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Ana on her knees before me. Naked. Beautiful. My cock in her mouth. But Ana’s eyes are on mine. Her blazing blue eyes see everything. See me. My soul. She sees the darkness and the monster beneath. Her eyes widen in horror and suddenly she disappears. Shit! I wake with a start, and a painful erection that wanes as soon as I recall Ana’s wounded look in my dream. What the hell? I rarely have erotic dreams. Why now? I check my alarm; I’ve beaten it by a few minutes. The morning sunlight is creeping between the buildings as I rise. Already I’m restless, no doubt as a result of my disturbing dream, so I decide to go for a run to burn off some energy. There are no new e-mails, no messages, no updates on Leila. The apartment is quiet as I leave. There’s no sign of Gail yet. I hope she’s recovered from yesterday’s ordeal. I open the glass doors in the lobby, step outside into a balmy, sunny morning, and carefully scan the street. As I start my run I check down the alleys and in the doorways I pass, and behind the parked cars, to see if Leila is there. Where are you, Leila Williams? I turn the volume up on the Foo Fighters and my feet pound the sidewalk. OLIVIA IS EXCEPTIONALLY IRRITATING today. She’s spilled my coffee, dropped an important call, and

keeps mooning at me with her big brown eyes. “Get Ros back on the line,” I bark at her. “Better still, get her up here.” I shut my office door and go back to my desk; I must try not to take my temper out on my staff. Welch has no news, except that Leila’s parents think their daughter is still in Portland with her husband. There’s a knock on my door. “Come in.” I hope to God it’s not Olivia. Ros pokes her head around. “You wanted to see me?” “Yes. Sure. Come in. Where are we with Woods?” ROS EXITS JUST BEFORE ten. All is on track: Woods has decided to accept the deal, and the aid for

Darfur will soon be on the road to Munich in preparation for the airlift. There’s no news yet from Savannah about their offer. I check my inbox and find a welcome e-mail from Ana.

From: Anastasia Steele

E l james grey  

Fifty Shades of Grey