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Caffeinated Creations A Comm. Design Collection


Sophomore in Starbucks

Me Read Hope van der Wal SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY Communication Design

As a freshman architect major at University of Colorado I was breezing my way through school. I managed to get awesome grades while partying, spending the weekends snowboarding, and attending concerts at least once a week – well, that just wasn’t the right balance for me. I decided to begin my sophomore year at Syracuse as a first year Communication (Comm.) Designer, I needed a challenge. That is exactly what was handed to me... and then some. Comm. Design was a shock at first, I was pushing my body to a level of hard work and exhaustion I didn’t know possible, but the work I produced was entirely worth it. I felt a strong passion for design and dedicated a lot of time strictly to Comm. classes, I was in the right program. Second semester came and I was too confident, it was an entirely different way of thinking and was not easy for me. We were no longer cropping letterforms or talking about make believe restaurants, this was the first real taste of conceptualizing the big idea behind design. I ended up struggling in one class in particular, which resulted in my decision to take the following semester off and press pause on my expensive education. I needed to figure out a purpose. Clearly, I look like the happiest girl in the world in the picture above, I am. After my month long trip to India traveling across the country and teaching third graders math and english, I saw a different side of the world which really helped me view my life through a different perspective. Two months later I was back in the Warehouse (the Syracuse design building) reconnecting myself with the Adobe creative suite and bearing through the all-nighters. India inspired me in a lot of ways, I learned how to look for the beauty in life and live every day to the fullest – because we’re all temporary in this world, it is time to see what I can do.

Communication is a longer word than Design, remember that.

COMMUNICATION DESIGN What It’s All About We enter this program as artstic sophomores and are ground to dust after the first week of classes, but as we take on the heat through difficult times we all steep until it is time to be poured into graphic designers, then we learn how to add some flavor and become that perfectly balanced and tasteful creative director, and that is why graduating from this program it’s worth it. It is not an easy process, and the professors will burn you over and over again. But remember why you’re here, because the passion to create design is what drives you.

How To Use This Book For all the incoming sophomores who scared out of their minds after receiving the first week’s homework assignments, chill. You’re just going to need a lot of caffeine to get you through the next year. Here you have a collection of recipes to make some delicious caffeinated drinks (my work from sophomore year) presented in chronological order of assignment. Chapters are seperated by the type of drink (Communication Design (CMD) classes, including a special section dedicated to my inspirational photography from India). Each drink is presented as a recipe providing instruction and techniques I learned during the design process, follow the directions carefully and you will create some beautiful work, I gaurentee it. The difficulty level of each assingment is measured by starbucks cups, the higher they stack the harder it is. More information such as time management, materials you need, and inside tips are included. Remember to work hard and drink some coffee, you’ll be alright.


Typographic Teas

Basic Brews

Decedent Decaf

Classic Chai

Engaging Espresso

7 8 9

6 5



10 12

3 2 14 1 15




1. Artist Toolbox

2. Thumb Tacks (Clear)


3. Artists Tape

4. Masking Tape

5. Pack of Micron Markers 6. Pigment Liner

7. Adhesive Spray 8. Sobo Glue

9. 15 inch Mac book Pro


(+ Adobe Creative Suite)

10. Headphones 11. Clippys

12. Erasers


13. Brush Point Micron Pens 14. X-Acto Blades


(+ A Lot of Blades)

15. T-Square 16. Sharpies 17. Triangle

18. Burnisher 19. Ruler

20. A Table You Can Ultimately Destroy...

places to know

The Art Store

Schine Printing

10:00 – 5:00 935 Erie Blvd E, Syracuse, NY 13210 (315) 474-1000

8:30-5:00 Make sure you know Mary Beth very well, she likes to help out her CMD friends. 103 Schine Student Center (315) 443-3455 and you can email your files

Library Printing BIRD 1 - PLOTTER 36” wide color plotter Use plain paper!

Avalon Document Services 24 hour pick up 901 N State St, Syracuse, NY 13208 (315) 471-3333

Warehouse Plotter 10:30 – 10:00 Address: 5th Floor, take the center stairs. Reliable, but never ever the day before they’re due... Make sure they have your cell number incase anything goes wrong. Most importantly, be very nice to them, you want to be their friends.

Marshal Square Mall Printing 8:00-8:00 720 University Avenue Marshall Square Mall Syracuse, NY 13210 (315) 472-0546

Staples 8:00-9:00 5793 Widewaters Pkwy Syracuse, NY 13210 (315) 446-0964

Kinkos Printing 24 hours 3125 Erie Blvd E Syracuse, NY 13210 (315) 449-2112


CMD 281 1 Cropped Letter Form 2 Letters to Logos 3 3D Letter & Posters 4 Definition Series

Typographic Teas


hours a day

CROPPED LETTER FORMS Objective: Crop a series of 3 letter forms using classical typefaces (serif & non serif) in a creative and original way. The eye should see shapes and spaces before clearly identifying a letter. However, the letter must not be ambiguous. Make sure to carry use an evenly balanced figure ground relationship throughout the series, it is your milk and sugar for this project.


4 large black chip boards. 3 bristol boards. 4 large white chip board. 2 spray paint cans. 1 roll of one sided adhesive. 4 sheets colored paper

Difficulty: 4

Preperation: Begin by playing around with classical fonts and choose the most interesting and appealing letter forms. Spend time with each letter cropping it differently, switching between upper and lower case, changing the baseline, etc. Sketch at least 24 of these “thumbnail” size for each letter using quality black markers for best results (Micron, Sharpie, Pigment Liner). From here, choose the 3 best designs for each letter that communicate the project’s purpose best. Next, sketch these cropped letter forms actual size, and select the best option for each letter. Transfer this design to the computer, and print out on cheap paper.

It always takes 3 times longer than you expect, so plan ahead.

Typographic Teas

Instructions: Same for each letter

Spray mount a 10x10 cheap print of your cropped letter form design to 12x12 bristol board Using patience the X-Acto knife, carefully cut out every white piece in the design Roughly cut 12x12 black chip board square, and draw a perfect 10 x 10 square with pencil. Place white letterform shapes in the square perfectly matching your design.

Spray the BACK of each white letterfrom shape (mark them with a pen!) with adhesive, then quickly and carefully place it in position in the square. With your burnisher, roll over the mounted pieces of bristol board until you trust they will not fall apart in the Syracuse winds. Now, line up each edge of the suqare you drew with your Tsqaure to cut a perfect line, and you’re done!

Techniques Cutting a straight line, be light on your hand.

Cutting a curved line, cut the whole curve in one movement.

Spray adhesive, stay 2 feet away covering the back side.

Burnishing, use a roller to insure the adhesive.

Calrendon a

Helvetica R

Bodoni i



aa aa



Typographic Teas

Objective: Create a series of 3 symbols using one letterform multiple times to form shapes and uniqe lines. No letters are allowed to overlap. The form should be simple and memorable, like English breakfast tea and honey.


4 large black chip boards. 3 bristol boards. 4 large white chip board. 2 spray paint cans. 1 roll of one sided adhesive. 4 sheets colored paper


hours a day

Preperation: Look for a cohesive and very simplified logo design using the same letter, keep the same number of letters used in each design the throughout the series to tie them all together. The execution process is the same for the cropped letterforms, just remember you are dealing with 12 x 12 squares instead of 10 x 10.

Difficulty: 2

Typographic Teas



hours a day

4 large chip boards. 3 bristol boards. 1 foam core 1 box of Q-Tips

Instructions: Find information about a classical typeface, build a 3D letter, shoot it in a creative setting, use a cropped letterform and letter-logo all in the same typeface. When you are shooting your letter, think about simplicity, the poster will have enough going on as is. Place the photo in a comfortable place on the poster design, this is your anchor. Draw connections from lines and shapes in the picture to tie all of the information together. Your eye should be able to move through each set of information evenly throughout the poster. Make sure to use the grid introduced in class, this will be useful forever.

Techniques - When gluing, keep the pieces together using clippys and masking tape, clean up the glue drops with Q-Tips.

Difficulty: 4

- Every measurement must be perfect, or else the entire model will be slightly off.




Keep it Simple.

Keep it Simple. He lve tic a wa s de sign e d in 1 9 5 7 by Ma x Mie din ge r & Edu a rd Hofmann of Haas type foundry in Switzerland. The goal was to create a sleek and simple typeface, much like another Swiss developed font Akzidenz-Grotesk. The font went through a series of names before they came up with the title Helvetica, a title known

H e l v e t i c a ’s n e u t r a l a p p r o a c h a l l o w s t h e f o n t t o b e u s e d i n m a n y d i f f e r e n t s i t u a t i o n s ; i t ’ s m o d e r n a n d c l a s s i c , e l e g a n t a n d e d g y, relaxed and traditional. Designers fall in love with the sans serif font b e c a u s e o f i t s a d a p t a b i l i t y a n d c r i s p c l a r i t y. I t ’s s i m p l e d e s i g n i s a t t r a c t i v e t o a n a r t i s t i c e y e , g i v i n g t h e f o n t a n o v e r a l l a s e t h e t i c r e l i a b i l i t y.

Helvetica H e l v e t i c a

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

Helvetica was designed in 1957 by Max Miedinger and Eduard H of m a n n of Haas type foundry in Muchenstein, Switzerland. The goal was to create a sleek and simple t y p e f a ce, much like another Swiss developed font Akzidenz-Grotesk. The font went through a series of names before they came up with the title H e l ve t i ca , a title known worldwide among designers today.

Helvetica’s neutral approach allows the font to be used in many different situations; it’s modern and classic, elegant and edgy, relaxed and traditional. Designers fall in love with the sans serif font because of its adaptability and crisp clarity. It’s simple design is attractive to an artistic eye, the monotone stroke weights mean just as much as the negative space used.

It is modern and classic, elegant and edgy, relaxed and traditional. Helvetica’s neutral approach has designers falling in love with the sans serif font because of its adaptability and crisp clarity. The asethetic d e s i gn of the f o n t is k n o w n f o r t h e p e r f e c t l y e ve n s t r o k e w e i g h t s carried t h r o u g h t h e e n t i r e alphabet.




Helvetica was designed in 1957 by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hofmann of Haas type foundry in Muchenstein, Switzerland. The goal was to create a sleek and simple typeface, much like another Swiss developed font AkzidenzGrotesk. The font went through a series of names before they came up with the title Helvetica, a title known worldwide among designers today.


You might hate the grid now, but learn to love it... fast.

Typographic Teas

Different Definitions


hours a day

Alienation Non-verbal definition of chosen word. Look up the definition and break it apart, how would you visualize these words? Use simple shapes!

Photographic definition of word, make sure the image creates an emotion, and is not pixilated!

Typographic definition of word, chose a quotation that expresses the word along with a short definition. Design the layout in a way that reflects the word.

Combine all 3. You can manipulate each design slightly to create a cohesive layout.

a l i e n a t i

These are the voices which we hear in solitude, b u t t h e y g ro w f a i n t a n d inaudible as we enter into the world. Society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of every one of its members.”



The state of being

w i t h d r a w or from the objective world.


Difficulty: 6


Organization t h e re w a s a n o l d m a n o f n a n t u c k e t who kept all his cash in a bucket h i s d a u g h t e r, n a m e d n a n ran away with a man—




and, as for the bucket, nantucket


something made up of elements with varied functions that contribute to the whole and to collective









functions; an organism.

Aggression GGRESSION

L EavioNr T VIO b le ehack





b e h a v i o r You better back the fuck up Before you get

s m a c k e d

the fuck up This is how we do it on our side ”


“You better back the fuck up Before you get



th e f u c k u p This is how we do it on our side.”

– 2pac








s t o






s to ines read


ti tt or hosnfront or a







CMD 281 1 Restaurant Advertising 2 Exhibit Design


Basic Brews


hours a day

RESTAURANT ADVERTISING Objective: Create a new restaurant, advertise it using both typographic and imagery poster solutions, most importantly focus on branding it through a logo. This is your introduction to the meaning of a logo, understand the power that it holds. It’s the most important coffee bean in most recipes.

Ingredients: Mac book Pro Abobe Suite

Difficulty: 8

Instruction: While designing your logo think simply. As you can see, I chose a different color for all 5 letters in the word “immix.” Mix and match different type faces together for some inspiration. While designing your posters, revert back to the benefit of the restaurant, what makes it stand out? And what is the easiest way to convey that? Think of a few words that describe the benefit of your poster and begin a web of ideas. This project is a tough one to grasp because of our unfamiliarity with Comm. Design, but don’t stress too hard. Think Simple.

HY calm daring sweet healthy mood

Satisfy your food cravings.


41 CENTER RD. SYRACUSE, NY (315) 298 2880

Just keep trying, you’re headed in the right direction. Don’t give up yet...

How are you feeling? Satisfy your mood with food.


41 CENTER RD. SYRACUSE, NY ( 3 1 5 ) 2 9 8 2 8 8 0

A restaurant based on mood food separated by color, yellow is comfort food, blue is seafood, red is spicy, pink is sweet, and grean is healthy organic.

Basic Brews


hours a day

BRANDING & CORPORATE IDENTITY EXHIBIT Objective: Alright, you’ve been given a topic, now come up with a concept and story to pull someone through an entire exhibit about your topic. Once the exhibit is designed, create a poster advertisement, remember the importance of simplicity. If you got a bad topic, you better suck it up because this project requires a lot of hours at the warehouse. Prepare to add a lot more caffeine.

Take a walk through the historic village of branding and corporate identity

December 8, 2011 H ist o r y o f Design at t he wareho use 350 Fayette St. Syracuse, NY

ide n t i join the community

Difficulty: 10


Get to know your group early on, create friendships, you’ll see these guys a lot.

Instruction: Make sure the concept you choose is entertaining enough to build a story around, if you can do that then you can design a beginning, middle, and end to your exhibit. Incorporate new mediums for viewers to look at and get creative with your information. But remember SCALE! If you were walking around how big would this type be? Make sure that everything is placed at eye level, make it natural for the visitors eye to flow through the information chronologically. When designing the poster, remember to draw upon the benefit of the exhibit. Our concept was a town, for example. My group was able to walk the visitor through out village “Identiville” and using banks, roads, restaurants etc. to organize the information accordingly.

CMD 252 1 Product Design.


Decedent Decaf


hours a day

PRODUCT DESIGN Objective: Create a product that involves baking soda, package it, build a point of purchase for it, and to add some spice advertise it in a magazine.

Ingredients: Mac book Pro Abobe Suite Package Materials (based on design) POP Materials (based on design) Chip Board


Instruction: Firstly, you must be confident in your product, because you’ll be spending a lot of time focusing your design work around it for the next few months. This recipe is all about the benefit of the product as well. Make sure it is clear throughout your packaging design, POP, and advertisement. When the viewer sees either of these pieces separately, the purpose of the product should immediately be very clear – you need to capture the buyer very quickly because there are a lot of other products out there! Brand the product to a point where the logo becomes more recognizable than nike.

Sports pads protection spray, directed toward team players with stinky sports gear.


DIRECTIONS: Spray solution generously over equipment before practicing. Allow equipment to dry thoroughly before use. Use as needed. PREFORMANCE: OMNI GUARD uses the natural power of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda to prevent mold and bad odor from invading your sports equipment before the problem even starts.


dont play dirty


8 0Z (226g)



CMD 282 1 Beats Per Minute 2 Helping Hand 3 Connection Progression

Engaging Espresso


hours a day

Difficulty: 5

BEATS PER MINUTE Objective: Create an information design piece, make sure it is something basic because this recipe can get a bit overwhelming at times. Make sure you are passionate about the topic and can eventually explain the information to your old, almost blind, grandparents through the simplicity design. Use any medium you want.

This iPhone App explores the different genres there are in electronic music, ranging from house to dubstep with explanations in between. The App also allows you to buy music through Beatport, find upcoming concerts near you, and share playlists through facebook and twitter feeds.

Remember, color is the best navigation for information design.

Engaging Espresso


hours a day

HELPING HAND Objective: Create an information design piece, make sure it is something basic because this recipe can get a bit overwhelming at times. Make sure you are passionate about the topic and can eventually explain the information to your old, almost blind, grandparents through the simplicity design. Use any medium you want.


Difficulty: 7

I based this project on my experience abroad, while I was there I spent time visiting local communities and discussing the importance of health, hygiene and the environment. However, because the uneducated families did not have anything to reference during our visits they could not retain the information well. So here is the solution, a booklet for 3 different countries in their native language offering simple advice to live a healthy lifestyle, no matter what the circumstances may be in that home.

Engaging Espresso



hours a day

Connection Progression should look like a pece of music, think of an introduction, a verse, the chorus, and so on. Your eye should move up and down through the piece at different paces. Play with the viewers attention.

Ingredients: Artists tape Packaging tape Adobe Indesign

Difficulty: 9

Instruction: After you have chosen your macro theme (mine is dark– light–dark, and strong figure ground relationship–weak– strong), begin a collection of Imagery you find online (make sure images are the appropriate size). Using Indesign, flip, rotate, reflect and manipulate the images in different ways creating a beautiful flowing connection from one end to the other. Search for images that may show the exact transition you are looking for. For example, I searched for a dandelion because I needed forward movement. This project takes time, you need to take a step back every now and then in order to succesfully orchestrate it, work with a fresh mind.

Even a janitor should be able to define your macro theme.

CLASSIC CHAI INDIA 1 Semester Abroad

Chai, the traditional spice tea of the Indian culture. Take a sip and enjoy this taste of India.

I was blessed with the opportunity to travel around India for a month in November 2012, where I made my way from Delhi, to Agra, to Japiur, to Pushkar, the to Palampur to teach third grade, and finishing off in Goa. Every place we visited I left with a different perspective in mind, I was constantly learning and taking advantage of everything that was offered to me. It was a freeing mind set, a break from the normal routine. I was looking for something different, and that is exactly what I found. India showed me the power of beauty, but the beauty that lies beneath the surface – culture. The Indian way of life is completely different than our westernized mind sets. Life is a privilege in a blessing, not a privilege. We should all be striving to make this world a more peaceful and beautiful place to live, and using every day to make that dream come true. While I was there I felt a sense of self importance, because I have this amazing education at my fingertips, it is now time to see what I can do with it to make my mark on this world.

Girls in Delhi.

Aggressive Henna Tattooing, she grabbed my hand while walking around the India Gate and would not let go!

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial

The Taj Mahal, a piece of art t hat will raise goose bumps and bring tears to your eyes.

The Taj, it is massive.

The Jaipur Markets

Homeless and still beautiful.

Diwali, the festival of Light.

Jaipur, the Amber Fort & riding elephants!

Amber Fort, Jaipur.

Bathtub in the Amber Fort.

Bathtub in the Amber Fort.

Hey, I’m on an elephant.

Appreciate the little things.

The beautiful, yet complicated saree.

The strangest creatures...

Camping with camels in the Thar Desert

As I mentioned before, I was teaching in Palampur, second and third grade math and English in the government schools. The most eye opening experience ever – cherish your amazing education.

Macleod Ganj, home of the Dali Lama Temple

Foothills of the Himalayas, where I stayed in Palampur.

Spice it up in Goa!

Namaste, India!

Communication Design

Read van der Wal Sophomore Experience

Caffeinated Creations  

Life in Comm. Design can be exhausting, so add some caffeine to your day using recipes I designed! But, remember, the more caffeine the more...