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myself inside her. Fuck. She’s slick and hot and wet and her body pulses around me, on the edge. No. Too soon. Way too soon. I stop, holding myself still over her and in her, while sweat beads on my brow. “Please,” she calls out, and I tighten my hold on her as I quell the urge to move and lose myself in her. Closing my eyes so I can’t see her laid out beneath me in all her wonder, I concentrate on the music; and once I’m in control again, slowly I start to move. As the intensity of the choral piece builds I slowly increase my pace, matching the power and rhythm of the music, cherishing every tight inch inside her. She fists her hands and tilts her head back and moans. Yes. “Please,” she pleads between gritted teeth. I hear you, baby. Laying her back down on the bed, I stretch out over her, supporting my weight on my elbows, and I follow the rhythm, thrusting into her and losing myself in her and the music. Sweet, brave Ana. Sweat glides down my back. Come on, baby. Please. And finally she explodes around me, shouting out her release and pushing me into an intense, draining climax where I lose all sense of self. I collapse on top of her as my world shifts and realigns, leaving that unfamiliar emotion swirling in my chest, consuming me. I shake my head, trying to chase away the ominous and confusing feeling. Reaching up, I grab the remote and switch off the music. No more Tallis. The music definitely contributed to what was almost a religious experience. I frown, attempting but failing to get a handle on my feelings. I slide out of Ana and stretch to release her from each cuff. She sighs as she flexes her fingers, and gently I remove the blindfold and the earbuds. Big blue eyes blink up at me. “Hi,” I whisper. “Hi, yourself,” she says, playful and bashful. Her response is delightful and, leaning down, I plant a tender kiss on her lips. “Well done, you.” My voice is filled with pride. She did it. She took it. She took it all. “Turn over.” Her eyes widen in alarm. “I’m just going to rub your shoulders.” “Oh, okay.”

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Fifty Shades of Grey