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APRIL 20, 2011

HAWK TALK April Greetings . . . It is hard to believe that the end of the school year less than two months away. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were welcoming students back to school after a summer break. But before we think about June 10th (the last day for students and most staff) and a change in routine that summer provides, I wanted to communicate the importance of finishing strong these next few weeks. When we see the end to something (e.g. a task, project, or hurdle of some sort) it is easy to slow down, let up, or not put in the effort that we demonstrated at the start of this endeavor. The act of learning can fall into this same disguised trap – and I want to encourage our students, staff, and parents to not be caught off guard in letting this happen. We don’t need to lose a day given to us by coasting to the finish. Rather, we need to give it our all, a final push, as a marathon runner would as he/she nears the end of his/her race. Our 8th grade students will begin a new chapter of their education at the high school level next fall. During these next few weeks – their last at the middle school level – it is important that they do their best to finish strong so they can be the best prepared that they can be for the next stage of their educational journey. Following is an excerpt from a letter that was sent out to all households of an 8th grade student in late January – one that is worth reminding both students and parents of as we approach the end of this school year. As educators, we work to promote student learning in both academic and non academic areas. In addition to teaching writing, reading, math and other important skills needed to succeed in life, we encourage the development of positive character traits such as personal responsibility; traits needed in helping students prepare for constructive adult living. The transition from middle school to high school is one that not only should be celebrated, but also marked with expectations of the young adults that our students are becoming. This is the purpose of the La Pine Middle School

By successfully completing the following requirements, your student will be invited to the end of the year afternoon and evening activities on June 9, 2011. If, for some reason, your student does not meet all of the following activities they will be invited and able to attend the breakfast and awards assembly only. The requirements are:

• •

No more than one F for the 3rd trimester. Students receiving a D or F during Trimester 2 will receive a probation letter, notifying them that if they receive more than one F during Trimester 3 they will be unable to attend the end of year 8th grade activities. No Out-of-School Suspensions during the 3rd trimester. ALL fines cleared (library, textbooks, school pictures, athletics, etc.) as of June 7. Students may have the option to work off fines – contact the front office early, if you are interested in this option. Completed waiver form (to be sent out at a later date) to attend the parent-sponsored school activities at a site to be determined.

The celebration for our eighth grade students takes place on Thursday, June 9, 2011. Students will come to school at the regular time and have breakfast in the cafeteria. An awards assembly will immediately follow. Later that evening, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm., students are invited to attend a year-end dance to be held at the LPMS cafeteria. We want every eighth grade student to participate in the activities that have been planned for them this year. Please encourage your child to adhere to the expectations listed above so they can join us in all of the celebrations recognizing their promotion to the ninth grade.

8th grade accountability program.

School Improvement WEDNESDAY Dismiss @ 12:50PM College Day every Tuesday, Wear Your College Gear!! Friday is Blue & Gold Day.

Jim Boen, Principal

Coming events. . .

Exciting Enrichment on Wednesdays!

This spring students who qualify (with grades, no missing work, and good behavior) are finding many more options to choose from for Wednesday morning enrichment time. So far in April, we've had a digital photography class, 'Brain Gym' activities, bead-making, two drawing lessons from artist Paula Bullwinkle, and a Discovery Class from the High Desert Museum focusing on birds of prey. Ask your student what enrichment Wednesday activities he/she has participated in lately! Kelly Beaudry, 6th Grade Teacher

April 26 May 3 May 17 May 30

*Track @ La Pine Middle School *Track @ Culver Community Forum, 6-7:30PM, LHS District Track Meet @ Sisters Memorial Day-NO SCHOOL

*Field Events begin @ 3:30PM *Running Events begin @ 4:00PM

BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION . . . Join La Pine Middle School in this ongoing fundraiser. This fundraiser has purchase a die-cute machine and a Cricut for creating artwork and bulletin boards. We will continue to add to these very helpful tools as Box Tops come in. Please send them to the office or to your students’ teacher. Brands.aspx?




Food i

When: May  3rd,  2011       Time:  6:00-­7:30  PM       Where:  La  Pine  High   School  Auditorium         Door  Prizes!  


/HDUQZKDW¶VFXUUHQWO\ available for  youth   Share  ideas  &  get                                                     information   Sign  up  for  programs  or   to  volunteer  time   Sponsored  by   Think  Again  Parents  (TAPS)   Children  &  Families  Commission     La  Pine  Park  &  Recreation  District   Families  And  Communities  Together   La  Pine  Community  Action  Team    

ANNUAL SCOLIOSIS SCREENING Scoliosis screening will take place for LaPine Middle School’s 6th grade girls and all eighth graders on Wednesday, May 4th, during PE classes. Scoliosis is a slow growing curve of the spine that occurs while teens are rapidly growing. The screening will be conducted by the Bend La Pine school nurses. If a concern is found, the parents will be notified that day by a note the student is to bring home. A follow-up screening will be done by an orthopedic physician at a later date this year, at no cost to the parent. If you do not wish your child to be screened, please notify the office, (541-355-8200). If you have questions, please call Janice Smith, RN school nurse at 419-6392.

Sleep is Important Sleep is important! Yet, the National Sleep Foundation indicates that a majority of Americans (71%) do not get the recommended eight hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation affects you both physically and mentally. It can be characterized by the following: • • •

• •

Poor decision making & judgment, and increased risk taking Poor performance in school, at work, in sports and other physical activities, and while driving Increased risk of developing health problems, including obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease Impaired memory, concentration, and ability to learn Problems with emotions (including anxiety and depression) and relationships

While there are many possible reasons for not getting adequate sleep, one may be poor sleep habits. Getting a better night's sleep may be as easy as making some simple lifestyle changes. Here are a few tips for sleeping better: • •

• • • • • •

Keep a regular sleep schedule. What about room conditions. Consider a dark, cool, quiet room; window coverings, fans and noise blockers. Avoid over-the-counter sleep aids. Embrace bedtime rituals. Eat right for you. Write down worries. Limit naps. Exercise earlier in the day.

Spring Cleaning With Young Children

Spring is the time of year for cleaning. Your young children can help with cleaning tasks, especially when they are members of a team that works together. Such activities help children focus on a task, talk about what needs to be done, and follow through until completion and usually involve physical activity, problem solving and communication for planning. These experiences can promote a sense of competence and show children that everyone benefits from teamwork. Children experience personal satisfaction by taking charge of themselves and the world around them. Here are some ideas for indoor and outdoor big jobs for kids. With the right tools (small buckets, sponges, rags, childsize shovels and rakes) and adult supervision, children can work together to complete big jobs. • • • • • • • • • • •

Try on summer clothes and donate items that are too small. Sort through toys and books and decide which ones can be donated. Vacuum and sweep closets, dust toy shelves. Sort items: recycling, such as newspapers, cardboard, plastic milk jugs and metal cans. Sweep patios and porches. Wash tricycles and other outdoor toys. Pick up sticks and leaves from the yard. Spread new mulch on flowerbeds. Turn over dirt in the garden area. Spread grass seed and hay over bare areas in the yard, then water newly seeded areas. Fill a birdbath with clean water.




Track is off of running, throwing, and jumping! We just completed our first meet at Sky View April 12, and the number of personal records obtained was quite high. The student/athletes have been working hard in practice which shows up in the meets. The quality of the kids is outstanding this year and the coaching staff is very, very pleased with their behaviors and work ethic. Coaching Staff

WRESTLING Season Highlights

169 WINS! 177 Loses! Almost 50% of our matches were wins! District Champions: David Kerr and Tristan Wilson Third place-Austin Russell and Ben Harrison Fourth place-Justin Petz and Zach Nardone Fifth place-Jason Avery and Louden Oleachea Eighth placers-Mac Fox and Jeff Jimenez

Top 5  wrestlers  by  record 5. Justin Petz 13 wins 8 loses 4. Jeff Jimenez 14 wins 6 loses 3. Tristan Wilson 14 wins 4 loses 2. Louden Oleachea 18 wins 6 loses 1. David Kerr 21 wins 0 loses The  year  began  with  three  returning  wrestlers  and  a   bunch  of  5irst  year  wrestlers  for  La  Pine  Middle   School.  The  team  5inished  with  22  wrestlers  and  two   full  time  coaches.   Hyrum  Smith  was  a  volunteer  for  the  2011  season     and  never  missed  a  practice  or  a  match.  His  help  was   greatly  appreciated.   Congrats  to  all  for  a  great  season!

Have you read about the recent Meningococcal cases in Crook and now Deschutes Counties? The Health Department is recommending that youth in our communities ages 11-18 receive their first dose of meningitis vaccine as soon as possible . If you come to the La Pine School Based Health Center (SBHC), we accept insurance and OHP, and if you don’t have insurance the cost is only $15.19 for the meningococcal vaccine, if you are 18 or younger. Make sure you check with your insurance to make sure we are a preferred provider. To make an appointment with the SBHC, please call 541-536-0400, or call your primary provider. NEWS FROM LA PINE School Based Health Center (SBHC) Happy Spring from the SBHC. Hard to believe as we have had so much snow this month and it looks more like winter. Monday and Friday hours have increased to 8:00 - 4:30, with the last appointment at3:45. Wednesday clinic hours are 8:00 to 12:00, last appointment at 11:30. Watch for summer hours in upcoming newsletters. Many High School and Middle School students have not received their Hepatitis A immunization series, Meningitis vaccine, and the Tdap immunization. We will gladly update your student on these important shots. Call 536-0400 to schedule an appointment. We have had a recent outbreak of meningitis in Deschutes and Crook Counties. Our next Asthma Clinic is in May. If you are interested, please call to get your name on the list. Remember us for Sports Physicals. We are in the planning stages to offer low cost Sports Physicals for the upcoming school year of 2011-2012. Check with us to find out date and times. SBHC also offers individual counsel sessions for your child on healthy eating and exercise programs. We are here for you and your student, providing complete physical exams, sports physicals, immunizations, sick visits, and asthma clinics. All services at the SBHC are sliding scale, based on family income, but no student is denied care due to inability to pay. Claudia, FNP & Pam, MOA La Pine School Base Health Center, 536-0400

Lost and Found !!! Lost and Found items will be donated over summer break.

LPMS April Newsletter  

LPMS April Newsletter

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