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Date: May 29 2011 08:08 To: Christian Grey Yes, Sir. Understood. Thank you for the champagne and the blow-up Charlie Tango, which is now tied to my bed. Ana

An image of Ana tethered to her bed with my tie comes to mind. I shift in my chair. I hope she’s brought that bed to Seattle.

From: Christian Grey Subject: Envy Date: May 29 2011 08:11 To: Anastasia Steele You’re welcome. Don’t be late. Lucky Charlie Tango. Christian Grey CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.

She doesn’t respond, so I hunt through the refrigerator for some breakfast. Gail has left me some croissants and, for lunch, a Caesar salad with chicken, enough for two. I hope Ana will eat this; I don’t mind having it two days in a row. Taylor appears while I’m eating my breakfast. “Good morning, Mr. Grey. Here are the Sunday papers.” “Thanks. Anastasia is coming over at one today, and a Dr. Greene at one thirty.” “Very good, sir. Anything else on the agenda today?” “Yes. Ana and I will be going to my parents’ for dinner this evening.” Taylor cocks his head, looking momentarily surprised, but he remembers himself and leaves the room. I return to my croissant and apricot jam. Yeah. I’m taking her to meet my parents. What’s the big deal? I CAN’T SETTLE. I’M restless. It’s 12:15 p.m. Time is crawling today. I give up on work and, grabbing the

Sunday papers, wander back into the living room, where I switch on some music and read. To my surprise there’s a photograph of Ana and me on the local news page, taken at the graduation ceremony at WSU. She looks lovely, if a little startled. I hear the double doors open, and there she is…Her hair is loose, a little wild and sexy, and she’s wearing that purple dress she wore to dinner at The Heathman. She looks gorgeous.

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Fifty Shades of Grey