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A Little Bird Said

March 2013

AP wants no-trust motion


t seems Andhra Pradesh Government wants the Opposition to move a no trust move in the ensuing budget session and get it defeated, whatever be the means. The move gives the Congress an elbow room to turn around. When it comes to the bridge of winter session it will think of crossing it though the monsoon session may be washed out if not it may end up in a slight drizzle. Guess who will come to the its rescue, it is obvious.

Govt Corporate hospitals Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and other dignitaries visited corporate hospitals and not government hospitals to console the bomb blast victims. Some years back when the Education Minister of Andhra Pradesh went as a Chief Guest to inaugurate a Private Boarding School some wise heads questioned the moral sanctity of his presence. Years later education system is totally corporatized and so in the medicare system.


Art of film making

Veteran film maker Shyam Benegal lectured about context and consent at the ANR Academy. He spoke at length about how people are manufacturing consent and the present day film makers not contextualizing their theme. From the age-old talkies to the yet-tobe released movies, it is either the actor or the producer who has the say and steers the film in a way that suits their personal advantage or to cover up their disadvantage, as well. A wise crack says, times have changed, in terms of technology and remuneration but the art of film making remains the same, baring a few Benegals straying into the tinsel world.

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A Little Bird Said

March 2013

After EC, now CAG When TN Seshan asserted himself as the Election Commissioner with brazen alacrity and no party could wag its tail, the powers that be played the “Game as old as the Empire”. They brought in two more Election Commissioners and made it as a three-member team with one chief and the dictum that maority prevails. Comptroller & Auditor General (CAG) too is going to meet the same fate.

It’s over to young brigade The hectic investigative activism and the string of cases against union ministers and many bigwigs have found a new meaning with Rahul Gandhi being named as Vice President of AICC and in all likelihood the next Prime Minister candidate.

Sai krupa, feel devotees

In Day of the Jackal the English assassin did not know the French custom of a peck on cheek after UPA II has cleaned house and shoeshine boys worked over time to awarding a medal, and present Prince Rahul a clean administration. It’s over to young brigade missed the shot at Charles de now. Gaulle. The terrorists seem to unaware of the Hindu calendar. Thursday, February 21 happened to be the auspicious Bhishma Ekadasi and the Sai Baba temple attracts large number of devotees, including many VIPs like City Police Commissioner Anurag Sharma. Believers feel that Sai Baba has averted a major disaster and had driven the terrorists out of the temple vicinity.

Art Dr Manmohan Sngh would have made a good President and Pranab Mukherjee would have been a better Prime Minister, is the general feeling. of Misplacing Congress seems to have mastered the art of misplacing; or is it by design? 3

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Top Story March 2013

Forgotten Women's Day

A day after the world celebrated International Women's Day (IWD) to mark the victory of women force, a group in Indian has boycotted it and observed March 9 as Forgotten Women's Day.

These NGOs are spread across the country in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Mysore, Kanpur, Kolkata, Guwahati and Chandigarh. and carry a cumulative strength of at least 50, 000 members who have been victimized by misuse of dowry All India Forgotten Women's Association laws and domestic violence laws. (AIFWA) is a group of bereaved, beleaguered, Given below are some points mentioned in the harassed, distraught and tortured women of press release issued by Deepika Bharadway on India. It gives a face and a voice to those mothers behalf of AIFWA and sisters of husbands who have been harassed by women and women-centric laws and have Problem: A lot of false cases are making their nowhere to go. way to the courts under Section 498A (dowry law), Domestic Violence Act, various AIFWA gives a platform to women smitten by Maintenance sections in order to harass husband feminism to voice their woes and seek justice for and his family and encash a bad marriage. These the injustice done to them. cases are primarily targeted to harass the The AIFWA initiative will find support from husband and his family in order to coax them for thousands of members all over India belonging an out of court settlement which more often than to various NGOs under the umbrella of the Save not involves huge alimony to the tune of millions Indian Family (SIF) movement. and crores.


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Top Story March 2013 Often the entire family of the husband including small children, pregnant sisters, old parents, are named in the FIR in order to put pressure on the husband. It is ironical that, at the pretext of one woman, on average, 3 other women suffer who are the husband's relatives. Some facts · Every year close to 40,000 women are arrested in false dowry cases without trial or investigation on the basis of one uninvestigated complaint as per arrest data provided by the National Crime Record Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs. · In the five years period from 2004 2009, close to 2 , 0 0 , 0 0 0 i n n o c e n t women have been arrested in false dowry cases, while the British Government arrested just 20,000 women in 40 years as per arrest data provided by the National Crime Record Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs. · Domestic Violence act has forced senior citizens to leave homes built by their own hardearned money and live on footpaths and gurudwaras due to faulty orders of right to residence being passed against husband and his family. · There is no provision of remedy for a woman harassed by her daughter-in-law or sister-in-law (brother's wife). · Feminists do not consider mothers and sisters of husband as women? · When a distressed mother-in-law approaches the National Commission for Women for help, she is turned down as the alleged perpetrator is her daughter-in-law?

The National Commission for Women was set up as statutory body in January 1992 under the National Commission for Women Act, 1990 ( Act No. 20 of 1990 of Govt. of India ) to : review the Constitutional and Legal safeguards for women ; recommend remedial legislative measures ; facilitate redressal of grievances and advise the Government on all policy matters affecting women. We want NCW/Government to define specifically what is meant by "Woman". Is she a mother, Is she a sister, Is she a mother-in-law, Is she a sister-in-law or Is she only a Wife. Define Women in by-laws AIFWA demands a separate cell in NCW to look after the grievances of Mother-in-Law a n d S i s t e r- i n Law. Every year more than 40,000 innocent women are arrested without any investigation over last 5 years under IPC Section 498A. We demand a public apology to these women, as the Government has done nothing to address the grievances of these women. Reform National Commission for Women and Women and Child Development Ministry to include mothers and sisters as women, in their definition of women. There is no law to protect a Woman from her son's in laws. We demand a separate law for the protection of such Women. Stop the discrimination against mothers and sisters of husband. Stop the misuse of dowry laws and domestic violence laws. Take steps to reduce suicides by Our Sons/Brothers. Scrap all gender biased laws and bring in gender neutral laws only.



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Top Story March 2013


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Top Story March 2013

Terror strikes back It was Thursday, devotees throng in large numbers to the Sai Baba temple for arthi in the evening. Even Hyderabad Commissioner Anurag Sharma, according to reports, visited the temple just minutes before the twin blasts. Two cinema theaters on either sides of the road added to the home-bound employees makes eastern suburban area of Dilshuknagar a potential hub for trouble. Just a couple of days back there were intelligence reports that terror may strike in the aftermath of the hanging of Afzal Guru. Not that every inch of land should be scanned, but the fact that there was an attempt of a bomb blast near the very same Sai Baba temple a couple of years back should be a matter of concern. Hyderabad has a history of terror attacks, movement of terrorists, sleeper cells, drug trade, fake passport fabrication, heavy betting, communal divide and all the ingredients for a terror attack.


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Top Story March 2013 The balme game leads to nowhere. Centre first declaring that it has alerted the state two days in advance and later changing stand telling that it was a general alert.

what is the watch ward doing? Many questions stir in the heart of common people as it is the man in the streets who always bears the brunt.

The bomb blast echoed in Parliament as well. Union Home Minister Sushil kumar Shinde of late has been eating his own words. First, it was one- month-time on Teangana issue which back fired, now it is the armature remark that the State was alerted in advance. What does the term alert mean? Just faxing a letter, that too after UPA Government has taken a bold decision of hanging Afzal Guru? The two principal parties, Congress and BJP, wanted to take political mileage even in the hanging of terrorist, unmindful of the backlash. What precautionary measures were taken after the hanging though confirmed reports point that there would be retaliation. How many public places were put under scanner, how many preventive arrests were made,


Naseeruddin Shah starrer A Wednesday was not a runaway success for no reason. Back to the main story, Dilshuknagar was a soft target, so are a few other areas in the city, which already has a good contingent of central forces. Potential trouble areas are already identified, it only needed to a simple will and drill to take the alert seriously, even if it is a routine one which is received on the eve of Republic Day, Independence Day or some functions as told by Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy. It was a perfect timing for the terrorists to strike. Political instability has been looming large in Andhra Pradesh for the past three years. There were agitations, spate of resignations, arrests of IAS officers, a Minister, MP besides high voltage communal tension on the Bhagyanagar temple issue, with Majlis and BJP locking horns.

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Top Story March 2013 Soon after, MIM (Majlis party) withdrew support to Congress and a few Congress MLAs were suspended with the threat of government falling in a minority. The uncertainty was reflected in Delhi as well with Congress MPs raising placards and shouting slogans in Parliament, an unprecedented move. Then came the arrest of MIM Floor leader Akbaruddin Owaisi arrest for his alleged hate speech, his jail term in a distant Adilabad and a slew of cases. His elder brother Asaduddin Owaisi (MP) and president of the party was also arrested in an old case. The official machinery is too busy tackling these situations is not an excuse. It makes the government to be more vigilant at least after the alert.


Hyderabad has been on the terror radar is a known fact. A retired police officer says that intelligence is being more often used for political purpose and not for the investigation of crime. On the lines of National Intelligence Grid (NATFRID), the State has an organization called OCTOPUS (Organization To Counter Terrorist Operations). The headquarters was inaugurated by Chief Minister in August . We do not know as to what role it has to play in prevention of terror. Whether it is Pune, Mumbai, Malegoan or other places the progress of investigation and the conviction, if any, should be publicised to keep terror away and provide confidence to the common man.

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Top Story March 2013

Game as old as an Empire

The Empire plays the game by its own rules. They need not be diplomatic either.On one hand David Cameron became the first person f r o m 1 0 Downing Street to stop short of apologizing f o r t h e Jallianwala B a g h massacre and in the same breadth, he said a firm no to returning the Kohinoor diamond. He is on a trade mission is understood but the (British) Parliament cannot question the


Royalty.The massacre took place 40 years before Cameron was born, so he said he has no time machine to go back and apologize, may be for acts of others. W h e n i t comes to 105c a r a t diamond, his answer was in the negative and a firm one. It was taken away some 109 years before the birth of David Cameron.

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Top Story March 2013

The precious stone is a jewel in the Crown of Queen Elizabeth I. Her successor Queen Elizabeth II had also visited India in 1997 but made no promises though there were demands of returning the diamond. Cameron, however, says that he want to live in the present and think of the future rather than reach back to the past. Past is always stored in Museums and Great Britain has many museums.


He hinted that a dialogue can be opened through proper channel about the issue. Which building in the entire Europe is more powerful than Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street put together? ReadNews has written a small piece in its Twice Told Tales section about the British Prime Minister’s comments under the headline Cameron Comes to Town.

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Top Story March 2013

Mixed doubles


Badminton stars Pullela Gopichand and Saina Nehwal court a different dimension to their popularity and the baseline has changed from indoor stadia to Government boardrooms.

Now the service shots of the two ace players will be in full play for the people of the State to get an earful of advice on power conservation.

Yes, they will now serve a message to the people of Andhra Pradesh that conserving energy is the best way fight the acute power shortage the state is reeling under.

Power cuts are acute and surcharge on previous consumption is also being collected in the form of Fuel Adjustment Surcharge (FSA) is something they need not bother about.

They are gearing up for a long rally and occasional drop shots to bring awareness among the people about the importance of being earnest energy savers, or something like that.

The up-and-back-formation of the mixed doubles may leave the centre court of the Badminton Academy open, but it is social responsibility that they are fulfilling.

Lot of energy has been consumed ever since the badminton has become an indoor sport is a different matter but Gopi and his protégée were called in by the Chief Secretary of the State Minni Mathrews to be part of the Energy Conservation Mission that would propagate about saving energy.

Sometime back Gopi‘s name was topsliced to Bombay High Court, whatever be the reason and it could be a half-court-shot of a jealous ward or a detractor. All said and done, he is good person, better player and the best campaigner for the State Energy Conservation Mission.

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March 2013

Argo best film

Oscars opens a new leaf in its 85 years history with the US first lady, Michelle Obama announcing the Best Film Award winner. She announced the winner from the White House live. The result was equally surprising when Ben Afflick’s Iran hostage thriller Argo was adjudged the best Film, beating favourites, Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty. The film is a dramatized version of a true story where six American hostages in Iran and a maverick CIA agent who make a daring escape and the story was set in November 1979.


Zero Dark Thirty also has a geo-political theme which shows US hunt for Osama bin Laden, but it could not make it big on the ramp and had to be content with sharing the Best sound editing with the latest James Bond film Skyfall. Back to surprises, Aag Lee took the coveted Best Director Award for the film Life of Pi, beating top guns Steve Spielberg (Lincoln), David O.Russel (Silver Linings Playbook) among others. Aang Lee seems to be very fond of animals and nature. His earlier Oscar nominations include Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon. The Tiwanese-born director won his first Oscar for the film Boreback Mountain.

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March 2013 Life of Pi, which has an Indian backdrop and starts in Pondicherry with a castaway living in a strange island with an unlikely companion of a Bengal tiger and boat for 227 days. There were no surprises in the Best Actor category as Daniel Day-Lewis took the Award for portraying the role of Abraham Lincoln. W h e n M e r y l St r e e p announced the Award, Lewis was at his best of wits. “We wanted to swap the roles, I wanted to play Margaret Thatcher and Meryl was…first choice for Lincoln”. Streep won the Best Actress for her role in the Iron Lady in the previous year.


The biggest of all surprises is the Best Actress won by Jennifer Lawrence playing the troubled widow in Silver Linings Playbook. She went past strong contenders Jessica Chastin (Zero Dark Thirty), Naomi Watts (The Impossible), and Emmanuelle Riva (Amour)

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March 2013

Best Picture: “Argo” Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, “Lincoln” Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence, “Silver Linings Playbook” Best Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz, “Django Unchained” Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway, “Les Misérables” Best Director: Ang Lee, “Life of Pi” Animated Feature Film: “Brave” Cinematography: “Life of Pi” Costume Design: “Anna Karenina” Documentary Feature: “Searching for Sugar Man” Documentary Short: “Inocente” Film Editing: “Argo” Foreign Language Film: “Amour” (Austria) Makeup: “Les Misérables” Original Score: “Life of Pi” Original Song: “Skyfall” from “Skyfall” Production Design: “Lincoln” Short Film (Animated): “Paperman” Short Film (Live Action): “Curfew” Sound Editing: “Skyfall” &


“Zero Dark S o u n d Misérables Vi s u a l B e s t Screen Best Scre Unc

Thirty” (tie) Mixing: “Les ” Effects: “Life of Pi” A d a p t e d play: “Argo” O r i g i n a l enplay: “Django hained”

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March 2013

60 days after requiem

The attrition between Pop and Classical has ended with Papa Ravi Shankar winging the Grammy Award for his Classic style drumming out d a u g h t e r s , Anoushka.and Nora Jones.

notations running in between the scales major or minor with a flowing melody enthralling the connoisseurs over a handful of generations. But that is not all, he is driving force and his works have influenced the Beatles, as well.

The two clarions of Ravi Shankar, Anoushka and Nora Like in Dan Brown novels Jones, poured melody Norah Jones is a at the Grammy p ianist, actress, the mix of religion and science, function by accepting lyricist and singer. As here the father daughter duo had a kid she started t h e h o n o u r posthumously singing in church taken two different routes awarded to the greatest choirs and took piano sitar player for ”The lesson (considers she Living Room Session is spiritual) the 34part 1” and also for lifetime achievement. year old went on to .win five Grammy Awards. Ravi Shakar has toed the classical route with the strings ringing a kaleidoscopic emotions ranging from morbid melancholy to ecstatic bliss with


Anouskhka Shankar, who had her father’s tutelage, is a winner of Grammy Award as well and is known for her Fusion Concerts.

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March 2013 Papa Ravi Shankar composed music for Satyajit Ray’s Appu triology, Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi other popular fims. Anouskha and Nora accepted the Grammy Award but not on their name. Sixty days after his requiem demise, sitar legend Pandit Ravi Shankar was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Grammy award, which was jointly accepted by his gifted daughters Anoushka Shankar and Norah Jones.

Jungli Billi


The sitar maestro passed away on December 11, 2012 at the age of 92. “He knew about it(Award) and was very happy, and also that he and my sister, Anoushka, were both nominated in the same category for a Grammy (this year) was a special thing as well. We all miss him and are very proud of him. I will forever be discovering and re-discovering his music from all walks of his long and amazing life,” Jones said in an email to the AP.

Priyanka Chopra, who had some meaty roles to her credit starting from Fashion, will now walk the item girl ramp. She joins Mallika, Katrina and Bebo to do an item number. PC will be seen in the glitz of a different kind in Ekta Kapoor’s Shootout at Wadala and song is Babli Badmash hai and to what extent, the Junglee Billi will prove it soon.

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Missing Picture

March 2013


All hell broke loose when Kamal Hasan’s Vishwaroopam release was caught in the whirlpool of trouble and controversy. The knee jerk reaction was wild, irrational and highly emotional. Producer director Kamal Hasan has threatened to leave the country in search of secular shores and media went agog linking MF Hussain, Salman Rushdie and all available names to suit the occasion. Well, the artiste in Kamal Hasan suddenly vanished and the producer sprang out but the grease paint is still on. Kamal kept changing his images in the frame from producer to director to actor to crusader of social justice. Wait let me put the story in the proper perspective. First there was opposition when said that he would beam the film on satellite ahead of the release, it was his choice and he had a good bargain with the service providers.


His arrogance came into full play when he unceremoniously sacked the director midway through the film and took on the additional responsibility. The restlessness of the producer came to the fore then itself. Fine it was his choice and his money and his production. When he wanted to impose his line of thinking on the market dynamics, there was a commotion and satellite release went awry, as he was facing formidable players in film distribution. Then the case and Muslim sentiment erupts and all that blah, blah, blah. Now the producer in Kamal Hasan comes to town with emotional outburst, secular synopsis and his financial status, rather his brothers and all that jazz (or is it trash). There n-number of producers who lost a fortune in film making and there many films which did not see light of the day.

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Missing Picture

March 2013 Kamal Hasan should know if he has been talking as a producer or an artiste. As a producer, if he says that he will leave the country because the film is banned and he lost heavily, it is absurd as mercantile activity may attract losses even. As an artiste if he is heartbroken and is leaving then there could be some sympathy but he is playing a dual role.


Kamal cannot be painting on both sides of the canvas and ask people to see the mirage simultaneously. The film is good, has a contemporary storyline, it is technically sound and the narrative is gripping, it merits kudos but Kamal cannot resort to emotional blackmailing. If he wants to leave the country, let him, who cares?

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Twice Told Tales March 2013

Science meets Religion In 1969 when Man on Moon made global headlines with Neil Armstrong pictures hogging the limelight, there was another picture that gained equal importance. It was the picture of scientists at the NASA space centre breaking into prayer when the spectacle was unfolding.

Ahead of the launch of PSLV -20, ISRO Chairman Radhakrishnan visited Tirupati and worshipped Lord Venkateswara on Sunday. He placed the model PSLV -20 at the feet of the Lord and offered special pujas. Nor ridicule nor any rational arguments, it’s a free country. Scientists taking to religion are not new.

It is not uncommon that Science and religion go handin hand on many occasions.

On the Christmas eve of 1968 the crew of Apollo 8, the first humans on moon, read from the Bible during a live TV show. An atheist group appeal against NASA was turned down by the U.S. Supreme Court for want of jurisdiction. In July 1969, Buzz Aldrin, who became the second man to land on moon, by Apollo II administered sacrament himself while inside the lunar landing vehicle. History has recorded many religious courses before or during scientific events. They go hand in hand, many times.


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Twice Told Tales March 2013

Tale of two miscarried mishaps T

wo sad incidents took place in the State of Andhra Friday happens to be Pradesh, India on Friday though t h e M i n i s t e r ’ s there was some element of irony. birthday and thank heavens it’s not 13th. First a state minister, who went to inaugurate a private hospital, The second incident escaped a mishap when the lift he took place in the had taken collapsed from the state capital where a fourth floor by accident. film director attempted to commit Two other inmates of the lift were suicide as his maiden injured. venture was not premises in Hyderabad. cleared by the Censor Board. Police foiled his bid and whisked him away. The director Durga Prasad had submitted Initial reports said that he tried to t h e f i l m f o r consume poison while police c e n s o r s h i p t w o said that he tried to set himself months back and as it ablaze by dousing himself with did not get clearance petrol. he had a tiff with the o f f i c i a l s a n d The element of poison was there. attempted suicide in the Censor Board The film title is Love Poison.

Cameron comes to town

Traders of Threadneedle Street came to India to establish East India Company, praised the Emperor Jehangir and gained entry, the rest is history.

Cameron, on his three-day tour General R. Dyer must be stirring to boost trade relation with India, in his grave. described the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh incident as a deeply Ninety four years after the shameful event in British history. Jallianwala Bagh incident, British Prime Minister David Back home the British Prime Cameron comes to town to regret Minister has over 15 lakh voters the heinous act and describing it of Indian origin and the elections as scar in the British history. are due in a couple of years.


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Twice Told Tales March 2013

Wrestlers fail to fight W

ith Wrestling thrown out of the Olympic mat, the Wrestling Associations across the world are grappling with reality and are unable to digest as to how could this happen. One of the oldest sports, practiced even in BC, Wrestling will make its appearance for the last time in the 2016 Rio Olympics and then it’s the long hooter. The decision taken by International Olympic Committee will affect over 180 wrestling loving nations.

There were tickets, galleries and lot of fun, unlike the WWF made-up bouts. Back to the story, it is believed lack of lobbying had left wrestling behind and it lost the bout to modern pentathlon by a hair-line margin. Complaints are that the sport is old and did not change with the times. It did change not to the extent of speedometer but the time of bouts has come down and wrestlers have changed. While there w a s criticism that there a r e n o w o m e n participants i n t h e GrecoR o m a n wrestling, they made appearance in freestyle from 2 0 0 4

The sport which made its entry in 1896 will make a quiet exit after the e n s u i n g Olympics in South America. But why is all this happening to this sport. Olympics in Athens. Kushti as it is popularly known in India has been a popular sport, Olympics or no Olympics. Dara Singh, Randhawa and many popular heroes from Punjab, Haryana and the northwest have been champions of the sport. When television and cinema were not popular, wrestling bouts were very common and a favourite past time. We know that a masked man would come to town challenging pehalwans and he would be unmasked only on defeat. India had its share of glory in the Olympics as well Sushil Kumar had won silver in the 60-kg free style at 2012 London games.


Lesser known, modern pentatholon, comprising five events in shooting, horseback riding and running, could gallop past the guillotine as it has big names lobbying for the sport. The cold war and iron curtain has its refection in wresting as well. There were celebrations when Rulon Gardner (US) floored the odd-on favourite Aleksandr Karelin of Russia in the 2000 Sydney Games. The Russian was never unbeaten for 13 years. It was more overwhelming that the Bobby Fischer who annexed the World Champion title from Boris Spassky of USSR in 1971. How the international community reacted is not the point of contention, but the Wrestling Federation could not stall the decision of ejecting it from the Olympic map causes concern.

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Last Leaf March 2013

Out of source Outsourcing has become a necessary evil. From wedding functions to welding garage sheds everything is in business. Stephen Leacock, known for his satire, once wrote a piece On Seeing People Off. Actors were hired to see people off at railway stations some time back. If you think history has lost its way in some undiscovered desert, fine, the latest list of weird outsourcing is mind-blowing. You have a website to defend your reputation and if you pay $ 10 per month, it will search your name, beyond google as well, and submit a report on the findings. It charges a further $ 30 per month for the cleanup job and thy name will not be seen by any search engine. Surely this is weird but picking lice can also be outsourced and Texas based Lice Squad will help eliminate lies and prevent recurrences. The pun in lies is stretched further. There is one website that helps in getting away with lies and cheating. The website provides tailor-made solutions to all your lies and cheating and prevent you from getting caught. With surrogate mothers available having a baby is not a difficult proposition and when beliefs come cesarean can be done to bring the infant out of the womb as per the time and date of your choice as well. Even births can be manipulated so are the deaths with life support systems available. The unnatural way of living has its own glamour to boost of. Getting to serious business, Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 shows how the cops used to go to smaller towns luring youth to join army to during the Gulf War. Here Wars are outsourced with youth from various backgrounds being picked up, given a crash course in army drill and packed to Iraq, Afghanistan and other potential trouble spots. All victory belongs to US and any lapses, like the Abu Ghraib prison torture goes to individuals or the camp/platoon in-charge of the operation. After a huge public outcry some eleven soldiers were tired in a court nine removed from service while two were sentenced. The latest being the outsourcing torture. It has come to light that CIA has outsourced torture after the 9/11 in some 30 odd countries. Even wars are outsourced as corporate houses fight for natural resources in the mineral rich African and other nations as Dogs of War depicts. What is left from the outsourcing list is perhaps, love.


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Odd Couple hero, Klugman dies at 90

Jack Klugman who is remembered for his sterling performance in The Odd Couple, died at his California home. He was 90 and is survived by is wife Peggy, two sons and two grandchildren. The Odd Couple, which ran from 1970 to 1975 was based on Neil Simon's play about mismatched roommates, divorced New Yorkers who end up living together. His other popular venture “Quincy, M.E.� ran from 1976 to 1983. The son of Russian Jewish immigrants, he was born in Philadelphia his film credits included Sidney Lumet's "12 Angry Men" and Blake Edwards Days of Wine and Roses. | powered by koel kreations.

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