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like to know which flight she’s on.” “Does she have an airline preference?” “I’m afraid I don’t know.” “I’ll see what I can do.” I hang up. My cunning plan is falling into place. “MR. GREY!” ANDREA IS startled at my appearance several hours early. I want to tell her that I do fucking

work here, but I decide to behave. “I thought I’d surprise you.” “Coffee?” she chirps. “Please.” “With or without milk?” Good girl. “With. Steamed milk.” “Yes, Mr. Grey.” “Try Caroline Acton. I’d like to speak to her right away.” “Of course.” “And make an appointment for me to see Flynn, next week.” She nods and sits down to work. At my desk, I switch on my computer. The first e-mail in my inbox is from Elena.

From: Elena Lincoln Subject: The Weekend Date: May 30 2011, 10:15 To: Christian Grey Christian, what gives? Your mother told me you took a young woman to dinner yesterday. I’m intrigued. It’s so not your style. You’ve found a new submissive? Call me. Ex ELENA LINCOLN ESCLAVA For The Beauty That Is You™

That’s all I need. I close her e-mail, resolving to ignore it for now. Olivia knocks and enters with my coffee as Andrea buzzes my phone. “I have Welch for you, and I’ve left a message for Ms. Acton,” Andrea announces.

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Fifty Shades of Grey