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nnabe and I wanted a dress to fit his look. I went to Zap & Co. in Downtown Lancaster and got this early 1990’s black lace dress with a feather boa and gloves. At prom everyone said, ‘You guys look awesome.’ From that point on I was hooked on vintage. Tru(4)ia: How has your style changed from that high school girl and what pieces do you usually look for when thrifting? Sammy D: I have always had a very eclectic and fun, funky style.I am sick of the legging, oversize sweater and boots look. I am going to start channeling my ladyhood. When I go thrifting I always look for that avant garde, one-of-a-kind piece. The vintage hunter in me wants to reveal vintage finds by iconic designers of decades past. I love the history behind the fashion that when I wear it, I’m sharing it with the world. Tru(4)ia: What pieces are you predicting that will be popular this Spring/Summer season? Sammy D: The beauty of the warmer seasons is that anything goes. Wear what makes you feel your personal best! I do believe that crop tops, cut-off denim shorts and combat boots will still reign supreme for casual ‘n cool downtown style. Circle skirts with cat eye glasses and colored tights for a vintage-inspired professional look. Springtime is an inspiring time of fresh energy because more smiling and more laughter is brought on by sunshine and green grass is always a good thing for the mood of mankind! Tru(4)ia: Who are your style icons? Sammy D: I really like Jeannie Mai from the Style Network. She carries herself so well, and she is very compassionate with everyone. I like Fergie a lot because she came from a hard knocked life and has grown in style so much. I don’t have many style icons that are famous; I use the everyday people around me as inspiration.

Twitter, Pinterest and website that you are really passionate about inspiring others, why do want to inspire others? Sammy D: Inspiration is about simply being you and doing what you love while on this planet. Seeing someone be the person they love to be is the most authentic, organic form of inspiration there is. I believe that inspiring one another is the highest form of love we can give to the world. When we decide to do what makes us happy inside and loving outside, we inspire others to find the same joy in themselves. Tru(4)ia: Do you have any life mantras? Sammy D: My favorite life mantra is that life is a river. Living our life is like riding a current that is moving downstream. When we let go of controlling our ride on the river, we allow destiny to take us exactly where we’re supposed to go. I believe that we are destined to pick up certain people, things and knowledge on our “river raft” as we float downstream. Tru(4)ia: So what is next for Sammy Davis Vintage? Sammy D: 2012 started off and is continuing to be an exciting year for Sammy Davis Vintage. With a web site redesign in place, plans to begin creating vintageinspired products as well that hugely exciting news of a TV show in my not-so-distant future, let’s just say that 2012 is shaping out to be my favorite year yet! Tru(4)ia: Do you have any advice for soon to be college grads? (We are always looking for some!) Sammy D: One of my favorite quotes is that ‘dreams don’t change, they evolve.’ The secret to life is letting go of controlling our future and rather embracing what the universe presents us. That is not to say we shouldn’t have goals, desires and ambitions. These are important because they set our intentions in motion.

Tru(4)ia: It is obvious from your Facebook,