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To: Christian Grey Dinner was filling—you’ll be very pleased to hear I ate far too much. Getting interesting? How?

I’m glad she’s eating…

From: Christian Grey Subject: Unfinished Business—Definitely Date: May 31 2011 19:30 To: Anastasia Steele Are you being deliberately obtuse? I think you’d just asked me to unzip your dress. And I was looking forward to doing just that. I am also glad to hear you are eating. Christian Grey CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.

From: Anastasia Steele Subject: Well…There’s Always the Weekend Date: May 31 2011 22:36 EST To: Christian Grey Of course I eat…It’s only the uncertainty I feel around you that puts me off my food. And I would never be unwittingly obtuse, Mr. Grey. Surely you’ve worked that out by now. ;)

She loses appetite around me? That’s not good. And she’s making fun of me. Again.

From: Christian Grey Subject: Can’t Wait Date: May 31 2011 19:40 To: Anastasia Steele I shall remember that, Miss Steele, and no doubt use the knowledge to my advantage. I’m sorry to hear that I put you off your food. I thought I had a more concupiscent effect on you. That has been my experience, and most pleasurable it has been, too. I very much look forward to the next time. Christian Grey

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