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her mood…and I get to watch.

From: Christian Grey Subject: Dinner Companions Date: June 1 2011 21:40 EST To: Anastasia Steele Yes, I had dinner with Mrs. Robinson. She is just an old friend, Anastasia. Looking forward to seeing you again. I miss you. Christian Grey CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.

Her mother looks earnest; maybe she’s concerned for her daughter, or maybe she’s trying to extract information from her. Good luck, Mrs. Adams. And for a moment I wonder if they’re discussing me. Her mother stands; it looks like she’s visiting the restroom. Ana checks her purse and pulls out her BlackBerry. Here we go… She begins to read, her shoulders hunched over, her fingers flexing and drumming on the table. She starts tapping furiously at the keys. I can’t see her face, which is frustrating, but I don’t think she’s impressed with what she’s just read. A moment later she abandons the phone on the table in what appears to be disgust. That’s not good. Her mother returns and signals one of the waiters for another round of drinks. I wonder how many they’ve had. I check my phone, and sure enough, there’s a response.

From: Anastasia Steele Subject: OLD Dinner Companions Date: June 1 2011 21:42 EST To: Christian Grey She’s not just an old friend. Has she found another adolescent boy to sink her teeth into? Did you get too old for her? Is that the reason your relationship finished?

What the hell? My temper simmers as I read.

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Fifty Shades of Grey