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walks down the aisle toward the section labeled Decorating. I follow her eagerly, like a puppy. “Four years,” she mumbles as we reach the masking tape. She bends down and grasps two rolls, each a different width. “I’ll take that one.” The wider tape is much more effective as a gag. As she passes it to me, the tips of our fingers touch, briefly. It resonates in my groin. Damn! She pales. “Anything else?” Her voice is soft and husky. Christ, I’m having the same effect on her that she has on me. Maybe… “Some rope, I think.” “This way.” She scoots up the aisle, giving me another chance to appreciate her fine ass. “What sort were you after? We have synthetic and natural filament rope…twine…cable cord…” Shit—stop. I groan inwardly, trying to chase away the image of her suspended from the ceiling in my playroom. “I’ll take five yards of the natural filament rope, please.” It’s coarser and chafes more if you struggle against it…my rope of choice. A tremor runs through her fingers, but she measures out five yards like a pro. Pulling a utility knife from her right pocket, she cuts the rope in one swift gesture, coils it neatly, and ties it off with a slipknot. Impressive. “Were you a Girl Scout?” “Organized group activities aren’t really my thing, Mr. Grey.” “What is your thing, Anastasia?” Her pupils dilate as I stare. Yes! “Books,” she answers. “What kind of books?” “Oh, you know. The usual. The classics. British literature, mainly.” British literature? The Brontës and Austen, I bet. All those romantic hearts-and-flowers types. That’s not good. “Anything else you need?” “I don’t know. What else would you recommend?” I want to see her reaction. “For a do-it-yourselfer?” she asks, surprised. I want to hoot with laughter. Oh, baby, DIY is not my thing. I nod, stifling my mirth. Her eyes flick down my body and I tense. She’s checking me out! “Coveralls,” she blurts out. It’s the most unexpected thing I’ve heard her say since the “Are you gay?” question. “You wouldn’t want to ruin your clothing.” She gestures to my jeans. I can’t resist. “I could always take them off.” “Um.” She flushes beet red and stares down. I put her out of her misery. “I’ll take some coveralls. Heaven forbid I should ruin any clothing.” Without a word, she turns and walks briskly up the aisle, and I follow in her enticing wake.

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Fifty Shades of Grey