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@Matthew, @Mark, @Luke, @John who got their facts wrong

long time ago, when getting stoned meant getting hit in the face with rocks hot girls wore veils men wore women’s tunics and long nosed Romans ruled Bar Rafaeli’s Land...


here once lived a chippy named Joe who liked to rap with a wicked mean flow and he knew a virgin named Mary who was actually quite contrary for she chose to drink wine over sherry.


he chippy was smitten by this contrary kitten he took her out on dates to good ol’ pop tate’s until they were ready to commit and go steady


ne fine day they decided to get hitched but they did not know there was a slight glitch cause even though they hadn’t done the deed virgin Mary was carrying someone’s seed


When Mary was taking a midnight snooze Angel Gabriel appeared to break the news what a vivid dream young Mary thought by the end of which she was quite distraught


nd then everything just went for a toss a heartbroken Joe was rightfully cross, he even wanted to even the score but he simply got up and walked out the door






hen he changed his status to it’s complicated Gabriel appeared and corroborated that this was no indecent deception but a heaven approved Immaculate Conception

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Joseph is engaged to Mary. Like 路 Comment

Joseph went from being "engaged" to "it's complicated." Like 路 Comment

Joseph and Angel Gabriel are now friends. Like 路 Comment


nd they were back together in just a short while hand in hand walking down the aisle


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Joseph is married to Mary. Like 路 Comment


hey decided to head back to their home town and hopped on Joe’s scooter to drive all the way down

N BethleheM


t was Bethlehem that they first passed when the two-wheeled jalopy ran out of gas to spend the night they needed a room all they got was the end of a broom and it was time for Mary to give birth to the one sent down to save the earth

Star of david hotel

king solomon


STABLE david citadel hotel

Bethlehem PLAZA

the dead sea hotel

hilton tel aviv


er water was broken a baby boy had awoken and a star shone bright to mark his birth to draw visitors out from all over the earth


ey” said the three wise guys, Larry, Curly and Moe “there’s an event for which we have been invited to go!”


o they hopped in a ‘copter, a boat and a car and decided to follow that big shiny star


hese three things are the gifts that we bring some cologne, some threads and mad hot bling bling it’s stuff that’s sure to make even Fat Tony sing”

nd so marks the end of the greatest story never told it ends with everyone being happy‌ well almost!

created by black light designs under the influence Christmas wine season’s greetings & special thanks to the noun project.

The Immanculate Inception  

The greatest story never told

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