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“We do?” “Christian. This girl. Spill the beans.” “I’ll have a glass of the Mendocino sauvignon blanc,” I tell the hovering waiter. He nods and hurries off. “So, not a cause for celebration?” Elena takes a sip of her champagne, eyebrows raised. “I don’t know why you’re making such a big deal of this.” “I’m not making a big deal. I’m curious. How old is she? What does she do?” “She’s just graduated.” “Oh. A little young for you?” I arch a brow. “Really? You’re going to go there?” Elena laughs. “How is Isaac?” I ask with a smirk. She laughs again. “Behaving.” Her eyes sparkle with mischief. “How boring for you.” My voice is dry. She smiles, resigned. “He’s a good pet. Shall we order?” HALFWAY THROUGH THE CRAB chowder I put Elena out of her misery.

“Her name is Anastasia, she studied literature at WSU, and I met her when she came to interview me for the student newspaper. I gave the commencement address this year.” “Is she in the lifestyle?” “Not yet. But I’m hopeful.” “Wow.” “Yeah. She’s escaped to Georgia to think it through.” “That’s a long way to go.” “I know.” I look down at my chowder, wondering how Ana is and what she’s doing; sleeping, I hope…alone. When I raise my head Elena is studying me. Intently. “I haven’t seen you like this,” she says. “What do you mean?” “You’re distracted. That’s not like you.” “Is it that obvious?” She nods, her eyes softening. “Obvious to me. I think she’s turned your world upside down.” I inhale sharply but hide the fact by raising my glass to my lips. Perceptive, Mrs. Lincoln. “You think?” I murmur after my sip. “I think,” she says, her eyes searching mine. “She’s very disarming.” “I’m sure that’s novel. And I bet you’re worrying about what she’s doing in Georgia, what she’s thinking. I know how you are.”

E l james grey  
E l james grey  

Fifty Shades of Grey