGIC AND HEALING POWER OF MUSIC AND SOUND | September • October 2011


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You hear a familiar melody, begin to hum along and before you know it, you are singing with everything you’ve got. You think to yourself, “I haven’t heard this song in years! I LOVE this song!” You remember every beat, word and tone like it was yesterday, yet you are unable to remember the exact reason you walked from the kitchen into your bedroom. “I know I came in here for something!” Music and sound have a magical ability to affect all of our bodies—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Music makes us want to move our physical bodies. Gyms pump out high energy music. In a spa or yoga class, it can also access our relaxation response and facilitate healing. Music assists us in locating information mentally. Put words to music and it is likely that you will never forget them. ABCs anyone? Music instantly transports us to another place and time as it triggers memories and emotions, like a fellow classmate who suddenly found she began to tear up as she heard the song she walked down the aisle to at her wedding. We can be touched deeply, at the very core of our soul, and be instantly connected to the Divine through the power of sound. Every single atom in our Universe is in vibration and emits a frequency. Sound is energy vibration that falls within the range of frequency we are able to hear. Sound has been used since ancient times to impact all levels of our being–strengthening or weakening the energy system depending on the intention and resonance of the sound. Rhythm can be used to alter rigid energy patterns in the aura and physical body. Each of our chakras resonates with a specific tone on the musical scale and can be balanced and cleared accordingly. These sounds can ease fear, stress, and pain–any negativity we may be holding onto. Every single cell in our bodies has a crystalline structure and resonance of its own. When we experience dis-ease or imbalance in the body, the natural resonance of each organ and system can begin to be brought into harmony with sound– music, crystal bowls, drumming, sounds of nature, mantras, or vocal toning. Your own voice is the most powerful sound healing tool you possess. Sound has a cumulative effect in the body and energy field. It creates and strengthens a crystalline structure with resonance and conversely destructs when exposed to dissonance. This is one reason why it is important for each of us to become aware of the sounds we are exposed to on a daily basis. We are what we hear! Music draws our focus and consciousness together in unity any time we join together in song. It reminds me of the 70s CocaCola commercial, “I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony.” Robin Corbin is an LMT (MA62657), RMT, Energy/Sound Healing Practitioner and RYT specializing in yoga therapy. She believes that the ability to create and maintain balance and healing within our body, mind and spirit lies within each one of us. Her desire is to assist each of her clients to become aware of and remove the obstacles to that natural state of wellbeing through the complementary alternative therapies she offers, working with the physical and subtle energies of the body. Please see Robin’s ad for Shema Yoga this page.

Velocity Magazine THE MAGIC AND HEALING POWER OF MUSIC AND SOUND | September • October 2011


An old Indian legend says when God was preparing

to send souls from heaven to the planet earth, He put the beauty of heaven into fire and the music of heaven into water, to help alleviate their homesickness. As much as that sounds like a purely romantic story, it does explain our preoccupation with flames and fountains. Nearly every depiction of heaven includes music in some form. In a country ballad, George Jones likened heaven without singing angels to a life without feeling love. Be it harps, choirs, or saints rejoicing, heaven sounds like a rockin’ place. Music is a vital part of our earthly human experience. Most of us mark noteworthy times in our youth by the number one song of the day. (I got my thrill on Blueberry Hill). Shower walls have witnessed the most passionate renditions of our favorite songs. We unconsciously tap our toes or hum to songs both familiar and new. We use music to celebrate birthdays and holidays. Most countries have an anthem that helps mark their identity. Schools and sports teams use music to encourage camaraderie, promote competition, and celebrate victory. Even our president is announced by a song (coincidentally the same one most men wished their wives would play whenever they enter a room). My personal preferences in types of music very closely mirror my spiritual evolution from the rebellious hard rock of my youth to the more serene tones of middle age. Music can be

DOE-RAE-ME by Oral Nussbaum

an aphrodisiac, a stimulant, a sedative, an avenue of release, an expression of emotion, or a reprieve from stress. It has been shown to positively affect IQ and learning abilities including benefits to the human fetus. When used on farms and in kennels it calms both animals and their caregivers. In greenhouses or with household plants, music has a measurable influence on health and growth. So why do we like melodious sounds so much? Does it indeed remind us of heaven or is it a type of heaven itself? Music is a series of noises, but disjointed sounds irritate rather than pleasure. The structure of noises through melody, harmony, and the organized blending of notes, tones, and chords is what attracts our admiration. We are taken, if only briefly, beyond our mortal experience to a place where there is perfect order. Our chattering minds still, and we simply experience the moment. Wouldn’t it be great to have all our abilities, mannerisms, and instincts similarly organized to the point where our lives flow like music? Music reflects our prime biological desire for efficiency and order along with our innate love of all things beautiful. It transcends our limitations and inhibitions and harmoniously moves our energy to the rhythm of the true God-like nature of our soul. So whether you play it, listen to it, or just shamelessly make a joyful noise, never stop feeling the connection to heaven only music can provide. Born in Marshallville Ohio, Oral now resides in Winter Springs, Florida. His hobbies of writing and art complement his neverending quest for spiritual growth. He is co-leader of a local writers group, and organizer of a monthly spiritual discussion group. He has been published in the Dream Flight newsletter in London England, Deaf Digest, and Velocity magazine. He won first place and tied for third place in the Poetry Ensemble of Orlando’s annual poetry contest. Please see Oral’s ads this page and next.


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Velocity Magazine THE MAGIC AND HEALING POWER OF MUSIC AND SOUND | September • October 2011



by Debbie Paulk • Contributing Success Editor Music has a magical way of transporting us back to a particular time period or memorable experience in our lives. Songs that have evoked positive feelings and emotions within us are valuable resources we can access when we want to relive the same good feelings we once felt. It was the ninth grade. I can still remember how I felt inside as I gazed from the stands at the cheerleaders performing their dance routine as the band played the Rocky theme song at the high school football game. I instantly experienced a surge of positive energy run through my body. I felt strong, alive and courageous. This song gave me a sense that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. I envisioned myself as a cheerleader on the field dancing along with all the other squad members. It was in that moment I decided I wanted to be a cheerleader. I tried out he following year and miraculously made the cheerleading squad. This was a huge accomplishment, one that instilled immense confidence in me. The competition was more physically challenging and demanding than I expected. The feelings of victory and elation are memorable to me to this day. Throughout life I’ve experienced many successful accomplishments both professionally and personally. Somehow I find it easiest to remember all the details and good feeling emotions of my cheerleading triumph particularly because music was attached to that particular positive experience.

I’ve noticed over the years that whenever I hear the Rocky theme song on the radio or television, I experience a flood of wonderfully powerful emotions. Think about all the different types of music that make you feel good–songs that make you laugh, feel happy, energized, fun, confident, peaceful, successful, courageous and loving. Create your own cd of all your favorite tunes and listen to it daily or whenever you need a boost of good vibrations. The songs that we associate as meaningful for us are music for the soul. Debbie Paulk is founder of Live Your Passion Life Coaching and Host of Live Your Passion…On Location. She is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner, Reiki master and workshop facilitator. For more information about services provided or upcoming workshops visit: http://LiveYourPassion.us or contact Debbie at 407-923-0738 to schedule your FREE consultation. Please see ad below..

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THE SPLENDORS OF by Reverend E. Ann Otzelberger


We know that sound and music putsus in different moods. Sound and music can be exhilarating or calming to our mind and emotions. We learned many years ago that music has an effect on the unborn child. We know from experimentation that music does have an effect on animals, on people and their moods as well as the body and the capacity to heal the mind and body. We know that each chakra in our body responds to a special musical note and tone. There have been studies to show tones and music both have a great deal of effect on how our body heals and responds to the things around us. When I was going for heart surgery, we cleared it with the doctors and I wore a headset with healing music playing during the surgery and recovery time. We believe this did help my body respond in a more positive way to both the surgery and healing. Research shows that people in hospitals respond to music being played during their healing process. There is much research being done on the effect of music and healing. Some musicians are able to write music especially designed to help heal. In some of the hospitals I have visited musicians play a harp on the floors where people with cancer are being treated. Some doctors are beginning to understand the aid special music can provide for the patient. Music is an art which enshrines the benefits of healing and one of its constituent parts is harmony. Sound and music can bring peace and harmony to us if we find our comfort zone in the type of music we use. Wilson Lyle said, “Having discovered the splendours of harmony I shall find that it is contagious and can be passed on to others.” It is true when we remain peaceful and understanding the people around us are also able to maintain the same attitude. This is one reason why I do not often watch or listen to the daily news. It is usually very negative and when we allow ourselves to become involved in this madness we become more and more in disharmony within ourselves. Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “Man does not live in the present, but with reverted eye laments the past, or, heedless of the riches which surround him, stands on tiptoe to foresee the future.” In my pursuit of a path of Harmony I will concentrate on problems that I face today, not worry about problems of the past or what I fear may happen in the future. I will always project the positive outlook to calm any harmful or negative thoughts and keep my mind in Harmony with nature. Keeping my thoughts of well-being, goodness, love, kindness, helpfulness and gratitude to all humanity will help me to be more successful as an individual here on this earth plane. As I discover the splendor of Music, Sound and Harmony I shall find that it is contagious and that I will be able to go forward. The Law of Compensation teaches us that we shall receive nothing without giving, no reward that is not earned, and no achievement without effort. I hope to infect as many as possible with the positive and beautiful attitude of Music. Reverend E. Ann Otzelberger is the Founding Pastor of New Vision Spiritualist Center. She is an NSAC Ordained Minister, a Commissioned Spiritualist Healer, a Certified Medium and National Spiritualist Teacher. Reverend Otzelberger is a Trustee on the Board of Directors of the NSAC. Reverend Ann also serves the Morris Pratt Institute as Vice President of their Board of Directors and is on their Education Committee. Please see ad this page.

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Velocity Magazine THE MAGIC AND HEALING POWER OF MUSIC AND SOUND | September • October 2011


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Velocity Magazine THE MAGIC AND HEALING POWER OF MUSIC AND SOUND | September • October 2011



When I was a small child, I listened to small, brightly colored records with nursery rhymes sung with tunes that

echoed from a shadowy past. Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, Jack and Jill and many others entertained me for hours. Today I wonder if children now even know the words much less the tunes to those old rhymes. From an early age, music was part of my life, be it contemporary, dance, or what was usually called “classical” no matter the orchestral age in which it was composed. Music has the power to lift our spirits when we feel depressed, encourage us when we feel disheartened, soothe us when we are stressed or highlight moments of our lives and rites of passage from birthdays to weddings. We associate certain aspects of the physical world with particular music or tonal ranges, yet even this will vary by culture and custom from one region to another.

Today we know that music affects people’s sense of wellbeing. It can make us feel secure or anxious, and we know that pets and even plants respond to music. But Nature provides us with another type of music that speaks to us in more profound ways than orchestral arrangements. The songs of birds, the wind in the trees, the waves of the sea, the sounds of wild animals, the songs of whales, and the buzzing of bees are all part of Nature’s music. When we pause to listen, we are transported to a time when our own sounds were basic, rhythmic chants and drum beats, blending with the music of Nature, harmonizing our place in the world. Chants and drums are still used for raising energy and focusing an intent to be released into the Universe for fulfillment. We bring these tools into our rituals to connect with Spirit, and by setting chants to music we create, through songs that link us to our past and aid in our communication with the Divine. When we sing to our children, we pass this connection to the next generation and create ever increasing ripples in the circle of music. Ann Moura is the award winning author of the Green Witchcraft series and proprietor of the metaphysical store, Luna Sol Esoterica, located at 311 S. Park Ave. in historic Sanford. In her writings, she draws upon her family heritage and personal experience. Contact Ann at 407392-6870. Please see ad this page.


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The Andean Wisdom Way of Life Success, Health and Happiness by Ramah Wagner Contributing Health Editor In many previous articles I have shared that I love to travel the world and learn about the health benefits and lifestyles of other cultures. This sharing of other cultures, which I believe to be the reason I was asked to be the Health Editor of Velocity Magazine, has to do with a strong hope of helping all our lives to become more enlightened. Now I am so happy to share with you my husband's vision for impacting others by improving the quality of their lives. He loves truths that work throughout time and he loves to share life paradigms with his large office staff, mostly composed of women, who bring principled living to homes all over the Orlando area. Before you think this is going to be an article esteeming the amazing man of my life, hold on! What I really want to do is to share a great insight I had in Peru not long before meeting him. I traveled alone high in the Andes much to my mother and father's chagrin. They know they are never going to take the curiosity out of this researcher. My father always says that I don't just go to the lab of life, I inject myself into it. He is right. So part of my science is in the experiment itself. I truly believe it is useless to always live in a world of ideals without putting them to work like the aphorism, "To know and to not do is to not know at all." There I was up in Cuzco, Peru staying at a lovely garden hysteria with all organic and naturally grown vegetarian foods. I spent some time with the shamans, the healers, of Cusco. One laughed as he was certain I was going to bring the South American culture, especially the Andean, to North America. Then he told me about my husband to come. He said my husband would be tall, from the Andes, and that he was in America living not far from me. I smiled, not wanting to offend this black haired genius with shining black eyes. I thought at first he might be trying to get me to come back to the Andes to try to find him, and I think this intuitive little man may have convinced me of such things eventually. Then he told me that together we would teach others about the good parts of South American culture with the intent of helping Americans with their imbalanced and unhappy lives. After telling Fabian, my husband, what had been passed along to me by the shaman he said this ... "Let me tell you about my culture and what I think he might be saying. Let's start with communication. Americans are so direct, focused, and on task. Many times we Latin people think it's crazy. People often don't even say hi or talk to their loved ones." I listened, thinking about

how irritating it had been to me to take 35 minutes to say hello to his family. Goodbye took at least 40 minutes. He continued, "It is not that we think we are better. It just is important for us to talk to our loved ones and our family is held in the highest esteem. We don't see time like Americans. For a 9:00 appointment you can show up at 9:45 or 10:00 and it's fine." I nodded, having seen that in many islands and in some countries of Europe. "Another big difference," he continued with his intense rhetoric and leaning in for me to fully listen, "the men work just as hard there as they do here. They will work like crazy for their wives and to provide for their families. It is just like here, but they have balance, and they don't work like that all the time. The women are not expected to work like they do here. Women in America age so fast and don't seem that happy‌" I leaned in because he was hitting on a major problem in our culture from my perspective. I motioned him to continue, "For example, normal middle class families in South American may have a smaller house but they have one or two live-in maids who cook, clean, and do laundry for the family. It leaves time for you as the father to play with your kids or your wife to be excited to talk to you at dinner." I flashed back just then on Ecuador. I traveled there to learn more about his family once we were engaged. Even lower middle class people had maids. His younger brother, a banker in Quito, Ecuador, had two or three maids at all times catering to us. Every night we came home from visiting the city, our clothes were washed, dinner was set, and the bed and bathrooms were cleaned. Honestly, I felt very spoiled. I piped up, "We can't afford that kind of service here,. If you did have it you would have a chauffeur and a butler and be called filthy rich!" Fabian gestured indicating that he understood. I then recalled that Fabian has been a struggling small business owner working like the rest of us to have a good life in this country. He continued, "In Ecuador one maid who lives with you costs just a little bit more than what cable television with extra channels does here." Next he ventured into another arena that is very sensitive for me. "Let me tell you something that was strange to me. The food and water taste totally different here. I remember first arriving here nine years ago. When I entered a restaurant and drank the tap water, it tasted of metal. I would sometimes drink soda instead. Also, in less than two Continued next page 48

Velocity Magazine THE MAGIC AND HEALING POWER OF MUSIC AND SOUND | September • October 2011


The Vibratory Frequency of Peace by Rev. Leslie Chaillou I love going into the mountains of Hendersonville, North Carolina. Though the trip takes me at least nine hours, I find that the closer I get the calmer I get. My soul is fed by the vibrations of the mountains and the music that makes them up. It is not just the serene beauty of the mountains that brings me such peace. The very real feel of sitting there in the middle of a creek, drinking in the forest, the peaceful songs of the birds and the energy all around me fills me in a way no other place can. I was not raised in the mountains so they are not home. They just call me. Some people find this same peace at the ocean or open water ways such as rivers and lakes. The vibration that exists in these “special places” is what is behind the peace we feel. We were born into the physical world with the same attributes we have in the spiritual world. We are made up of vibrations and a vibratory force surrounds us. Music is made up of vibrations. All living things vibrate. The magic of these places is the unheard music. The combinations of leaves, free flowing water and birds touches our soul like no other music on the earth plane can. When we are feeling tired and run down, out of breath, agitated, irritated, and cranky, it is time to turn on some music.  Escape to the place that feeds your soul. Sometimes a picture is all it takes. I promise, however, that the real thing is much more powerful. Rev. Leslie Chaillou and Rev. Jean Kerr Lerch are co-pastors at Spiritualist Church of Awareness, NSAC. Please visit http://myscoa.org, call 407-6783688 and please see ad below and on page 43.

Andean Wisdom article continued from page 47

years I gained over 25 pounds. I was eating way less than I did in Ecuador. I noticed how the fruit didn't taste like the fruit I was used to. When I had chicken it seemed to have lost its real flavor. I realized you must buy food at expensive stores here to get flavor back like we had. Everything there is farm fresh just a day or two old and the fruit is smaller but more naturally delicious." As he said it, my mind zipped back to different trips in Latin America where I ate and ate and ate, and actually lost weight on the scale when I returned. My professional opinion is it has a lot to do with the pesticides, herbicides, and chemical preservatives of our food. He segued into another topic, "I dreamed of becoming a U. S. citizen since I was a child, so that was my plan. It takes about seven years and you have to keep the income of a middle class executive and also have a certain number of employees or you are deported. So I adopted the American way of life. I often worked through lunch and ate too much at night. I skipped activities with my kids because I needed to work. However, I have peace in this county because if you are a hard worker, honest, and of average intelligence you can make it happen here!" Fabian softened as he spoke. "A couple of years ago, I started the process of becoming a U.Ss citizen. I consider this my country, but one thing I will tell you is I am keeping some of what I learned from my native land. One is to eat pure and simpler foods. Another is I take time to go to the gym and work out, and most importantly is I demand time with my loved ones. This way I keep the balance of my health so I can continue succeeding in life." He finished with a humble pride as if he had thought quite a lot about what he just said. I took all of his conversation seriously. I have allowed him over the course of a year and a half to teach me to make the balance possible. We live in a middle class household with many "green" features. I brought in the scientific things to our home like pure water, organic and raw foods, clean air and more. He brought the simple and wonderful experience of an affordable maid service that comes two times a week to clean, help with laundry, and chop vegetables to get meals prepared for us in advance. The maids use all natural products so we keep our household pure. At first, the maids only came once a week before we were married. It only cost me about as much as cable television would, so I opted for that service instead of television. I felt the benefit of having great dinners and time with him helped my work success improve dramatically. That year, I helped more patients and we saw more growth than any prior year at my clinic. Fabian and I choose to live in the rhythmic balance of the of South American soul while here in North America's great possibilities. Fabian Berru, Ramah Wagner's spouse is the owner of the successful Maid To Clean company, ad page 46. Dr. Ramah Wagner is a third generation chiropractor who attended the University of Iowa. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of South Dakota. Like her grandfather and father before her, she attended graduate school at Palmer College of Chiropractic (the founding college of Chiropractic).


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This year marks the 150th anniversary of the resurrection of Kriya Yoga, the royal system of Yoga, for the modern world. In the autumn of 1861, in a remote cave in the Himalayas, the great yogi householder Lahiri Mahasaya experienced his first encounter with his guru, Mahavatar Babaji, and received Kriya Yoga from him. It was at this seminal meeting–immortalized in the pages of Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi–that Babaji instructed Lahiri Mahasaya to teach Kriya openly–for the first time–to all earnest seekers, and later requested that Yogananda be trained to give this soulrevealing technique to the West. Following are excerpts describing Lahiri Mahasaya’s meeting with Babaji, from Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi (©Self-Realization Fellowship. All rights reserved). For more information on Kriya Yoga and the SelfRealization Fellowship teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda visit http:// yogananda-srf.org. [In Autobiography of a Yogi, Chapter 34, “Materializing a Palace in the Himalayas,” Babaji is speaking to his disciple Lahiri Mahasaya:] “ ‘My son,’ Babaji said, embracing me, ‘your role in this incarnation must be played before the gaze of the multitude. Prenatally blessed by many lives of lonely meditation, you must now mingle in the world of men. “ ‘A deep purpose underlay the fact that you did not meet me this time until you were already a married man, with modest family and business responsibilities. You must put aside your thoughts of joining our secret band in the Himalayas. Your life lies amid the city crowds, serving as an example of the ideal yogi-householder. “ ‘The cries of many bewildered worldly men and women have not fallen unheard on the ears of the Great Ones,’ he went on. ‘You have been chosen to bring spiritual solace through Kriya Yoga to numerous earnest seekers. The millions who are encumbered by family ties and heavy worldly duties will take new heart from you, a householder like themselves. You should guide them to understand that the highest yogic attainments are not barred to the family man. Even in the world, the yogi who faithfully discharges his responsibilities, without personal motive or attachment, treads the sure path of enlightenment.

“ ‘No necessity compels you to leave the world, for inwardly you have already sundered its every karmic tie. Not of this world, you must yet be in it. Many years still remain during which you should conscientiously fulfill your family, business, civic, and spiritual duties. A sweet new breath of divine hope will penetrate the arid hearts of worldly men. From your balanced life, they will understand that liberation is dependent on inner, rather than outer, renunciations….’” “As I knelt the next morning at my guru’s feet for a farewell blessing, he sensed my deep reluctance to leave him. “’There is no separation for us, my beloved child.’ He touched my shoulder affectionately. ‘Wherever you are, whenever you call me, I shall be with you instantly….’” Lahiri Mahasaya also related to Swami Kebalananda and Sri Yukteswar the story of another meeting with Babaji. The occasion was one of many on which the supreme guru fulfilled his promise: “I shall come whenever you need me.” “The scene was a Kumbha Mela at Allahabad,” Lahiri Mahasaya told his disciples. “I had gone there during a short vacation from my office duties. As I wandered amidst the throng of monks and sadhus that had come from great distances to attend the holy festival, I noticed an ash-smeared ascetic who was holding a begging bowl. The thought arose in my mind that the man was hypocritical, wearing the outward symbols of renunciation without a corresponding inward grace. “No sooner had I passed the ascetic than my astounded eye fell on Babaji. He was kneeling in front of a matted-haired anchorite. “‘Guruji!’ I hastened to his side. ‘Sir, what are you doing here?’ “‘I am washing the feet of this renunciant, and then I shall clean his cooking utensils.’ Babaji smiled at me like a little child; I knew he was intimating that he wanted me to criticize no one, but to see the Lord as residing equally in all body-temples, whether of superior or inferior men. “The great guru added, ‘By serving wise and ignorant sadhus, I am learning the greatest of virtues, pleasing to God above all others–humility.’”

Velocity Magazine THE MAGIC AND HEALING POWER OF MUSIC AND SOUND | September • October 2011


because they are forced into learning situations that are not congruent with their soulular beings.)

What's Life Without Music? by Purusha K. Radha Editor


hen music courses get cut from school curriculums (at the very time when students need it the most–when life is becoming more challenging all around), it is very sad to me. We are denying our own souls when we do this. I believe that if students are given an environment graced by the arts, their creative impulse will be nurtured and knowledge and wisdom encoded in the cells of their beings will not only surface but transform education to what it should be, a drawing out of their innate intelligence rather than a cramming in of rote facts and knowledge. "Learning" would become more elegant and effortless for those students who struggle (they struggle


The grand point about music is that it helps make our lives more beautiful. It is stimulating and supportive to our own creativity. It exists throughout the cosmos in many forms and ways. It emits vibratory frequencies throughout our homes, offices and automobiles so let's be conscious about what we listen to! Music is a universal language like mathematics and it is a great love we all have in common with each other. Music provides more than the sound, it provides an experience. I'd like to share with you the best experiences in music I have found in the last several months. Go to Pandora.com and create your own radio stations with the music you love the most on your desktop computer, your iPhone or smartphone and your iPad. It's free! Stay young and check these out.

Time of Our Lives by Paul Van Dyk on Reflections Upbeat lyrics with a conscious message combine with a tight kick sound and arpeggiated synthesizers. Paul Van Dyk is a strong yet laid back male vocal. From Time of Our Lives...

There's a time for us to let go There's a time for holding on A time to speak, a time to listen There's a time for us to grow...

Starlovers by Gus Gus on This Is Normal Gus Gus is a quirky ninepiece co-ed band from Reykjavik, Iceland. They originally formed as a film and acting collective but slipped into notoriety as electronic band sound. This song is more spiritual than religious and proclaims the need for love to surround young people. Danceable and straight drum beats, percussion layers and synthesizer swoops and riffs can intoxicate.

In My Heart by Moby on 18 Moby is IT as far as I'm concerned. With Christian roots showing up in earlier music, he has been a somewhat controversial techno artist. I'm not sure why and I think it's just because his critics just didn't get him. This song should be our theme song. The lyrics are easy, just one line: Lord, I want to be up in my heart. Danceable and tranceable, this song reminds and inspires. I love the piano, drumbeats and peripheral vocals. Play Moby!

James Lavelle Remix of Everything In Its Right Place by Radiohead on Fabric Live.01: James Lavelle

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Everything In Its Right Place mesmerizes with rock, electronica, disco and house influences. The intro is extended, rhythmic and alluring in this trip-hop sound version of Radiohead's classic. I think Radiohead was tripping when they wrote the lyrics!

It Will Be by Jakatta on Visions Smooth, sexy with trance and new age influences, It Will Be rides on a slow moving bass line, light drum fills, subtle use of staccato synthesizers and noise effects to produce a kind of trippy soundscape. Dreamy.

So Easy by Röyksopp on Melody AM Remember Bobby Vinton's Blue on Blue from the 50s? Here's a twist on that solid gold oldie weaves a slow moving bass line with strings, light percussion and synths. Röyksopp is a brilliant new millennium Norwegian electronica duo.

It's Amazing by Jem on Down to Earth Jem sings every song on purpose and her lyrics will often positively inspire you. It's Amazing was featured on the soundtrack to the Sex and the City movie. Down to Earth is a provocative commentary on the unconscious humans we are all to often.

the word on books>>>>>>>> The time for systemic, practical, and widespread action to fix our broken food system is at hand, and author Dr. Oran B. Hesterman, Ph.D.'s FAIR FOOD: Growing a Healthy, Sustainable Food System for All is the ideal resource and guide for readers who want to be a part of the fair food revolution. Longtime good food pioneer Oran Hesterman knows that we can't fix the food system simply by changing what's on our own plates. The answer lies beyond the kitchen. FAIR FOOD is an inspiring guide to changing not only what we eat, but how our food is grown, packaged, delivered, marketed and sold. This book illuminates how and why our food system developed as it did, where we need to go, and the small and large steps necessary to restructure it. Along the way, Hesterman introduces us to people and organizations across the country who are already doing this work in a number of creative ways, from bringing fresh food to inner cities to fighting for frarm workers' rights to putting cows back on the pastures where they belong. Finally, he provides a wealth of practical information for readers who want to get more involved. You've got mail...email, text messages, faxes, phone calls and calendar reminders –and now it's time to get centered. It's not impossible to live mindfully in a world roaring with rings, pings, and dings. Recover your focus, enhance your creativity, increase productivity, and connect with your inner self with a little guidance from Meditation for Multitaskers: Your Guide to Finding Peace Between the Pings. With practical lessons to apply to your busy life, including breathing, concentration, solar and lunar exercises and more, meditation expert and author Dr. David DillardWright borrows from both Eastern and Western traditions to help you bring serenity and self-awareness back into your daily routine.


sorely need, whether you're in the office or in the comfort of your own home. Meditation for Multitaskers offers timely methods in mindfulness on the go and a CD of guided meditations designed for tight schedules. Farmer, author and business leader, Bryan Welch walks the talk when it comes to a holistic approach to green living. He is leading a social movement to empower individuals and organizations to create a beautiful, sustainable future. In his new book, Beautiful and Abundant, Welch outlines a practical approach to sustainable living and tackles some of the toughest issues facing the stability of our world in a positive, engaging tone. It is a thought-provoking book that challenges each of us to envision the world we want to live in and then work together to create a sustainable, healthy future for our planet. As the publisher of Ogden Publications, Welch provides hands-on tools for transformation in magazines such as Mother Earth News, Natural Home and Garden, Grit and Utne Reader. Among many aspects, he shows readers how being green can bring more green to your pocket. Lamont Wood raises startling theories and fascinating research in his riveting new book, Out of Place in Time and Spce: Inventions, Beliefs, and Artistic Anomalies That Were Impossibly Ahead of Their Time. Wood has discovered countless inventions, art and other achievements that were not yet created, or even imagined, when they appeared in ancient paintings, books and places. Out of Place in Time and Space delves into so-called impossibilities such as: • objects, beliefs and practices that appeared long before they could have been invented; • Roman-era war engines that were impossible to produce until hundreds of years later; • UFOs that were never officially documented in any time period, yet show up in medieval paintings.

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onebreath oneworld

A Revolution in Rock Concerts, Prayer Circles and Power Breathing by Renee Speir

Few human experiences can match the energy of a rock concert. The cheering, bright lights and a massive crowd celebrating make a live concert one of the most intense social experiences. Qigong teacher Jeff Primack believes “group energy” at concerts can be harnessed and used to send healing prayers around the world. Primack currently draws over 2000 people at a time for these gatherings inside convention centers. Students give ecstatically charged testimonials describing a natural high better than any drug and an experience of “biological oneness” with the universe. Primack is teaming up with Sheryl Crow and other musical artists on 11-11-11 to create an event called, “One Breath One World.” His goal is to have 10,000 people under one roof experience biological bliss and oneness at the same exact time. The method Primack uses to create this euphoric feeling in his students is something he calls the 9-Breath Method or simply Power Breathing. Yoga teaches that prana fills the air we breathe and when we breathe in certain ways it saturates the body with oxygen and electricity. Primack says this electricity is what gives the natural high. He blends live music and prayer with the pow-


er breathing in ways that leave even skeptics transformed. Primack refers to himself as a Qigong Practitioner and claims people can simply harness God’s natural life-energy and that people have been doing it for 5000 years. The basic theory behind Qigong is that energy-chi moves the blood in our body. A healing force gives a full-body vibration in as short as nine breaths. Primack states that Qigong is the only form of exercise that can circulate as much blood as jogging five miles, but while standing perfectly still. Qigong receives media attention from Dr. Oz and scientific circles for its ability to combat aging and reverse many diseases. Martial artists use the breathing techniques to generate more power, enhance their sensory acuity and respond more quickly and calmly to life on and off the mat. However, power breathing goes a step further and can give even the most thick-headed man a true energy experience. Through this type of breath work the body hums and vibrates with a tangible pulsation that everyone feels. Please see ad, back cover.

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Soul Healing with Master Zhi Gang Sha “Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow.” by Diana Gold Holland Many people suffer from chronic diseases, acute illness and life-threatening conditions. Others struggle with addictions, depression, relationship troubles, or financial challenges. Over the last few decades, the mind-body connection has

become well-known, which has cleared the path for many advances in health and wellness. But “mind over matter” is not enough, says Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, author of the bestselling The Power of Soul: for him, the most important breakthrough in healing for the 21st century is soul over matter. “Western medicine views biochemical changes in the body as the cause of illness. I respect Western medicine. I am an MD (in China) and a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. But in my personal opinion,” he ex-

plains, “all illness and dis-ease originate from energy and spiritual blockages. The root cause of most issues is spiritual. And so, it is at the soul level that all true healing and life transformation begin. Heal the soul first; then, healing of the mind and body will follow.” An extraordinary healer trained as a Western medical doctor and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Master Sha teaches that everyone and everything in the universe has a soul: not only human beings but Mother Earth as well – each tree, each river, each flower, and all the stars, and all the universes. In this sense, he explains, each cell has a soul, each organ, each system of the body … and all are responsive to the healing vibration of love. “The soul loves to serve and has great healing capabilities,” he adds. “And so, you can simply request the SOUL to heal and transform any aspect of life.” One simple, yet extremely powerful technique that Master Sha teaches people everywhere is the “Say Hello Healing,” whereby you “say hello” to the small golden being within you – your soul – and ask your soul to use its own deep healing wisdom to heal, transform and rejuvenate you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. With the “Say Hello Healing” you call on the soul of your organs, systems, cells, DNA and RNA to offer a healing blessing. For example, if you suffer from back pain, say “Dear the soul of my back, I love you. Could you offer a healing to my back? You have the power to heal yourself. Do a good job. Thank you.” Say Hello Healing is direct and to the point. You say hello, offer your love,

Master Sha visits Central Florida October 18-24 for a series of workshops including a 3-day Soul Healing and Enlightenment Retreat in Daytona Beach, Visit www.DrSha.com for the complete schedule. Please see page 58. make a request, give an affirmation, and express gratitude. According to Master Sha, “this technique may seem too simple for you to believe. All I ask is that you keep an open mind and try it a few times.” Master Sha’s own advanced gifts are the outcome of a life of unconditional service. In 2006, he received the Martin Luther King Jr. Hall of Fame Award for his humanitarian efforts. In January 2011, he founded the global Love, Peace and Harmony Movement with a vision to create love, peace and harmony for every human being, every family, every organization, every society, every country, Mother Earth and all universes. Dr. and Master Sha is a world-renowned spiritual master, healer and teacher. He is a medical doctor in China, a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China and Canada and a Grand Master of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Kung Fu, I Ching and Feng Shui. His work is featured in the documentary Soul Masters and the public television program, The Power of Soul. Master Sha is a New York Times best-selling author on all matters of the soul. Diana Gold Holland is a freelance writer and editor living in Vancouver, Canada. Please see ad page 58.

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by Albert Nuñez, DVM • Contributing Spiritual Life Editor Like a medical musician, I am so blessed and grateful to be made up of, work with and move in both space and sound. The ancient mystics have mostly agreed that we are made of God’s stuff, probably space itself and animated into dreams and forms through sound, light and vibration. Our new physics hint at the possibility that we are mostly made up of space/silence and become animated by a dream of consciousness of Godlike proportions. The genius behind this dream animates some of the dreams of space into form through the whole electromagnetic spectrum like musical notes. When you observe a colorful meadow scene, your eyes observe the various temperature signatures and interpret the differences as diverse colors in your brain. A tree gets registered in the brain as the sum of its parts. The tree’s mixture of frequencies are picked up by our senses as blended sensory data tracts that are interpreted as a whole unit in the brain like the harmonic song of tree. If our senses could detect more of the electromagnetic spectra and we could see, hear, feel and intuit what we truly are made of (infrared, sound, ultraviolet, microwave, x-ray, gamma, and beyond), we would hear, see, feel and know our connection with all that is. We would begin to treat all beings and all things as ourselves because of our direct experience of connection through the space and music of the spheres that makes us up as a divine song, individually, and a symphony ,collectively. Many of us are so unaware of all the sounds around us because they are out of the range of our hearing. Recently, scientists discovered one of the deepest sounds in the universe, a black hole’s concretion disk making a sound of B flat 57 octaves below middle C. The massive sound waves ripple around the whole universe and go through your body but you can’t hear them without sensitive detecting equipment. Many forms of light and sounds outside of our bodies senses’ detectable ranges are used for the purpose of relieving pain and suffering in the medical arts. It makes great sense that the future of medicine is to treat our bodies which are mostly made up of space and energy like sound and light with medical therapies that heal it with space and energy like sound and light. It’s only logical. Treat light and sound beings with light and sound! Ultrasound, X-rays, MRI, microwave and laser are a few examples of how different forms of electromagnetic waves can be used to diagnose and treat our bodies. I have been amazed while using many of the latest advances in medicine in my lifetime in the assistance of my animal and human friends. It’s no doubt that every year we read about the latest development in medical technology. Many of the advances boggle my mind and I have been involved in the medical field for 30 plus years.


I’ve been using the breakthrough hyperthermia device, iTherm, to safely create a resonance harmonic at the molecular level in the body. I think of it as an instrument that produces an inaudible vibration, a harmony of two waves that makes water dance and the body heal under the pad. We continue to get about an 85% tumor response rate for Osteosarcoma and many other types of tumors. Following the lead of researchers of Biothematics at Duke University, we have expanded our treatment in cancer from osteosarcoma to include fibrosarcoma, adrenocarcinoma, transitorial cell tumor, mast cell tumor, melanoma, and many others. If caught early enough long remissions are possible. In late stage disease the therapy offers good quality of life while managing and relieving pain in hospice situations. It’s one of the best tools I’ve ever used to manage cancer. A deeper understanding of the mechanisms of action that kill cancer so effectively when using the iTherm Metamaterial Molecular Hyperthermia device (iTherm for short), led us to believe that the same mechanisms of action that killed cancer could help the body heal more rapidly. We followed the lead of European clinics using the device in humans and animals to treat a variety of soft tissue conditions. We knew from Duke’s cancer research that the device was safe to use anywhere on the body, even in brain and spinal tissue, so we tried the therapy on a chronically paralyzed dachshund dog and were surprised by the results. This dog that presented totally paralyzed with flaccid legs and tail started to move her legs and tail after just seven minutes of therapy with the iTherm device. I shed a tear of shear joy as the dog’s owner cried happily and we all high-fived in the room. We knew that day that we had stumbled on a very new therapy in neurological rehabilitation because nerve injuries just don’t respond that fast to anything we had ever seen before. We started to take video of the response when the dog began moving. The inventor of the ITherm device Dr. Gerard Aknine, was in the room that day with a smile on his face from ear to ear like a school boy. The event can be seen on http://agantherapeutics.com titled iTherm Neuro. When the neurologists and other researchers at Duke University saw the rapid neurologic response we witnessed in the dog neuro video, they suspected as we did that there was something other than deep warmth that was stimulating the little dog’s nerves to move its legs and recover so rapidly. We had to rethink many things we thought we knew or thought were possible about neurologic rehabilitation recovery rates while using iTherm. It is believed that the iTherm machine’s electromagnetic field and the harmony of its two radio frequencies produce a harmony that vibrates the water molecules back and forth at 400,000,000 times per second at

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the molecular level. This has the ability of repolarizing the body’s water and generating deep warmth from within the body. The cells and nerves in the body are made of water so we believe we are repolarizing the nerves again, increasing blood flow to the area and decreasing local inflammation. This allows the nerves to resume communication and patients can begin to move and feel again without surgery in many cases. If our ears could hear the sound of iTherm’s molecular water dance we would hear the sweet harmony of two waves healing the body. Many of our patients have resumed near normal function. It’s so rewarding to see these pets running around again quickly after serious injuries. I can’t wait for the iTherm trials to begin in people. I suspect they’ll be recovering and running around rapidly again just like the animals do. We continue to use the iTherm to manage and treat the worst cancers and use the device to treat arthritis, tendon and ligament injuries. New trials have begun for diabetics, feline hyperthyroidism and more. The researchers at Duke University, Dr. Aknine and I believe we are at the

beginning of the beginning of iTherm molecular hyperthermia’s many uses in medicine made possible only by the development of the new metamaterial antenna and tissue resonance technology. The future for healing the body with different frequencies of electromagnetic energy is very exciting and so bright. Please share this article with your healthcare professional and veterinarian to raise awareness of this life changing breakthrough technology. For more information http://agantherapeutics.com. Dr. Al Nuñez is a lifelong mystic and student of spirituality and committed to awakening human beings to their highest selves. Albert J. Nuñez, DVM, CVA has owned Animal Hospital of Baldwin Park and of Lake Mary since 1995 where he has practiced integrative veterinary medicine combining cutting edge surgery, internal medicine, endoscopy and laser ultrasound with acupuncture, herbal and energy medicine and nutrition for dogs, cats and exotics. He is a graduate of St. Thomas and Ross Universities and the Chi Institute of Veterinary Medicine. See ad this page.

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2012: LOSING

PREPARING OUR FEAR FOR CHANGE OF DEATH by Rev. Andrew Cekun When I first came upon the information by Master Kuthumi (K.H.) concerning the Planetary Initiation coming in December 2012, I had to confront issues concerning my own mortality, living with limited time, facing hard truths and making difficult but necessary choices. Would I attempt to move to a safe location on the planet or accept possible death? How would I best utilize the limited time and opportunity for my spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness? I have shared much about the latter in my previous articles and workshops, but have until now avoided directly dealing with the subject of death, both mine and others. 2012 was described positively as a planetary expansion of consciousness and an opportunity to begin the long process of cleansing and healing of our Earth. People responded more negatively to the fact that 2012 represented the complete destruction of the present order, Earth changes, cataclysm/catastrophe, and the prospect of death for much of Earth humanity. Death is dreaded and feared because it is simply misunderstood. Some of the terrors represented by death include the prospect of loneliness due to the separation from loved ones, loss of identity and material attachments (the result of over-identification with the body or form aspect) or fear of the unknown, leading to the mass belief that death is to be avoided or postponed for as long as possible and at any cost. This all denies the reality that all humans must inevitably die. Death is a certainty. The only indeterminate aspects are the means and timing of our transition. Our immortality and continuity of consciousness after death is a fact (along with reincarnation), a truth recognized by the spiritually inclined. The Master Kuthumi has said: “Mankind rises and falls together–for as long as there is a need to reincarnate. The weight of the mass must hold back the most advanced. Live well and die well: it is all that you can do.” In the limited time we have between now and December 17-18, 2012 and the aftermath, we must try to live fully and utilize our considerable opportunities. I have chosen for myself the option of “dying well,” with positive intention and full consciousness. My medical condition does not give me the option of living beyond 2012 should medications and nutritional supplements will no longer be available to everyone. I am attending a workshop on conscious transition and dying, and reading extensively on these topics. The Tibetan Mater Djwahl Kuhl said: “Let it [death] cease to be the one thing we cannot control and which inevitably defeats us and let us begin to control our passing over to the other side, and to understand somewhat the technique of transition.” Time is running short for those wishing to live on beyond December 2012. Our best opportunity for survival lies in groups. I recommend researching “intentional communities” in safe locations (http:// ic.org/) on the internet for those seeking this option. The Rev. Andrew Cekun is an esoteric astrologer and teacher. A student of the Ageless Wisdom teachings for 30 years, he educates about the Path of Accelerated Spiritual Evolution. Andrew has a B.A. degree in Philosophy and Religion from Rollins College. To read the “Red Letters” and the “Planetary Guidelines” concerning 2012, visit the web site in Andrew’s ad, this page.


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Change Your State with Music by Chris Bawiec The memory is clear. I was about eight to ten years old, sitting bored on the cold bleachers, watching my older brother playing middle-school football. The school band began to play a powerful theme song from a popular movie and my experience was instantly transformed. I was magnetically pulled closer and closer to the band until I was standing in the bleachers right next to the musicians. The music was loud enough to drown out the noise of the crowd. Immersed in sound, I felt chills on my arms and shoulders and became overwhelmed with emotion. I will never forget this experience. It led me to devote much of my life to music. Over the years, I have performed with many bands, composed a large body of music and have produced numerous recordings. The thing that I’ve always loved about music is that it has the power to change your thoughts and feelings instantly. It can give you strength when you are weak. It can release emotions of love buried deep in your heart. Freedom, happiness, peace, confidence and all other emotions are stored within melodies, harmonies and rhythms just waiting to be released when their vibrations touch your soul. Much of the healing work I do with NLP (neurolinguistic programming1) and hypnosis revolves around changing a person’s state of being. Listening to music is one of the fastest and most powerful ways to do this. Music is readily available. Think now of the music that makes you feel the best and compile a CD with those songs. Listen to your favorite empowering music in the morning and feel how it sets the tone for an awesome day. Whenever you want to feel free, happy, powerful, peaceful or confident, listen and allow the power of music to transform your experience! Chris Bawiec is a certified clinical hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner, life coach, Reiki master. He conducts individual sessions daily, presents workshops on personal development, and produces self-NLP/ hypnosis downloads and CDs designed to heal and transform your life. Call Chris at 407-462-9998 and visit http://chrisbawiec.com. Please see ad top of column one, this page. 1 A system of alternative therapy intended to educate people in self-awareness and effective communication, and to model and change their patterns of mental and emotional behavior. Velocity Magazine THE MAGIC AND HEALING POWER OF MUSIC AND SOUND | September • October 2011


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PERSPECTIVE: I don’t want this! SHIFT: I want that! FOUNDATIONAL THOUGHT: There are two basic types of

motivation, opposite ends of the same line of travel: (A) Away From-where the focus is on discomfort (like a tack on the seat of a chair.) (B) Towards-where the focus is on what ‘turns on the lights’ of enthusiasm. Acknowledging pain is healthy, but focusing on it creates pull in that direction and slows the growth process. Focusing on the “towards” motivation creates positive energy that pulls me toward my goals and my goals toward me!

PERSPECTIVE: She shouldn’t feel that way! SHIFT: She is experiencing her life lessons. FOUNDATIONAL THOUGHT: What I see in others is a reflection

of what is going on within me. When I am uncomfortable with my own experience of a particular emotion, seeing it in someone else triggers an ‘immune response’ of stressful feelings. In awareness, I understand that resisting another’s experience is not about helping them. It’s about easing MY pain. Presencing myself to the infinite resourcefulness we all have, I am able to allow others to master their lessons, and master my own as well.



oug’s being a jerk!–the message flashed across my screen. The reaction that came to mind was: That’s one way to look at it. Another is that he’s doing the best he can in the moment, and he’s giving you a GREAT example of someone who is engaging in really good self-care! Good for him! What can you learn about tending to your own well-being from the example he’s setting? This person was not looking for my professional support. She was looking for a friend, so I kept the thought to myself. Nonetheless, it set off beautiful fireworks about perspective and shift:


PERSPECTIVE: This shouldn’t be happening! SHIFT: Everything happens to serve a purpose. FOUNDATIONAL THOUGHT: Should and shouldn’t are

resistant energies of Victim ego. One question that helps me shift out of Victim is, “What did I intend to teach myself with this experience?” The belief that helps me shift is: I created this experience with the intention of learning, growing, and becoming a fully-rounded spiritual being in this human experience. Every belief is a choice. Every thought comes from a belief. As I observe my thoughts, I am able to examine the beliefs behind them. When a belief no longer serves me, I can choose to release the belief and adopt a new, more productive thought, focus, and belief. The process wasn’t easy at first. I’m grateful for the help of those who have supported me while I develop my mental and emotional ‘shift muscles.’ Sometimes the best medicine is to turn everything upside down, and look at it from a completely different viewpoint. It’s a lot like standing on my head… not easy at first, but worth the diligent exercise that leads to success. After all, every ending brings an exciting message, if I’m open to receive it: The BEGINNING is near! Joanna Davis received her Certification as a Life Coach through Coach for Life, the original spirit-based, accredited coach training. Her work in the healing arts began over 30 years ago in massage therapy and continues with certifications in reflexology and hypnosis. She is also experienced in energy healing, tarot and other mystic practices. Please see ad this page.

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HEY BUDDY CAN YOU SPARE A DIME? This was an all too familiar expression during the Great Depression. It was not uncommon to have neighbors and families huddled around steel drums seeking heat from an open fire, often fueled by their dining room table. When the economy improved, the faces of homelessness related more to alcoholics and drug addicts. As history has a tendency to repeat itself, the faces returned to unemployed families who lost their businesses or jobs due to the economic crunch. While a sensitive issue at best, we cannot afford to turn a blind eye. We adopted a false sense of security and entitlement. Never in our wildest dreams did we think the unthinkable could happen to us, but it did. Our dreams changed to nightmares. Jobs were lost, homes were foreclosed, families were split and shelters became scarce. Today, the homeless live in cars, storage sheds or on the couch of a family friend or relative. They are the fortunate. Others resort to tent cities or the forests only to be evicted by the authorities for vagrancy.

by Diane Ackerman CBS’ 60 Minutes recently aired a documentary filmed in Seminole County. It revealed an alarming and sad interview of local homeless children, the most tragic victims of problems like poverty, homelessness and unemployment. Daily, they experience the pain and embarrassment of hunger and helplessness together with the fear of abandonment or separation from family. The aired survey showed homeless children in Seminole County at approximately 1500. As of June 2010, a Lake County survey shows approximately 2200! While already staggering, these numbers are increasing daily, that not to include single men and woman who have recently joined the ranks of the unemployed. Our state legislators are seeking drastic cuts or total elimination of funding for the homeless! Tell me this. How are these cuts going to effect our crime rates? We are creatures of survival. If we don’t have food or sufficient sources or financial aid to get it, there is a very real chance we will steal it or commit another crime to assure a reservation (meals included) at the gray bar hotel. We must educate ourselves about this problem. Florida faces the possibility of losing $80 million a year of federal funding by eliminating the State Office for the Homeless! The annual state budget is $6 million and most of the funds are provided for direct services and housing. Florida has the second highest homeless population in the nation. We can’t afford to make budget cuts in this area. If anything, we need more funding for job re-training and education. Working with the homeless and the Homeless Coalition for ten years I found that most people don’t want a hand out. They want a hand UP! Contact your local state senator and house representative to redirect funding from top officials to the local agencies who provide information and education. It all boils down to help me now or pay later. Diane is author of The Gathering, a book of poems addressing life’s addictions, co-dependencies and obsessions. Her workbook on anger management, Shut the Duck Up, has been used with great success at The Anthony House, a homeless shelter formerly housed in Zellwood, Florida. Please see ad this page.


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IN OUR LIVES Sound and Music by Rev. Mary Blocher The first time I ever heard a group of Lakota elders from Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota drum and sing sacred Sun Dance songs in their native language, a profound sense of peace and inner knowing flooded my being. I had no idea how to interpret the words that were being sung. It really didn’t matter. The songs touched a primordial chord within my soul and I felt healed in body, mind and spirit in that moment. Later, when I lived on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico, I had the privilege of attending a Native American church ceremony and heard the sweet sound of peyote chanting accompanied by the pounding beat of the water drum. Again there was a sense of peace and healing surrounding the experience. It comes as no surprise that for centuries Native Americans have known the healing properties of sound. It is now a known fact that drumming can relieve tension and pain with its heartbeat-like rhythm.

forces in our lives. With today’s modern technology, we have at our disposal these ancient practices that can bring healing in an instant. We can go to YouTube on the internet and be connected to a myriad of healing songs from various religious traditions. We can easily purchase cds which have been designed to send out certain healing vibration tones. Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, flutes and drums are readily available and at our disposal. Imagine what might be possible if we begin to bring into our life this vibrational force to bring healing to ourselves and our planet. Rev. Mary Blocher was ordained as a Unity Minister in 2005. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Indiana University. Prior to entering the ministry, she was a special education teacher for 24 years. Nine of those 24 years she lived and taught on the Navajo Reservation where she learned first-hand the traditions, customs, and spirituality of Native Americans. Please see ad for Unity-Leesburg this page.

Sound is so important that it is even a part of the creation story. In Genesis 1:3 it says, “Then God said, ‘Let there be light; and there was light.’" Later in the New Testament it tells us that “In the beginning was the Word.” In the beginning there was sound! Even if we don’t believe the Bible is an accurate account of the creation story and believe that the world began with a Big Bang, we have to admit that the world was still created with sound. Sound has been used as a catalyst for healing throughout history. It doesn’t matter if sound came from a native shaman, a Christian priest, an Islamic Imam or a Jewish cantor. Sound has brought us closer to that which we hold scared. Sound healing is based on vibrational frequencies. The premise of sound healing is that everything in the universe is made of energy which vibrates at its own unique speed. Sound healing is a form of energy medicine or vibrational therapy designed to have a measurable effect upon organs, tissues and well-being which changes the way a person functions and responds. It is clear to us that sound and music have always been powerful Velocity Magazine THE MAGIC AND HEALING POWER OF MUSIC AND SOUND | September • October 2011


In My Book ... by Editor, Purusha K. Radha

Exploring Florida's Conscious Living Authors

A Review of The Book of Initiation: Awakening to Soul by Ojela Frank, Published by Initiation Healing, Silver Springs, Florida

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Kundalini Risings The Path of Initiation Becoming a Modern Day Mystic Knowing Your Spiritual Gifts and Life Purpose Energy Meditations for the Soul

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The Book of Initiation: Awakening to Soul transcendentally composed by Gainesville, Florida resident, Ojela Frank, is the book many alternative healing practitioners and lightworkers wish they would have written. More a reference or handbook than a straight read, The Book of Initiation is a virtual opus with the potential to enlighten budding and accomplished lightworkers alike. The stunning front cover alone designed by artist Richard Wehrman itself begs a deep contemplation. You can become gladly lost in its many levels of encoded high velocity messages. A book that began as a meditation journal eventually morphed its way into a heart-centered compilation of practices, attunements and healing techniques such as "Soul Amplication," "Flame of Truth Meditation," and "Energy Attunement with Buddha." Walk through the stages of awakening to your own soul by first becoming acquainted with Ojela Frank's "Emotional Healing Basics" and "Esoteric Fundamentals." These will lead you up the path towards Initiation which Frank once received and now graciously passes on through this book. The Book of Initiation feels like an intimate sharing of Frank's spiritual evolution and process where all the while she is profoundly and exquisitely touching you, the reader practitioner, on a heart and soul level. Frank takes what she has learned, experienced, knows and feels on the deepest mystical levels and with open hands most generously shares it with all who thirst for this kind of esoteric wisdom but even more fundamentally, direction in their lives. The Book of Initiation teaches us how to live as a modern day mystic with more balanced lives, how to deepen our connection with the Divine, how to achieve awareness and understanding of our own innate gifts and life purpose and these are just the beginning. Rev. Ojela Frank, MSC, MSTh, LMT is a Reiki Master and has appeared on radio and television. She is an ordained Interfaith Minister and founder of Initiation Healing® Meditation and Practitioner Trainings. In her numerous books, she focuses on energy balancing, spiritual counseling and helping her clients and students to relax and open up to their true expression. Contact Ojela Frank for workshop and seminar information at ojela@inititionhealing. com and please refer to Ojela's ad for All Well Massage and for The Book of Initiation, column one.

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YOGA NIDRA: by Yogi Amrit Desai


You can use it to eliminate stress, banish self-destructive unconscious fears, behavior patterns and habits, and rebuild your health, love life, family life and professional life. Yoga Nidra initiates shifts from the deepest core of your being and empowers you to solve problems from the source within. More than 85% of all physical, mental and emotional health problems we face today are stress-related. Stress is invisible and inaccessible while symptoms on the surface take many forms. Most health interventions address the symptoms and ignore the source. You can struggle to remove one symptom and 99 others remain unresolved, but you can resolve all symptoms simultaneously in one single step: Dismantle stress from its very core. Habit patterns adopted as compensation for stress turn into addictions to food, alcohol and work that cause obesity, heart attacks, headache, anxiety, high blood pressure, arthritis, insomnia, pain, diabetes, depression and more. Many stressrelated illnesses can be traced to traumatic, emotionally charged events that disrupt our innate biological balancing capabilities. Stress triggers physiological and biochemical changes, inhibiting our nervous and glandular systems and creating psychosomatic dysfunction. Yoga Nidra, the deep sleep of the yogis, is a technique that allows us to remove rigidly held, deeply ingrained, self-destructive belief systems and reactive patterns. This unique approach works faster than tranquilizers, more effectively than sleeping pills and releases “happy hormones” from the body’s pharmacy to initiate healing from within.

Amrit Method Yoga Nidra is designed to help you create a quantum leap from the stress-producing “doing dimension” to “non-doing being” through the combination of alert awareness and deep relaxation. Yoga Nidra gives you the master key to tap into the extraordinary powers of your own intuition, creativity, health and abundance. The practice requires nothing more than lying down on the floor or on your bed for a period of about 30 minutes at which time you are guided by a trained professional into the state of deep relaxation. Yoga Nidra can be practiced by anyone, young or old, healthy or unhealthy. Yoga Nidra practice does not deny the need for medicine when necessary, but complements conventional approaches to health. It can greatly enhance traditional medical care and initiate natural healing. Using this mode of self-healing has advantages without any negative side-effects. Yogi Amrit Desai is one of the last world-renowned yoga masters to come from India to the West. More than 6,000 yoga teachers and thousands of healing professionals are teaching his approach, reaching out to millions in more than 45 countries around the world today. He will be teaching Yoga Nidra during the Amrit Method® Yoga Nidra Immersion and Professional Facilitators‚ Training October 21-30, 2011 at the Amrit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs, Florida. More information at http://amrityoga.org. Please see ad previous page.

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The Perfection of Our Body’s Innate Intelligence by Ramah Wagner, Contributing Health Editor The field of epigenetics pursues the study of how gene expression happens based on environmental factors, from external rather than genetic influences. One of the world’s leading researchers on epigenetics is Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief. (He was one of my honorary professors at Palmer College of Chiropractic.) He taught that we are not “genetic automatons” or controlled by our gene expression, but instead we control our genes. Dr. Lipton showed us through ultra-sound video, a seven month fetus flailing in shock, affected by its parents’ verbal screaming match. I took this disturbing image with me and over the next seven years sought out clinical answers to the emotional side of gene or disease expression. I learned that just as mothers’ cortisol (stress hormone) can surge through the placenta changing the whole physiology of the baby, the same occurs with stressed out, negatively emotionally charged adults. I never would have guessed that employing NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique) with stressed out patients would lead me back to the womb, however we often would find many adults’ life programming did long ago come from that crucial bond between mother and child. It is commonly known that mother’s stress produces neuropeptides and hormonal changes that severely impacts fetal development, however it is not yet widely known that science is finding data that all a pregnant woman feels and consumes impacts her unborn child. Using NET, Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) and time honored acupuncture principles, I found we could alter these programs. Now, after all these years of field research and clinical experience, I myself am carrying my first baby. I can’t help but think about the state of the world, its stress and concerns. How will these affect my unborn child? I have had major concerns that even though I know how important this time of pregnancy is, I got into a major auto accident, had terrible morning sickness and have not eaten perfectly. I have not been a perfect creature of enlightened bliss. I certainly have not lived in a perfect world in order that this baby has a perfect start. One thing I have learned well in these many years in healthcare


is that the body is designed to heal. It is like love. Just a little good can offset so much evil. The body has a power within which chiropractic philosophy calls Innate Intelligence. It is nothing more than a desire to live, grow and fufill its potential. Every one of our cells is designed for this. Cancer cells are often nothing more than very confused cells made by a gene expression turned on by a very negative environment like heavy metals and chemical stress. We are in charge of our own health. There will be auto crashes that we can’t necessarily control, impurities imposed us by the air we breathe, and many chemicals in our food of which we are unaware. We must, however, remember the driving force within us is that “Intelligence” that is always available for healing if we are willing to do the work. Dr. Ramah J. Wagner is a third generation alternative health doctor. She graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College in Iowa, where chiropractic was first discovered in 1895. Her clinic is located outside Orlando, Florida, where she works with cutting edge technology in the alternative healing arts, including chiropractic, specific nutrition, detoxification of heavy metals, and acupuncture. Dr. Ramah, as her patients and friends call her, is an internationally recognized author and nationally known speaker. She focuses on the belief that content energy is the key to creating an amazing life. In her recent book, The Health of Business: How to balance Your Life For Greater Returns, she shares colorful stories and powerful healing methods to achieve a larger energy field. Her keen ability to ready energy has recently been captured in her art exhibition called “Portraits” that depicts in line and color each subject’s energy field. To see more of Dr. Ramah’s work, visit http://healthofbusiness.com or http://doctorramah.com. Please see ad page .

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Learn to Sing Your

power song by Rev. Sunemaura O’Brien

Sitting in my garden in the early morning, I feel the Earth breathe under my feet. The breath moves through me and my power song stirs within me. The song flows up from my belly and I begin to sing, softly at first, and then a little louder. Soon I am singing with all of my heart and the garden seems to be singing with me. I feel strengthened, nourished and empowered by my song. The “power song” is a shamanic practice. Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to humans. It is practiced by individuals of all religions and cultures. In shamanic practice, we rely on our own experiences with nature and with the Divine to give us information and strength. The power song is a private song unique to each of us. It is a practice meant for everyone, not just for singers. We sing our power songs before we do any kind of spiritual work such as healing, prayer or ceremony to create sacred space and enhance our personal power. We sing our songs to help us develop our voices, to help us learn to speak our personal truths or do creative work. We sing our songs to strengthen us in making choices which create our happiest and most fulfilling lives. To receive a power song, spend time alone in nature

or another place that feels sacred and safe. It is important to be alone, as this song is only yours and must not be influenced by another person. Most of us are a little shy about singing in front of others. Be in this space with an open frame of mind and heart. Have the intention of receiving a song. In time, a few words or a tune will begin to come to you. Begin to sing and let the song gently take over. A power song is usually a very simple melody with very simple lyrics. Sometimes there are no words at all, but only sounds. Accept and enjoy what is given. Singing our power songs helps us sing the song of our souls, illuminating our paths and encouraging us to share our individual gifts with the world. Rev. Sunemaura O’Brien is a spiritual healer and teacher dedicated to supporting individuals in opening doors to authenticity and joy. She is an ordained minister and teacher with the Sacred Earth Ministry. She is co-facilitator and co-founder of the Sacred Earth Center, an interfaith chapel and healing center in Gainesville, Florida. She can be reached by emailing sacredearthcenter@yahoo.com, calling 352-275-8537 or visiting http://sacredearthcenter.org. Please see ad this page and color ad column two, page 65.

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"Define your wholeness through your creativity." by Jenenne Valentino-Bottaro "Define your wholeness through your creativity." I wrote this quote as an ending to an article but found that it was the beginning of the next chapter in my life–arts in healthcare. Integrating arts in healthcare saved my health. I was on the verge of exploratory surgery when I discovered that my healing journey consisted of a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and dance. In the words of Ms. Thomas, Doctor of Oriental medicine, "When the body is treated through our methods, for example, acupuncture, energy blockages as well as stagnant feelings and emotions are being released. We can use art forms, such as dance, to continue that release (2011)." Combining arts and health is a natural process to healing. Although the field is emerging, the concept is primal. The earliest shamans, medicine men and women, would encourage dance to release negative energy and toxins from the body, release feelings of fear and anxiety, and connect to balance. Arts in healthcare integrate the arts, including literary, performing, and visual arts and design, into healthcare and community settings for thera-


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peutic, educational, and expressive purposes (http://thesah.org, 2011). The journey of well-being and healing are often times unsuccessful as the core, inner self becomes lost through changes in lifestyle that often occur as individuals attend doctor's visits, take medications, and have limited or loss of mobility. We begin to establish an altered self- perception, resulting in a disconnection between mind and body. Reconnection has been found to strengthen our perception, and speed up our recovery. Dance provided an outlet for me to regain balance, be surrounded by people that support me and care for me, and work through the energy blockages that created my health condition. It is because of this experience that I began to dedicate myself to arts in healthcare and create programs to help others through Fortunata Healing Arts. If you are interested in reading more about arts in healthcare, you can visit the Society for Arts in Healthcare at http://thesah.org or the Center for the Arts in Healthcare Research and Education at http:// www.arts.ufl.edu/cahre/. Please see Jenenne's ad for Fortunata Healing Arts this page.

THERAPEUTIC LASERS by Valerie Castleman Carol H. was tormented by chronic and unresolved morning depression. She had worked with a number of doctors over the years for anxiety and depression, some of which she relates were more situational and others she feared were more “hard wired” to her brain and inherited. Her mother had a life-long history of life disturbing depression. Carol did not respond to appropriate medications and managed the problem with recommended bio-response processes, meditation, exercise and some supplementation, yet she still suffered. She discovered the Q1000 Low Level Laser system and because the science made sense, gave it a try. A program of treatments was designed for Carol that addressed depression, anxiety and some secondary issues. The application was extremely simple, with the convenience of building it into the time-frame that met her lifestyle. Within one week (about five sessions) there was a noticeable change in her mental pattern. We suggested that it sometimes takes several weeks to see results, but within two weeks, Carol's morning depressions were virtually non-existent and still are to this day. By the third week, Carol was discussing additional treatments with us to address some secondary conditions. The low level laser process continues to meet Carol's goals of achieving very positive health. The therapy is non-invasive, prevents trauma to the body and is guaranteed to work. There are no side-effects or costly combination of supplements to take indefinitely. Carol's combined treatments total less than a half hour, every other day. As a result of Carol's impressive success, her husband, (pleased to have his happy wife back), is also using it to address several issues he was just “living with.” Low level light therapy is the application of laser light to activate and coordinate repair processes within a stressed cell. Since 1967, over 2500 laboratory studies investigating the cell mechanisms and cellular response have been completed and over 200 randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials have been published regarding its effectiveness. The

studies are widely varied in both chronic and acute conditions and include: • musculoskeletal conditions • neurological conditions (including neuropathies and nerve regeneration) • wound therapy • improved organ function • aesthetic applications • and much more

Low Level Light Therapy works through the following processes: • Inflammation reduction • Increased energy production in the cell • Immune system enhancement • Pain reduction through endorphin production • Improvement in lymphatic drainage • Accelerated tissue repair and wound healing • Circulation improvement • Increased enzyme activity • Trigger point release in muscles • Improved nerve function

Because of these mechanisms, the potential to benefit any condition exists. As long as the cell is in a state of stress, the light can be absorbed and allow for activation of healing. Interestingly, cells that are not stressed do not absorb light, therefore overstimulation or over-activation of cellular processes does not occur. All light therapies are not created equally, and if the system does not operate within the following parameters, benefits are not seen.

Frequency of delivery:

Frequency of delivery is very critical to results. If not applied often enough, the effects of a therapeutic dose are lost. Optimal therapy is daily until results are noted. Minimal therapy is three times per week until results are noted. With all therapy, once benefit is seen, the frequency of treatment is decreased and then maintained until healing is complete. Works Cited: 1. Hamblin MR. Mechanisms of Low Level Light Therapy. http://www.photobiology.info/Hamblin.html 2. Huang, Y.; Chen, A.; Carroll, J.; Hamblin, M. (2009). “Biphasic Dose Response in Low Level Lightherapy." Dose-Response 7 (4): 358.

Valerie Castleman is Director of Clinical Services at RN Medical. She can be reached by calling 352-459-9917 or emailing Valerie@ RNMedicalTheVillages.com. Please visit: http://rnmedicalthevillages.com and see ad page 77.

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DIRECTORY ACUPUNCTURE Florida College of Integrative Medicine; Gale Springer, Director of Admissions; 7100 Lake Ellenor Dr, Orlando, FL 32809; 407-888-8689, ext. 15; gspringer@fcim.edu; http://fcim.edu New Direction Natural Medicine; Stephanie Irzyk, AP, DOM; 409 Montgomery Rd., Ste. 161, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714; 407-353-2018; newdirectiondoctor@gmail.com; http://NewDirectionNaturalMedicine.com BOUTIQUES, BOOKS, GIFTS Soul Essentials of Ocala-PEACE, LOVE, & LIGHT!; Jennifer Burke; 805 E. Fort King St., Ocala, FL 34471 Store: 352-236-7000; jensoul@embarqmail.com; SoulEssentialsofOcala.com CHILDBIRTHING (NATURAL) Kateyah Kapashah, LMT, Doula; 352-455-4421 Birth Ease; Michelle Smith; 407-791-7989; hypnodoula@aol.com; http://BirthEaseBabies.com; HypnoBirthing for Fertility and Childbirth, Doula Services, Clinical and Regressive Hypnosis CHIROPRACTIC Wagner Chiropractic; Ramah Wagner, D. C., 2755 S. Bay St., Eustis, FL 32726; 352-589-5443; http://DoctorRamah.com COLLEGES AND SCHOOLS Florida College of Integrative Medicine; Gale L. Springer, Director of Admissions; 7100 Lake Ellenor Drive, Orlando, FL 32809; 407-888-8689 ext. 15; gspringer@fcim.edu; http://fcim.edu COLON CLEANSING Times of Refreshing; Kristi M. Foret LMT, CT (MA0022943/MM16202); 352-348-1266 ; In the offices of Tavares Family Chiropractic: 915 E. Alfred St., Tavares, FL 32778; Kristilove04@yahoo. com; http://EscapeToGoodHealth.com Core Vitality; Kateyah Kapashah, MA17989; Colon Hydrotherapy; Cleanse your body with colonics; 2521 Dora Ave; 352-455-4421; kateyah@aol.com CONFLICT RESOLUTION Alternate Pathways Outreach; Diane J. Ackerman; 315 E. Maud St., Tavares, FL 32778; 352-343-3380; http://AlternatePathways.com; diane@alternatepathways.com CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY Dawn Bone, LMT; 4131 N. W. 28 Lane, Ste. 5, Gainesville, FL 32606; 352-262-2884; Fax 352373-1241; dbonelmt@yahoo.com


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ENERGY MEDICINE Light and Sound Therapy at Biostimulation Institute of Light and Sound; VIE; 2295 S. Hiawassee Rd., Ste. 207, #10, Orlando, FL 32819 ; 407-902-7199; biostimulationinstitute@ yahoo.com; http://InstituteofLightandSound.com FENG SHUI Kara Cox, Feng Shui Practitioner and Realtor; EXIT REALTY, TRI-COUNTY, Mount Dora, Florida; 352-360-8900; kara@exitrealtytricounty.com http://KaraCoxRealEstate.com HEALING SEMINARS Initiation Healing®; Ojela Frank; P. O. Box 70, Silver Springs, FL 34489; 352-239-9272; ojela@initiationhealing.com; http://InitiationHealing.com HEALTH FOOD Living Towers: Hydroponic Farm; Jan Young; 19621 Lake Lincoln Lane, Eustis, FL 32736; 352-357-6979; info@LivingTowers.com http://LivingTowers.com HOLISTIC LIVING EDUCATION All About Art - Artful Living Center; Donna D’Amato; 5162 S. E. Abshier Blvd., Belleview, FL: 352-307-9774 Luminous Holistic Center; Viviana Collazo; in Southwest Orlando 32836: 407-760-0399; vivicollazo@yahoo.com Florida School of Holistic Living; Emily Ruff; 1109 E. Concord St., Orlando, FL 32803: 407-595-3731; info@holisticlivingschool.org http://holisticlivingschool.org HYPNOBIRTHING Birth Ease; Michelle Smith; 407-791-7989; hypnodoula@aol.com; http://BirthEaseBabies.com; HypnoBirthing for Fertility and Childbirth, Doula Services, Clinical and Regressive Hypnosis INTUITIVE LIFE COACHING AND HEALING Intuitive Life Coaching, Massage and Healing; Kathleen Quinlan; 721 Maitland Ave., Ste. 2, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701; 407-924-3363; kquinlan5@cfl.rr.com INTUITIVE READINGS 4 Corners Intuitive; David Botsford; 109 Ambersweet Way, # 111, Davenport, FL 33897; 863-420-3634; davidbotsford@gmail.com http://4CornersIntuitive.com Moon Astrology Readings by Raven Moondance; by phone or in person; Gainesville, Florida; 352-372-8594; moondance_raven@hotmail.com

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INTUITIVE READINGS (CONT.) White Wings Foundation; Susan Z. Rich; 155 Crown Point Circle, Longwood, FL 32779; 407-862-6902; szrich@aol.com; http://szrwhitewings.com MASSAGE Laura Painter, LMT (MA51773); Altamonte Springs, FL; 407-421-2165 Integrated Touch Education Services; Terri May, LMT (MA 33989); 2320 N. E. 2nd St., Ste. 2B, Ocala, FL 34470; 352-216-3353; . touchocala@aol.com; http://IntegratedTouchEducationServices.com MINISTERIAL ORDINATION PROGRAMS Sacred Earth Center Chapel and Healing Center; Rev. Sunemaura O'Brien; 3131 N. W. 13 St., Gainesville, FL 32609; 352-275-8537; sacredearthcenter@ yahoo.com; http://SacredEarthCenter.org MOVERS-RESIDENTIAL AND BUSINESS A Better Price and Service Moving and Delivery; George Barton; 929 Northshore Drive; Eustis, FL 32726; 352-589-6683 (352-589-MOVE); GeorgeB7777@aol.com NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP) Chris Bawiec, NLP Master Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotist, Life Coach, Reiki Master; Central Florida-Winter Park, FL 32789; 352-462-9998; chris@chrisbawiec.com; http://ChrisBawiec.com NUMEROLOGY Bobbie Roberts; The Villages, FL 32159; 352-205-6056 NUTRITION Health and Diet; Rukhsana Shanbhag; 2431 Aloma Avenue, Suite 118, Winter Park, FL 32792; 407-671-7123; srukhsana@aol.com http://LivingWellNutritionist.com PET THERAPY AND COMMUNICATION HealingForPets.com; Colleen Gordon; 407-446-4315; healingforpets@yahoo.com REFLEXOLOGY Integrated Reflexology and Massage; Traditional Chinese and Thai Reflexology, integrated with massage. Shayla Blalock, NCR540046-07 LMT51495; Gainesville, FL; 352-871-1944; shayblalock@gmail.com; $50 per hr. SPIRITUAL CENTERS Golden Triangle Center for Spiritual Living (Science of Mind); 2130A Prevatt St, Eustis, FL 32726; 352-589-2620; http://GTCSL.org

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SPIRITUAL CENTERS (CONT.) commUNITY 729; Trish Roddis; 729 N. Thornton Ave., Orlando, FL 32803; 407-463-2248 Unity Leesburg; 826 E. Dixie Ave., Leesburg, FL 34748; 352-787-0834; UnityLeesburg.org International Association of Metaphysics; James Thomas; 140 E. Michigan Ave., Lake Helen, FL 32744; 386-228-0910; iam1981@aol.com; http://metaphysicalcentre.ning.com REAL ESTATE Kara Cox, Realtor and Feng Shui Practitioner EXIT REALTY, TRI-COUNTY, Mount Dora, Florida; 352-360-8900; kara@exitrealtytricounty.com; http://KaraCoxRealEstate.com SKIN CARE NHT Global; Cynthia Harden; Orlando, FL; 800-378-1583; cynhard2442@yahoo.com; http://nhtglobal.com/charden Herbal Kitchen Creations-Natural Handmade Soaps; Lynn Wessel; Umatilla, FL; 352-267-7413; lynn@herbalkitchencreations.com; http://HerbalKitchenCreations.com STRESS RELIEF LAUGHTER YOGA with Hara Marshi; Tavares, FL; 352-552-6053; haramarshi@embarqmail.com THETA HEALING Theta Healing with Michelle Orwick; 1412 Trovillion Ave., Winter Park, FL 32789; 407-729-1088; michelleorwick@yahoo.com YOGA Lotus Yoga Center; Janice Keifer; 465 Oakland Avenue, Apopka, FL 32703; 407-697-6437; JanKeifer@cfl.rr.com; LotusYogaCenter.com

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MOON ASTROLOGY September/October 2011

by Raven Moondance

As the moon moves through its phases, it has a very definite effect on our lives, whether we are conscious of it or not. Just as the moon effects the tides of the oceans, it effects the waters of our body and our emotions. This is especially apparent around the full moon, a time of heightened emotions as well as greater intuitive awareness and cosmic connection. Whereas the sun defines one’s character, the moon reflects one’s inner light. The Universe has been pushing us to express more of our true selves, to allow that inner light to shine brighter with each passing day.

Tap into your imagination and intuition for the insights you need to move through any challenges. Make it a priority to devote some time and energy exploring and cultivating an artistic pursuit or a passion that has been beckoning you. It will serve to connect you more fully to your true essence and strengthen your intuitive abilities. Giving ourselves permission to be creative and have fun can bring a renewed sense of fulfillment and inner freedom. AFFIRMATION: I feel the joy of more fully connecting to and expressing my inner self as I allow my imagination to guide my creativity.

The moon’s four quarters correspond to the growth cycle of every living thing. With each New Moon comes new beginnings, perhaps a new awareness or a different way of perceiving an aspect of life or a different project or experience. During the first week of the moon cycle (Aug. 28Sept. 3; Sept. 27-Oct. 2; Oct. 26-Nov. 1), notice what new idea or perception becomes more apparent to you.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Okay, Gemini, time to step into the limelight

During the second quarter, our projects and ideas grow and develop. With the Full Moon, more light is shed on our plans, ideas and experiences. Emotions are heightened and mental conflicts may ensue as other options and views flood in. This is NOT a time to make a decision. The Full Moon day (Sept. 12; Oct. 11; Nov. 10) and at least the three days following is a time to observe and breathe, allowing incoming information and energies to assimilate into our consciousness. During the third quarter we review, revise and are able to make clearer decisions utilizing the information brought to light by the Full Moon. The last quarter (Sept. 20-26; Oct. 19-25; Nov. 18-24) is a time to let go of what is no longer needed in all areas: ideas, possessions, feelings, unhealthy connections. And then with the New Moon (Aug. 28; Sept. 27; Oct. 26; Nov. 25), we are ready to begin a new cycle with a refined shift in our focus. As we explore the twelve signs of the zodiac, insights are offered for contemplation. An affirmation is a tool to help shift our focus towards manifesting the positive in life. Repeat each affirmation three times upon waking, just before sleep and whenever needed. The vibrations of sound can help us receive their effect on a deeper level. Try utilizing the sound of OM before repeating the affirmations. To sound OM, take a deep breath in. Imagine the O vibration beginning at the base of the spine, rising up the spine, continuing to sound O o o o o. When you reach the head, particularly the third eye (the center of the forehead), sound the Mmmm, feeling it vibrate in the third eye and then radiate up and out through the top of the head or crown chakra. Try vocalizing OM in this manner three times before meditating or repeating affirmations. Notice what you see and feel. Repeat as often as you wish in this time of dynamic change.

ARIES (March 19-April 19) Dreams, both during sleep and in our waking hours can bring us powerful messages and guidance from deep within. Observe. What are your dreams telling you? What are they revealing about your deepest desires, about your next step, about where you need to focus your attention? When our logical mind relaxes, the desires of our soul are more apt to surface. Pay attention! AFFIRMATION: We are ALL connected to the flow of the Universe. When we effortlessly surrender to that flow and trust in Divine guidance, ALL is revealed. We are indeed blessed.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Give your logical mind a rest and begin to utilize your inner knowingness more confidently as your guidance system.


and be noticed. Others need to get to know who you are! You have been working hard behind the scenes for a long while, creating without receiving credit or perhaps doing deep inner work. You have much to share with the world. Although you may feel a bit unsure of yourself, there is a part of you that is ready to emerge. Know that the Universe is supporting you. Shed any guilt or shame and allow your true essence to shine. AFFIRMATION: I step forward with grace, enthusiasm and dignity and feel supported as I share the essence of my being with the world.


(June 21-July 22) Express yourself through some type of physical activity such as running, yoga, movement, dance, exercise or drumming, whatever feels right to you. Connecting more fully to your physical body can help to release some of that pent up tension enabling you to relax and flow more easily with life. Try it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain and you may even enjoy yourself! AFFIRMATION: As I move my body to the rhythms within and around me, I feel relaxed and in the flow. (deep breath) Ahhhhhhh….

LEO (July 23-Aug.22) The three months after our birthday is the time to set a firm foundation for the year ahead. Where do you need to make a stand for what you believe in? Where do you need to do what is right for you in spite of any judgement or disapproval from others? Take a deep breath and remember that our own inner doubts, worries and uncertainties are being reflected by those around us. Trust your intuition. Allow it to be a source of strength enabling you to make choices that support your growth and keep you moving forward. AFFIRMATION: New opportunities, ideas and options flow to me. I trust my inner guidance to make choices that support my highest good.

VIRGO (Aug.23-Sept.22) As you begin a new year with your birthday, be open to receive love, abundance, good fortune, whatever you desire. This is an auspicious time for you. Life can flow smoothly and effortlessly, but you must let go of any worries and judgments, especially regarding yourself. Focus on the joy you wish to manifest in all areas of your life. Remember how powerful our mind is and how our thoughts (both positive and negative) very quickly create our reality. Watch those thoughts! Immediately shift them as soon as you notice they are going astray! AFFIRMATION: I feel the joy of living the life I desire. I am open to gratefully receive all that life has to offer.

LIBRA (Sept.23-Oct.22) As you complete a year and begin anew with your birthday, consciously seek out where you need to clean out and let go. Slow down a bit. One day at a time, notice what is occurring in your life and in your mind and release any limited thinking, judgments, beliefs, and expectations. When we stand in confidence and dignity, others treat us with the respect we deserve. Connect with your physical body. Stand tall,

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grounded in the earth, relaxed and present to your breathing. Feel good about your hard work over the past year and prepare for a bright new year to unfold before you. AFFIRMATION: I release the past and step forward in confidence and joy as a new year unfolds before me. I trust that I am supported in every moment.

SCORPIO (Oct.23-Nov.21) When you feel like you are crossing a desert with no end in sight, dig deep within and trust that you have the resources to meet any challenge or adversity you may encounter. You indeed have the skills, knowledge and lifetime experiences to assist you to move forward with courage and determination. Take a deep breath, contemplate what you want or need to do and then proceed slowly, steadily and deliberately toward your objective envisioning it already accomplished. AFFIRMATION: I release all worries, fears and obstacles. I step forward with confidence and trust, knowing that I can easily handle all that comes my way.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov.22-Dec.21) The key to negotiating the next few months, and especially the time of Virgo (8/23-9/22), is to acknowledge and express any feelings, memories and emotions that rise to the surface. Give yourself permission to feel and explore whatever comes up for you. Cry when you need to and either share with someone you trust or journal. Get those feelings out! Refrain from pushing these deep emotions and possibly painful memories back down inside. Give yourself the time you need to process and release them. You will feel a great sense of relief as this emotional pressure subsides. AFFIRMATION: Now is the time for deep emotional healing. I feel supported and with each breath, my body, mind and spirit relax and let go!

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CAPRICORN (Dec.22-Jan.19) Yes, Capricorn, you have been through quite an intense summer and need to release some of that stress! Utilizing the vibrations of sound would be very helpful for you. Sing, chant, tone, play an instrument or listen to music. Sound touches the soul, releases tension, enhances health and uplifts the spirit. Sing in the shower, dance around the house to your favorite tunes, listen to relaxing music before sleep, arrange for a sound healing session. You will feel soooo much better! AFFIRMATION: I allow the tones, resonances and vibrations of sound to penetrate deep into my being bringing relaxation, inner peace and radiant health.

AQUARIUS (Jan.20-Feb.18) One day at a time, focus on taking care of yourself. You have been a great help to so many others for so long, but right now allow yourself to receive. Nurture yourself and be open to others assisting and nurturing you. It is your turn for healing. Feel the love and support of those around you. It is a beautiful reflection of what you have given to others over the years. In time, you can return to serving with renewed strength and resiliency. AFFIRMATION: As I have given from my heart to so many, I now open myself to receive love, nurturance, joy and assistance from those I love. I feel so very blessed.

PISCES (Feb.19-March 19) As you move through this full moon of your year (Leo/Virgo/Libra), channel that excess energy you feel welling up inside you into some creative pursuits. Trust that creative spark you are feeling! It is particularly strong right now and needs to be expressed in whatever way you are inspired. Write, sing, dance, paint…you will know. Feel the inspiration coming from deep within. Feel the joy your creative expression brings! AFFIRMATION: My heart sings as I express the creative energies arising from deep within. I allow my creativity to flow and my spirit to soar. Raven Moondance (aka Shenna Benarte) writes the newsletter, MOON ASTROLOGY UPDATE six times a year and a monthly column on working with the moon in MOMA BEAR, a magazine for Gainesville, Florida moms. For a complete Moon Astrology reading or to attend a monthly Moon Astrology Class, call Raven at (352)372-8594 or email: moondance_raven@hotmail.com.

Velocity Magazine THE MAGIC AND HEALING POWER OF MUSIC AND SOUND | September • October 2011


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ReadVelocity.com • Secrets For Living A Conscious, High Vibrational Life

Velocity Magazine THE MAGIC AND HEALING POWER OF MUSIC AND SOUND | September • October 2011



ReadVelocity.com • Secrets For Living A Conscious, High Vibrational Life

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Velocity is the Conscious Living Encyclopedia for Our Times - One Issue at a Time. Since 1998, Velocity has served as Central Florida's Prem...

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Velocity is the Conscious Living Encyclopedia for Our Times - One Issue at a Time. Since 1998, Velocity has served as Central Florida's Prem...