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I call Andrea and leave a message on her cell, asking her to cancel tonight. I can’t face the gala, not without my date. I open the red leather box and examine the earrings. They are beautiful: simple yet elegant, just like the enchanting Miss Steele…who left me this morning because I punished her…because I pushed her too hard. I cradle my head once again. But she let me. She didn’t stop me. She let me because she loves me. The thought is horrifying, and I dismiss it immediately. She can’t. It’s simple: no one can feel like that about me. Not if they know me. Move on, Grey. Focus. Where’s the damned glue? I stash the earrings back in the drawer and continue my search. Nothing. I buzz Taylor. “Mr. Grey?” “I need some modeling glue.” He pauses for a moment. “For what sort of model, sir?” “A model glider.” “Balsa wood or plastic?” “Plastic.” “I have some. I’ll bring it down now, sir.” I thank him, a little stunned that he has modeling glue. Moments later he knocks on the door. “Come in.” He paces into my study and places the small plastic container on my desk. He doesn’t leave and I have to ask. “Why do you have this?” “I build the odd plane.” His face reddens. “Oh?” My curiosity is piqued. “Flying was my first love, sir.” I don’t understand. “Color blind,” he explains flatly. “So you became a Marine?” “Yes, sir.” “Thank you for this.” “No problem, Mr. Grey. Have you eaten?” His question takes me by surprise. “I’m not hungry, Taylor. Please, go, enjoy the afternoon with your daughter, and I’ll see you tomorrow. I won’t bother you again.” He pauses for a moment, and my irritation builds. Go. “I’m good.” Hell, my voice is choked. “Sir.” He nods. “I’ll return tomorrow evening.”

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Fifty Shades of Grey