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Volume 2 • Issue 4 • July - August 2013



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30 14 The Art of Music


Sherry Kennedy is a Lethbridge born recording artist who has inspired many through her Healing Art of Music Foundation

18 Talent Times Two

Donna Murray interviews an incredibly talented couple from Magrath

23 Profile on Business

A profile of a local farming family venturing into new territory

24 Beauty by the Yard

A look at what’s new in creating outdoor space for our homes


32 Puerto Vallarta

Fay Braden shares why Puerto Vallarta is her “go to” vacation destination

34 Guiding the Way

Alberta Guide Dog Services is looking to Lethbridge to help raise guide dogs Debra, Ash & Gerard Plettell


6 Nasrin’s Corner 20 Health Matters 34 Animals We Love 12 Bits & Pieces 16 Photographer’s Eye

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Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village is located at 1037 Bev McLachlin Drive, Pincher Creek, Alberta

Since 1948 Please pre-register as space is limited. Contact Tracy at 403-627-3684 for more information or to register

320-2223 • 236 13 Street N. • 10AM - 5:30 PM • Closed Sun-Mon Quirk - 3

From The Publisher Summer is officially upon us, and summer activities are already in full swing. Lethbridge has already been very active with the Jazz Festival and the grand opening of CASA, both being huge successes and major events for our city. TedX Jean Van Kleek took place at the Yates mid- June and I personally Photography: Jen Alston have to say, if you get a chance to participate in the next event, you should. The evening was hosted by a variety of local speakers from all walks of life who spread ideas worth sharing. The event is entirely co-ordinated by a team of volunteers, who put together an incredible evening, sponsored by local businesses and enjoyed by all who attended. This issue of Quirk we visit Charlie and Judy Barnett, an equally talented couple from Magrath whose artistic endeavours are very different, but each amazing. In our business profile, we feature a family who has always farmed, but recently got the entrepreneurial bug and are marketing an exciting new product that promises to sweep through Canada and the U.S…. starting right here in Lethbridge. Alberta Guide Dogs is looking to Lethbridge to expand their puppy program and recruit homes to help raise service dogs. Travel, photography, pets and recipes are all once again part of Quirk.

Enjoy and share Thank you Lethbridge for always being a great place to write about.

Letter to The Editor As a newcomer to Lethbridge, I was delighted to find Quirk Magazine. It is a wonderful guide to the unique people, businesses and events in this area. L.Blanchard

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Do Only What You Love and Enjoy Real Success Most people have a habit of behaving or doing things a certain way when around people close to them. Doing things to accommodate other’s desires or what is proper for them at your own expense, is not a kind of life that leads to success and joy. Accommodating people, especially loved ones when your heart isn’t in it, may have life-long negative side effects, both for you and others. • For you-- When you do things for reasons other than love, you expect others to acknowledge or do the same for you. However, when this doesn’t happen, you may feel upset, angry and unappreciated.

Essential Steps to Creating New Habits-- Here is how you can start: 1. Believe that you deserve to enjoy life and begin by loving yourself enough to follow this new resolve one day at a time. 2. Take a piece of paper- on the left side list which of your habits you dislike, and around which people… 3. On the right- Make a list for relationships and activities that bring you the most satisfaction, a sense of deep meaning and peace in your life. 4. Now it is a good time to be willing to upset the status quo for a while till things find a new healthier and more satisfactory balance. Studies show that new habits start forming within a month of regular practice and persistence. I have also noticed in my practice that the important others will start accepting the changed behaviours rather quickly. Go ahead and try it!


Corner By Nasrin Ebadypour

• For others—They misunderstand your intention, and consequently, may not know your inner expectation of them; in reality they are being misled.

You will experience a sense of freedom and joy when you only do things you love. You will also notice that you enjoy being around your loved ones more as the new you. Now Is The Time To Take Your Life Back- Recommit to doing things and activities with people that bring you the most long-term happiness and satisfaction! 5. Be a Broken Record: Most times a repeated, kind but firm response such as “ you may be right, but today I rather like doing … how about…” will work like magic. The secret is that you have acknowledged them, because in reality “they may be right”. 6. Create a strategy to refuse the efforts of others to manipulate, control or produce guilt in you (be a broken record, they may not like it, but will get used to it). 7. Set time for your priorities. Perhaps you'll have to start declining some invitations or scheduling your time better and then sticking to it. You may also have to set some new boundaries with loved ones and friends. 8. Know the obstacles-create strategies to overcome them. Get help from a friend or coach if needed.

Remember that You are the Only One that can Create Magic in Your Life!

Love and respect Nasrin

Quirk - 6

Do you have a question about your life that you’d like Nasrin to answer? Email it to

Nasrin Ebadypour is a registered clinical counsellor specializing in relationships, depression & anxiety.

Qu rk Restaurant Gu de i


TOP PIZZA & SPAGHETTI HOUSE There is a reason Top Pizza remains the “top” place to go in Lethbridge for pizza and pasta since 1968! The same traditions are still in place today that were started 40 years ago. From the bread and pizza dough that is hand-made fresh daily, and the Caesar and House Salad dressings that are still made from scratch or made locally to the highest standards. The pizza crust has a quality like none other in the city. Once you’ve tasted it, you crave it-even with all the franchise pizzerias that have come to Lethbridge over the years, Top Pizza is still the restaurant of choice for pizza and pasta lovers! Come and see why we continue to win the Best of the Best Sun Times Award for pizza!

Supports local producers Home cooked meals made from scratch Daily hot lunch specials including soup & dessert Home-made soup of the day Lethbridge’s best breakfast special until 11 am Outside catering, hot & cold entrée items Open Monday - Saturday

230 12A St. N. Lethbridge

(403) 328-9388

The dining room at LSCO is Downtown Lethbridge’s best kept secret. Our three Red Seal chefs prepare delicious and affordable meals for our members and the public: Breakfast 8-10 AM, Lunch 11 AM – 1 PM (soup and sandwiches are available until 4 PM). We can cater your next party in our variety of meeting spaces that seat from 40 people to 400… or just rent cutlery, plates and glasses from us to hold your own great event! NEW!! On the second Sunday of every month we are hosting a Brunch Buffet featuring a made-to-order omelette station, salad bar, roast beef and traditional breakfast offerings (10 AM – 2PM). 500 - 11 Street South Lethbridge

403 320-2222

for our dining room menu and full catering information.

Welcome to Lethbridge’s Newest Japanese Restaurant! Featuring Traditional & Modern Japanese Cuisine

Teriyaki Chicken • Sukiyaki Beef • Salmon Cutlet Gyu-Don & Udon Noodle • Ra-Men Noodle • Chirashi-Sushi

Lunch set menu $10-$12

Specializing in Japanese Noodles

511- 4th Ave. S. Lethbridge 403-942-7955 Quirk - 7


Local By Ginger Malacko

Everyone likes to think of themselves as a smart shopper. And the key to being a smart shopper is not to shop often, but to shop well. Many proclaimed bargain hunters run dizzy circles looking for the best bottom line, but to me good shopping means knowing exactly where your money is going. For instance, is that really such a great deal when your dollars are lining the pockets of some distant retail tycoon? Have you never wanted to see what your money could do if left to build the local economy instead of being paypal’d into someone’s second vacation home? It’s so easy in this technological age to fit our lives neatly into a silicone bubble and let all of our dealings with humanity be conducted via touch screen. But none of us live in a bubble and no man is an island. When we take a moment to look around, it’s clear that we are still enveloped by neighborhoods and communities, and that loyalty, goodwill and unity are meant to extend beyond the walls of our own homes. Perhaps the idea of shopping local is like some nostalgic view of the past when you were on a first name basis with every clerk in the hardware store and you couldn’t buy meat from the big grocery chain because the local butcher was your cousin’s best friend’s brother-in-law. But maybe, just maybe, that old time sense of community is not just our past, it’s also our future. As more and more discerning shoppers are seeking local growers and producers and Quirk - 8

longing for a return to real value and customer service, it seems that the era of the local shopkeep is being reborn.

With help from the City, the Downtown Business Revitalization Zone and the shop owners themselves, we are slowly changing Lethbridge’s vision of what local shopping can accomplish. Fortunately, we happen to live in a city that is brimming with businesses that began as somebody’s dream. From our vibrant city centre to the carefully cultivated farms and greenhouses around our city limits, Lethbridge offers plenty of home-grown goods and services, but more importantly, it’s a city increasingly built upon local ingenuity. You can see it clearly in our downtown core as more and more couples, individuals and families gather for festivals, fundraisers and events and stroll the streets to visit shops and cafes and listen to the street buskers. Shopkeepers take an interest in each other’s wares instead of cutting each other’s throats for business and often join forces to promote community concerns. Restaurants hire young chefs from our own college culinary program and buy from our local farms. Homegrown artisans,

designers, photographers and more are being featured and celebrated in shops and in markets. And the local shopper has the opportunity to be in the center of it all; to truly be a part of this place where they’ve set down roots and to feel the benefit of a city rich in community resources and community spirit. So here’s a new bottom line for you: when you put your money back into the community, you help your neighbors pay their mortgage, maintain their home and put in a front garden. You put promising young people through college and encourage local apprentices. You swell local sports teams with players and pay for dance classes and guitar lessons. You attract new small businesses that keep our buildings occupied and our streets active.

In other words, you invest in Lethbridge; its programs, its culture, and its people. And, bargain hunter or not, that is the best deal you’ll ever find. Photography: Ginger Malacko

Quirk - 9

A Time For Change Wilted, the fading flower elegantly hangs her head to rest. Revered for her natural beauty, she once held her petals high towards the sky for all to admire. Her brittle blossoms now sway precariously in the breeze, and it is clear to see her leaves have been exposed to time...

Time is the driving force behind change; inherently shaping lives and molding landscapes. Time does not discriminate. Time delivers utter chaos, and time restores order. That's not to say that time is some cryptic force that arbitrarily decides our fate, although, in a sense that is also true. What I mean is that life is innately propelled by a perpetual state of change, whether we embrace it or not. Some people go to great lengths to resist change, but rest assured change will inevitably find them. Change isn't always good, but sometimes it is necessary. Change allows for maturation. Change creates opportunity. Change drives important innovations that increase our standard of living. Change advances By Danny Ponomar civilizations. Change encompasses the best and worst of both worlds. Change is universal. Change is unstoppable.

Just like many things in life, change can induce sorrow. It hurts to lose a loved one, or a significant other. Change can even be devastating at times. However, the fact that millions of people experience different degrees of essentially the same circumstances on a daily basis, gives me peace of mind. Knowing that the emotions I feel are felt regularly on a global scale is incredibly comforting. By tempering my ideals, I've temporarily discovered a deeper connection with humankind; a kindred truth in our DNA that reminds me that I'm not so different from my cross-continent counterparts. Suddenly, my problems seem smaller and more manageable; a collective coping mechanism that, once invoked allows me to gain insight.

Unlike the flower, we have the keen ability to problem-solve. Consciously aware, we are able to adapt to change – if we so choose – change doesn't dictate what we choose to do with the cards we're dealt. Living in a first world country, I find we have a tendency to get absorbed in petty problems. We are a much more malleable species than we sometimes give ourselves credit for; after all, there is a reason Homo sapiens were able to outlast Neanderthals.

For the most part, we are all capable of conquering hardships and rising above misfortune. Sometimes all we need is a reason to change. Quirk - 11

BITS & PIECES “Whatever you hold in your


on a consistent basis is

exactly what you will

experience in your


- Anthony Robbins

“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.” - Eckhart Tolle

The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age which means never losing your enthusiasm. - Aldous Huxley Quirk - 12


Smokin’ Hot!

With summer in full swing, the smell of barbecue is in the air. Friends and family are gathering in backyards all across the country to enjoy the great weather and good times that summer is well known for, and nothing adds to summer fun like a

GOOD OLD FASHIONED BARBECUE. Barbecue history has been influenced primarily by the southern United States, especially those along the Gulf Coast. Barbecues were common for many occasions including family events, church functions and political rallies. It is largely believed that southern barbecue, as we know it today, is a descendant of a method of cooking over hot coals, known as barbecoa and common to the West Indies.

Green Mountain Grills

From this style of cooking came a host of modern barbecuing techniques. Many homeowners build permanent barbecue pits in their backyards in order to create a true, southern-style barbecue experience. Barbecue smokers are also becoming very popular this side of the border. Pellet grills are generally considered, by barbecue enthusiasts, as providing the most authentic smoky flavour to food. Although relatively unknown in the past, pellet barbecue grills are increasing in popularity and are what the most serious barbecue chefs aspire to. Not only because of the flavour that they give to food but also because of the tremendous versatility that they provide. Pellet grills enable you to grill, roast and smoke food. The fuel used in pellet type grills is in the form of wood pellets, about 1 inch long by 1/4 inch diameter and are available in wood such as cherry, apple, hickory and oak. Because of their small size, the pellets burn down to a fine ash very quickly and cleanly. They are usually stored in a hopper and fed at a controlled rate into a burning box. The rate of feed is variable and so a slow rate can be used for smoking food over many hours, or a faster rate can be used to create the higher temperatures required for grilling and char grilling. A pellet grill can be kept going for many hours, allowing the grill to be used as a barbecue smoker. Only a dedicated smoker can give this level of control so it's worth considering the cost of a pellet barbecue grill compared to having to buy both a gas or charcoal grill, and a dedicated smoker. Infrared BBQ’s are quickly catching up in popularity to charcoal and gas grills. These grills are designed to maximize efficiency when cooking, and as a result can usually do the cooking in a fraction of the time it would take on any other type of grill. With the right set of barbecue tools, these grills are ideal for cooking up a quick bite to eat.



1421 – 3rd Avenue South • 403-329-4445 www.thestovepipecompany.comQuirk - 13

The Magic

of Music A Journey

with Sherry Kennedy

By: Jordana Shell

Derek Stoll and Sherry Kennedy

She believes everyone has something unique and creative to offer. This artist wants to help people find this part of themselves, to unlock

and free them, then watch them soar.

Quirk - 14

The Secrets Out! Sherry Kennedy and the Foundation

Sherry Kennedy is a woman never short of a mission. She's recorded at least ten albums in the Country and Jazz and Blues genres and her songs are played all over Canada, the US, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. She funds numerous organizations providing support for people in need and even runs her own foundation called, “The Healing Art of Music.” This singer-songwriter soaks up every moment and devotes it to others, in whatever form that takes. Sherry grew up in Lethbridge and Fort Macleod. From a very young age, it was obvious that she was gifted with a soft yet powerful voice. Life in the spotlight came very naturally to the bubbly girl. The young musician started out as lead vocalist with the Boogaloo Walk band where she and fellow members Gerry Heibert (piano), Reid Zeibert (bass), Jeremy Etherington (electric guitar), and Eric Geisrieter (drums) toured Southern Alberta and opened for big names like Ike and Tina Turner. She fondly remembers her grass roots days when she played in some of the rough yet loveable pubs of the south. Sherry continued to grow as an artist, honing her craft until she signed with MCA and then later Spinner Music, based in Vancouver. But, Sherry says, the best thing she decided to do was to create her own label and music company. She's been running it successfully for over 16 year now and feels completely free in it. She loves being independent. This busy woman recently released her newest CD “Little Secret” to the overseas market as well as Canada and is looking forward to her upcoming release into the United States. Her album is charting on the European Top 100 and the single “The Legend of Rainbow Powers” shot to number one in Denmark's country music charts. It's an enchanting song bursting with colourful imagery. Interestingly, this song is based on a character who actually lived in the hills near Fort Macleod and Granum. Sherry also loves to paint while listening to music. She finds music a wonderful gateway to even deeper levels of creativity and inspiration while exploring other artistic expressions. As her career soared, thoughts of an organization sprinkled her mind. Sherry wanted her music to help people in a different kind of way. She has always believed that music has healing properties. An inspiration to Sherry was one of her former students, Rose Desjarlais. Rose, a breast cancer survivor, was a long-time voice student of Sherry and over the years the two developed a close friendship. Sherry giggles as she recalls the day Rose came to her for voice lessons. Rose had such a bad case of stage fright that she could barely sing to a blank wall, let alone a room full of people. The two worked together and soon the nervous Rose bloomed into a full out variety act. She was doing the cha-cha in full costume and performing every kind of music style before multiple audiences. Sherry was so excited and felt so blessed to be a part of Rose's transformation. Sadly, the cancer returned and Rose asked if Sherry would do her the honour of singing at her funeral. Touched and heartbroken, Sherry wrote a song especially for Rose and was able to share it with her friend before she passed away.

Sherry also loves to paint while listening to music. She finds music a wonderful gateway to even deeper levels of creativity and inspiration while exploring other artistic expressions.

The money Sherry received from the song “Rose” was dedicated to the Cancer Society and Sherry decided then that she would fulfill her next goal. The Healing Art of Music Foundation was conceived shortly after Rose's passing. The main purpose of this foundation is to help people of all ages and backgrounds discover their inner selves. Sherry is especially proud of the moment when Irene Sommerville, Sherry’s student for eight years and first recipient of the HAMF bursary, dazzled the Calgary audience at EPCOR Centre for Performing Arts with an inspiring performance. Irene is a very talented young woman with several health challenges she deals with every day.

Irene Sommerville Healing Art of Music Bursary Recipiant 2012 with Russell Bowers From losses to illnesses to daily struggles she believes that everyone has a similar solution. Nothing excites Sherry more than being able to help others discover their inner selves, their individual creativity and develop a means to express it. She believes everyone has something unique and creative to offer. This artist wants to help people find this part of themselves, to unlock and free them, then watch them soar.

Classical – Tosca

Sherry finds it difficult to relax and escape work completely when she's at home in Calgary. She likes to take a couple weeks and fly off to the soft, sandy hills of Maui to rejuvenate.

“Breathing is relaxing!” Sherry laughs.

Sherry considers her life a gift. She's able to work at a job she adores and get paid for it. She continues to positively impact the people and the world around her with her love of people and the arts. The versatile artist hasn't played a show in Lethbridge for a while but would love the opportunity to do so in the future.

Check out Sherry’s videos on YouTube. You can also download the album on iTunes, CD Baby or directly from Sherry’s website

Joni Mitchel Quirk - 15


P tograp ho

er h

Techniques ’s E ye•


Tips & Tricks Panning – Primary use is to suggest fast motion and to bring out the subject from other elemnts in the frame. Technique - Movement of a camera horizontally with a moving subject.

by Christina Messenger Chris Yauck Photography

You move the camera with your subject matching its speed and direction.

Finding the light. Photography is ALL about light. Too much washes out your photo, not enough and its black. When looking at your subject always look at how the light is interacting with it.

Panning will create the look of motion in your photograph but your subject will be clear and the background will be blurry. You can try panning hand held or with a tripod and take a photograph as your subject moves by. Take a look at your images, if the subject is not clear try and use a faster shutter speed. Make sure your subject is in focus by pre focusing then switching to manual this will keep your focus setting.

Problem – subject lighting is flat Solution – increase your shutter speed to allow less light into your sensor. Try moving into the shadows a bit to accent your subject with light as opposed to blasting it.

try backlighting your subject

meter for your subject and try increasing your shutter speed to pump up the contrast

watch for beams of light accenting your subject

Photography is ALL about light. Rocks by David Wirzba

Winner of July’s contest Win a Canon Vixia HFM400



HOW TO ENTER: Submit your best photo of Lethbridge or the surrounding area in .jpeg format, 300 dpi resolution in black & white or full color. A winning photo will be chosen and published in Quirk Magazine. After six issues (one year), a final winner will be chosen to receive a Canon Vixia HFM400 Camcorder from Thriftway Pharmacy. Photos must be original, caption and contact information of photographer provided. No altered photographs will be accepted, digital or otherwise. Quirk Magazine and Shabella Publishing retain the right to use winning photographs for promotional purposes.

Entry Deadline August 5, 2013

702 - 13 St. N. LETHBRIDGE 403-327-0340 THRIFTWAY PHARMACY • Free delivery • Free pill packs • Extensive camera department Quirk - 16

Pigs In Pink

Sweaters! By Freddi Dogterom

How do you remember important things? I like to use fun mnemonics. To remember the 4 elements of a successful life portfolio which includes Personal, Interpersonal, Physical and Spiritual goals (PIPS) I just remember Pigs In Pink Sweaters! Personal goals are those that you hope to achieve during your lifetime. These goals can be large or small but are of significance to you. I had always wanted to learn to ride a bicycle. I didn’t learn as a child because I had horses to ride, and rode them everywhere including sometimes to school! My grandsons and their parents bought me a wonderful bicycle for my last birthday! The boys were eager for me to go for a ride with them even though my preference would have been to wobble and crash in private. They hopped on their bikes and with much sweat and gripping of the handle bars I did manage to circle the block with them. My youngest grandson with all sincerity gently placed his hand on my arm and said “You didn’t suck nearly as bad as I thought you were going to!” Achieving personal goals have many rewards. Interpersonal goals relates to your relationship with others. As we move through life our circle of friends can change. I have a group of women we call “The Girlfriends” that get together, hang out and relax together. Who is in your social network? Have you called them lately? How is your relationship with your significant other, children and/or family members? You can set friendship goals both in and outside of your direct family.

Physical goals can be set at any age and may change as we move through life phases. A number of years ago I broke my hip and was non-mobile for far too long. As a result, I now have daily walking goals and have started to explore both Yoga and Pilates to regain fitness and mobility. Physical goals also include nutrition and health beliefs. Do you set nutritional goals beyond the “Oh my gosh its January so I need a diet!” goals? Have you thought consciously about your health beliefs? Do you prefer Western Style medicine or do you prefer Natural medicine? Health care versus wellness care; what is your preference? What do you need to plan for in order to get and keep moving? Find something you like and engage with gusto! Spiritual goals relate to “being happy now” and refer to your sense of personal optimism or gratitude. You can express it through meditation or religious practises. Every person has a spiritual element and how you address or express it is entirely personal. Many people from Maya Angelou to Dr. Oz support the practise of daily prayer or meditation to quiet our busy minds and bring our focus internal to ourselves. This could be your time to very specifically start to explore or develop habits of meeting your spiritual needs. “Pigs in Pink Sweaters” sounds great in theory, but what about in daily application? Here is a simple 4 step process to get you started: A. Identify Goals within each category. Brainstorm your PIPS goals on separate pieces of paper. Specify how you will measure your achievements and assign a time frame for completion. B. Prioritize: start with the pieces essential to your happiness, next the nice to haves. Prioritize between the PIPS groups and within each group. You may be working on several goals at the same time. C. Implement by allocating time and energy to the task. Stay focussed and think about how you would finish this sentence if today were your last day: “I wish I had …” D. Evaluate: check your progress and change or tweek as needed.

Enjoy the journey as you put together your plan to have a successful Life Portfolio.

Freddi Dogterom CCDP CPT PRP is a Professional Retirement Planner who specializes in lifestyle issues. In addition she can often be found leading personality training workshops or delivering keynote addresses featuring her exciting adventures in the high Arctic. She lives in Lethbridge with her husband who was born in the museum. Quirk - 17


Times Two

Written by Donna M. Murray

Southern Alberta is an area rich in artistic talent, and two of those artisans are Charlie and Judy Barnett. Home for Charlie and Judy is a beautifullykept acreage located on the west side of Magrath.

Judy did not have a strong background as a sewer, but in 2001 when Charlie asked her what she would like for Christmas, she requested a quilting class at Thistle Down in Lethbridge. She enjoyed it so much, that she asked for the same gift for Christmas 2002. Charlie picked out a quilt pattern " Turning Judy is an award-winning quilter and has recently returned from of a Leaf" for her to complete. She did so, and when she entered the quilt participating in the prestigious Canadian Quilter's Association/Quilt BC 2013 in the 2003 Hobby World competition held during Lethbridge Whoop-Up Show held in May in Penticton, B.C. This is Judy's second time participating Days, she won Best of Show. From then on, quilting became a passion. She in a Canadian Quilter's Assocation event. These are juried now owns an enormous amount of fabric and supplies, shows - meaning that before any work is The detail and beauty and six sewing machines - each of which does a different, accepted, the pieces are first critiqued by of Judy's work is specific job. three trained and certified judges to ensure the high standards of quality are met. In simply amazing, and Judy is a member of the Lethbridge Centennial Quilter's 2015, the Canadian Quilter's Association Show Guild, that hosted "Festival of Quilts" held June 14 & 15 she further is being hosted in Lethbridge by the at the Lethbridge Community College. She enjoys the embellishes the fabric different instructors/workshops the Guild hosts, and says Lethbridge Centennial Quilters Guild. pieces with beadwork that she can always learn something new. Plus she has Judy received two awards at the Penticton Show. to other Canadian and U.S. cities to take classes. - taking her work to an travelled First Place for "Excellence in Threadwork Using Having learned so much, Judy is passing that knowledge even higher WonderFil Thread" for her wallhanging onto others. She gives lessons through the Guild and also "Sunflower With An Attitude" and Second Place for teaches classes at the Lethbridge Sewing Centre. dimension. "Excellence in Threadwork Using WonderFil Thread" for her "Sunflower Jacket". First prize is an award of $2,000.00 worth of WonderFil Specialty Thread, and 2nd prize is $1,000.00 worth of WonderFil Speciality Thread - great incentive to create future projects. In addition, Judy's two pieces will now go on a one year tour with WonderFil Speciality Threads as part of their vendor booth to quilt shows in Canada, the U.S., Japan, Australia and England. Photos of Judy's items and other winning pieces can be viewed onnline at Click on Events - Quilt BC 2013. The detail and beauty of Judy's work is simply amazing, and she further embellishes the fabric pieces with beadwork - taking her work to an even higher dimension. When asked about the number of hours she puts into creating a piece and putting a value on it, Judy just laughs. As with most artists, the work is a labor of love. The benefit of having her items on tour with WonderFil Speciality Threads is the possiblity of a sale, but mostly the promotion of her work/name, which could lead to teaching opportunities.

A customer just needs to have an idea of what they want their item/s to look like, and Charlie can make that a reality. Any of the pieces can also be embellished with precious stones - diamonds, rubies or emeralds, and yellow or rose gold. Born with a natural artistic talent, Charlie was raised on a ranch in the Whiskey Gap/Del Bonita area, and as a teen developed an interest in leather work. Much of what he learned was through trial and error, coupled with perseverance and a desire to improve his skills. This lead him to taking instruction from Chuck Stormes of Millarville, AB, who taught him alot about technique and proper selection and use of tools. Chuck Stormes is, today, considered to be one of the premier saddle makers in North America, and is a founding member of the Traditional Cowboy Artist's Association. In 1985, Charlie rented out the ranch, moved to Lethbridge and opened "Charlie's Saddlery". In addition to building saddles and doing leather work, he also offered retail items. It was while he was living in Lethbridge that he met Judy. In 1988, they married and moved back to the ranch. While living there, Charlie continued to do leather work. He had always been interested in silversmithing, and because of a health issue that Judy experienced in 1998, he took the time to learn that skill. Needing to stay close by Judy, he put those hours to good use practising engraving on copper blanks - filling 2 to 3 blanks/day. It was a great outcome - Judy recovered completely and Charlie became very proficient at engraving. Over the years, he has taken further instruction, learning the skills of stone setting, inlaying gold wire, engraving on steel and brass, gun engraving and steam casting. Steam casting is a technique which enables Charlie to mold metal into shapes. He is currently working on embellishing a pair of spurs with life-like, silver roses - created by steam casting. He seems to be limited only by his imagination - to which there seems to be no limits. The ranch was sold in 2000, and Charlie and Judy moved to Magrath. They purchased their acreage and also the laundromat/car wash, which they still own and operate. Charlie moved an historical building from the ranch and converted it to his shop. Over time, an addition has been added to accomodate Charlie's growing collection of equipment and tools, which includes a computerized lathe imported from Germany, presses, sandblasters, grinders, punch press, bandsaw, ovens, rollers and shears. He is a self-taught machinist, and if he needs some type of tool, he can build it. Charlie loves a challenge, and this has lead him to engrave on some unusual items, included a round, metal ball hanging from the shop ceiling fan. Lethbridge is a city that loves cars, and for the guy who has everything for his vehicle - how about a set of mud flaps with engraved red bronze plates. His work includes earrings, bracelets, pendants,

spurs, conchos, stirrup bolts and plates, jack knives, card holders and the most popular item - custom buckles. A customer just needs to have an idea of what they want their item/s to look like, and Charlie can make that a reality. Any of the pieces can also be embellished with precious stones - diamonds, rubies or emeralds, and yellow or rose gold. His shop is a prime example of the old adage "A place for everything and everything in its place". No time is wasted looking for something - Charlie knows exactly where each item is located in his huge inventory. He is an early riser and disciplined worker, and is in the shop by 5a.m., usually seven days/week. Judy starts her day a little later - though is just as productive, and has her work room in the house. They see each other at meals, and can communicate throughout the day by intercom between the house and shop.

Mere words cannot do justice to try to describe the beauty of either Judy or Charlie's work. It really has to be seen to be fully appreciated. Visitors are welcome, so if you are interested in having an item made - either fabric, leather or metal give Charlie and Judy a call at 403-758-3042 and take a drive to Magrath.

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Easing the


My husband and I were without a doctor for well over a year when our doctor moved away. But the fact remains that many people are still without a doctor and that is scary stuff, especially for the elderly or those who are struggling with serious health issues. What on earth are these people going to do?

What if a national alert were made about the shortage of doctors and that patients would be responsible for taking care of mostly manageable conditions such as hypertension? Pessimists raise all kinds of fearful concerns when it comes to people taking charge of their own health. What goes on in the real world, however, validates this free market approach to resolving the doctor shortage while enabling improved overall outcomes (meaning fewer strokes, heart attacks, and failed kidneys). And while I find that people are frequently asking how to prevent high blood pressure or how to take care of it naturally, it is evident that many people still rely totally on their doctor and so became the reason for this article.... To help reduce and provide long-term management of blood pressure, lifestyle and dietary strategies are essential.

Pathway to Prevention:

Perhaps most importantly, something as simple and inexpensive as water can make a huge difference. Drink one and a half to two litres of pure water daily, more if you can. Increased hydration will help thin the blood. Dehydration can lead to a rebound effect in which one’s blood pressure can rise. It’s fascinating that conventional physicians still recommend diuretics for patients with hypertension, a measure which will reduce the amount of water in the body and make the blood even thicker.

Higher vegetable intake equals lower blood pressure:

A diet high in naturally-occurring potassium and low in artificial sodium is important in lowering blood pressure. Increase plantbased foods. Legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains will supply abundant amounts of roughage and protective nutrients, many of which are involved in controlling cholesterol or dilating arteries.

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It is also important to consume one or two tablespoons of coldpressed vegetable oils daily. Flax seed oils are an excellent choice and there are now oil blends that provide a combination of all the good fats. Hemp seed oil is also a unique choice to use. Of course, avoid hydrogenated fats as much as possible.

deficiency is common in people with heart diseases of any kind. Clinical studies demonstrated that correcting a CoQ10 deficiency can produce significant improvements.

If you want to spread something on your food, why not blend one part butter with one part cold-pressed oil, such as olive or flax seed oil? This mixture will stay soft, even in the fridge. Do not heat this butter/oil blend and keep it refrigerated.

We know that beets have a long history of use as a liver cleanse but is also found to be good for the heart. Red Beet Crystals is now available for fast, convenient and great tasting in any food or as a refreshing cocktail drink.

There are substances however that can have a negative effect on blood pressure. These include refined sugar, alcohol, caffeine and refined salt (regular table salt). Limit the use of foods that are high in sodium (usually canned). Use celtic salt or coarse sea salt instead. Eat more garlic, onions, basil, oregano and ginger root. These foods all have mild blood pressure lowering effects.

Hawthorn berry relaxes blood vessel walls and reduces blood pressure. It is commonly used by physicians in Europe for hypertension and as a cardiovascular tonic.


Potassium supplementation has also been shown to help patients with hypertension, especially if they are on diuretic medication. Magnesium also plays an important role.

Diet and lifestyle changes may restore normal blood pressure reading in mild hypertension. These options should always be explored first, but supplements and botanical therapies can also play a role:

Develop an exercise program for yourself. Make sure to pick exercises you enjoy so that you will be motivated and consistent. Yoga, meditation, and controlled deep breathing induce relaxation, and all have positive effects on blood pressure.

Coenzyme Q10 is one of the top supplements for the heart and cardiovascular system. Although the body makes some of its own CoQ10, research shows significant benefits with supplementation. The elderly may have increased CoQ10 requirements as CoQ10 levels decline with age. The therapeutic uses of CoQ10 are based upon its ability to improve energy production and act as an antioxidant. CoQ10

High blood pressure is generally the result of an imbalanced lifestyle. Dietary corrections, stress reduction, herbal & nutritional supplements and holistic therapies can go a long way to preventing a stroke.

MAKE HEALTH A HABIT..... Priscilla Peltier,

Priscilla Peltier is a natural health care practitioner at Nutter’s who writes on health and nutrition & has a passion for the latest research in natural health and diet.

C.H., C.N.C., C. Irid., R.BIE Herbalist, Nutrition Consultant, Iridoligist, and Registered BioEnergetics Practitioner 403.329.3100 (Office) 403.942.5064 (Fax)

Salus Magnesium Tonic • Scientifically prepared for maximum absorption, whole food fermented tonic • Supports a healthy circulatory system and helps relax arteries and muscles • Lowers blood pressure • Aids in proper calcium absorption (essential during menopause) • Beneficial for stress, depression or nervous tension

Hawthorn Capsules

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Flax Oil

Hawthorn Formula (Coreplex)

• Organic Canadian prairie flaxseeds • Richest plant source of omega 3 essential fatty acids • Necessary for the normal functioning of every single cell, tissue, gland, and organ in the body

• Hawthorn formula was designed to help minimize age-related changes in the heart muscle • Includes hibicus and passion flower

Bija Heart Hawthorn Tea Blend

QH Plus Ubiquinol • Ubiquinol is up to 8 times more bioavailable than regular CoQ10 • Maintain and support cardiovascular health • Statin drugs and aging deplete CoQ10 levels in the heart muscle • Recommended for everyone over 40 years of age

• Organically grown herbal tea blend • Cultures around the world use hawthron for a healthy cardiovascular system • Includes hawthorn berries and flowers, hibicus, and passionflower in a delicious tea blend

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The Lymphatic System – most of us are barely aware that we have one. Fewer still know what it does and why it is so important to our health. The most important thing to know is just how easy it is to keep it functioning well so let’s just do a quick update. The Lymphatic System has multiple interrelated functions: 1. It is responsible for the removal of fluid from tissues and cells and returns fluids, including plasma protein, to the blood. It thus maintains fluid balance. 2. It absorbs and transports fatty acids and fats to the circulatory system. 3. It transports immune cells to and from the lymph nodes and into the bone where an immune response is stimulated. 1. Lymph is fluid and protein which has been squeezed out of the blood. The lymphatics also remove particles of material such as bacteria from tissues. As the blood circulates, fluid leaks out into the body tissues carrying food to the cells and waste back to the blood stream. So the lymphatic system is important for distribution of nutrients in the body and draining excess fluids and proteins so tissues do not swell. It is a tissue-cleansing fluid. 2. Lymph transports fats from the intestines to the blood. Lymph vessels are present in the lining of the gastrointestinal tract, predominantly in the small intestine. These fats play very important roles in many functions of the body including brain function. 3. Lymph plays an important role in the immune system as it acts as a barrier to infections by filtering out and destroying toxins and bacteria and fighting the spread of tumors. Through the flow of lymph the body is able to eliminate the waste caused by cellular breakdown and bacterial invasion. It is through this action that the body is able to fight infection and ward off foreign invaders. The lymph system is a one-way system, transporting fluid back to the blood. It flows only toward the heart and has no central pump. So movement of lymph fluid occurs only due to the contraction of muscles in a peristaltic wave down the length of the muscle. Thus it becomes clear to see why it is so important to the health of the body to maintain an exercise regimen. With Vibration Exercise Training, the very first reaction of the body to this stimulation is the “muscle reflex response” initiated by the brain. A sensor in the Achilles tendon at the back of the heel is constantly signaling the brain that you are losing your balance when it detects the oscillating action of the foot plate on the Trainer. The brain then engages 100% of the muscle in the body to become prepared to do whatever it needs to do to stabilize you. This necessary peristaltic action of the muscle is thus being triggered in every muscle in the body. In normal fitness training only about 40% of the muscle can be affected because this is your “voluntary” muscle and is the only muscle that you can voluntarily control. The brain controls the rest and it is all being activated in Vibration Training.

And this means of activating and strengthening the muscles only requires a few minutes of your time each day without any stress to the joints. Medical Research: Does physical activity reduce seniors’ need for Health Care?: A study of 24,281 Canadians.Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC - This study assessed the association between physical activity and 1)healthcare resource utilizations and 2) healthcare resource utilization costs. Respondents to the Canadian Community Health Survey were >65 years of age. Physical inactivity was associated with statistically significant increases to hospitalizations, lengths of stay and healthcare visits. Average healthcare costs (2008 Canadian $) for the physically inactive were $1,214.15 greater than the healthcare costs of the physically active ($2,005.27 vs. $791.12)

Go to for other related articles on important benefits of Vibration Training! Or call 403-393-6114 Quirk - 22

Field of Dreams

By Jean Van Kleek • Photos by: Alina Van Den Berg

Erik and Alina Van Den Berg, owners of Estelle Spa filter Cleaning Systems, are relative newcomers to Canada.

Alina, who lived in Poland, met Erik while visiting the Netherlands. Even though communication was difficult at first, one thing they both knew, is that they were meant to be together. The two married, and decided they would like to explore another country. Canada was the country of choice, specifically southern Alberta. They spent a couple of years in Burdett where they farmed. After the birth of their pride and joy, David, they decided to move to Lethbridge, where they continue to farm. At two, David is a little farmer already and helps in the field with his mom and dad. He is tri-lingual, speaking Dutch, Polish and English.

Erik farmed in the Netherlands, and Alina grew up on a farm in Poland. The country lifestyle is deep seeded in both of them and they glow when talking about farming, the fresh air, crops and their animals. This family farms a variety of crops, raises Clydesdale horses and breeds rottweilers‌ a life that keeps them busy, but very happy. Alina says it brings her peace to be in nature. I visited the acreage where they farm here and watched the new foal play as their pet cow grazed among the horses, and felt exactly what she was talking about. An easy calm came over me. I hung onto that feeling for the rest of the day. Erik returned to the Netherlands a while ago for a visit and met up with a friend of his. This friend shared with him an idea he had for a system to clean hot tub filters and extend the life of them. The invention was born from his own frustration cleaning filters and having it be a lot of work

The country lifestyle is deep seeded in both of them and they glow when talking about farming, the fresh air, crops and their animals.

with minimal results. The product excited Erik and he became a partner in Estelle Disposables Cleaning Systems. The product is already meeting with great success in Europe. It saves time and money, a winning combination for any consumer. Erik is the distributor for all of Canada and the U.S. This system is the first of its kind and a very exciting venture for this family. They are looking forward to introducing Estelle systems to the North American market, starting right here in Lethbridge!

Estelle can be purchased online at Visit Estelle Canada by appointment 3 miles west of Coaldale by Andres Trailers Unit 2a & 2b

What a yard ”is” has changed substantially over the years. In the not too distant past, it was common to have a garden, a bit of a patio, lawn, flowers and a barbecue. Very enjoyable and functional, but nothing like the options available today. Home décor has grown by leaps and bounds, partly due to technology and partly a natural evolution to create, dream and “do better”. We live in a very stressful, fast moving and uncertain world. People need a means to escape, relax and rejuvenate. For some, that means taking the family camping and travelling during the summer months. But many people have decided to forego the cost of an RV, the price of gas and uncertainty of finding a camping spot to instead create an oasis right in their own back yard. Even those who choose to travel like to come home to an outdoor environment they can enjoy.

Outdoor swimming pools are not very common in this area due the short summer season and high cost of building, maintaining and winterizing a pool. Now, there are options. Swim spas are an excellent alternative to a high cost swimming pool. They can be used in the summer as a swimming pool and in the winter as a hot tub, bringing year round enjoyment.

There are so many options on the market now that make it easy to create a space that can be enjoyed for at least three seasons in southern Alberta. Solar lighting has become hugely popular, and it can bring your yard to life in the evening. There are walkway lights, fencepost lights, garden lights, ornamental lights, and now there are also water features that are powered by solar. There is no more need to plug in your fountain or waterfall, just let the sun take care of it.

Courtesy: Arctic Spas

Decks have been an integral part of our outdoor space for many years, but until recently they remained square, and relatively unimaginative. Now, custom built decks can be multi-level, built around trees and encompass as large a part of your yard you choose. They have become part of the landscape and can include bridges between sections with water running underneath like a babbling brook. There are many still made of wood, but the options now include Duradeck, a vinyl decking material that needs no maintenance. Most of us want a beautiful yard, but don’t have the time for upkeep, so this type of deck can be an excellent option.

Electric Water fountain courtesy Coaldale Nurseries

By Jean Van Kleek

There are so many options on the market now that make it easy to create a space that can be enjoyed for at least three seasons in southern Alberta.

Many of us enjoy part of our deck to be covered. This provides shade and protection from the elements. Awnings also have available, retractable wind and shade screens with fixed side tracks so the screens are secure as they drop and won’t blow in on you. They can be manually cranked, or motorized. Available now for awnings are retractable shade screens mounted to the front of the awning that can be secured to the deck or deck railing to provide additional shade, wind protection and privacy. There are also infra-red heaters that can be attached to the bottom of an awning to heat the seating area once the awning is extended. Courtesy: Custom Canvas

For those where upkeep is an issue, there are now very realistic replacements for grass. Artificial turf used to be very noticeably fake, but technology has come a long way with this type of product. It is expensive initially, but your investment is returned by water conservation, no mowing, and no weed control expenses. For those who prefer real grass, sprinkler systems have also come a long way. They use water more efficiently because the heads are placed exactly where water is needed, unlike traditional sprinklers that end up watering the sidewalk and deck. Some new systems have rain sensors that make sure the system doesn’t come on during rainfall. They can also be connected to your rain barrel to use your captured rain water.

Keeping warm in your outdoor space is a concern on some evenings, especially as we head into fall. There are many options now to bring warmth on those cool evenings. Propane heaters have been on the market for a while and are very effective at taking the chill off. There are also a variety of fire pits that can be safely used on decks relatively close to the house and manually controlled, unlike a wood fire pit. They can be fueled by propane, natural gas or gel fuel and be turned off when you are ready to go indoors. A new product on the market is the ethanol burning fire pit. These beautiful cement-based pits can be decorated with stone or glass and custom built as well. Ethanol is cleanburning, leaving no smoke residue in an enclosed sunroom. It can also be brought indoors for the winter to enjoy year Courtesy: Dubes Design & Renos round.

Many people are also turning their BBQ area into outdoor kitchens, often switching out their traditional BBQ’s for pellet grills, or smokers and building a complete area to entertain. These areas can be custom designed and built by professionals, or created Courtesy: The Stove Pipe Company by imaginative homeowners. These areas often include a built in BBQ cooking area, sink, fridge, bar, prep area, storage space and whatever else you dream of for an outdoor kitchen.

There are no limits to the kinds of things you can do to create an outdoor space that suits your lifestyle and budget. It takes time, planning and often a lot of work… but it is worth it in the end when you relax and realize you created a space to enjoy, a space to unwind and a space that is truly yours alone.

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Our swimming pools combine the best of pools and hot tubs into one amazing package. · Eco-friendly bio ethanol burners for indoor/outdoor use

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· Liquid propane & natural gas options

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By: Jean Van Kleek Photo by: Danny Ponomar Just a little old man, who sat alone on the park bench. His clothes well-worn and wrinkled, much like his face that carried the story of his life in it’s sculpted lines. His eyes were bright, you could tell he was at peace with himself, and it almost looked like he knew a secretthe way he gently smiled and watched people go by. He sat on his bench every day, no one knew where he came from, he was just there. I know the birds and the chipmunks didn’t care where he was from… they sat with him each day even when he had run out of the bread crumbs he faithfully fed them. You could see a glimpse of loneliness peek through his smile every now and then, maybe he thought of friends or loved ones from days gone by… but only for a moment. Then he would look around and his eyes would sparkle again as he saw the life around him. This little old man. I had always meant to talk with him, but time got in the way. I decided that next day would be the day. I found my way to the park and with anticipation I looked over to his bench. But there was no old man there… Just an empty space. The chipmunks and the birds had waited patiently, but you could tell they knew something was wrong. I looked at them… they looked at me. We knew. The people walked by as usual, but no one noticed The empty bench Or missed the eyes that smiled for them. Just a little old man, and nobody cared, This little old man, Who wanted to share his last days with the world.

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Roasted Corn Guacamole & Carne Asada Soft Tacos

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By Judi Frizzle Stowell

Chewy sweet niblets of grilled corn crowded into spicy, herby, citrusy guacamole is fantastic on just about anything. On soft flour tortillas loaded with chili-rubbed, grilled steak, ha cha cha. Ole! It was a slow burning, blue-hot August afternoon. The stillness in the forest begged to be quenched. From somewhere in the house, Chris Isaak sensually crooned of a Wicked Game. A pair of pebble skinned, dark green avocados stared at me, unblinking. Hot chilies lay helter skelter on the kitchen counter taunting me. A heat-blasted whisper of a breeze rustled the silk of fresh picked corn cobs that lazed on a nearby table top. Plump limes eased out of the fruit basket landing on the floor with a soft plop, plop. A stack of soft flour tortillas were emitting some sort of primal chant honouring the searing summer sun. Spicy flecks of chili powder were dive bombing a tiny dish of salt splashed olive oil, then rebounding onto a tender flank steak, spelling out the words, 'grill me'. Ay, ay, ay, carumba!!! ALRIGHT ALREADY! I get the drift! That's how it all came together that one hot August afternoon I was persuaded into my forest kitchen to conjure.

First up, spicy guacamole loaded with grilled corn. Two of my flavour favorites, together, at last. Yum-O! This corn blessed guac is great as a dip with crispy tortilla chips or dolloped on fried chicken or grilled fish, or just about anything else you can think of. But it's killer fantastic on steak tacos! Which brings me to another one of my fave foods, carne asada. It was quickly becoming deliciously obvious, that I had no choice but to give a flank steak a good massage with olive oil, sea salt and lots of spicy hot Hatch chili powder. Post massage, a little chill time before grilling that baby to tender scrumptiousness. It was all we could do to stop ourselves from sampling the grilled steak while it rested so all those precious, luscious juices stayed put. When we couldn't wait another second, a slicing frenzy followed and before we knew it we were tucking mouthwatering steak into warm soft tortillas with big plops of grilled corn guacamole on top.


Muchas gracias to I Will Not Eat Oysters food blog for the delicious dog day afternoon inspiration.


CARNE ASADA 1 1/2 pound flank or skirt steak 2 tablespoons good quality extra virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon sea or Kosher salt 3 tablespoons, mild, medium or hot chili powder (we use Hatch's Hot, cuz we like it 'hot'!) Guac 4 fresh cobs of corn, husked 2 medium, perfectly ripe avocados Juice of 2 plump limes 1/2 Walla Walla, Vidalia, Maui or sweet onion, finely chopped (about 1/2 cup) 2 fresh jalapenos or other hot chile pepper, seeded, finely chopped 1/4 cup fresh cilantro, chopped 1 teaspoon sea or Kosher salt 8-10 small flour tortillas Lime wedges, for squeezing For the carne, mix together olive oil, 1 tablespoon salt and chili powder and massage over entire surface of the steak. Cover or pop into a large ziplock bag and refrigerate 1-6 hours. Meanwhile preheat barbecue to medium high. Place corn cobs directly on the grill and close the top. Grill corn 12-18 minutes, turning every few minutes, until some kernels are bright yellow, some deliciously brown and caramelized and some slightly charred. Let cool.

Mash avocado with a fork, leaving it a bit chunky. Put mashed avo into a large bowl with lime juice, chopped onion, chopped hot pepper and cilantro. Mix to combine. Cut kernels off the cob and add to avocado mixture. Season with sea salt, to taste. Cover and chill under ready to serve. Preheat barbecue to high. Place steak on grill and reduce heat to medium-high and grill 5-9 minutes per side, turning once, until medium-rare to medium. Remove the steak to a cutting board and let rest 5 minutes to allow the juices to settle. While steak is resting, pop tortillas on the grill for 20-30 seconds on each side. Keep grilled tortillas warm by wrapping in a clean kitchen towel. Thinly slice steak across the grain on a diagonal. To make tacos, tuck a few steak slices into a warm tortilla, top with a good scoop of grilled corn guacamole and a squeeze of fresh lime. Devour. Repeat. If you want to make a full meal deal, these tacos go rather fantastico with frijoles and Mexican rice.

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A beautiful cake isn't one that impresses. It's one that you just gotta eat. And a beautiful life is one that you just gotta live.

Bliss-ologie Post:

Honey Crumb Cake By Ginger Malacko

I admit, I made this cake the other day mainly because I didn't have to fuss with it. The construction of it is so simple, there was no messing with fondant or icing or any sort of decoration other than the plonking of a single strawberry on top. Because cake decorating frustrates me. Plonking, however, brings me great joy. I think there is a difference between creating and decorating, in dessert and in life. I don't want to decorate my life, frosting over flaws and packing on the extras to make it appear more delicious. I want my life to appear delicious simply because it is. If I get up each morning, and set out to build my dreams and my character, with no added frills, then how can my life be anything but delicious? And how can anyone look at it from the outside and not see how it fills me up?

As seen on, a local style blog

You don't have to be good at everything. Hardest lesson for this lady to learn. I tend toward perfectionism and I guess it can be annoying - I had a roommate who once told me I make people want to kill themselves. But there are two things in life that I just cannot do in spite of practise, many tears and perhaps a bit of self flagellation. I cannot wrap a present nicely. And I cannot decorate a cake. It blows my mind that a creative gal like myself can't do these simple things. But maybe they aren't so simple after all. And maybe those who can gift wrap and decorate cakes are more talented than we all give them credit for. In fact, I am sure of it. So when I came across this odd little recipe, I felt it calling out to me. 'Ginger...bake me...I look good with almost no effort...' And the recipe spake the gospel truth because just look at what I made. And there are no smears, finger marks, or wads of scotch tape. This recipe was called honey pie and originated from a russian immigrant. I'm only calling it a crumb cake because 'pie' seems so misleading. It's not a pie. At all. It's like a layered sugar cookie dessert with thin stripes of honey caramel. Sweet, yet simple. And wonderful with berries. My nieces and nephews were all over it. So here it is... 1/4 butter . 2 Tbsp honey . 1c. sugar . 2 eggs . 2 tsp. baking powder . 3c. flour Melt the butter and honey in a saucepan. Add the eggs and sugar and whisk until smooth. Add the baking powder and remove from heat. It will get all foamy as you stir it. Pour the mixture into a large bowl and add the flour a bit at a time. Now this might be counterintuitive, since this is a cake we're making, but keep adding flour until the dough is no longer sticky and you can roll it out like a soft pastry dough. I know. Weird. Divide the dough into four equal pieces and roll each piece out, well floured, until it's about a quarter inch thick, or slightly thinner. I rolled mine out on parchment paper to make transfer of the layers easier. Bake each layer until tinged with gold - only 3-4 minutes at 375F. Using a medium sized dinner plate as a guide, cut all the layers into circles. Crumble the leftover edge pieces into fine crumbs.


A party without cake

is just a meeting filling: 1 small can sweetened condensed milk . 3 eggs . 2 Tbsp. honey . 1/4c butter Melt butter, condensed milk and honey in heavy saucepan on medium heat. Stir in eggs and whisk steadily until the mixture thickens into a caramel-like custard. This should take 8-15 minutes but be patient...custard has it's own time. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Carefully lift the first layer and slide it onto your plate or cake stand. I borrowed this pale pink beauty from Kara and she may never get it back. Spoon the custard onto the cake and spread it thinly across and right to the edges. Add another layer and repeat until all four are in place. Spread the last of the custard over the entire cake, making sure to get the sides as well. Sprinkle crumbs over the cake and gently press into the custard. Now this is the hard part...cover the cake and let it sit for a few hours...even overnight. The cookie-like texture of the layers will fuse together, soften and become more crumbly. I served it alongside a raspberry ice cream, but it would be lovely with a peach coulis and mint or with fresh blueberries, whipped cream and shaved dark chocolate. And the best thing about this cake...I can be as impatient and wobbly-handed as I want and it still looks great. When you know you are NOT very good at something...let it go. Find ways to create your own version of what other people can do. And be honest and gracious in your praise and appreciation for those who have the talents you would kill for. Hey, if you can decorate a pretty cake, I salute you!


1/4c butter 2 Tbs. honey 1c sugar 2 eggs 2 tsp baking powder 3c flour Preheat oven to 375F. Melt the butter and honey in a saucepan. Add the eggs and sugar and whisk until smooth. Remove from heat and add the baking powder, stirring until blended and foamy. Transfer mixture to a large bowl and gradually add the flour until it becomes a soft, pliable dough, that is no longer sticky. Turn onto a well floured countertop and divide the dough into four equal pieces. Roll each piece flat to about Âź inch thickness, keeping it well floured. Bake each of the four layers for 3-4 minutes, just until lightly browned at the edges. Let cool.


1 small can of sweetened condensed milk 3 eggs 2 Tbs. honey Âź c butter Melt butter, condensed milk and honey in heavy saucepan on medium heat. Stir in eggs and whisk steadily until the mixture thickens into a caramel-like custard. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Use a medium sized dinner plate as a guide to cut each layer of cake into a circle. Crumble the left over edges of cake into fine crumbs. Layer the circles of cake and the custard until all four layers are sealed together. Cover the entire cake with custard and then sprinkle the crumbs over top and pat them into the custard. Cover the cake and let sit, unrefrigerated, for at least 4 hours, even overnight, before serving. *adapted from a Russian family recipe

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Puerto Vallarta Beckons a

Return Engagement By Fay Braden

“It’s very safe and fun to walk here, anytime of day or night and it’s that comfort level that makes it easy for us to return.” This winter my husband Rick and I will be taking our fifth trip to the tourist-friendly beach location of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Located on the Western coast of Mexico, South of Mazatlan in Banderas Bay, it offers lots of sunshine and balmy breezes. Getting around in P.V. is easy. Taxis are exceptionally cheap. A couple of trips ago we decided to be a little more adventuresome and use the buses. At about fifty cents a ride it’s a hoot and a half and worth it just for the excitement of the ride. The bus drivers are very friendly and fearless in their driving. Once you step on, be prepared to hold on – it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. One of the nicest resorts we have stayed at is the Lindo Mar. Located a little South of downtown it’s a small boutique-type resort that’s very family-ish. The living room in our suite was open to the ocean and we took full advantage of the view every moment we could; the patio doors never closed the whole week we were there. We also discovered that the beach was very walk-able, all the way to downtown. In a few spots you have to scramble over some rocks and climb a little bit of a hill. It’s a delightful hike with soft, warm sand and numerous cute, little beaches along the way; it’s a definite do-over our next trip. Quirk - 32

We always enjoy walking the Malecon. It’s the boardwalk along the ocean downtown and you’ll find everything here from street performers and sand castle artists to food vendors. There are restaurants, time share sharks and tequila stores. In the early evening, you’ll see families out and about and later the nightclubs begin coming to life. It’s very safe and fun to walk here, anytime of day or night and it’s that comfort level that makes it easy for us to return. Language has never been an issue for us in P.V. The locals try very hard to speak a little English, especially if you try hard to speak a little Spanish. We make an effort to add one or two new phrases before each trip. Personally, I find my ability to speak Spanish is directly related to the number of Margaritas I’ve had. Each trip we find another part of Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay that we want to explore. We’ve done the typical tourist activities, taken the kids on the Pirate Ship, snorkeled at Los Arcos, taken in

Rhythms of the Night, toured San Sebastian, driven dune buggies through the mud and explored off road with Vallarta Adventures. While the guided events are fun and really interesting, we’ve had even more fun discovering things on our own. Bucerias, for example, is a twenty-five dollar cab ride or a $2 bus ride away. It’s a delightful little town, it has a yummy deep, golden sand beach that stretches for miles and offers some awesome beach bars to go with it. Totally worth it as a day trip for the great shopping in both the market and the art walk centre. Travelling styles differ and while many enjoy all-inclusive facilities, we find there are so many delicious dining options in Puerto Vallarta (and the surrounding towns) we don’t want to be tied down. Part of our vacation is to enjoy eating at our favorite locations and each trip we make it our goal to find new ones. One of our regular stops is Café Tacuba or as it’s more affectionately known – Victor’s Place. Located in the marina, most of the tables are outside surrounded by a variety of expensive yachts and private fishing boats. If you’re lucky Victor himself will be there to great you. You’re welcomed like old friends with a kiss and a handshake. Your first shot of free tequila might come when you get your menus or when you place your order, it varies. Prices are exceptionally reasonable at Victors and we are not the only repeat customers who return here to find delicious food. Your second shot of free tequila comes with the first round of drinks and at the end of the meal your dessert liqueur is a delicious creation that offers a perfect finish.

Our first trip to P.V. we discovered a couple of casual restaurants that are repeats for us, every trip. We head to The Cheeky Monkey for $1 beers, and $1 Margs. The food is very good here as well. What makes this place extra cool is that they are located upstairs and on the Malecon, so you have a terrific vantage point to people watch or enjoy the sunset. Another is Café Roma. The staff is exceptionally friendly and they offer you free use of their internet or a free call home to Canada. They too, are upstairs and make a $10 pizza that is delish. Expect to have your picture taken while you’re there. When you get home, you’ll find it posted on their website. For something that is just plain fun, we always head to Pipi’s, located off the Malecon in the downtown area. It’s a bit over-whelming and certainly not where you go if fine dining in a quiet atmosphere is what you’re after. Just the opposite, there is a mariachi band that performs for tips and the tunes they play vary from traditional Mexican to great singalong numbers like Blue Suede Shoes and Sweet Caroline. The servings are generous and the daiquiris are served in fish bowls; we always leave this place with a smile on our face, full bellies and stories to tell. We absolutely love it in Puerto Vallarta. Whether we travel there with friends or family or our children, it’s our go to vacation location. With short 5 hour direct flights out of Calgary, you can leave at 8:00am and be sitting in sunshine with a cocktail in your hand by 2:00pm.

Just off the Malecon, Rick and I discovered a taco stand that we pigged-out at. The meat is being cooked on a vertical rotisserie (it’s called tacos al pastor) by the chef and one of the ladies is cooking fresh tortillas. You order one or two at a time and the man with the big knife slices meat into your warm tortilla. You choose from a number of sauces and toppings, then you sit on the bench and eat. Repeat as many times as necessary. When you’ve eaten as many as you can possibly eat – like say 10, just as an example, you pay. It’s fresh, tasty and at about 50 cents each, insanely cheap.

“Part of our vacation is to enjoy eating at our favorite locations and each trip we make it our goal to find new ones. ”

Alberta Guide Dog Services "Looking at Lethbridge to help

"Guide the Way"

Alberta Guide Dog Services is a registered charity created for the purposes of providing guide dogs to blind and visually-impaired Albertans. It is a division of British Columbia Guide Dog Services, founded in 1996. The Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers are totally dedicated to the further development of the Guide Dog Movement in British Columbia and Alberta. The organization holds the aims and objectives of providing — at no cost to our clients — professionally-trained guide dogs for blind and visually-impaired residents of British Columbia and Alberta. We continue to work hard at improving the availability of service, including breeding, raising and training more dogs as well as serving more client-dog teams with life-long aftercare and

What We Do

Our Starting Point

- The Breeding Program BC and Alberta Guide Dog Services maintains an in-house breeding program. By only training dogs that we have bred ourselves, we know the genetic history of each dog, which is vital to our ability to produce healthy guide dogs.

Quirk - 34

Early Education

support, so that we can serve an increasing number of people throughout BC and Alberta. Though often viewed as a dog organization, British Columbia and Alberta Guide Dog Services is, in reality, an organization about people. When evaluating blind and visually-impaired applicants' suitability for guide dog training, we see ability rather than disability. All individual guide dog training programs are tailored to the needs of each individual.. In December 2008, British Columbia Guide Dog Services founded Autism Support Dogs, and continues to work in partnership with this organization.

- The Puppy Raising Program All of our puppies are raised in the homes of volunteer Puppy Raisers rather than in kennels. Volunteer Puppy Raisers prepare our dogs for advanced training by teaching them basic obedience skills and by socializing our puppies so that they are comfortable in public spaces.

Client Training

Professional Canine Education

- The Training Program At approximately 15 months of age, the dogs enter advanced training, and work with a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor. This advanced training period takes approximately 4 months.

- Adult Classes Since 1998, we have been commited to providing domiciliary (in-home) training. Rather than have the blind/visually-impaired person travel to our location, our Guide Dog Mobility Instructors travel to the person's home with the dog, so that the team can train on familiar routes. The training can be completed in approximately 3 weeks.

Alberta Guide Dog Services is currently looking for Lethbridge volunteers to help raise puppies that will become life-changing dogs for the visually impaired and children with autism. These dogs remain in Alberta to work as service dogs. Who is Eligible to raise a puppy?

Volunteer Puppy Raisers in Lethbridge must: • be available during the day • be willing to travel to Calgary 1-2 times a month for training* • be available for training in Lethbridge once a month* • be available for event appearances at pre-arranged times in Calgary and Lethbridge • be willing to take the puppy with you most everywhere you go • be strong enough to control a large dog *Training takes place during the day Mon-Fri

We're preparing a gift; it's about something so much bigger than us. It's an awesome responsibility, but we get back so much more than we put into it. — Victoria K., Volunteer Puppy Raiser

Puppy Raising is a 24 hour a day, 7 days per week, volunteer job. It is unlike any other form of volunteering. Puppies begin living with volunteers at about 7 weeks old until they are ready for advanced training at about 16 months of age. Our Puppy Raisers expend energy, time, love and caring of our puppies in order to raise pups that are well-prepared for their professional training as a working dog.

The program is overseen by a Puppy Supervisor who will become the direct link to the training facility and the resource person for any questions you may have regarding the puppy. We cover the cost of dog food and veterinary care. The Puppy Supervisor will visit families on a pre-arranged meeting schedule. Minimum contact will include monthly training walks and bi-monthly obedience classes.

One of the underlying characteristics of your puppy, when he/she is ready to leave your home, is that he/she has developed social skills and behaves in such a manner that his or her presence will be acceptable in homes, offices, elevators, restaurants, hospitals, public areas, as well as on public transportation and in private vehicles.

If you think you would be a good candidate to take part in our puppy program, or would enjoy assisting in other ways, please contact Sandra at: 403-616-3228 or “EVERYDAY WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR THE LOVE THAT WAS POURED IN TO OUR DOG CHALMERS FROM HIS VOLUNTEER PUPPY RAISERS. THEIR LOVE TO CHALMERS IS THE FOUNDATION OF CHALMERS’ LOVE TOWARD MY SON [ WHO HAS AUTISM].” — Mom of a child with autism

In Stock Items Available

Rick Braden

Custom Orders Welcome Have An Item/s Made From The Hair Of Your Own Horse/s

Ph. 403-329-8660

#203, 1122 - 3 Avenue South Lethbridge



Lethbridge, Alberta


1st place by Alana Reger



2nd place by Leanne Ambrus

Bi-monthly first and second place winners receive great prizes from Photos must be original, caption and contact information of photographer provided. No altered photographs will be accepted, digital or otherwise. Quirk Magazine, Shabella Publishing and sponsors retain the right to use winning photographs for promotional purposes.

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By Jean Van Kleek

When I first got Shani, I knew she was a very sensitive dog, she was the runt and a little nervous about life. It took her months, even with her long poodle legs to learn how to go down two steps into the yard. It was several more months by the time I could coax her to get in and out of a vehicle. She is shy, and people really need to earn her trust before she welcomes them, but once she does, they are a friend for life. She was diagnosed with Addison disease at two. It is a disease of the adrenal gland, and stress can create an environment where they can go into crisis, and die. Difficult disease to handle for a dog already innately stressed and worried. I decided to get a friend for Shani, thinking it may ease her nervousness. Bella came into our lives and the two of them are inseparable. Bella is the total opposite of Shani. She is very vocal, loves people and adventure, confident and very loving. The two have bonded beyond anything I imagined. Shani baths Bella every day (whether she likes it or not) and watches over her. Bella has made Shani stretch her boundaries. Shani is no longer fearful of most situations and enjoys life.

They are truly best friends, watching over each other and although different in personality, have a common goal of keeping each other happy and safe. Friends are the souls we choose who put light in our lives,

love in our hearts, and joy in our being.

Sophie & Kiwi, Taste Testers

Approximately 1 kg raw lean ground beef 5 beaten eggs 4 C cooked quinoa (protein) 1 C all bran (fibre) 1/2 C ground flaxseed (omegas) 3/4 C grated carrots 3/4 C grated apples (be sure to remove all seeds) 3/4 C lightly cooked, finely chopped green beans 2 T cinnamon




Mix raw beef with eggs. Add bran and flax. Add rest of ingredients. Mix together well. Press onto cookie sheets using parchment paper to 1/2 inch thickness. Score to desired size . Bake for one hour at 350 F. Once baked let sit in cookie sheets for half an hour. Must be refrigerated and /or frozen.

*Michelle's recipes include well researched ingredients to help make your dog happy & healthy.

Courtesy of Michelle Zandstra Quirk - 37

It’s all about the dogs at

Doggie Day Care! Pick-up and drop-off service available! Supervised playtime Report cards & dog of the month awards


by Theresa


Over 20 years experience Our pet sitting service is for any type of pet in your family For whatever reason or duration, we can provide much peace of mind for you and your pet.

113 - 13 Street N 403-380-4922

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Professional Retirement Planner t Too Young To Retire – full spectrum planning t Retire to the Life You Design – lifestyle planning t.PSFUIBO.POFZSFUJSFNFOUQMBOOJOH Award Winning Corporate Trainer Dynamic Keynote Presentations t Rock Starts of the Arctic t Tire Tracks on the Tundra t /PU"MMUIF.POLFZTBSFJOUIF;PP


/CanineColorsCanada /FreddiSpeaks

Freddi Dogterom CPT PRP CCDP 403.892.7879 |

Your True Colors™ Expert t Intro – Keys to Personal Success t Intro – Small Business Success t Team Building t Communication t $POnJDU.BOBHFNFOU t For Kids – “Colorbotsâ€?

t Workshops and individual coaching available t Teambuilding for: Animal Care Groups, Clinics, Shelters, Breeders, Clubs, etc. t Canine Colors for: Owners, Pre-owners, Animal Care Teams, and more.

A Revolutionary New Way To Clean Your Spa Filter!

The very fi r s t Hot Tub filter cleaning system!

· Cleans thoroughly · Fast, safe and simple · No mess, use inside or outside · Extends life of filter · Saves hundreds of dollars · Cleans filter in minutes · Compact, light and easy to store · Long lifespan · Works on water pressure alone; no electricity needed

Save hundreds of Dollars As Seen o n T V!

Cleaning your filters regularly with Estelle will not only save you time and trouble, it will also save you hundreds of dollars per year in the cost of expensive replacement filters. You also use about 80% less water with Estelle than with other cleaning methods. The Estelle cleaning system can extend the life of your filter up to at least 150 times.

Remove Your Dirty Filter

The garden hose connects to a quick connector • 403-894-3044

Put the filter in Estelle and turn on the water

Once the filter reaches the bottom switch the direction

Examine the clean filter

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