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“How shall I fuck you, Anastasia?” My fingers start again and her legs begin to quiver, and I gentle my hand once more. “Please,” she breathes again, the word so low I barely hear her. “What do you want, Anastasia?” “You…now,” she pleads. “Shall I fuck you this way, or this way, or this way? There’s an endless choice,” I murmur. Withdrawing my hand, I snatch the condom from the bedside table and kneel up between her legs. Keeping my eyes on hers, I pull her panties off and discard them on the floor. Her eyes are dark, full of promise and longing. They widen as I slowly put the condom on. “How nice is this?” I ask, as I wrap my fist around my erection. “I meant it as a joke,” she whimpers. Joke? Thank. The. Lord. All is not lost. “A joke?” I query, as my fist slides up and down my cock. “Yes. Please, Christian,” she begs. “Are you laughing now?” “No.” Her voice is barely audible, but the little shake of her head tells me all I need to know. Watching her needing me…I could explode in my hand just looking at her. Grabbing her, I flip her over, keeping her fine, fine ass in the air. It’s too tempting. I slap her cheek, hard, then plunge inside her. Oh, fuck. She’s so ready. She tightens around me and cries out as she comes. Fuck. That’s too quick. Holding her hips in place, I fuck her, hard, riding through her orgasm. Gritting my teeth, I grind into her, again and again, as she begins to build once more. Come on, Ana. Again, I will her, pounding on. She moans and whimpers beneath me, a sheen of sweat appearing on her back. Her legs begin to quiver. She’s close. “Come on, Anastasia, again,” I growl, and by some miracle her orgasm spirals through her body and into mine. Thank fuck. Wordlessly I come, pouring myself into her. Sweet Lord. I collapse on top of her. That was exhausting. “How nice was that?” I hiss against her ear as I draw air into my lungs. As she lies flat on the bed, panting, I pull out of her and remove the wretched condom. I get off the bed and quickly get dressed. When I’m done, I reach down and unfasten my tie, freeing her. Turning over, she stretches her hands and fingers and readjusts her bra. Once I cover her with the comforter I lie down beside her, propped up on my elbow. “That was really nice,” she says with a mischievous smile.

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Fifty Shades of Grey