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I flex my hips, lifting her, burying myself even deeper inside her, and lean forward so our foreheads are touching. She feels so good. “Please, let my hands go,” she whispers. I open my eyes and see her mouth open as she drags air into her lungs. “Don’t touch me,” I plead, and release her hands and grasp her hips. She grabs the edge of the bath and slowly starts to take me. Up. Then down. Oh so slowly. She opens her eyes to find mine on her face. Watching her. Riding me. Leaning down, she kisses me, her tongue invading my mouth. I close my eyes, reveling in the sensation. Oh yes, Ana. Her fingers are in my hair, tugging and pulling as she kisses me, her wet tongue entwining with mine as she moves. I hold her hips and start lifting her higher and faster, vaguely aware that water is cascading out of the bath. But I don’t care. I want her. Like this. This beautiful woman who moans into my mouth. Up. Down. Up. Down. Over and over. Giving herself to me. Taking me. “Ah.” The pleasure catches in her throat. “That’s right, baby,” I whisper, as she quickens around me, then cries out as she explodes into her orgasm. I wrap my arms around her, embracing her, holding her tightly as I lose myself and come inside her. “Ana, baby!” I cry, and I know I never want to let her go. She kisses my ear. “That was—” she breathes. “Yeah.” Holding her arms, I urge her back so I can study her. She looks sleepy and sated, and I imagine I must look the same. “Thank you,” I whisper. She looks confused. “For not touching me,” I clarify. Her face softens and she raises her hand. I tense. But she shakes her head and traces my lips with her finger. “You said it’s a hard limit. I understand.” And she leans forward and kisses me. The unfamiliar feeling surfaces, swelling in my chest, unnamed and dangerous. “Let’s get you to bed. Unless you have to go home?” I’m alarmed at where my emotions are going. “No. I don’t have to go.” “Good. Stay.” I stand her up and climb out of the bath to fetch us both towels, and dismiss my unsettling feelings. I wrap her in a towel, drape one around my waist, and drop another on the floor in a vain attempt to clean up the water sloshed on the floor. Ana wanders over to the sinks as I drain the bath.

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Fifty Shades of Grey