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mail from Ana. When it comes, I look up immediately—but it’s from Elena. And I’m surprised by my disappointment.

From: Elena Lincoln Subject: The Weekend Date: May 23 2011 08:33 To: Christian Grey Christian, you work too hard. What’s in Portland? Work? Ex ELENA LINCOLN ESCLAVA For The Beauty That Is You™

Do I tell her? If I do, she’ll call immediately with questions, and I’m not ready to divulge my weekend experiences yet. I type her a quick e-mail saying it’s work, and get back to my reading. Andrea calls me at nine and we run through my schedule. As I’m in Portland, I ask her to set up a meeting with the president and the AVP of economic development at WSU, to discuss the soil science project we’ve set up and their need for additional funding in the next fiscal year. She agrees to cancel all my social engagements this week, and then connects me through to my first videoconference of the day. AT 3:00 I’M PORING over some tablet design schematics that Barney has sent me when I’m disturbed by

a knock at my door. The interruption is annoying but for a moment I hope that it’s Miss Steele. It’s Taylor. “Hello.” I hope my voice doesn’t reveal my disappointment. “I have your clothes, Mr. Grey,” he says politely. “Come in. Can you hang them in the closet? I’m expecting my next conference call.” “Certainly, sir.” He hurries into the bedroom, carrying a couple of suit bags and a duffel. When he returns I’m still waiting for my call. “Taylor, I don’t think I’m going to need you for the next couple of days. Why don’t you take the time to see your daughter?” “That’s very good of you, sir, but her mother and I—” He stops, embarrassed. “Ah. Like that, is it?” I ask. He nods. “Yes, sir. It will take some negotiating.” “Okay. Would Wednesday be better?” “I’ll ask. Thank you, sir.” “Anything I can do to help?” “You do enough, sir.”

E l james grey  
E l james grey  

Fifty Shades of Grey