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turns to leave my study. I put my work aside and head off with my coffee to take a shower and have a shave. ANA IS STILL OUT for the count when I finish dressing.

You’ve exhausted her, Grey. And it was pleasurable, more than pleasurable. She looks serene, as if she doesn’t have a care in the world. Good. From the chest I take my watch, and on an impulse open the top drawer and pocket my last condom. You never know. I amble back through the living room toward my study. “Do you want your breakfast yet, sir?” “I’ll have breakfast with Ana. Thanks.” I pick up the phone and call Andrea from my desk. After we’ve exchanged a few words she puts me through to Ros. “So when can we expect you?” Ros’s tone is sarcastic. “Good morning, Ros. How are you?” I say sweetly. “Pissed.” “At me?” “Yes, at you, and your hands-off work ethic.” “I’ll be in later. The reason I’m calling is I’ve decided to liquidate Woods’s company.” I’ve told her this already, but she and Marco are taking too long. I want this done, now. I remind her that this was going to happen if the company’s P&L didn’t improve. And it hasn’t. “He needs more time.” “I’m not interested, Ros. We’re not carrying deadweight.” “Are you sure?” “I don’t want any more lame excuses.” Enough, already. I’ve made up my mind. “Christian—” “Have Marco call me, it’s shit-or-bust time.” “Okay. Okay. If that’s what you really want. Anything else?” “Yes. Tell Barney that the prototype looks good, though I’m not sure about the interface.” “I thought the interface worked well, once I figured it out. Not that I’m an expert.” “No, it’s just missing something.” “Talk to Barney.” “I want to meet him this afternoon to discuss.” “Face-to-face?” Her sarcasm is irritating. But I ignore her tone and tell her that I want his whole team there to brainstorm.

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Fifty Shades of Grey