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I press send, wondering again what Elena would make of Ana…and vice versa. There’s a ping from my laptop as a new e-mail arrives. It’s from Ana.

From: Anastasia Steele Subject: Your New Computer (on loan) Date: May 23 2011 08:20 To: Christian Grey I slept very well, thank you—for some strange reason—Sir. I understood that this computer was on loan, ergo not mine. Ana

“Sir” with a capital S; the girl has been reading, and possibly researching. And she’s still talking to me. I grin stupidly at the e-mail. This is good news. Though she is also telling me that she doesn’t want the computer. Well, that’s frustrating. I shake my head, amused.

From: Christian Grey Subject: Your New Computer (on loan) Date: May 23 2011 08:22 To: Anastasia Steele The computer is on loan. Indefinitely, Miss Steele. I note from your tone that you have read the documentation I gave you. Do you have any questions so far? Christian Grey CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.

I hit send. How long will it be before she responds? I resume reading my e-mail as a distraction while I wait for her reply. There’s an executive summary from Fred, the head of my telecom division, about the development of our solar-powered tablet—one of my pet projects. It’s ambitious but few of my business ventures matter more than this one and I’m excited about it. Bringing affordable first world technology to the third world is something I’m determined to do. There’s a ping from my computer. Another e-mail from Miss Steele.

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