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Volume 2 • Issue 5 • September - October 2013

UMAMI Come to your senses



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From The Publisher Welcome the fall 13 edition of Quirk! We have some very interesting stories and events to share with you this issue! Ginger Malacko visited the newly opened and exciting venture, Jean Van Kleek “Umami”. Umami presents a very unique Photography: Jen Alston concept and one that Lethbridge is sure to enjoy. As Ginger mentions, the word (ooh-mah-mee) was coined by a Japanese professor and physicist who set out to describe the fifth sense of taste – that elusive savour that had been heretofore indescribable. It encompasses the science of food and the exploration of flavour. And it is this spirit of exploration that pervades the Umami shop. This season, Quirk is launching the first annual “Lethbridge Has Talent” Contest. We are excited about this, and look forward to entries from the tremendous pool of talent we know resides in our community. What makes this contest unique, is there are no age restrictions, or type of talent categories. We are looking for you to send in a video or your talent… whatever it may be. Surprise us! Speaking of talent, Southern Accord, a local group of women who perform four part harmony, barbershop style, are hosting a guest night, inviting women to join them and make some harmony. Have a look too, at the second installment of “Beauty by the Yard” where we talk about getting your yard ready for winter, and extending the fall season (because most of us don’t really want winter to come!)

Enjoy! Letter to The Editor The whole magazine is very classy in its presentation of a wide variety of topics, right up to the advertising, Bits & Pieces, etc and even the feel and look of the pages, puts it in a standard of its own. I will be looking forward to the futures issues. G. Peterson

Volume 2 • Issue 5 • September - October 2013 Published bi-monthly in Lethbridge by


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Qu rk Restaurant Gu de i


TOP PIZZA & SPAGHETTI HOUSE There is a reason Top Pizza remains the “top” place to go in Lethbridge for pizza and pasta since 1968! The same traditions are still in place today that were started 40 years ago. From the bread and pizza dough that is hand-made fresh daily, and the Caesar and House Salad dressings that are still made from scratch or made locally to the highest standards. The pizza crust has a quality like none other in the city. Once you’ve tasted it, you crave it-even with all the franchise pizzerias that have come to Lethbridge over the years, Top Pizza is still the restaurant of choice for pizza and pasta lovers! Come and see why we continue to win the Best of the Best Sun Times Award for pizza!

Streatside Eatery has been operating in its downtown location since 1987. Customer satisfaction, quality, and fresh food is our main focus. We prepare everything in our kitchen: sauces, salads and original dressings are just a few of our custom creations - and the soup and quiche are made fresh daily The menu consists of fresh salads, wraps, fritters, dry garlic ribs, Angus burgers, pasta dishes, AAA steak and our famous Chicken McMerle Sandwich, just to name a few! “Bill the Baker” has been baking our desserts for many years and always comes up with new and exciting items to try.

Come Dine and Enjoy! 317 8th Street South • 403-328-8085 Sunday 11am-8pm • Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm Friday & Saturday 11am-10pm

Steve Oseen

The dining room at LSCO is Downtown Lethbridge’s best kept secret. Our three Red Seal chefs prepare delicious and affordable meals for our members and the public: Breakfast 8-10 AM, Lunch 11 AM – 1 PM (soup and sandwiches are available until 4 PM). We can cater your next party in our variety of meeting spaces that seat from 40 people to 400… or just rent cutlery, plates and glasses from us to hold your own great event! Decorative drapes and chair covers NOW available for catering events NEW!! On the second Sunday of every month we are hosting a Brunch Buffet featuring a made-to-order omelette station, salad bar, roast beef and traditional breakfast offerings (10 AM – 2PM). 500 - 11 Street South Lethbridge

403 320-2222

for our dining room menu and full catering information.

Welcome to Lethbridge’s Newest Japanese Restaurant! Featuring Traditional & Modern Japanese Cuisine

Teriyaki Chicken • Sukiyaki Beef • Salmon Cutlet Gyu-Don & Udon Noodle • Ra-Men Noodle • Chirashi-Sushi

Lunch set menu $10-$15

Specializing in Japanese Noodles

511- 4th Ave. S. Lethbridge 403-942-7955 Quirk - 7



cko a l a M ger n i G y b

Quirk - 8



‘umami’ The word

(ooh-mah-mee) was coined by a Japanese professor and physicist who set out to describe the fih sense of taste – that elusive savour that had been heretofore indescribable. It encompasses the science of food and the explora on of flavour. And it is this spirit of explora on that pervades the Umami shop.




making it the ideal place to stock your kitchen… and stop for lunch.

DOWNTOWN’S NEWEST ADDITION, Umami, may look like a sleek boutique shop with a fresh modern interior and youthful energy, but it’s really just the newest cog in a legacy that has spanned decades…and a couple of generations. Perhaps you didn’t pay much attention to your parent’s histories when you were an all-knowing youth, but Louis and Thao Luu’s story has had a profound influence on their children. When the Luu’s fled Vietnam and arrived in Lethbridge with its strange language, strange culture, and strange climate, they set down deep roots in their new home by sharing a part of themselves with the community. They opened the Asian Market on the city’s north side, where, to this day, they bring familiar and unfamiliar tastes to new and established Canadians alike. Theirs was an immigrant experience that resonated with many people making a new beginning in Lethbridge, and which cultivated a pioneering spirit in their three children, who spread as far as New York, France and Germany, each bravely encountering new languages, cultures and climates…and also new foods. The first Umami shop opened in Chalon sur Saone in the south of France when Patricia Luu and her sister, Quyen, decided that they too wanted to share something of themselves. And what better to share with their adopted homeland than the heartfelt love of international food that they grew up with? But eventually the Luu children’s thoughts turned to home and bringing some of what they’d learned in the wide world back to the community that raised them. So Patricia, along with partner Sven Roeder and younger brother Alex, returned to Lethbridge with plans for a new Umami shop. What they brought to our fair city is a bright, uncluttered space that was beautifully designed by Portugese architect, Ana Guerreiro. A clean gallery-style backdrop, punches of red and orange, aisles that are easily navigated, helpful staff, and an overall atmosphere of urban warmth make shopping here a pleasure. The Umami team sources every product themselves,

Le to Right, Sven Roeder, Patricia Luu and Alex Luu. ensuring that their customers get the very best brands from each nation, from Vietnam, to India, to Italy. It’s not often you find that magical combination of big market selection and small market charm. But it’s obvious that the focus of the Umami shop is the food, the customer, and bringing the two together. The word ‘umami’ (ooh-mah-mee) was coined by a Japanese professor and physicist who set out to describe the fifth sense of taste – that elusive savour that had been heretofore indescribable. It encompasses the science of food and the exploration of flavour. And it is this spirit of exploration that pervades the Umami shop. Besides an astounding variety of grocery products and ingredients from around the globe, the shop also carries fresh locally grown produce, pastries and sushi, making it the ideal place to stock your kitchen…and stop for lunch. But the crowning glory, and physical manifestation of the Umami philosophy, is the gorgeous home kitchen placed conspicuously at the front of the shop. Because the mission is not just to get you to buy a basketful, but to be inspired to conduct your own experiments with Umami at home. Cooking classes and demonstrations, wine pairings included, will be offered in store by some of our very own local chefs who’ll teach the adventurous home cook how to combine flavours and fresh ingredients, bringing you comfort food from every continent. The shop will also collaborate with Impact Nutrition, highlighting healthy food choices that won’t skimp on taste. Instead of simply visiting a grocery store, you’re joining a lifestyle movement. So although the Umami shop is shiny and new, the concept interesting and the opportunities exciting, what you’ll really find therein is a centuries old love of good food. It’s a legacy that hasn’t only passed down through the generations of the Luu family, but one that you’ve doubtless experienced in your own.


Be Connected...

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Making our lives better, greener, sustainable and more energy efficient

This fall, Exhibition Park is partnering with Lethbridge College to bring an exciting new expo to Lethbridge. The Green Life Expo will showcase a variety of products and programs that help make our lives better, greener, sustainable and more energy efficient. Visitors will be inspired by practical new, innovative energy saving products and the greenest programs that are beneficial to the environment. The Green Life Expo contains various themes including: Green energy zones Green homes & gardens Green building zone Local & organic market place Eco-fashion Transportation zone Wellness zone Green kids activity zone

This Green Life Expo is a first for Lethbridge, and the aim of the event is to provide green living ideas and solutions for a greener lifestyle in Southern Alberta!

*Exhibitor and event information contained below

Green Life Expo extends an invitation to businesses who have products or services that are green friendly, organic or recycled into new products. Exhibitors will be accepted on how their product will assist in the reduction of pollution, how their product is made, if their product is enviro-friendly, or healthy to consume.

Presented by

For Exhibitor Information

Contact: Jenna at 403-317-3219 or CLICK ON 2013 MAJOR EVENTS

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Chimney Sweeps...more

than just soot!

CHIMNEY SWEEPS really do exist!

They are more than just images of men with English accents, covered with soot, holding a longhandled brush over their shoulders as portrayed by Dick Van Dyke as Bert in Disney’s classic film “Mary Poppins”. Chimney sweeps are people who can help homeowners and their families feel safe in their homes – and help maintain the upkeep and appearance of their homes.

by Bernie Huizing

Chimneys require regular cleaning and maintenance. Using the wood burning fireplace or stove regularly will create a build up of creosote on the walls of the chimney. Creosote is unburned fuel and this is an extreme hazard to the homeowner. Creosote is a highly flammable fuel, and if ignited, will cause a chimney fire, putting your family and home at risk.


How often is cleaning necessary?

Soot build-up

This will largely depend on a number of things, including:

*What is the quality of wood used in the fireplace? *Has the wood been seasoned properly? *Is the wood being used a hard or soft wood? *How often do you use the wood-burning fireplace or stove? These are just a few things that should be considered when determining soot build up. Chimney sweeping needs to be done on a regular basis by trained professional chimney sweeps who are

qualified to determine the condition of your chimney and, if required, will recommend solutions to repair the chimney system if there is any damage.

Rememberwood-burning appliances and their chimney systems always require regular maintenance to be safe and reliable!

After Clean

Pete, ‘the chimney sweep’ says:

“Be safe - brush regularly!”

• Full line of traditional and contemporary wood & gas fireplaces and stoves • Electric fireplaces • WETT certified inspections of wood burning stoves, fireplaces and chimney systems • Chimney sweeps • Gas fireplace maintenance & stove accessories • Fireplace & stove accessories • Cultured stone installations • Custom mantels & cabinets • Outdoor kitchen design & installation • Patio campfires, pergolas, outdoor fireplaces • Full line of Outdoor Great Room products

Home is Where the Hearth is 1421 - 3rd Avenue South

403.329.4445 Quirk - 13

Monique’s En’ 4th Fashions

Quirk - 14


By Ginger Malacko

The Joseph Ribkoff company is a large fashion-loving family which is evident in the arrangement of its departments and staff.


hether shopping for clothing is an experience you savour as often as possible, or a task you hurry through twice a year, we all want to walk into a shop and feel like we matter. To be treated like a person with a style of our own and to know that we have placed ourselves in the hands of someone who wants to find the right clothing to fit the client, rather than the right client to fit the clothing. This kind of personal care is what Monique Rombaldi, of En’ 4th Fashions, strives for. In fact, she won’t settle for anything less in her classic downtown boutique shop. Thanks to a long and illustrious career in the fashion industry, Monique knows how to earn the trust of loyal clients. To her, finding the right piece is more important than pushing trends and making a real connection with a client is more important than making a sale. And part of that dedication to customer care is offering her local shoppers fashion labels that share that same commitment. When Monique opened her shop three years ago, she sought out the very best brands and this search led her straight to Canadian label Joseph Ribkoff. As one of our nation’s leading fashion exporters, Joseph Ribkoff is also a global leader in design and quality. But what attracted Monique to this particular brand is the fact that they make it a priority to know their retailers and through them, to know the needs and wishes of the client. This is not a brand that you find in large, impersonal department stores. They deal exclusively with shops like Monique’s En 4th where customers are known and appreciated, and where their tastes and opinions are valued.

This philosophy shows in the product: in the fabric, the construction, and the impeccable detailing. Each item that comes through the shop has been given the Joseph Ribkoff stamp of approval…but also the Monique Rombaldi stamp of approval. While each dress, shirt and jacket is thoroughly inspected in the factory, it must also pass Monique’s simple test. Does the clothing feel as good as it looks? Monique’s expert fingertips ensure that the quality can be felt as well as seen. A pretty picture in a catalogue does not guarantee that a piece of clothing will feel comfortable and luxurious. And to Monique, a beautifully stocked shop is nothing in comparison to a happily dressed client. What really binds together this brand and this shop is intention, the underlying and overarching mission to serve the client well. Monique has always held herself to a high standard and to this personal motto: if you set out to do something, then do it right. It’s a motto that has made a difference in her life and in her business and both Joseph Ribkoff and Monique’s En 4th have demonstrated that the best way to do things right, is to care about what you do – and the people you do it for.

Monique was recently invited to preview the new line and tour the Joseph Ribkoff factory in Montreal in person. And while elegant accommodations, banquets and a fashion show made it a trip to remember, it was the factory tour that made an impression. The Joseph Ribkoff company is a large fashion-loving family which is evident in the arrangement of its departments and staff. All 80,000 square feet of the expansive complex is designed to create a cooperative and integrated environment. But it was the smiles on the faces of the staff at Joseph Ribkoff that stood out to Monique. Guests to the factory are made to feel genuinely welcome – the same feeling Monique creates in her own shop. Left to Right: John, Monique, Patrick, Nadine Quirk - 15


P tograp ho

Tips & Tricks

by Chris yauck Chris Yauck Photography

Problem: My photos all look the same. How do I make them more interesting?

er h

’s E ye•

Solution: Change up your viewpoint. Tip: Use the rule of thirds. By viewing our images as being broken up by three evenly spaced vertical and horizontal lines we create a visual sweet spot when we place our subjects on one of these lines. Below we have the same photo from two different composition approaches. In the first we have our subject dead center which is still a great photo – but as you can see when we step back and allow ourselves to move our subject away from center we dramatically change the scene. Suddenly we are allowed to view our subject in her environment, we see the scope of the landscape, the river and we create a great leading line with the fence from the left of the frame into our subject. Try keeping this in mind (and look for those leading lines with your environment) the next time you take your camera out and see what you can create!

most photos. An added bonus? Shooting your subjects from a higher vantage point gives a look that is slimmer. Tip: Shoot a lower angle. Get down and experiment with the right height for your shot. Children are better photographed at their height. They will feel more comfortable when you at their level.

Rule of Thirds

Tip: Get above your subjects. Putting yourself higher than a group offers the benefit of being able to see each person more clearly as your subjects will no longer be blocking each other. The high angle is pleasing to our eye as it’s something different than

Jason McCaig Winner of September’s contest Win a Canon Vixia HFM400



HOW TO ENTER: Submit your best photo of Lethbridge or the surrounding area in .jpeg format, 300 dpi resolution in black & white or full color. A winning photo will be chosen and published in Quirk Magazine. After six issues (one year), a final winner will be chosen to receive a Canon Vixia HFM400 Camcorder from Thriftway Pharmacy. Photos must be original, caption and contact information of photographer provided. No altered photographs will be accepted, digital or otherwise. Quirk Magazine and Shabella Publishing retain the right to use winning photographs for promotional purposes.

Entry Deadline October 7, 2013

702 - 13 St. N. LETHBRIDGE 403-327-0340 THRIFTWAY PHARMACY • Free delivery • Free pill packs • Extensive camera department Quirk - 16

Juggling the Jingle IN YOUR GENES She says she’s thrifty. He says she is cheap!

Similar conversations go on in every household across the nation. People tend to have divergent money management styles, and these differences tend to be especially pronounced in relationships with couples. But why is money so problematic? Money is money, isn’t it? Let’s take a look. Our basic personalities influence every aspect of our life, including how we view money and financial matters. Each person has his or her unique personality. Over time we adapt behavioral styles that may be less acceptable to others, and money management is an area of potential conflict that occurs not only in families, but also in businesses and organizations. How can we change this and learn to juggle the jingle, in other words employ the power of our personalities to become financially literate and comfortable?

By Freddi Dogterom

Money is a Tool “I believe in the Golden Rule. Whoever has the gold, rules!” For Tool people there is no power greater than the power of money. They have no emotional connection to their money but believe using it wisely is a component to money management. It truly is a tool, like a shovel or a hammer, something to be used very strategically. Tool people are not afraid to spend money but are very strategic. They will often conduct research and then buy quality items with prestigious labels.

One of my favorite activities is to visit with my two grandsons who are in the process of teaching me all about life. One day Rylan, then aged six, explained to me the importance of money. “Mommy and I are saving our money to go to Disneyland. Money gives you power. When you have enough you are in control!” Where did he get this idea? Neither of his parents believes this about money. This is the programming of his financial personality.

Let’s look at the main money personality styles: Money is a Toy “Show me the money, honey!” “If I have cheques I must still have money.” This is the group who truly believe that money will buy happiness and -for them -it does! Like a toy it’s something to be played with. Here we find the power shoppers, those who like to buy stuff, any stuff, and often rather frivolous stuff. Whether they have a lot or a little the act of playing with their money brings them joy.

All over North America people are struggling to get a handle on their finances. Whether attempting to get out of debt, become better savers or attempting to build solid investment portfolios, personality plays a role in our failures as well as our successes.

I love kitchen gadgets! My mother-in-law once bought me an electric potato peeler, the ultimate in kitchen gadgetry. How cool was that? I loved it! Not once did I question the idea of being given something that is plugged into an electrical socket and then operated under running water. Hey, wait a minute … should I be worried?

Money is a Treasure “I have never met a penny that did not want to be saved.” People who live by this adage are natural planners and savers. They love piggy banks and enjoy seeing the balances of their bank accounts grow. They love a balanced cheque book and growing bank balance. As a boy, my husband would do chores for his grandmother and be paid each time with a 50 cent piece. He still has all of the original coins except for $11.50 worth. When a bank with a gift for customers opening new accounts opened near his home he deposited $11.50 (the minimum amount to qualify for the gift) and received a free camera. He still has the money and the camera and a nice warm feeling from saving all his money. People like him who see money as a treasure, believe all money wants to be saved.

Money is a Token “Money is merely something that you exchange to receive either pleasure or leisure.” Managing money is just so incredibly difficult. It takes a lot of energy and causes so many disagreements, and besides – what does it really matter? This is the belief system of Token people. Money has no value other than what it can be exchanged for. Although Token people realize that having a budget is a good thing, it’s something that is stressful and exhausting to set it up and very difficult to maintain, but the intentions are good.

They like to purchase comfort items. A good friend of mine collects nice comfy cushions. When asked how many she really needs, she replied, “One can never have enough cozy, snuggly, pillows.” Another friend likes home baked cookies. So, she buys the cookie dough already prepared and sliced on a baking tray – just pop it into the oven for fresh warm cookies. She exchanges her coins for convenience and receives great pleasure. Keeping the Jingle in Your Genes Our genetic codes have a profound impact on how we respond to the world around us, including the ways that we handle money. All over North America people are struggling to get a handle on their finances. Whether attempting to get out of debt, become better savers or attempting to build solid investment portfolios, personality plays a role in our failures as well as our successes. When it comes to your money styles, don’t fight – learn. Everyone can be successful by utilizing methods that work for them.

In other words, we need to learn to Juggle the Jingle in our Genes!

Freddi Dogterom CCDP, CPT, PRP is The Personality Trainer! She is a dynamic, award winning Professional Speaker, professional Retirement Planner, talented workshop leader and “enter-training” presenter. Some of her most popular Personality workshops are: “Like Sandpaper on a Sunburn” – personalities in personal relationships, “Not ALL the Monkeys are in the Zoo!” – Personalities in the workplace and “Juggling the Jingle in Your Genes” - personality and money management.

Find her at Quirk - 17

Sing with Southern ACCORD By Carol Quan and Anne Dyck Photos by

Music is said to be food for the soul. So, Southern Accord chorus is offering a taste of A Cappella singing at our upcoming guest night Sing with Southern Accord, September 25th. What’s on the menu? The specialty is four part harmony with a barbershop flavor. In this singing style, there is a place for every voice: low (bass) to high (tenor) and a couple in between (lead and baritone). Song selections include old classics like “You are my sunshine” as well as modern arrangements of Elton John, Sting and ABBA tunes.

returned from a weekend music workshop with the Buzz, an internationally awarded quartet and were awed by the quality of the education they received.

Sorry guys. There is a restriction on this musical diet. Southern Accord is for women only. Singers with the chorus enjoy the opportunity for creativity and self fulfillment. Camaraderie is an important aspect of being part of this group. Members say they come for the music but stay because of the friendships.

The chorus motto is Alone We Sing, Together We Make Harmony which reflects the overall goal for singers with a range of past experience and skills, coming together to make beautiful music. Barbershop music is like fine wine- something to be appreciated for it’s unique bouquet. Great barbershop chords ring, creating overtones that will give you goose bumps. But learning to sing barbershop takes some vocal training and this chorus is fortunate to have Director Betty Baldwin and two Assistant Directors Jill McLeod and Elaine Liebelt along with choreographer Linda Cavanaugh. Together they lead the group through Wednesday night “jam” sessions featuring everything from vocal production to choreography and the art of performing. Barbershop singers are happiest when they are singing and performing. The chorus, smaller ensemble and quartet entertain at a variety of community functions and events. Watch for information about the Christmas at the Inn dinner coming up at the Bloomin Inn near Pincher Creek December 13th of this year. Southern Accord will be offering a buffet of music sprinkled with a hint of humor and dash of dancing. Southern Accord is the only Sweet Adelines chorus in Alberta that is south of Calgary. Sweet Adelines is a worldwide organization committed to advancing the art form of barbershop harmony through education and performance. This non-profit music education organization is one of the world’s largest singing organizations for women with nearly 30,000 members and 1800 choruses and quartets. Several chorus members recently Quirk - 18

This September, all over the globe, Sweet Adelines choruses are joining together to Teach the World to Sing. Southern Accord is participating by inviting talented singers who are looking for a new musical challenge to step up to the plate and make a reservation for:

Sing with Southern Accord- Guest night 2013 Wednesday September 25 • 6 PM McNally Community School Contact Donna at 403 327-8661


Photo by Gerold van Es Canon Rebel t2i and 17 / 55 ef-s lens.

Several tales of the appearance of sundogs have existed in popular culture. Some say a sundog brings good luck when spotted on a long journey, others say it will bring a radical change in weather conditions, such as rain. Amazingly, like many types of weather folklore, there may be some truth to the tales. Before the advent of modern technology, people often explained the weather in the easiest way talking about it! Making rhymes, sayings, and predictions about the weather was (in a way) an early form of weather forecasting.


Sun dogs are atmospheric phenomena caused by the refraction of sunlight through ice crystals such as those hosted in cirrus clouds. A number of specific conditions must prevail for sun dogs to form. Many observers miss them because they form close to the sun, requiring the viewer to look almost directly into the sun to see them. However, when conditions are right, sun dogs can be clearly viewed, and are quite striking, looking like smaller false suns next to the real sun. In order for sun dogs to form, the sun must be in the sky, usually less than 45 degrees from the horizon, and in the same horizontal plane as the viewer. Small hexagonal ice crystals must also be in roughly the same plane, and be oriented parallel to the ground. If all of the ice crystals are relatively flat, sun dogs will form approximately 22 degrees away from the sun. Usually, sun dogs come in pairs, one on either side of the sun, and they are sometimes accompanied by a halo, caused by the refraction of sunlight through ice crystals.

Quirk - 19


UNDERSTANDING Reactions to Food Food intolerances

Today I will discuss the difference between allergies and sensitivities. Unlike allergies, food intolerances do not trigger an immune system response. Typically, symptoms related to food intolerances often take anywhere from an hour to a few days to develop. Because of this, they are often more difficult to pinpoint because the symptoms vary from individual to individual.

Like the old saying “one man’s food is another man’s poison” which simply states that different people can have very different reactions to exactly the same food. There is increasing evidence that food sensitivities are more common and have a wider impact on our health than previously realized.

they were allergic to or discovered that gluten was the only thing that their body did not like. The possibility of developing a new allergy to something their body previously tolerated does not occur to them. What people do not realize is that a gluten intolerance can actually lead to new food sensitivities later in life.

Health concerns

Milk proteins, milk sugar, fat & saturated fat found in dairy products may pose health risks for children and lead to the development of chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes to name a few. Colic is an additional concern with milk consumption. A recent study also linked cow’s milk consumption to chronic constipation in children.

Food intolerances commonly result in gastrointestinal disturbances due to the individual’s inability to digest and absorb the food. Other related symptoms can include an inability to lose weight, chronic fatigue, skin rashes, itchy eyes, and a persistent stuffy nose. The foods that trigger the most common reactions are dairy, wheat, soy, and gluten.

Milk and dairy products are not necessary in the diet and can, in fact, be harmful to your health. Consume a diet of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes. These nutrient-dense foods can help meet your calcium, potassium, riboflavin and vitamin D requirements with ease and without health risks.

How common is Dairy Sensitivity?

Vega products, for example, are made exclusively from plant-based, whole food ingredients. This certainly helps build a platform for optimal health because the products are alkaline-forming. They are dairy free, gluten free & soy free and contain no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners.

Dairy sensitivity is increasing and dairy-sensitive people improve dramatically on a dairy-free diet. Its symptoms can be itchy skin, eczema, asthma, mood swings, constant runny nose, ear infections, bone density loss, diarrhea and bloating to name a few. The symptoms of Dairy Sensitivity can be confused with those of Fructose Sensitivity and Gluten Sensitivity, they all overlap. All food sensitivity symptoms, if left untreated, become worse with age. Gluten intolerance may cause additional food sensitivities Many people with a gluten intolerance are baffled when they adopt a gluten-free lifestyle and still experience symptoms of food sensitivities, symptoms that may have initially gone away once gluten was out of their diet. Sometimes people attribute these feelings of upset stomach, headaches, or other symptoms to accidentally consuming small amounts of gluten. Perhaps they had food allergy tests done previously and gave up anything

Minimize exposure to aggravating ingredients


Help strengthen your immune system

Many people, whether they know it or not, have sensitivities to ingredients that are abundant in the modern, processed food diet. These sensitivities can manifest as headaches, mild flu-like symptoms, low energy, and even difficulty shedding body fat.

Frequent consumption of fast/convenience foods leads to many problems including food sensitivities. These sensitivities lead to cravings for more and the addiction cycle is established. Over time, this diet wears down the endocrine system. Micronutrient deficiencies develop unless the individual supplements with vitamins, minerals and other important food factors. Vega One, for example (shown on the opposite page), is a clean, plant-based nutritional shake that would fuel your healthy lifestyle without compromise. You are what you eat. And what you don’t.

Dr. Zoltan Rona says it is an established fact that all disease, especially cancer, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis exists in an acid medium. And that all animal products, refined foods, and most high gluten grains create an acid condition in the body. Plant based diets create more of an alkaline body pH. Eat more like a rabbit. Malnutrition impairs immune function. French fries, soft drinks and bourbon do not build strong white blood cells..... One substance to avoid is simple sugar. This further impairs immune function.


“Eat food. Not much. Mostly plants”!

This is quoted from Michael Pollan and he says that this is the short answer to the supposedly incredibly complicated and confusing questions of what we humans should eat in order to be maximally healthy.

MAKE HEALTH A HABIT Priscilla Peltier is a natural health care practitioner at Nutter’s who writes on health & nutrition and has a passion for the latest research in natural health & diet.

Priscilla Peltier, C.H., C.N.C., C. Irid., R.BIE Herbalist, Nutrition Consultant, Iridoligist, and Registered BioEnergetics Practitioner 403.329.3100 (Office) 403.942.5064 (Fax)

Quirk - 20

Nutter’s Bulk & Natural Foods Unit 102, 920 2 Avenue A N Lethbridge, Alberta, T1H 0E3 403-329-3100

VIBRATION TRAINING AND OSTEOPOROSIS Many of our customers have reported to us that their doctors said they couldn’t have reversed their osteoporosis as effectively by any other means! What are they doing that is working so well??

Let’s look at two of the main causes of osteoporosis now associated with 1.2 million bone fractures each year! #1 - Diet: The Mayo clinic states that the main cause is the body’s inability to absorb calcium, not necessarily the lack of calcium in the diet. - Many doctors advise taking a 600 to 800 mg. supplement of calcium every day along with adequate Vitamin D and magnesium intake as food or as supplements. Studies have shown this type of supplementation reduces the occurrence of hip fractures by up to 30 percent. - Without enough calcium absorption from the diet, the body will leach it from the bones, causing them to weaken over time. - Without enough Vitamin D and magnesium, the bones cannot absorb the calcium. Here are some things you can do to improve your diet. On Dr. Mercola’s website he gives this advice: • Increase your consumption of vegetables or try vegetable juicing. • Eat high quality, organic, biodynamic, locally grown food. These “clean” foods are more nutrient dense. • Avoid processed foods. They will produce biochemical and metabolic conditions in your body that will decrease your bone density. • Consume a healthy balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fats by eliminating processed vegetable oils such as corn, canola, safflower and soy. These are too high in Omega-6 fats and will over balance the omega-3’s • Most everyone needs to supplement a high quality omega-3 fat preferably from small fish sources such as krill or sardine oil. Larger fish such as salmon feed further up the food chain on sources that are already contaminated with mercury. Smaller fish live on ocean greens not other fish. • Avoid gluten, a grain protein that has been shown to decrease bone density. Gluten is found in wheat, barley, rye, oats and spelt. • Avoid soda and sugar which deplete your bones of calcium. • Consider supplementing with vitamin K2 if you are not getting enough from dark green foods alone. Vitamin K2 serves as the biological “glue” that helps plug the calcium into your bone matrix. The dose is about 185 mcg per day.

#2 - Weight Bearing Exercise: 1. stimulates bone formation and the retention of calcium in the bones; 2. forces muscles to pull against bones they are attached to stimulating the bone-building process; 3. increases muscle strength, coordination and balance which decreases the likelihood of falls; Bicycling and swimming are great for your heart and lungs. However, these are not weight-bearing exercises for osteoporosis because you are being held up by something other than your feet and legs.

And this is where Whole Body Vibration Training hits the mark perfectly!

With the number of muscle vibrations per second, 10 minutes on the VibraFit Trainer is the muscular and fitness equivalent of running for an hour. And there is no stress to the joints!! Medical Research has already shown just how much difference Vibration Training makes to bone density and bone strength (lack of brittleness). In fact, it was invented for that very purpose. Flexibility is also very important for diminishing falls and breaks. Having flexible joints helps prevent injury. Vibration Training has demonstrated its usefulness in this regard as well. The VibraFit Trainer can help you maintain or increase the bone mass you have in the safest, most enjoyable way for you. If you choose an exercise you enjoy, you’re more likely to stick with it over time.

Go to for other related articles on the benefits of Vibration Therapy! Or call 403-393-6114. Quirk - 22

Rudy & Stella Reger

Celebrating the Past... Looking to the Future

From a business originally operated out of their home to a 20,000 square foot facility, Energy Smart Canada has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 13 years. And this year, they are celebrating their 1st anniversary at their new location.

Although the size of the showroom and expansion of product have grown over the years, owners Rudy and Stella Reger still remain a family that run their business the same way they always did. They believe in their product, they believe in keeping their customers satisfied, and they believe in treating people right. They both add that none of the growth and expansion they have enjoyed would have been possible without the support of their amazing staff.

The Regers are family people, and part of the reason they persued selling green product, was to leave an imprint for their own children and help make a difference in the world they grew up in.

Energy Smart Canada began with tankless hot water heaters (far ahead of when they became popular here) and low-flush toilets. They expanded and began carrying Arctic Spas hot tubs, proven to be the most energy efficient hot tubs, and Alberta made. Since then, they have become major suppliers of geo-thermal energy, as well as solar power.

Energy Smart Canada has also expanded their leisure sector in providing outdoor fire tables beautiful outdoor furniture and pools. Rudy is always on the lookout for the latest technology, and great new ideas to introduce to the Lethbridge market.

Who knows what will be in store next? 2825B 2nd Avenue South (Crowsnest Trail)



As summer comes to an end, many of us start to dread fall, the harbinger of things to come. Although the trees are beautiful as they change colour, we know it is a sign of the inevitable change of seasons. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore, fall can be embraced even into November and beyond, weather permitting. There are so many options available to increase the length of time we enjoy the outdoor space of our homes. The evening air is cooler, which can be a wonderful respite from hot summer nights. If it’s get too cool, there are many options for heating your outdoor space. Firepits of every kind and variety have become a staple in most yards.

Courtesy: Dubes Design & Renos

You can also build a custom stonework outdoor fireplace designed specifically to suit your space.

Courtesy: Lethbridge Custom Canvas

Courtesy: The Stove Pipe Company

- PART TWO By Jean Van Kleek

Fall is a great time for thinking about a hot tub. What better way to relax as the sun goes down earlier in the evening, and look at the stars from a warm, bubbling therapeutic vantage point.

Some people have opted for outdoor rooms that are enclosed with screens and awnings. Awnings are now available with radiant heaters that help take that “edge” off and warm you up in the evening.

Courtesy: Energysmart Arctic Spas

FALL IS ALSO A GREAT TIME TO THINK ABOUT CHANGES TO YOUR HOME AND YARD. With cooler temperatures, it’s more comfortable to work outside and start working on projects to improve your living space. Is your yard not currently fitting your needs? Could be time to think about less lawn, more pathways and stonework. It’s an excellent time to design flower beds and retaining walls.

Courtesy: Northern Stone Design Ltd.

There are also things that should routinely be done in the fall. Things like cleaning out the gutters and downspouts on your roof. Take a weekend to gut out the garage and make room for your outdoor furniture and garden tools. Touching up the paint on your home and fence is also a great idea for this time of year. Many people don't realize that fall is actually the best time to plant trees, shrubs and perennial flowers. A bonus is that they are usually on sale at garden centers, all the more reason to plant. Planting in the fall gives roots plenty of time to become established before the next growing season begins. As long as ample water is provided, fall is an ideal time to plant both evergreen as well as deciduous shrubs and trees. In fact, autumn is actually the best season to get many hardy plants into the ground. So if you've put off starting a new bed or missed getting those trees in last spring, you can still do so any time between mid-August and about six weeks before the first killing frost (in most of Canada, that means well into October and sometimes beyond).

Some vegetables are ideal fall plants. By planting them in late August you will have a hearty garden come October. Some of the vegetables that do quite well in cooler temperatures are leafy green vegetables, broccoli, carrots, peas, kale, spinach and brussel sprouts. Shallots can be planted after the first frost. Your lawn can also use some care to prepare for winter. Fall overseeding helps to maintain a green lawn throughout the winter. By overseeding heavily enough with cool-season grass, you should be able to achieve a nearly solid green lawn all winter long. The best time to overseed is six to eight weeks before the first hard freeze. If you notice bare spots once the seeds begin to germinate, seed those areas again. Bear in mind, however, that if cold weather comes early, the grass that comes up following the second seeding may not have time to develop a strong enough root system to survive winter. But it's worth a try. Rake up the thick layers of leaves that settle on lawn surfaces. Large leaves in particular, especially when they get wet, can compact to the point where they suffocate the grass below. So it's a good idea to routinely rake or blow them off the lawn or, better yet, use a mulching mower to shred them into fine pieces. Put the raked leaves in the compost pile or use as a mulch. Whatever you do, don't waste fallen leaves because they're an excellent source of nutrients and organic matter. You can also add them to flower beds to put a winter blanket on your garden.

So, welcome the fall! It can be a time rejuvenate your home, plan the future of your outdoor space while still enjoying it a few months longer.

Quirk - 25

Beauty by the Yard NOW IS THE TIME

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The winner will receive a feature article in the upcoming Quirk Magazine as well as an interview on Mark Campbell’s Scene & Heard on Global TV.

They will also receive prizes from our sponsors, who have made this contest possible.

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Anise Shortbread


I can not share your burdens...

but I can share my cookies

As seen on I moved to New York right after 9/11. And I mean a mere seven days after. The towers were still smoking blackly when my plane flew over Manhattan and landed in Queens. Perhaps it was crazy to move to a city that had just experienced the first act of war on american soil since pearl harbour. But I wouldn't exchange the memories of being there at that time for anything. In the weeks that followed the devastation, my roommates and I became chummy with a group of young men from the national guard who were stationed in the city doing some top secret translation. They were mostly young family men and very far from their loved ones during a time when people weren't sure what would happen next. So we impoverished ladies turned our kitchen, which was roughly the size of two bathroom stalls pushed together, into a cookie factory. Because when you feel a loss, no matter if it's big or small, nothing feels quite so comforting as a homebaked cookie. Thus the 'cookie run' was born. We delivered them by the dozen (when we could afford butter and chocolate chips) and when we had successfully fattened up the national guard, we took cookies to friends, mostly students, who were also far away from home during a difficult time. It was such a small thing. And it was somehow terrifically important. So cookies have a special place in my heart, for reasons that are obvious, and reasons that are deeply personal. And when I find myself struggling with things that seem insurmountable, I bake. Because somehow it patches things up just enough for me to keep going. And if your trial is too difficult to stop at one batch, start giving them away. Go on your own cookie run. Because sharing cookies is just as much of a balm as eating them.

Quirk - 30, a local style blog Because when you feel a loss, no matter if it's big or small, nothing feels quite so comforting as a


Thus the 'cookie run' was born.

So here is a recipe that I made recently when I needed a good home baked cookie. It’s a delightful variation on a simple shortbread. A couple of items of note... I refuse to bother with artificial flavourings, so I went right for the anise seed. I sprinkled a tsp of seeds on a baking sheet and let them toast for a couple of minutes while my oven was pre-heating. Don't let them brown much - keep a close watch. You just want to encourage the flavour. Tip the toasted seeds into a blender and pulse until the seeds are ground fine. And speaking of's a great tip I just learned. If you don't have icing sugar on hand, you can simply grind white sugar until it turns to powder. The only difference between this and packaged icing sugar, is the packaged stuff contains an anti-clumping agent - which you don't need. And this way, I was able to use organic cane sugar instead of bleached and refined. Awesome. I like to use a cookie stamp occasionally, although I never stamp all of the cookies. I like looking at a plateful of cookies and realizing they aren't all exactly the same. To me it's prettier to mix in just a few of the special ones.

I ate my anise shortbread with a cold glass of honey chamomile iced tea.

Maybe it will be YOU.

And felt sooo much better. The next batch will go to someone else.

Anise Shortbread 1/2 c. cornstarch (or white rice flour) 1/2 c. icing sugar 1 c. flour 3/4 c. butter, softened 1 tsp. ground anise seed 1 tsp. whole anise seed

Pre-heat oven to 300F Sift flour, sugar, cornstarch and ground anise seed. Add whole anise seed. Blend in butter to form a soft dough. Chill the dough for one hour. Roll onto a well floured surface and cut into shapes. Bake for 15-20 minutes. DO NOT BROWN Take the cookies from the oven while they still appear slightly underdone. Pack them up prettily and they're ready for delivery. Quirk - 31


The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. - Pablo Picasso

What is success? It is being able to go to bed each night with your soul at peace Paulo Coelho Manuscript Found in Accra

Your life is a result of the choices you make... The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. - William James Quirk - 32

If you don’t like your life it is time to start making better choices.

The Happy Coffee Pot by Joyce Hayko

I spotted the coffee pot as I scanned the dusty shelf at the second hand store.It had been placed on the shelf along with a mix of discarded glass carafes & bigger coffee pots.It was a homely brown, the enamel on the lid was chipped & the lettering boasting its name was worn, priced at $4.00. It looked identical to a little coffee pot I had owned many years before. "Does it work?", I asked the clerk who was sorting glassware nearby. "Everything is tested", she replied. I stood there undecided, for a few minutes. I recalled the first one I owned many years before.It had worked faithfully brewing just a few cups of coffee as I sewed garments for 3 young daughters.

IT MADE JUST ENOUGH COFFEE FOR A LAZY SATURDAY MORNING BREAKFAST FOR MY HUSBAND & I. Then inexplicably it quit working & was discarded along with other nonfunctioning electrical appliances. Finally, with the coffee pot in hand I made my way to the till."That will be $2.00', the clerk said, "Everthing is half price today". I hurried home with my bargain, scrubbed the pot clean & made the coffee. It gurgled & hissed, steam rising , as the gurgles fired more rapidly at the end of the perculating cycle. My morning routine became predictable as I made my way to the kitchen.'Shut off the house alarm, take my pills, plug in the coffee pot'. As I readied myself for the day it would gurgle & hiss & make those wonderful few cups of fresh coffee. Sometimes in the afternoon a friend would drop by for a cup of coffe and in a few minutes as we chatted coffee was ready. My daughter & I would enjoy an early morning walk & often return for toast & coffee. Many problems & issues would melt away in those few moments, life seemed to improve. Recently after many years of use, the coffee pot started sounding different as it perked.I recalled a repairman telling me as he repaired an expensive stainless steel pot, "Keep the contact points clean & your coffee pot will last longer". So SOS in hand I scrubbed & scoured till it was shiny & clean again. Fresh cold water, scoop & a half of grounds & plugged it in. The old familiar staccato gurgles began & once more the happy little brown coffee pot obliged.




'I was born and raised in Christmas elves to cackling Halloween witches. Then I semi rural Connecticut, started paper sculptures of people’s pets. More than just and learned at a young a portrait, I try and incorporate the animal’s individual age to revere and respect sprit, personality and sense of humor. I enjoy the the natural world. I have always had a passion for all animals (whether challenge! Its fun working with each customer; taking the finned, feathered or furry) as well as a deep interest in mythology and the information and pictures they provide me, then creating a very personal fantasy world. Self taught in watercolor, pen and and unique artwork for them (whether it is a flat painting ink and gouache, I portray a range of subjects in a or paper sculpture). I find that animals/ pets have their Currently I sell a variety of styles everywhere from super realistic to own unique personalities and idiosyncrasies every bit as highly stylized and whimsical, and my main interest wide range of greeting much as we people do, if we just take the time to look.' is in depicting animals. Along with the technical aspect of my works, I like to add a feeling of cards for all occasions, Other artisans kept telling me about this 'Etsy' place and movement and a strong sense of humor. Currently that it would be a good venue to sell my work. I brushed frame-ready prints I sell a wide range of greeting cards for all occasions, and custom/commission off the idea for a few years and then one day in 2009 on a frame-ready prints and custom/ commission works, whim I joined Etsy and threw some of my work up online. most of which are animal related. My paper mache works, most of which are Lo and behold, it didnt take too long before my first sale work is a newer addition to my repertoire and and then slowly but surely more sales, and then after a animal related. something I started about 7 or 8 years ago. Rather while I established a nice little 'store'. Joining Etsy was the than just painting on paper, I started exploring different ways of layering best decision I ever made in regards to my work, because it has given me paper and using it three dimensionally, which led to a whole line of an opportunity to share my art worldwide. ornamental seasonal sculptures everywhere from fanciful mermaids and

Tyler Humpreys

To view more of Tyler’s work go to

Dachshund loves to ride in the car & chase bees

Tribute to "Lucky" included angel wings, a halo and pink bandana with her name on it.

Sheltie loves to gnaw bones & air box Publishers note:


fter the recent passing of my little Bichon, PJ, a very thoughtful friend of mine (and PJ’s) did some searching on the internet to find a unique way of remembering and paying tribute to my little furry guy. Quirk - 34

It was there she discovered the site, and very talented artist, Tyler Humphreys. Tyler is a very passionate artist who works in a variety of mediums, but what caught her eye were the unique paper mache sculptures he creates capturing the likeness of your pet. He also incorporates their favourite things and anything else you would like to add. These are great gift ideas and truly memorable.

I wanted to share Tylers work with our Quirk readers, as well as let local artists know there are venues such as this that enable you to sell your work internationally online.


1 2 3

4 5

6 7

My life is likely to last 10 to 15 years. Any separation from you will be very painful. Give me time to understand what you want of me. Place your trust in me - it is crucial for my well-being. Don’t be angry with me for long, and don’t lock me up as punishment. You have your work, your friends and your entertainment. I HAVE ONLY YOU! Talk to me. Even if I don’t understand your words, I understand your voice when it’s speaking to me. Be aware that however you treat me, I’ll never forget it. Before you hit me, remember that I have teeth that could easily, crush the bones in your hand, and I choose not to bite you.

8 9

Before you scold me for being lazy or uncooperative, ask yourself if something might be bothering me. Perhaps I’m not getting the right food, I’ve been out in the sun too long, or my heart may be getting old and weak.


Take care of me when I get old. You, too, will grow old. Go with me on difficult journeys. Never say “I cannot bear to watch it”, or “Let it happen in my absense”. Everything is easier for me if you are there. Remember, I love you. Quirk - 35

THE “IS IT DINNER TIME?� - ONA 1st place by Everett Goobie



2nd place by Mern Bazian

Bi-monthly first and second place winners receive great prizes from Photos must be original, caption and contact information of photographer provided. No altered photographs will be accepted, digital or otherwise. Quirk Magazine, Shabella Publishing and sponsors retain the right to use winning photographs for promotional purposes.

email your photos to:

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By Jean Van Kleek

warming. It’s hard not to smile, no matter what kind of day you’ve had, when love shows up at the door to greet you. Home is called home for a reason. It’s where you live, where you feel comfort. It’s where you “belong” and can be yourself without judgment. It is a place you can just “be”. Wouldn’t it be grand if we greeted our partners and families the way dogs greet us (maybe without the slippers) when they come home? Instead of asking your partner if they remembered to buy bread, or being too busy to come to the door when they arrive, take the time to greet them, smile and say “I’m glad you’re home.. I missed you!

There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not greeted by sheer happiness and delight upon my arrival home. The poodles don’t care what I have done while away, they just care that I am back, and share their love openly. As soon as I open the door, they each grab one of my slippers that sit by the door, and parade in circles with them to celebrate. It’s quite the sight… funny and very heart

Sophie & Kiwi Taste Testers


Wet Food for Dogs:

• 2 kg boiled chicken (legs, thighs, or breast) • 1 kg beef (cooked, lean ground, or other lean cuts) • 6 boiled eggs, peeled • 1 cup carrots, raw • 1 large can pumpkin, pure (not pumpkin pie filling) • 2 apples w/skin on and seeds and core removed • 2 cups cooked green beans, fresh or frozen, lightly steamed • 1 cup zucchini, raw and grated (when in season from your garden!) • 1 1/2 cup chickpeas, drained and rinsed

It’s hard not to smile, no matter what kind of day you’ve had, when love shows up at the door to greet you.

I have made food for my dogs for many years. The following recipe is loaded with healthy, flavourful ingredients and is a favourite of my dogs. Pumpkins and carrots are a low calorie, and a great source of fiber and Vitamin A. Eggs are a source of protein, riboflavin, and selenium. Raw apple and carrot add nutrients and help clean teeth. This recipe is a supplement to your dog’s diet and not intended to be their sole source of nutrition. It should be used in conjunction with a well balanced diet. If you wish, you can mix it with good quality dry food. Quality dry food also adds a variety of nutrients to their diet and when mixed with the wet food, makes

• 1 1/2 cup lentils, drained and rinsed, or cook yourself without salt. • 1 cup All-Bran • 1 1/2 cup ground flaxseed • 5 T cinnamon • 2 T coconut oil, or olive oil • 2 cups chicken broth, or more if your pet prefers soup consistency Drain chicken, reserving broth. Place broth in fridge to cool and remove fat. Remove skin, bones and fat from chicken. Chop or pull chicken into pieces and add to large bowl. Add cinnamon and coconut oil or olive oil.

a bit of a gravy that dogs enjoy. For dogs with a larger appetite you can add cooked oatmeal or WHITE rice. Dogs do not have a large digestive tract, so it’s difficult for them to digest brown rice. Use fresh meat and vegetables when possible. Each of the ingredients in this recipe has been researched for maximum benefit towards the health of your dog. This recipe will make a large bowl of food. Simply add all the ingredients together and place in freezable containers. You can keep up to four days worth of food in the fridge, and should freeze the rest for future use.

Dry fry beef in a skillet adding small amount of water. Add cooked beef/broth, flaxseed, and All-Bran to chicken.

for broccoli. For an occasional treat, try adding 1 cup of cooked beef or chicken liver.

Using a food processor, rough chop each of the following ingredients one at a time: eggs, carrots, green beans, apples, and chickpeas. Careful not to over chop, mince, or puree. Add zucchini, lentils, and pumpkin. Add reserved chicken broth with fat removed. Mix thoroughly. As a variation, replace equal amounts of the beef with lamb, chicken legs or thighs with breasts, carrots with yams, or green beans

*Michelle's recipes include well researched ingredients to help make your dog happy & healthy.

Courtesy of Michelle Zandstra Quirk - 37

It’s all about the dogs at

Doggie Day Care! Pick-up and drop-off service available! Supervised playtime Report cards & dog of the month awards


Gift icates Certif b le A v a i la

by Theresa


Over 20 years experience Our pet sitting service is for any type of pet in your family For whatever reason or duration, we can provide much peace of mind for you and your pet.

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· Cleans thoroughly · Fast, safe and simple · No mess, use inside or outside · Extends life of filter · Saves hundreds of dollars · Cleans filter in minutes · Compact, light and easy to store · Long lifespan · Works on water pressure alone; no electricity needed

Save hundreds of Dollars

Cleaning your filters regularly with Estelle will not only save you time and trouble, it will also save you hundreds of dollars per year in the cost of expensive replacement filters. You also use about 80% less water with Estelle than with other cleaning methods. The Estelle cleaning system can extend the life of your filter up to at least 150 times.

Remove Your Dirty Filter

The garden hose connects to a quick connector • 403-894-3044

Put the filter in Estelle and turn on the water

Once the filter reaches the bottom switch the direction

Examine the clean filter

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