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“How did you know he liked fishing?” “You told me. When we went for coffee.” “Oh, did I?” She takes another sip and closes her eyes, savoring the taste. Opening them again, she asks, “Did you try the wine at the reception?” “Yes. It was foul.” I grimace. “I thought of you when I tasted it. How did you get to be so knowledgeable about wine?” “I’m not knowledgeable, Anastasia, I just know what I like.” And I like you. “Some more?” I nod toward the bottle on the table. “Please.” I fetch the champagne and refill her cup. She regards me suspiciously. She knows I’m plying her with alcohol. “This place looks pretty bare. Are you ready for the move?” I ask, to distract her. “More or less.” “Are you working tomorrow?” “Yes, my last day at Clayton’s.” “I’d help you move, but I promised to meet my sister at the airport. Mia arrives from Paris early on Saturday. I’m heading back to Seattle tomorrow, but I hear Elliot is giving you two a hand.” “Yes, Kate is very excited about that.” I’m surprised Elliot is still interested in Ana’s friend; it’s not his usual MO. “Yes, Kate and Elliot, who would have thought?” Their liaison makes matters complicated. My mother’s voice rings in my head: “You could bring Anastasia.” “So what are you doing about work in Seattle?” I ask. “I have a couple of interviews for intern places.” “You were going to tell me this when?” “Um… I’m telling you now,” she says. “Where?” I ask, hiding my frustration. “A couple of publishing houses.” “Is that what you want to do, something in publishing?” She nods, but she’s still not forthcoming. “Well?” I prompt. “Well, what?” “Don’t be obtuse, Anastasia. Which publishing houses?” I mentally run through all the publishing houses I know of in Seattle. There are four…I think. “Just small ones,” she says evasively. “Why don’t you want me to know?” “Undue influence,” she says. What does that mean? I frown. “Oh, now you’re being obtuse,” she says, her eyes twinkling with mirth.

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Fifty Shades of Grey