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are many ways that those with disabilities can better attain nutritious food. “In my opinion, we can provide vouchers for nutritious food for people with disabilities. In addition, we can provide transportation to grocery stores and ensure that grocery stores are better equipped to accommodate people with disabilities,” Hoffman said. “I think these measures can make nutritious food more accessible to disabled adults.” Chiu said she hopes that, in the future, more public policy will address these issues in more ways than just financial grants,

acknowledging that money is useless if you have no way to buy the food you need. “We hope from the policy level they can educate the social welfare programs or people in a clinic environment, to educate or provide some substantial support ... But they also should have some specific program,” Chiu said. “My idea would be that you can encourage those big supermarkets to have disability services. They can order online, and then they deliver. So they can have fresh food week by week, at least, rather than month by month.”



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The research served as a way for Chiu to give others a wake-up call to the situation of adults with disabilities. “Our study just wanted to show people that even for such a simple thing — eating, we need to eat everyday, right? — to support our life. (Adults with disabilities) already lose something,” Chiu said. “But when people see disability, usually, they will not think about, ‘Did you have a good healthy eating?’ They don’t care.” Susan can be reached at

Technograph Volume 130, Spring 2015  
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