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She shakes her head and pops the last piece of pancake into her mouth, and I try not to laugh. As ever, she surprises me. She’s awkward, unexpected, and disarming. She really makes me want to laugh, and what’s more, it’s at myself. “Good girl,” I mutter. “I’ll take you home when you’ve dried your hair. I don’t want you getting ill.” You’ll need all your strength for tonight, for what I have to show you. Suddenly, she gets up from the table and I have to stop myself from telling her that she doesn’t have permission. She’s not your submissive…yet, Grey. On the way back to the bedroom, she pauses by the sofa. “Where did you sleep last night?” she asks. “In my bed.” With you. “Oh.” “Yes, it was quite a novelty for me, too.” “Not having…sex.” She said the s-word…and the telltale pink cheeks appear. “No.” How can I tell her this, without it sounding weird? Just tell her, Grey. “Sleeping with someone.” Nonchalantly, I turn my attention back to the sports section and the write-up on last night’s game, then watch as she disappears into the bedroom. No, that didn’t sound weird at all. Well, I have another date with Miss Steele. No, not a date. She needs to know about me. I let out a long breath and drink what’s left of my orange juice. This is shaping up to be a very interesting day. I’m pleased when I hear the buzz of the hair dryer and surprised that she’s doing what she’s been told. While I’m waiting for her, I phone the valet to bring my car up from the garage and check her address once more on Google Maps. Next, I text Andrea to send me an NDA via e-mail; if Ana wants enlightenment, she’ll need to keep her mouth shut. My phone buzzes. It’s Ros. As I’m on the phone, Ana emerges from the bedroom and picks up her purse. Ros is talking about Darfur, but my attention is on Miss Steele. She rummages around in her purse and she’s pleased when she finds a hair tie. Her hair is beautiful. Lush. Long. Thick. Idly, I wonder what it would be like to braid. She ties it back and puts on her jacket, then sits down on the sofa, waiting for me to finish my call. “Okay, let’s do it. Keep me abreast of progress.” I conclude my conversation with Ros. She’s been working miracles and it looks like our food shipment to Darfur is happening. “Ready to go?” I ask Ana. She nods. I grab my jacket and car keys and follow her out the door. She peeks at me through long lashes as we walk toward the elevator, and her lips curl into a shy smile. My lips twitch in response. What the hell is she doing to me?

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Fifty Shades of Grey